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Mandatory Child Custody Mediation By The Courts

Mandated Child Custody Mediation By The Courts in NCBefore we begin our article on “Mandatory Child Custody Mediation By The NC Courts” between parents, we must advise you that NC Fathers IS NOT a law firm and nothing about this article should be taken as legal advice. To get legal advice on mandated court mediation in child custody matters involving the NC District and Family Courts, please contact a lawyer. Additionally, NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members who are building a statewide lobby that holds Judges and Politicians accountable for what we feel is systematic bias in the NC Courts and with Social Services agencies. Please review OUR GOALS, visit us ON FACEBOOK, and invite your family and other non-custodial families to join our MAILING LIST if you identify with this article. By law in NC, prior to a contested child custody hearing involving two LEGAL parents, both parents must attend at least ONE mandatory mediation with a court approved mediator before a child custody case can go before a Judge. All mediators must be approved by the Senior District Court Judge, and have at least a Masters Degree in some type of Family Counseling. In cases involving severe conflict, such as domestic violence, mandatory mediation can be waived by a NC Judge. As an organization supporting NC Fathers, who have a 85% percent chance of becoming the non-custodial parent in NC, this article is clearly written from that perspective. In this article, we are going to present some insight on why we think mandatory mediation fails Fathers, and give you some insight on why child custody is primarily awarded to mothers in NC.

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Our belief is that custody mediation in North Carolina sounds good, but there is one problem. Why would a malicious parent want to mediate and meet in the middle when she can just go to court and win everything as it has historically happened for the past 70 years?

Mandated Child Custody Mediation By The NC Courts - By Mother and Father as Parents

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting?

NC Custody Mediation

You probably came across this article on mandatory mediation in the NC Courts because you are involved in a child custody battle and feel that your case is headed towards a Judge deciding custody. By clicking on the red and blue graphic below, you will view a list outlining the complete degradation of the non-custodial family, and why it happens. If you are a Father, and your child custody matter does not go well, be sure to join us on Facebook to tell us if you identify with these problems after the first year of being the non-custodial parent. Read our article on NC Adoptions.

Child Custody Mediation

Mandatory Court Mediation in Child Custody Matters, NC Judges, And The Counselor

As stated earlier, all NC District Courts have mediators for child custody that are approved by the Senior Judge within the County. But as we have also stated, we feel that there is systemic bias with Family Courts Judges that favor custody with mothers. Is it possible that Judges cherry pick mediators that they know also favor mothers? Now NC Judges in all NC counties will tell you that all child custody cases are handled without bias, and that each case is different. Unfortunately, public sentiment is that there is bias given the statistics on mothers getting custody. In fact, in NC, there is a law that says there shall be NO PRESUMPTION for which parent gets custody of a child, but with a figure like 85% it sure screams presumption.

Family Court and Child Support

Now keep this in mind, your child custody mediator has no influence on your future court hearing if mediation fails, but what about if the counselor has a favor for the mother and uses his/her skills to mediate in such a way that the Father submits to what the mother is asking for? We are not saying that we have evidence of this happening, but as we are about to see, there is good reason to at least ask the question.

All Masters Level Counselors and Mediators have a TREMENDOUS amount of social services type training, and there is VERY CLEAR data suggesting that Counselors and Social Services are inline with feminist theory and thinking. And, if you know anything about feminist, they clearly do not think highly of Fathers having custody of their children.

Also, if you do become the non-custodial father after mandatory mediation, you will VERY soon learn that a LOT of emphasis will be placed on enforcing you for child support instead of you financially supporting your child(ren) directly via shared parenting. This is because the State of NC (And All States) has a relationship with the US Federal Government via the Social Security Act, Title IV-D program that says for every dollar collected in child support, the State of NC will get back one dollar in federal money to replenish social services programs and services. And you thought child support was ONLY about the children huh?

Therefore, your job as the future non-custodial father will be to support your children via a big government agency, and support Welfare recipients. And, we think that ALL Masters Level Counselors are pro- social services and understand the Title IV-D program which seeks to support women and children.

NC Non-Custodial Families After Mandatory Court Mediation In Child Custody Matters

If as a Non-Custodial Father, Step-Mother, Paternal Grandparent, or aunt and uncle, you find yourself marginalized to a visitor role 4-5 days a month after your child custody matter in the NC Courts, we do want you to remember that there are a LOT of other non-custodial families across NC, and at the rate that Judges are creating more, they are building a natural lobby of very angry voters across NC who, if united, could start forcing Judges, Mediators, Politicians, and Social Services agencies to stop this game of parental warfare that is benefiting others financially and politically at the expense of children. This is where we step in and encourage you to join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE where you can talk with other non-custodial families, or those facing mandatory mediation across NC.

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