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NC Step-Mother On Parental Alienation

NC Step-Mother on Parental AlienationThis is our second article in our series on NC Step-Mothers as they speak out on the difficulties non-custodial families face in the NC Family Courts. With so much emphasis placed on women in the family courts, it is important to remember that many women in non-custodial families are hurting as well, and this includes NC Step-Mothers.

As a step-mother, I can absolutely say that my views on the NC Family Court system is not positive. While I don’t appreciate having to spend $20,000+ dollars (so far) with attorneys simply to try and get visitation started for my husband and his child, what I do not appreciate even more is the fact that the custodial mother is purposefully keeping my husband’s child from a previous marriage from seeing his Father even though we live in the same town. It is absolutely ridicilous that a woman would leave a marriage and then hope that we will not be able to come up with $20,000 to get our day in court and I can’t help but wonder how many other Fathers in NC have to go through this. As a woman, and a Step-Mother, I am here to say to Judges and Legislators that purposeful parental alienation DOES exists and it is hurting many children and families in NC. And quite frankly, the fact that Judges in Wake County NC and Legislators that make laws are not addressing this issue gives much more creedence to this website and the message they bring.

NC Step-Mothers and Step-Children


When I first arrived at the NC Fathers website, I must say that I was skeptical of many of the blogs I read on this site, this was probably due to the fact that I was newly married and never had any insight into the Family Courts. Well, it didn’t take long for me to learn that this system we have in NC is centered around CREATING conflict in two parents (or allowing it) seemingly so that lawyers are assured that they can continue to get parents to pay more money. But at what cost to my step-child? My husband? And me?

I also absolutely did not believe the links on this website about how the State of NC makes money from child support, but I did my research and there is just too much information about it to not believe now. As a proud woman and step-mother who believes in womens’ rights, I find it pathetic that another woman would purposefully alienate her child from a Father that is fit and wants to spend time with his child just so that she can report fewer overnights and get more child support and the services that DSS wants to provide to justify their money and jobs. Using your child as a weapon against another part of their family in my opinion is abuse, and I am determined to see it stop.

Lana H in Wake County NC


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