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NC Women Voters : The Forgotten Ones

NC Women VotersIt is clear that NC Women Voters in the 2012 Presidential Race are certainly having an impact on both candidates as they are very active right now attempting to secure Women’s support and their vote. And, no doubt the mainstream Women’s rights movement is right there loving every minute of it, which they should. NC Fathers is 100% adamant that Women in NC should have absolutely the best of everything, including careers, salary, opportunity, resources, healthcare, and any other rights one can fathom. But here is the irony, and one that is affecting MANY NC Women Voters from non-custodial families, the mainstream Women’s rights organizations advance women at the demise of one particular group in particular, and that is Fathers. Each day they are attending Judges Conferences, Political Functions, using Social Media, and Traditional Media to talk about a crisis in the Family Courts where Women are victims. And they are basing this victimization on Fathers who are seeking equal parentage and access to their children. But our organization has discovered another group of NC Women Voters who we think are forgotten in all this rhetoric about Women’s rights, and that is step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, paternal related Aunts, female friends of non-custodial fathers, and many others who get equally hurt in the biased Family Courts that marginalizes them into the role of a group of Women with little ability to support, love, give care, and see their young loved ones.

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NC Women Voters - Non-Custodial Families

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting?

NC Fathers strongly believes that Women in Paternal families get equally devastated when the NC Family Courts minimize their importance in young ones lives, and we are encouraging these Women to start standing up and speaking about it. On our FACEBOOK PAGE, there are more Women than Fathers who are speaking about about the bias in the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies who are only concerned about strengthening custodial mothers and children via Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs through the federal money they get from increased child support payments from Fathers. Our organization believes that expanded contribution from increased access to children from fathers, step-mothers, grandmothers, and aunts in non-custodial families will decrease the need for social services benefits for custodial mothers. And, it will give custodial mothers to further their careers and educational goals. On our MAILING LIST, there are more Women Voters who are subscribed, and they are talking about the culture of false domestic violence allegations that are being routinely alleged against fathers as a tactical means to remove him from kids lives, knowing that this also encompasses women in paternal families. NC Fathers has not forgotten the NC Women Voters that exists in non-custodial families, and we encourage you to review OUR GOALS to make sure that these women and fathers one day stand as equals to custodial families for the greater good of NC children.

Women Voters as a swing vote

NC Women Voters, Domestic Violence Policies, and Child Support Enforcement

Domestic Violence is a pervasive social issue that deserves as much resources as needed to completely end this universal problem that is plaguing NC families, and like NC Women Voters, women in paternal families along with our organization wants to be a partner in seeing Domestic Violence stopped. However, much of the response to ending Domestic Violence is only aimed at stopping male on female violence instead of Domestic Violence as a whole. Our organization hears daily from NC Women Voters in non-custodial families not only about false allegations, but also how women use intimidation and control to harm their sons, husbands, and brothers. And, unfortunately, there is a huge push by groups who only want to frame Domestic Violence from the perspective of a male on female issue so that they can further their agenda to cut Fathers (and by proxy all women in paternal families) out of kids lives because they believe all men have the potential to harm and kill kids.

The problem for these groups is that newer and independent studies show that Domestic Violence is committed at the same rate by Women and Men in traditional marriages, and by Men and Women in domestic partnerships. Our organization believes that false allegations, and the gender focus on Domestic Violence is an agenda related response aimed at increasing federal money for Domestic Violence through increased statistics, and as more and more Women learn about this, we feel they have concerns that these groups are casting a huge shadow of doubt on real Domestic Violence. How are we going to end Domestic Violence is these groups need it to exists so that they can continue to get federal money? We say forget federal money, stop the gender bias, and let’s all work together to end this issue. And, we are asking NC Women Voters to start speaking out about this issue.

Non-Custodial Family Voters

With regards to NC Child Support Enforcement, we are hearing from Women Voters in NC non-custodial families that they have concerns about the relationship between the State of NC and the Federal Government as it relates to Title IV-D funding from performance based child support collection. The problem here is that with more child support collection, comes increased federal Title IV-D money for social services, and the quickest way to increase child support is to decrease time spent between fathers and women in paternal families. Generating revenue for State programs on the back of NC non-custodial families inability to directly support their kids is not sitting well with Fathers and Women Voters in NC non-custodial families.

Along with Fathers, Women in paternal families are increasingly speaking out about NC Judges who place more emphasis on dividing fathers and mothers for the sake of child support, rather than seeing worth in men and women in non-custodial families directly supporting their children through equal parentage and access.

NC Women Voter Numbers

Each court day across all 100 NC counties, NC Judges create seven new non-custodial Fathers, and with them, seven new Women are equally marginalized in their young loved ones lives. These Women Voters include Women in African-American families, Hispanic families, Asian families, and Caucasian families. Furthermore, these Women come from all political party affiliation and economic status. Our point is that there are a LOT of Women Voters in NC who are being devastated equally when Fathers are denied equally shared parenting of their children. And, we are encouraging these Women to start standing up, uniting with their sons, brothers, and husbands, and holding Judges, Politicians, and Special Interest Groups accountable when they derive power, votes, and money from separating Fathers, and the Paternal Family from Children.

If you look at NC Non-Custodial family statistics in NC, it shows that there are 4.7 million people who have direct ties to a non-custodial father and relative in the paternal family. Each marginalized Father brings 2-3 Women, and in a State with 9.8 citizens, that is an awful lot of voters.

Step-Mothers, Grandmothers, and Aunt Voters

If you are a NC Woman Voter from a non-custodial family, we hope you will join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE so that you can help empower other Women who are in the fight with their sons, husbands, and brothers to have equal parentage with their children, and who want to end the parental warfare that is only succeeding in destroying NC Children while NC Lawyers get rich and help Judges and Legislators get elected. Lastly, we hope you will share this article with other NC Women Voters using sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other social media sites.

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