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Greene County Department of Social Services – Corruption?

Greene County Department of Social Services in NCDo you have a history with the Greene County Department of Social Services in NC as a non-custodial father or female in the paternal family? Have you experienced corruption, bias, abuse, or illegal activities from Staff and Supervisors with Child Protective Services? Have your complaints to the Director of Greene County NC Social Services gone unanswered? If so, then this article is definitely for you. NC Fathers is an NC organization educating non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and other family members on how NC Department of Social Services agencies are setup to derive massive federal funding for jobs and programs using non-custodial families inability to get equal shared parenting and access to their children in the NC Family Courts. If you are interested in learning more about us, or our organization of volunteers, then please join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE. Additionally, if you would like to help us reach OUR GOAL of reform in the NC Courts, with Legislators, Judges, and Social Services then we need to hear your experiences within the Greene County NC Social Services system. Furthermore, if you find this document on the Greene County Department of Social Services in NC interesting, then we ask that you share it with others in your social networking community.

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Greene County Department of Social Services in NC Complaints

As a Greene County NC non-custodial family, you already know the difficulties faced in the NC Family Courts, but you may not be sure how NC Social Services agencies and Directors benefit from you being alienated from your minor children.  Therefore, we ask that you click on the red and blue graphic below to get familiarized with many of the issues we are going to raise in this article.


Greene County Department of Social Services in NC and Their Need For Federal and State Funding

As a Greene County NC non-custodial family, our organization needs you to understand that there exists a huge wide open door for potential abuse, corruption, bias, and illegals acts from Greene County Department of Social Services staff and supervisors in their quest for increasing amounts of federal and state funding for Welfare and Low Income Assistance Programs.

In this article, we are going to focus on NC Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence Policies as these have the greatest impact on non-custodial families.

With regard to Domestic Violence, this social problem requires more and more federal and state dollars to combat and educate potential victims and families on how to escape and live safely after an incident. And, our organization applauds this approach, except that the domestic violence initiative at the NC Domestic Violence Coalition and with NC Social Services agencies are focused on this problem as ONLY a male on female issue, and that Women never use violence, control, or intimidation. NC Fathers thinks that this is a political maneuver designed to increase statistics so that more and more federal funding can come down the pipe for jobs and services at social services that are historically designed for Women and Children ONLY. And, we fear that Department of Social Services Staff, Supervisors, and Directors in Greene County NC turn their back on false allegations in the hopes that these allegations proceed to conviction so that they can use those statistics to apply for greater federal dollars. In essence, the Greene County Department of Social Services NEEDS Domestic Violence to continue so that jobs and programs under the Social Services umbrella can continue to function. And unfortunately, given this, we think that Fathers in Greene County NC are a natural target for those that want to use Domestic Violence as a political football for their agendas.

So what happens if more and more of your sons, husbands, and brothers can be branded as potential violent abusers of women and children who are increasingly being convicted of Domestic Violence via a false allegation that is becoming the quickest and fastest path to winning a custody battle in the Family Courts? More Money and Power for Social Services and those lobby organizations that further custodial mothers. The target here is twofold, to get as many non-custodial fathers branded as violent offenders so that they can get federal money for women and children centered programs, and then also apply for greater Title IV-D money once these fathers (and everyone in the non-custodial family) are removed from kids lives.

In looking that NC Child Support Enforcement, there are two sides to this federal program. The much publicized side is simply a program that provides money to NC children from the non-custodial father, and the very much non-publicized system that uses performance based child support collection to get money from the federal government for NC Social Services jobs and programs. Specifically, in looking at the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458, for every dollar collected in child support, social services agencies in NC get back one dollar is federal money to replenish money for services like TANF, WIC, and other programs. This money also maintains employment at Social Services for those administering these programs.  Again, in essence, the Greene County Department of Social Services agency Staff, Supervisors, and Directors need as many non-custodial fathers paying INCREASED child support so that this triggers greater money. And, what is the quickest way to increase child support? By decreasing time spent between fathers and children.

NC Fathers believes that it is this system, which is designed by clever people, that succeeds in meeting the agenda of many groups, Legislators, and Judges who understand the money generation of this system which can be used to exploit non-custodial fathers and paternal related females politically. In short, you will never be granted equal parentage and access  to your young loved ones as long as there is a system that generates money for NC Department of Social Services agencies via the federal Title IV-D program.

NC Fathers belivies that Greene County NC children receive far greater resources, opportunities, and support when they have two equal parents and extended families than the federal government and social services agencies can ever deliver.

Greene County Department of Social Services in NC and Non-Custodial Family Voters

NC Fathers is requesting that Greene County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents, and other family members remember that your families represent a HUGE amount of voters in NC, and each day NC Judges and the Courts create MANY more. Also, it is important to remember that our families come from every ethnic background, economic background, and political background. The Greene County Department of Social Services in NC, it’s Director, Staff, and Supervisors can not withstand the amount of pressure you can give Judges and Legislators at election time who we believe will reform Social Services policies and procedures and Family Court policies to reflect more equality in how custody cases are managed. There is a massive lobby organization that supports NC Social Services agencies, and it is time that Greene County non-custodial families join with other NC families who can help us build a massive organization that forces Politicians and Judges consider our side is this complex system.

If you identify with this article on the Greene County Department of Social Services in NC, we again encourage you to join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE to help us meet our goal of bring you equal parentage and access to your children. And, please do not forget to share this article on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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