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Jones County Department of Social ServicesHave complaints about the Jones County Department of Social Services in NC? Do you feel that you are experiencing bias, corruption, abuse, or illegal acts by Child Protective Services? Chances are, if you are in a Jones County NC non-custodial family, there is good evidence to suggest that you may be correct. In this article we are going to explore why we feel that this happens, and ways that NC non-custodial fathers, grandmothers, step-mothers, and other family members can end the many incentives NC Department of Social Services agencies  have to deal very aggressively with you, while being service driven with custodial mothers. If you are on Facebook, please LIKE our page, and if you want to stay up on the latest within our organization please join our MAILING LIST. Our GOAL is to build a massive organization of non-custodial family members who want to put an end to the systematic bias that these families experience in the NC Family Courts and with the Jones County Department of Social Services agency in NC, it’s Staff, Supervisors, and Director. Furthermore, if as a non-custodial family member you feel that this information should be made available to other non-custodial family members across Jones County NC and other counties, we ask that you share this article on the Jones County Department of Social Services on the major social networking sites like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

Posts related to the Jones County Department of Social Services, along with the Director, Staff, and Supervisors with Child Protective Services – Representative Pat McElraft, Judge Sarah Seaton.

If you are a Jones County NC non-custodial family member, please ask someone at the Jones County Department of Social Services to read this article on Senator Harry Brown.

For Jones County NC non-custodial families, it is important to remember that historically, NC Social Services agencies are about strengthening women and children despite their claim that they support families of all children. And, there is no escaping the fact that most social services staff, especially in child protective services, are women. If you do a Google search of feminism and social services, more than 3 million websites from government and educational system websites come back showing a clear relation between the two. Our organization has no problem with women and children having vast resources available to them, but as we are about to see, these resources are usually given at the demise of the father/child relationship, and with this demise, many women in paternal families are affected. Let’s use the federal program called Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) to make our point, this program provides nutritional services for women who have children up to age 5. But what about when custody (though extremely rare) of the child under age 5 is with Dad? Do you think the father in these cases would be accepted into WIC? Clearly Not.

Services at the Jones County Department of Social Services in NC is clearly setup with the presumption that Women will have custody of children, and that there with be a Father in the background paying Child Support, and hopefully lots of it as we are about to see.

Jones County Department of Social Services - Child Protective Services

Jones County NC non-custodial families should click on the blue and red graphic below to get familiar with the issues we are about to discuss to make our point that NC Department of Social Services agencies have an incentive for non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers and aunts, and other family members to remain visitor families 5 days a month, and who pay increasing amounts of child support each month from a distance.

DSS bias, abuse, illegals acts

Jones County Department of Social Services, Non-Custodial Families, NC Child Support Enforcement, and Domestic Violence Funding

With respect to child support enforcement and women and children, the Jones County Department of Social Services in NC has an incentive in your child support efforts each month, instead of you having equal parentage and access to your children. In looking at the Social Security Act, Title IV-D program, for each dollar social services collects in child support, they get back one dollar from the federal government to pay for TANF, Food Stamps, Low Income Programs, and Welfare. In fact, the intention of child support enforcement is clearly stated HERE.

“In 1975, Title IV-D was added to the Social Security Act to establish a nationwide Child Support Enforcement (CSE) program, with the purpose of recouping money paid out to welfare recipients when at least one parent was absent from the home and did not provide support”.

And you thought child support enforcement was JUST about the children right? Let us be very clear, while child support enforcement is getting money to children, it is also a system about recovering money for NC Social Services programs and Jobs using Jones County NC non-custodial families inability to equal equal parentage and access to their young loved ones. If you had this ability, and you had greater access to your children, then you would be paying less child support and triggering less money from Title IV-D that keeps Jobs and Services alive at Social Services.

Child Support and Abuse and Bias

With regards to Domestic Violence programs at the Jones County Department of Social Services in NC, as we have already shown, there is clear involvement from feminist groups who have no use for your sons, husbands, and brothers being active in kids lives. There is a clear push by these Women’s groups to tie in all men and fathers in NC to being potential killers and abusers of children and therefore not being allowed to have much interaction with them. Our concern is these groups have a heavy investment in NC Social Services agencies and Domestic Violence programs at Social Services, but only for male on female violence. The issue of Domestic Violence is clearly evolving and showing that women hit, use control, and intimidation at the same rates as men, and as statistics in female domestic violence partnerships is rising at the same rate as heterosexual relationships.

Here is an unfortunate way of looking at how Domestic Violence and Social Services exists today. The issue of Domestic Violence and the response to violence requires tons of federal money each year, therefore there has to be ongoing or rising statistics to maintain money for existing programs. If the NC Domestic Violence Coalition and Social Services agencies were to eradicate ALL Domestic Violence, then how in the world would all these job supporting programs get money?

If you are in a Jones County NC non-custodial family, and your son, brother, or husband had the unfortunate experience of going through the Family Courts, then you are likely familiar with the customary and routine culture of a false allegation of Domestic Violence being alleged so that the hopeful custodial mother gained even more favor in the historically biased family courts. If you had ANY question where NC Social Services agencies and Staff are getting their increased statistics for federal funding, you now know the answer. And, we think that Staff and Supervisors within child protective services realize that the more false allegations that can be turned into real violence the better because this will mean NO visitation by the father which results in more Title IV-D federal funding that supports their jobs and programs.

Jones County Department of Social Services in NC and Non-Custodial Family Numbers

Each day in NC, the NC Family Courts create seven new non-custodial families, and these families come from every ethnic, economic, and political background. Simply put, there are HUGE amounts of non-custodial families in North Carolina who can have tremendous amounts of influence over Judges and Legislators at election time if they would just unite around a central organization that holds them accountable for laws, policies, and procedures that have negative impacts on the non-custodial family/child relationship. Our organization also believes that the minute this happens, Jones County Department of Social Services Staff, Supervisors and Directors will begin to feel the heat and find alternative ways of funding Welfare so that NC non-custodial families will not have this burden and can enjoy equal parentage with their loved ones.

Jones County NC Social Services Staff needs to learn that children in the county obtain far greater resources and opportunities from having two equal parents and the vast support that comes from both extended families that no big government program can ever deliver.

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