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Senator Austin Allran – Republican in Catawba and Alexander County

Senator Austin AllranSenator Austin Allran is a Republican lawmaker serving voters in Catawba and Alexander County NC, and serves on the NC Senate Judiciary Committee II within the NC General Assembly. According to the latest Census, the combined population in Catawba and Alexander County NC is 316,000. NC Fathers believes that given the divorce rate and rate at which children are born to unmarried couples (40% of all children born in the US as of 2011), we believe that roughly half of the population that Senator Allran serves has direct ties to either a non-custodial family, or paternal family that has absolutely zero rights to their young loved ones. This article, while written about Republican Senator Austin Allran, will serve to educate Catawba and Alexander County NC non-custodial fathers, step-mothers, paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members (and the same family members in unmarried father families) that the day has come where you are marginalized to visitor roles and financial providers ONLY by the NC Family Courts. OUR GOAL, is to unite all non-custodial families and putative father families in NC to bring about modern laws and court reform around the concept of equally shared parenting so that members of the NC General Assembly hear their words. If you are reading this article as one of these family members, we strongly encourage you to join the other 4,899 (as of Dec 19, 2012) family members that have either joined our MAILING LIST or FACEBOOK PAGE and are collaborating with us towards our goal. NC Fathers is sending the message to Republican Senator Austin Allran that non-custodial fathers and women in paternal families bring far greater resources and opportunities to children as equal parents and families compared to families that children just visit four days a month and pay child support. Furthermore, NC Fathers is asking our readers and membership to share this article on Senator Allran with other NC non-custodial family members using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and other networks to bring about greater awareness. If you are willing to help NC Fathers bring the message contained in this article to Republican and Democrat leaders in the NC General Assembly then please contact us.

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Senator Austin Allran, Catawba and Alexander County NC Families

Another important note to take into consideration regarding Republican Senator Allran is that he is a licensed Attorney in the State of NC and no doubt a member of the incredibly powerful NC State Bar Association that is one of the largest lobby organizations that opposes equally shared parenting. NC Fathers thinks that it is important for Catawba and Alexander County NC non-custodial family voters to understand what is public about this stance by the Bar Association.

  • Publicly, State Bar Associations believe that shared parenting is not needed because a majority of child custody battles are handled OUTSIDE of court where a Father volunteered to take on the role of non-custodial parent. NC Fathers believes that it is impossible for the NC Bar Association to know the final disposition of all non-court related custody battles, and it is likely that a large percentage of these settlements involved two parents equally sharing parentage and access to the children. But, no doubt many Fathers have volunteered to give up custody because of the historical knowledge that Fathers lose these battles 85% of the time and why spend $15,000 just to meet that demise?
  • Publicly, State Bar Associations are on record opposing equally shared parenting because they feel that by putting two parents closer together on a more frequent basis causes increased conflict which causes Domestic Violence. Senator Allran, so the best way to de-escalate conflict and domestic violence is to remove an entire half of a child’s family from them 85% of the time, assign them a different role in a child’s life compared to the custodial parent, allow the custodial parent to move the child(ren) four states away, and hand the custodial parents increasing amounts of housing, medical, food, educational, job, financial assistance, and tax incentives to make financial ends meet while imprisoning non-custodial fathers for the same inability to make the same financial ends meet? To us, this sounds like the perfect setup for conflict and domestic violence Senator Allran.

Additionally, Republican Senator Austin Allran is probably aware that many Fathers Rights, Mothers Rights, Custodial Family organizations, and Non-Custodial family organizations are pointing to the amount of money that attorneys make in an incredibly divisive family court system when parents fight for eighteen years. Therefore, we want to throw some numbers around for Catawba and Alexander County NC families to consider. The AVERAGE custody battle in NC is around $15,000+ dollars per parent, and these parents will fight two of these battles in eighteen years. Furthermore, parents are spending untold amounts of money on modification of child support and custody orders, and time in child support enforcement court. With just the figures from actual custody battles Senator Allran, the amount of money spent by two parents is $60,00+ dollars. Then, when you add in modifications and other matters, we believe this figure jumps to around $80,000 worth of income for NC Attorneys from just ONE FAMILY. So our question to Senator Austin Allran is expected, is the conflict in family law matters needed so that attorneys in the NC Bar Association stay wealthy, and would you rather see this money go to NC children to put down payments on homes, pay for college, start a business, or pay for healthcare?

Republican lawmaker

Republican Senator Austin Allran and Catawba and Alexander County NC Non-Custodial Families For Court Reform

Before discussing NC Family Court reform with Senator Austin Allran, we want to address Domestic Violence which is the primary issue opponents use to deny shared parenting.

NC Fathers stance on Domestic Violence is that it ALL needs to stop regardless of who is doing it the most and stop using this issue as a political platform and political football to drive funding and agendas to organizations that advocate on Domestic Violence. The fact is, the national statistics show that women in heterosexual relationships commit Domestic Violence 40% of the time, and Domestic Violence in the LGBT community is equal to that of heterosexual relationships. Yet, this information does not seem to deter the major feminists groups from making this a male on female only issue ONLY that drives so much money to their 501(c)(3) organizations. Senator Austin Allran needs to hear from non-custodial fathers and women in non-custodial families that the attempted agenda to paint all NC Fathers as potential violent offenders to deny them access to their children is a ploy by radical feminist groups who use this to advocate for women and children centered courts at the demise of men and women in paternal families.

Major Court Reform Issues for Republican Senator Austin Allran To Consider When Talking To Catawba and Alexander County NC Non-Custodial Families.

