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Caswell County Dept of Social Services Abuse and Bias?

Caswell County Department of Social ServicesThis article on the Caswell County Department of Social Services is meant to address the Director, Supervisors of Child Protective Services, and Staff that Caswell County NC non-custodial step-mothers, paternal grand parents, aunts and uncles, and fathers have had enough of the differences in treatment they receive compared to custodial mothers from whom you historically provide services too. Specifically, we are tired of NC Social Services agencies putting effort into our sons/husbands/brothers going to jail when they have financial difficulty and get behind on child support, while your organization is quick to provide expanding housing assistance, job assistance, educational assistance, medical assistance, food assistance, and financial assistance to mothers who have the same financial difficulties. Caswell County NC non-custodial FAMILIES should immediately notice this as parental warfare. The Caswell County Department of Social Services Director, Supervisors, and Staff have no problem with this difference in how they treat families, and we are asking non-custodial families to join our organization as we set out to build a non-custodial family lobby that holds Judges, Politicians, and NC Social Services agencies accountable at election time when they develop biased policies and procedures in the Family Courts and within their own institution. Please review our GOALS, join our MAILING LIST, and join us on FACEBOOK to tell us about your experiences with Child Protective Services Staff and their treatment of you in investigations compared to custodial mothers. In this article, we are going to discuss several ways that the Caswell County Department of Social Services needs for non-custodial fathers and the extended family system to be alienated from their children so that they derive federal and state money for Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs for women and children.

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Caswell County Department of Social Services - Abuse, Bias, Illegal activities on non-custodial families

Caswell County NC Non-Custodial Families should click on the blue and red graphic below to see a list of issues we have compiled that clearly outlines a bias in the NC Family Courts and with NC Social Services agencies. In an effort to help understand how Social Services uses your inability to get equal parentage and access to your children in the NC Courts for greater federal money, we ask that you pay special attention to the links pointing to the Social Security Act Title IV-D program. Additionally, we are going to make a case that many times child protective services will create conflict that they use on Caswell County NC Fathers in an effort to distance children from them, so that they can get greater child support which maximizes more federal money.

Illegal NC DSS Acts

Caswell County Department of Social Services and Federal Funding For Domestic Violence and NC Child Support Enforcement

Before we get to NC Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence policies at the Caswell County Department of Social Services, NC Fathers wants Caswell County NC Non-Custodial Families to understand that Social Services has 100% immunity whenever they get things wrong, and this can be devastating especially in child protective services investigations. Additionally, there is a long history between feminism and social services agencies that have no use for your sons/husbands/brothers when it comes to parentage and raising of children. We encourage you to search the Internet for things like “feminism and social services”. Is this an anti-woman statement? Certainly not, because we feel that these groups are radical and they are certainly throwing women in paternal families under the bus when they attempt to separate fathers from their children.

With regard to NC Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence in Caswell County, BOTH programs NEED a “good person” and a “bad person” so that the people helping the “good person” can petition the federal government for more and more money. In the case of Domestic Violence, Social Services NEEDS Fathers to be domestic offenders to they can get more and more federal money for their jobs, programs, services, and money to help women and children. Not a single person, not the Director, Supervisors, or Staff at the Caswell County Department of Social Services is talking about stopping Domestic Violence as a whole, just male on female violence despite the federal statistics that show that intimidation, control, and hitting is committed by both genders at equal rates. Furthermore, false allegations of domestic violence is becoming a culture in itself, and it is a routine tactic that hopeful custodial mothers use for favor in the family courts that Judges all too often allow so that they stay in the good graces of the powerful Domestic Violence lobby. Again, nobody at NC Social Services agencies wants to touch this because it is generating money for their programs.

Child Support and Abuse and Bias

With regard to NC Child Support Enforcement at the Caswell County Department of Social Services in NC, for every dollar they collect in child support, they get back an equal match of federal money via Title IV-D legislation. NC Social Services agencies have a clear incentive for you to have very little interaction with your children as non-custodial families because the Father would pay increased child support that triggers greater federal dollars for their jobs.

NC Fathers opinion is that Caswell County NC children gain far greater opportunities and resources when they have equal and active parents, and both sets of extended families, and that there will be less of a need for social services programs under this situation. Clearly, Social Services in Caswell County NC wants to stay in business, so they have every incentive (and immunity) to meet this mission to help women and children at the demise of Caswell County Fathers and his extended family.

Caswell County Department of Social Services and NC Non-Custodial Families Ending The Abuse and Bias

Here is what Caswell County Department of Social Services Director, Supervisors, and Staff within Child Protective Services should fear; that Caswell County NC Non-Custodial families represent a HUGE amount of voters not only in this county, but across NC. We come from every ethnic background, economic status, political background, and there are many women getting equally hurt when the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies marginalize you to visitor roles 4 days a month and then generates money for their services on increased child support. It is time that the bias stops, and that is our mission.

Each court day in Caswell County, SEVEN new non-custodial fathers are created in the courts, and with him a step-mother and likely a paternal grandmother is hurt as well. We think politically minded Judges realize that the State of NC has no idea how to pay for increasing social services demand, so you are the obvious best choice since everyone just thinks that child support is about the children.

If you identify with this article on the Caswell County Department of Social Services in NC, and you are in a non-custodial family, we would love to hear your comments below, we would hope that you would want to join us on FACEBOOK, and by all means join our MAILING LIST to help us meet our goal of bringing you equal parentage and access to your children.

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