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Judge William Tripp Helms – Union County District and Family Court

Judge William Tripp HelmsJudge William Tripp Helms has served as a Union County District and Family Court Judge since 2007. NC Fathers is asking non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and other family members to join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK to give us your experiences on Judge Helms. Specifically, we want to know if this Judge respected your equal parentage in a child custody or child support battle, or gave you equal amounts of access to your children, grandchildren, and step-children? Is Judge William Tripp Helms using his absolute discretion to ignore any contempt hearing you bring before him related to a custodial mother not following a court order even after you spent $10,000 with an attorney, but is very quick to find you in contempt if you do anything outside the court order? As a Union County NC Father, did you find yourself the victim of a obvious false allegation of domestic violence that a now custodial mother used to gain a tactical advantage in a child custody case and Judge Helms allowed to it proceed to conviction? NC Father’s GOAL is to build a massive organization of NC non-custodial family members so that we can start educating Judges and Legislators around the historical bias that exists in the NC Family Courts and Social Services agencies that have for decades isolated you from your children so that others can benefit. In this article, we are going to explore many of those reasons, but we clearly need to hear your experiences. Furthermore, we ask that Union County NC non-custodial families extensively share this article on Judge Tripp Helms with other NC non-custodial family members on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other networks to bring about awarness.

NC Family Courts and Parents The NC Union County lawyer domestic violence petion for his chlient since he is a NC Family law specialist

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Judge Tripp Helms - Union County NC District and Family Court

NC Fathers believes that Union County NC non-custodial families have a good taste of how biased and divisive the Family Courts are, but we also suspect they have no idea why. By clicking on the BLUE and RED graphic below, our organization is going to introduce you to some of the “for profit” reason why the NC Courts are why they are, and introduce you to many special interest groups that benefit from mother centered courts. Additionally, we want to point out that our organization very much wants non-custodial WOMEN in paternal families to know that we realize you get equally hurt in this system, and we want to hear from you as well. NC Fathers welcomes any rebuttal or comments from Judge Tripp Helms on these issues.

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then? With Equally Shared Parenting?

NC County Court Judge Helms

Judge Tripp Helms, Union County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters, and the District and Family Courts

Before we go into our issues with the Union County NC Family Courts, we want to encourage non-custodial families to realize their importance of a huge voting block in NC. When you take into account a vote from a non-custodial father, step-mother, and paternal aunt, you can have immediate an immediate effect of elections and forcing politicians to write new laws that equalize the family courts. You are in essence a huge swing vote in  NC.

Other issues to consider regarding the Union County NC District and Family Courts:

  • One of the slogans NC Fathers often hears when talking to Judges and Legislators is that non-custodial fathers really do not want equal parentage and access to their children, they just don’t want to pay child support.  But, they deny that women many times will have children to get access to child support and the growing entitlement programs offered to them. In fact, we hear this slogan so much, it has clearly been manufactured by some special interest group when lobbying or training Judges. It is clear to us, and Judge Tripp Helms can argue this all day long, the State of NC, Judges, and Politicians only see responsibility in a father paying child support instead of having equal parentage and access to his children. The reason for this is that the State of NC and Social Services fund Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs via child support collection because of the Social Security Act, Title IV-D, Section 458. For each dollar collected in child support, the federal government gives back a match of one dollar that is then used for Social Services endeavors. The less access to your children you have, the more child support you pay, thus triggering more federal money to run State programs. And, we suspect Judge Tripp Helms is aware of this setup.
  • Why are false allegation of Domestic Violence allowed to proceed to conviction? If you are convicted of Domestic Violence, or have a restraning order, the entire non-custodial family is alienated from children for many years. This serves several purposes: 1) Lawyers get rich from defending these cases. 2) The Domestic Violence lobby can then use the new statistic to plead for more federal money which protects jobs within the industry and gives them greater political power. 3) Judges stay in the good graces of the DV lobby which  has enormous pull at election time.  4) You pay more child support which triggers more federal dollars. and 5) It keeps the lobbyist focused on women and children centered courts happy.
  • Can Judge Tripp Helms explain why everyone is talking about the massive numbers of absent fathers, yet every day in court Judges allow custodial mothers to move children away from active non-custodial families, and they only award 5 days a month visitation. Are we sure there isn’t a court ordered absent father problem in the NC District and Family Courts Judge?
  • NC Fathers believes that there are hundreds of thousands of good, loving, and desiring to be active fathers who are unable to secure $15,000 retainer fees just to get their day in court so that they can establish their rights as a parent, to get visitation, or fight for custody. There should never be a pay wall between parents and kids.
  • When a mother commits paternity fraud (naming a man as a father she knows isn’t his) and forces a man to spend thousands of dollars defending the allegation, when found to be untrue, these mothers are never held accountable for this fraud. Conversely, mothers deciding to place a child for adoption will refuse to name a father so that the adoption agency can’t find a biological child which results in a easier adoption. Does Judge Tripp Helms recognize that a child benefits more from a biological parent that adoptive parents?
  • Can Judge William Tripp Helms explain why when non-custodial fathers get into trouble financially, wives, mothers, and sisters have to visit their loved one in prison while custodial mothers in financial difficulty get social services housing, educational, job, food, medical, psychological, other assistance and tax credits to make it? Does it not make more sense to strengthen BOTH parents for the greater good of children?
  • Will Judge Helms admit that custodial mothers use their FREE child support enforcement attorneys to file repeated child support enforcement claims that result in bankruptcy of the non-custodial family who have to hire private attorneys at $5000 retainers PER claim?

Family Court and Child Support

Clearly, the Union County NC Family Courts are biased and built around women and children at the demise of a father, step-mother, paternal grandparents, and aunts and uncles and we a strongly encouraging you to join with us on our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE to help defeat this destructive process and hold Judge and Politicians accountable. Lastly, please do not forget to share this article on Judge William Tripp Helms with other Union County NC non-custodial families.

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