  • At the moment two parents separate, children of the marriage typically leave with the mother and fathers are prevented from any access to their children unless they have $15,000-20,000 to spend on an attorney. And this assumes that the mother did not relocate five states away. There should never be a pay wall between parents and children.
  • Republican Senator Austin Allran needs to know that because of the win/lose nature of the family courts, parents are doing the most disturbing things imaginable in order to win, or keep from losing. This sets the stage for disgusting acts that children witness for 18 years. With Shared Parenting, there is NOTHING to win or lose.
  • Parents in family court are spending thousands of dollars in contempt motions only to have Judges overlook them. However, make no mistake if a Father is delinquent on child support, there is no overlooking that, but if a mother defies a court order for visitation that is excused.
  • No doubt Senator Austin Allran has heard of the “absent father” problem across the United States and NC. Yet daily, Judges contribute to this by allowing custodial mothers to move hundreds of miles away from non-custodial FAMILIES, or only allow 4 days a month visitation. Senator, how are Fathers supposed to step up to the plate if we are prevented? And, what about this information?
  • With regard to Child Support Enforcement, Alexander and Catawba County NC non-custodial families need to know that their child support payments are helping the State of NC pay for Welfare and Low Income Programs. In looking at the Title IV-D program in the Social Security Acts entitled “Incentive Payments To States”, for every one dollar collected in child support, and match amount of federal dollars can be released from federal coffers and given back to US States for performance related enforcement. This means that for every non-custodial father in NC paying $800 a month in child support, he is making around $800 available to social services. To NC Fathers, this sounds like an incredible incentive to deny NC Alexander and Catawba County NC non-custodial families equal parentage and access to their children so that they trigger money for vital state programs. Senator Allran, will you address this for your 158,000 constituents?
  • Senator Allran, False Allegations of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse by Fathers on Children from hopeful custodial mothers is becoming almost expected and scripted in divorce and custody battles. This goes back to the disgusting things parents do in order to win custody battles. It needs to stop. Judges in the Alexander and Catawba County NC Family Courts are allowing these false allegations on preponderance of evidence instead of presumption of innocence to proceed to conviction because of political reasons and to keep the well funded Domestic Violence lobby happy.

NC Fathers and Republican Senator Allran

Catawba and Alexander County NC

Roughly half of custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then Senator Allran? With Equally Shared Parenting Senator?

County Senator


Republican Senator Austin Allran and Catawba/Alexander County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Senator Austin Allran needs to start hearing from the estimated 158,000 non-custodial fathers and mothers, step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members in Alexander and Catawba County NC that it is time to stop playing political warfare with NC parents and children in the Family Courts. Additionally, the Senator needs to hear from non-custodial families from every economic background, political party affiliation, and from families from all racial and ethnic backgrounds; all who come from non-custodial families. Our message is simple, we are a organization for EQUALLY shared parenting and less divisive family courts. Unlike other organizations, we do not ask for anything greater than what custodial families enjoy, and that is the ability to be equal financial, emotional, psychological, and physical supporters of our children absent government interference. In this age of equality and tolerance, we expect nothing less.

Furthermore, Republican Senator Austin Allran needs to hear from non-custodial mothers and women in non-custodial families that you get equally hurt in this system. All too often the major feminist groups make this about father vs mothers, when in fact many women are getting hurt in this system as well.

Please consider joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE and start collaborating with us on the concept of shared parenting, and we again ask that you share this article on Senator Austin Allran with other non-custodial families in Catawba and Alexander County NC.

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  1. I read the information on Facebook where Senator Austin Allran is going to allow the NC Coalition of Domestic Violence to kill the Shared Parenting bill before the Senate right now. This is a mistake. I believe there is more Domestic Violence because of the strong divisiveness in the courts and it is misinformation that if parents are together more there will be more violence. If one parent is going to harm the children or the ex-wife he can just as easily do it one of the 2 days he is allowed to see his children. I suspect Senator Allran never heard from the Domestic Violence folks that fathers who are equal parents and actually see their kids, the LAST thing on their mind is Domestic Violence. And if dads are held to the standard of domestic violence, why aren’t custodial moms?


    Comment by Gene (Catawba County NC Father) | April 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Gene, we indeed do believe that Senator Austin Allran will allow the Shared Parenting bill to be killed or never move out of committee. I hope you will help get the word out that non-custodial families in Iredell and Catawba County equal a LOT of families and voters that this Senator just threw under a bus.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | April 30, 2013 | Reply

    • Gene, very powerful post and you are 100% correct. The Domestic Violence lobby will get with Senator Allran in short order and use their influence to kill this bill on the grounds that if more fathers have access to their children, they will kill, abuse, and molest them. The problem with that is that the NCCADV is saying the majority of the Men in NC are capable of this, which translates to a lot of male legislators being killers, abusers, and molesters. We touch on your comment in our article to the NC Domestic Violence lobby. It also translates to a lot of male teachers, nurses, lawyers, Judges, doctors, police officers, etc… as being bad people. The fact is if a father is going to kill his child or ex-wife, he can do it if he has no visitation at all. It’s just a very bad idea when you go down the sexual and gender politics road. But, it appears that Senator Austin Allran and Senate Republicans bought into it.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | April 30, 2013 | Reply

      • Seems to me if Senator Allran wanted to help reduce domestic violence he would advocate for a system that does not remove parents from their kids lives, allow Judges to let custodial parents to move them states away from us, and give the custodial parents all the social services programs they need to prosper and put us in jail when we stumble. Is he insane, this is creating Domestic Violence.


        Comment by Karen (Iredell County NC Step-Mother) | April 30, 2013

  2. I suspect that Senator Allran is more concerned about lawyers (which he is) continuing to making $80,000 from parents in 18 years when they fight than parents being made to get along from shared parenting. It is pretty sad, those parents could use this money for college.


    Comment by Patrick (Iredell County NC Father) | April 30, 2013 | Reply

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