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GOP Rep Bert Jones – Rockingham County Non-Custodial Familes

Representative Bert JonesAs a Rockingham County NC Non-Custodial Family, is Republican Representative Bert Jones and the NC General Assembly hearing your please for a less divisive family court system, concerns over social services using your child support efforts to fund Welfare and other Low Income Assistance programs like TANF and Food Stamps, and your worth as a non-custodial family to your children defined by how much money you pay a big government agency instead of the direct contributions you make to your children? Do you think that Republican Rep Jones understands what it is like to be called a visitor family who should only have 5 days a month visitation with your children? As a Rockingham County NC non-custodial grandmother, step-mother, or paternal aunt, are you tired of visiting your son/husband/brother in jail because of inability to pay child support, while you watch the custodial mother of your young loved ones get saved by social services job, medical, housing, educational, and financial assistance? Why is Representative Bert Jones and the NC General Assembly not advocating in the NC General Assembly for a system that strengthens ALL parents instead of just one parent? NC Fathers is an organization of NC and Rockingham County NC non-custodial FAMILIES who have had enough of the parental warfare being pushed by Judges, Politicians, and Special Interest Groups. Please review OUR GOALS, and join our MAILING LIST if you identify with this article. Additionally, we ask that you share your story and this article on Representative Bert Jones with other families in your community on sites like Twitter, FACEBOOK, Linkedin, and other networks. Join NC Fathers today and help our efforts in the NC General Assembly.

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Rep Bert Jones - Rockingham County NC Republican Party

Republican Rep Bert Jones and Rockingham County NC Non-Custodial Fathers, Step-Mothers, and Grandmothers

NC Fathers recognizes that Representative Jones and the Rockingham County NC Republican Party probably realize that there is no formal lobby or organization of non-custodial families in NC or nationally. But we suspect that both understand there are very powerful, well entrenched, and heavily funded groups that make sure NC Lawyers stay rich when two parents fight for 18 years, that custodial mothers win custody of their children, and that Judges who “play ball” are re-elected. Our organization believes this is exactly why you are treated the way you are by Judges and Politicians. However, keep the following  data in mind. In all 100 NC counties each DAY (court business hours), there are seven new non-custodial fathers created, and at least two women in this family that get equally hurt. We are going to let Representative Bert Jones and his legislative staff do the math on this one, but obviously this is a lot of very angry voters. When you factor in non-custodial families that have already been through the NC Family Courts, this figure skyrockets to just under HALF of the population in North Carolina. Furthermore, Republican Representative Jones should understand that Rockingham County NC non-custodial families come from every racial and ethnic background, political party affiliation, and economic status. The Rockingham County NC Republican Party and Representative Jones should be aware that our website is receiving upwards of 1800 daily readers daily, that we have over 5,423 members on our mailing list, and that we are now collaborating with these families on social media sites (all figures from October 2012). At some point Representative, we are going to build a massive organization of VERY MAD families WHO VOTE if the NC General Assembly does not bring about the presumption for equally shared parenting in the NC Family Courts.

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting?

NC Fathers is asking Rockingham County NC non-custodial families, the Republican Party, and Representative Bert Jones to click on the RED and BLUE graphic below to see our list of issues that we think are PURPOSEFULLY alienating NC children from their non-custodial families daily.

Republican Voters in Rockingham County NC

Republican Representative Bert Jones, NC Domestic Violence Policies, Rockingham County Child Support, and other issues

Is Rockingham County NC Representative Bert Jones and the Republican Party perpetuating the numbers of dis-interested and “deadbeat fathers” to drive public policy and create laws in NC? If so, what about this information? Or this on NC Adoptions?

  • Perhaps Rep Jones is not aware of the culture of routine false allegations of domestic violence being used as tactical advantage in family courts that are used by custodial mothers (or hopeful custodial mothers) as tactical advantage because they know Rockingham County NC Judges want to appear tough on this issue and will let these false allegations proceed to conviction to stay in the good graces of the domestic violence lobby which absolutely influences elections.
  • Is Representative Bert Jones and the Rockingham County Republican Party aware that for every father paying $700 a month in child support, that the federal government is giving back $700 a month to social services agencies pursuant to the Social Security Act, Title IV-D program? Since the State of NC is at a loss to pay for increasing applications for public assistance, is there an incentive to alienation children from their non-custodial families so that they pay increased child support and trigger federal dollars? We think so!
  • Representative Bert Jones must be aware of the much maligned issue of “absent fathers” in North Carolina, yet it seems to be the policy of law makers that Judges routinely allow custodial mothers to move kids hundreds of miles away from their fathers, grandmothers, and step-mothers each day in court. Is the distinguished Representative from Rockingham County sure that Judges and the NC General Assembly are not creating “absent fathers”?
  • Is Representative Jones and the Rockingham County NC Republican Party aware that the average custody battle costs $15,000 PER parent, and that the average is that they will fight three in 18 years. This is $90,000 that could go to NC kids’ college education or down payment on a home. Is anyone in Raleigh asking themselves that if we give one parent so much control and resources to live, while denying the other parent the same, does this not setup two decades of hostility, anguish, and anger in children when parents try to achieve the shiny gold medal of custody?
  • Is Representative Bert Jones and the Republican Party aware that custodial mothers get FREE child support enforcement lawyers to handle their cases, while non-custodial families have to secure private attorneys at $5000 per child support matter. Is this leading to bankruptcy of Rockingham County NC non-custodial families and putting them in the position to never again being able to fight another court battle?

As a Rockingham County NC non-custodial father, step-mother, paternal grandparent, and aunt and uncle, we know you are tired of the bias in the NC Family Courts and the horrible treatment you get from NC Republican and Democrat Legislators. To help us build a massive lobby of voters from non-custodial families, we ask that you email this article on Republican Representative Bert Jones to other families in NC, and join us on our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Please Ask <a href="">Representative Bert Jones</a> to bring Equal Shared Parenting to Rockingham County NC children.

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