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Wake County NC District/Family Court Judges and Families

District and Family Court JudgeDo you think that Wake County NC District and Family Court Judges are biased in handling Courts Matters? NC Fathers is an organization of Wake County non-custodial families who we are hearing from daily regarding Judges in Wake County who continue to create a massive division between custodial families and non-custodial families which always hurts children. Did a Wake County District Court Judge allow a custodial parent to move your children hundreds of miles away when you were fighting for equal parentage and access to your children? Is there a Wake County Family Court Judge who continues to put you, your son, brother, or husband in jail for inability to pay child support, yet makes sure that the custodial mother receives expansive housing, financial, educational, medical, and job assistance to make the same ends meet? Please consider reviewing our GOALS and joining our MAILING LIST so that we can meet our mission of building a massive lobby/organization of non-custodial families who can force Judges in Wake County and Politicians in Raleigh to finally bring about equally shared parenting for those parents who want it. Are you a non-custodial father, step-mother, paternal grandmother, or paternal aunt who is not seeing their young loved ones after a false allegation of domestic violence that a Wake County Court Judge allowed to proceed to conviction? If so, join us on our FACEBOOK PAGE and ask us why we think this happened.

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Wake County NC Non-Custodial Parent Question and Answers

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Wake County District Court Judges - NC Families

NC Fathers is very sure that Judges in the Wake County NC Family Courts will deny that bias or presumption exists in the District Courts, and will say that each case is different and handled on the merits of each case. However, we are hearing almost hourly from County non-custodial families about such bias. So, either there is a problem, or there is the perception of a problem. In either case, we are asking Wake County NC family voters to either use our mailing list, comment section below, facebook, or twitter to reach out to us and tell us about your experiences.


Additionally, we are asking Wake County Court Judges to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to get a reminder of the bias you are creating in Family Court matters. Additionally, by creating SEVEN new non-custodial families each weekday, how long is it going to be before Judges in Wake County build a group of people who demand change?

NC County Court Judge

Wake County NC District/Family Court Judges and Voters

Wake County NC District and Family Court Judges NEED voters in Raleigh at election time, and so do politicians. Yet, for 40 years there has been a systemic bias in how the courts approach non-custodial families. The reason for this is that there is currently no organization or lobby that is holding Judge’s feet to the fire at election time, but there are well organized groups that are for custodial parents. Until this changes, the current proceedings which routinely ends in alienation of non-custodial families and children will continue. You will continue to be socialized as a mere visitor family, who only needs 5 days a month with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and step-children, and a family who must pay a big government agency money for access to your children unless you help us make reforms.

If you identify with this article on the Wake County NC District and Family Court Judges, we ask that you extensively share this document with other families via email and social networking sites so that we can bring greater awareness to these issues.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Wake County NC District Court Judges</a> to bring Equal Shared Parenting to Wake County NC children.

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October 8, 2012 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. you know what. The court system already makes it difficult enough for mothers that have custody of their children and are dealing with a drunk/drug addict narcasist father that trys to build a new relationship with their child by debasing and alienating the current one between mother and child. If you incompetent people would spend time actually building a good relationship with your children instead of fighting in court all the time, you wouldn’t need this fucking sight because the other parent wouldn’t need court if you were a good person. i rest my case.


    Comment by tiffanie | November 5, 2013 | Reply

    • We love comments like this, especially for women in paternal families to see what feminist minded women want for their sons. Thanks for this comment so that we can use it to show legislators where there are women who want to put all men into the role of drunks and narcissist. Let’s hope you never have a son.

      Of course, you need to say these things to maintain custody don’t you?

      I guess you also disagree wit the 8 pages of domestic violence that we have built just the past week?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 6, 2013 | Reply

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