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Meet Renee Beeker, a Volunteer Family Court Watcher in Michigan

Renee BeekerMeet Renee Beeker, who is a volunteer family court watcher in Michigan and past president of a National Organization For Women chapter in her region. Earlier today (2012), we saw a post on Facebook about Mrs Beeker that was written by WomensENews (in 2008) (UPDATE: Shortly after this article was written, WomensENews removed the article from their database. However, you can view the archived article here), and it is an article explaining how she has undertaken the responsibility of building a group of volunteers to quietly watch family courts in many states and build data around how these courts can hurt women. Specifically, according to the story, which is clearly written from a woman’s stand point, she feels that many family courts are creating an atmosphere of “elusive justice” for women in the areas of child custody and domestic violence issues. In addition to her project of volunteering to watch the family courts, she also has formed an organization called the National Family Court Watch Project to bring about awareness. More information on Renee Beeker and her ties to the National Organization For Women can be found HERE. And, in doing more research on Mrs Beeker, we found information that she, along with other feminist signed a joint letter after a 2007 Battered Mothers Custody Conference which stated “In keeping with recognized, valid research on batterer’s use of family courts to further abuse and terrorize their victims, we will not entertain advocacy or arguments about Parental Alienation Syndrome, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, ‘fathers’ rights’, or mandatory shared parenting…because such labels, diagnoses, & ideologies are used almost exclusively by batterers and their agents in custody disputes to vilify mothers in order to gain custody of their child victims”.Does Renee Beeker and the Michigan National Organization of Women have an agenda to make the world understand that men are bad, and women are good? That men are abusive, and women never hit, intimidate, and control?

Before we go any further, it is important to note that this article on Mrs Beeker and her volunteer family court watching in Michigan is not meant to be anti-woman as we are about to point out how we believe Renee Beeker and the National Organization For Women hurt women and children. Our organization is more about anti-radical feminist who have absolutely no use for fathers, your sons, husbands, and brothers when it comes to equal parentage and access to his children. For those women in Michigan non-custodial paternal families, we want to make that very clear.

National Organization For Women - and the Family Courts

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting?


How Renee Beeker, Radical Feminist Groups, and Their Michigan Volunteer Family Court Watching is Hurting Women and Children

Apparently Renee Beeker and the radical elements of the Michigan National Organization For Women have blinders on as they set out to advance women at the demise of men. Here is the problem, NC Fathers believes that Mrs Beeker and RADICAL Feminist groups throw MANY women under the bus, and those women are step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and paternal sisters all who get equally devastated when the family courts marginalize a father into a visitor role with their children, who are only allowed to see them 5 days a month, and who must pay a big government agency money in order not to be jailed.  NC Fathers believes that many grandmothers, step-mothers, and sisters are tired of watching their sons/husbands/brothers go to jail for economic reasons, while custodial mothers get expanding educational assistance, housing assistance, job assistance, medical assistance, financial assistance, and tax incentives to make the same financial ends meet.  We want to make it very clear that radical womens groups are hurting women in paternal families, and the before mentioned quote by Renee Beeker seems to indicate that she is radical.

NC Fathers does agree that there is a crisis in the Family Courts across this great Nation, but the assertion that this crisis is only hurting women is about as ignorant statement as we have seen. If you look at the national statistics, 85% of women receive custody of their children, and of the 15% who lose custody, 6% will regain custody once they complete some type of court ordered counseling.  Perhaps Renee Beeker and her group of volunteer family court watchers in Michigan define crisis because 100% of women are not getting custody, but this flies in the face of being a group about equality doesn’t it?

Our concerns are that Renee Beeker and most radical feminist groups make the argument that the Michigan Family Courts are dangerous to women on the grounds that all men are by nature violent and abusive, and if men get custody of their children (or equally shared parenting) they will inevitably kill them. The problem that Mrs Beeker has is that NEW federal statistics, now that statistics are being calculated in female/female partnerships and female on male domestic violence, now show that women and men hit, control, and intimidate at the same levels. We feel that the radial womens groups like the Michigan National Organization For Women and Renee Beeker have been framing domestic violence only as a problem involving male on female violence, and they are desperate not to allow the new statistics to be publicized. NC Fathers is going on record that Domestic Violence in the United States and Michigan is a pervasive gender neutral problem that nothing short of the moon should be used to eradicate it.

National Organization For Women Family Court Watchers

Another issue that you will never hear Renee Beeker, the Michigan chapter of the National Organization For Women, her group of family court watchers, and her organization the National Family Court Watch Project talk about much is the fact that domestic violence gets hundreds of millions in federal funding each year to fund projects mostly by womens groups. Our concern is that these groups have no desire to see domestic violence eradicated, because that would mean no more money for their projects. Our belief is that Mrs Beeker has an incentive to see as many men labeled as domestic offenders so they can then use these statistics to get more federal money.

If you are in a Michigan non-custodial family, you have likely been introduced to a false allegation of domestic violence that is becoming almost routine because it is the perfect tactical tool for a hopeful custodial mother to use to ensure that she gets custody, and a many resources thrown her way in the process. And, on a daily basis we are getting contact from many women in paternal families who tell us about this problem. Of course, we feel like Renee Beeker and the Michigan National Organization For Women will dismiss this, but in doing so, as more of the false allegations come to light, it will start casting a cloud of doubt on real cases of gender neutral domestic violence.

So Renee Beeker and the Michigan National Organization For Women feel that women are not violent huh? Here is a video of former NOW attorney Lisalyn Jacobs assaulting a fathers rights advocate IN the US Capitol as she left the debate on VAWA Reauthorization in 2012. More Here.

Lisalyn Jacobs Cops a Plea from Ben Vonderheide on Vimeo.

In the WomensENews article, the writer pointed out that Renee Beeker has six children, and unless she adopted six girls, there is a very good chance that she has a son. What absolutely blows our mind is that Mrs Beeker seems so adamant in using radical ideology to advance SOME women, that she is willing to create a future environment that will most assuredly mean that he immediately be labeled as a potential domestic offender that must not get custody of his children, or have equal parentage and access. This is very disturbing.

Renee Beeker, Michigan National Organization For Women, and the Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is gender specific domestic violence legislation that receives tens of millions of dollars from the federal government each year in an effort to deal with domestic violence. But not all domestic violence, just male on female domestic violence. And no doubt, radical feminist groups like the Michigan National Organization For Women and Renee Beeker are fully supportive of. And, this is the problem we have with these groups; publicly they talk about equality, but behind the scenes they are talking about equality at the demise of men and fathers. The main problem with VAWA is that the definition of domestic violence is framed as anything that causes fear, but only for women. Countless Michigan Fathers (and women in paternal families) are finding themselves alienated from their children daily simply because a hopeful custodial mother feels scared during heated argument, even is she is 100% involved in helping to create or further the argument. Thankfully, there are many groups like SAVE Services who are run by women that want to maintain the integrity of domestic violence legislation because they see the radical groups like the one Renee Beeker and her group of Michigan Family Court Watchers advancing gender warfare and manipulated data to meet their agenda and secure more and more federal funding for their organizations rather than addressing domestic violence as a whole.

NC Fathers hopes that WOMEN in paternal non-custodial families will eventually stand up to groups like the Michigan National Organization For Women, Renee Beeker, and her group of Family Law Watchers because their ability to have equal relationships with their young loved ones is clearly being threatened by the groups.

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