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Vincent DiCaro – National Fatherhood Initiative – Really Sir?

Vincent DiCaroVincent DiCaro is the Vice President of the National Fatherhood Initiative which is based in Germantown Maryland. Over the Christmas holidays in 2012, one of our contributors had the opportunity to read THIS ARTICLE asking why Fathers disappear from households across America. In this article, Vincent DiCaro and the National Fatherhood Initiative is quoted as saying “People look at a child in need, in poverty or failing in school, and ask, ‘What can we do to help?’ But what we do is ask, ‘Why does that child need help in the first place?’ And the answer is often it’s because [the child lacks] a responsible and involved father”.  Mr DiCaro also stated “When you have very little going for you in your life, having children can give purpose to it. If you’re married, you’re going to be much more cautious. There’s health care costs and our jobs, whereas if we were both just kind of doing whatever, then why not just have another kid?” when discussing absent fathers in poverty stricken cities. To learn more about the National Fatherhood Initiative, you can visit their website HERE, but one of the more interesting pages on their website is THIS PAGE outlining many social, behavioral, and educational problems associated with absent fathers. Here is our concern, other than just saying that fatherlessness is causing by poverty, irresponsibility, incarceration, and other factors; you don’t see Vincent DiCaro and the National Fatherhood Initiative talking about the OTHER problems causing absent fathers so we thought that we would point them out for them.

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Vice President Vincent DiCaro and Fatherhood Initiatives

If you are reading this post as a non-custodial father, or female in the non-custodial family, we invite you to click on the graphic below to get a laundry list of serious issues we believe are in place to keep you alienated from your children so that others benefit financially and politically. Our organization certainly hopes that the National Fatherhood Initiative and Vice President Vincent DiCaro will consider theses problems in future articles talking about absent Fathers and the problems non-custodial FAMILIES face.

National Fathers

Information the National Fatherhood Initiative and Vincent DiCaro Should Address When Talking About Absent Fathers

  • US States dependency on Title IV-D money from the Social Security Act – Nowhere on the National Fatherhood Initiatives website will you see information about how this legislation is triggering federal money on increased collection of child support. According to Title IV-D, for every one dollar collected in child support, the federal  government gives make an equal match for “administrative costs” that can then be used to replenish Welfare programs at State social services agencies. Thus, each US State really needs for more child support to be payed and the best way to achieve this is thru keeping the non-custodial father away from his child(ren) so that child support increases. Why is Vincent DiCaro not addressing this?
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Domestic Violence Laws – VAWA is federal legislation that addresses the abhorrent crime of Domestic Violence in the United States, but is geared towards women only despite many government agencies showing that 40% of Domestic Violence is committed by Women and that Female on Female Intimate Partner Violence occurs at the same rate as heterosexual relationships. The problem with VAWA is that Domestic Violence cases are prosecuted under “Preponderance of the Evidence (POE)” standards instead of “Innocent until Proven Guilty”. Under POE, all a Judge needs to find is that there is some likelihood that abuse occurred and there is a conviction even if there is no evidence abuse occurred. The National Fatherhood Initiative and Vincent DiCaro should immediately recognize that this opens the door for millions of false allegations that are used as revenge and tactical advantage in child custody cases by primarily hopeful custodial mothers seeking to win in family court.
  • Custodial Mothers – There is no doubt that a significant number of custodial mothers enjoy housing assistance, educational assistance, job assistance, medical assistance, food assistance, psychological assistance, and tax incentives. We believe that many of these mothers will purposefully alienate Fathers from their children in order to play victim to get these services.
  • Wealthy Lawyers – Will the National Fatherhood Initiative and Vice President Vincent DiCaro admit that many times lawyers will fuel the fire between two parents in hopes that they fight in family court for 18 years and pay retainers?
  • Poverty – In the article referenced above, Vincent DiCaro got it partly right when discussing poverty and Fathers, but he missed out on a very real scenario for many US Fathers. When two parents separate, a mother will typically take the child (many times moves many hundreds of miles away) with her when she leaves and prevent a Father from any access until there is court ordered visitation. For Fathers who do not have $15,000-20,000 to hire an attorney, they never see their children again. The fact the the National Fatherhood Initiative is not talking about this pay wall between Fathers and Children is disgusting.
  • Abortion, Adoption, and Safe Haven Laws – Again, in the article referenced above, Vincent DiCaro took a swipe at the number of US Fathers who are absent in kids lives. What he and the National Fatherhood Initiative failed to mention is that Fathers don’t have the ability to adopt out, abort, or give their children to a safe haven facility when they create children via irresponsible/recreational sex or create a child they aren’t prepared emotionally, physically, or financially to care for. To excoriate men for this while handing mothers tools to get out of that situation is ignorant on part of the National Fatherhood Initiative.

NC Fathers and Fatherhood Initiatives

The National Fatherhood Initiative and Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers believes that the National Fatherhood Initiative and Vice President Vincent DiCaro are doing a disservice to Fathers and Women in Non-Custodial Families by not addressing the issues above. From our standpoint, it appears that this organization is attempting to get Fathers to act responsibly WITHIN a system that is built around needing Fathers to fail, complete discrimination, and misandry. Our organization believes that until the issues above are addressed, there is going to be a war between parents after a divorce, and that there is a industry of non-profits and lobby organizations that fund their organizations and agendas through misinformation. Unfortunately, the people that get hurt the most in this process is the children. Again, we encourage you to read our post on the National Child Support Enforcement Association to view their list of problems created from Fatherlessness and compare it to the list put out by the National Fatherhood Initiative. Until we admit that there is an industry built around family law that is making lawyers rich, funding lobbyist, and other groups political endeavors, then these issues will exist even if Fathers do what Vincent Dicaro and the National Fatherhood Initiative wants them to do.

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Vincent DiCaro


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