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WECT News Reporter Gavin Johnson Must Read

WECT Reporter Gavin Johnson Must ReadGavin Johnson is a WECT News reporter out of Wilmington NC who recently ran a story on the Columbus County NC Sheriff who is using social media to round up “Dead Beat” parents and is allowing custodial parents and others to like the Facebook page and hurl insults and make other humiliating and ridiculing remarks towards these alleged parents who are in child support arrears. Shortly after Gavin Johnson and WECT News ran their news report, the “Columbus County Dead Beat Parent” page surged to over 1,800 likes. So what right? I mean these are parents who are not supporting their kids and they should be insulted publicly. Not so fast! Before passing judgement on this article, we are going to make a very good case on why ALL Eastern NC non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends of non-custodial families in the WECT News viewing area should take issue with Gavin Johnson. Before continuing with this article, we ask that you read our article on Sheriff Christopher Batten and then come back to this article for more insight on what is really going on here. NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial families who are tired of the systematic bias in the family court system which demands that two parents fight for 18 years so that one can be named “custodial” while the other “non-custodial” and receive much less time with their children. If you are reading this article as a Eastern NC non-custodial family member, we hope that you will join our FACEBOOK PAGE and MAILING LIST after reading OUR GOALS and help us advocate for you. Additionally, NC Fathers reached out to Gavin Johnson and WECT News in an effort to get a statement from them, but as of this writing neither have responded. With this information, we think that every single non-custodial family who is in a constant battle with the NC Family Courts and custodial parent simply to be considered an equal parent with equal access to your minor loved ones should consider boycotting WECT News, their television programming and Internet reach.

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Reporter Gavin Johnson helps NC Sheriff

NC Fathers encourages Eastern NC non-custodial families, to include parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends of these families who clearly have a much better grasp on the issues that these families face to click on the BLUE and RED graphic below to get a reminder of the difficulties that exists in the family courts that actually NEED us to be absent families for the gain of others. WECT News and Gavin Johnson are advised to read as well before they produce programming that denigrates and humiliate people that are in poverty.

WECT News in Wilmington NC

What WECT News Reporter Gavin Johnson Missed When Supporting Sheriff Christopher Batten

One of the most disturbing facts about WECT News and Gavin Johnson’s desire to support and use their considerable reach to denigrate another group of people using hate speech is the fact that Gavin is an African-American who should be overly sensitive to not using derogatory terms towards other groups of people. And, if you look at the Sheriff’s Dead Beat Facebook page, 95% of the people featured are African-Americans. So is Gavin Johnson and WECT prepared to come out and say that primarily African-American parents are bad people? Why didn’t Gavin take a look at many of the problems that plague African-American parents and consider other problems that may cause inability to pay child support?

Why isn’t Gavin Johnson and WECT News reporting on the fact that in NC, one parent can withhold a child from another parent if there is no custody order, move ten states away, file for child support, thereby causing the other parent to find $15,000 to gain the most basic rights to a legal child? How many of these parents listed on Sheriff Batten’s Facebook page are simply unable to get that money and never see their kids again Gavin? How many were able to find that money, but are now too broke to pay child support? Why isn’t WECT News covering this? Afterall, purposeful alienation of a child from a parent hoping they don’t have the money to execute rights is the most basic form of child abuse.

Why isn’t WECT News reporter Gavin Johnson not reporting on the fact that over an 18 yr period, parents spend an average of $60,000 in attorney fees fighting in a system that is designed for one parent to win while the other loses? Surely Gavin would rather see this money go towards an education for the child, a home, to start a business, or medical coverage? How many of the parents that were humiliated by WECT News were forced to give up financially fighting in this system?

Does anyone have any idea why WECT reporter Gavin Johnson refuses to report on the fact that custodial parents get FREE child support enforcement attorneys to file endless motions for increased child support over 18 years that forces the non-custodial parent to hire private a private attorney at $2000 a motion? Is it possible Gavin that these non-custodial parents are now dead broke instead of dead beat?

Why isn’t WECT News reporter Gavin Johnson reporting in the fact that many times a parent will get pregnant by someone she barely knows, have the child, seek social services support, NEVER tell the father and then 10 years later will seek back child support numbering in the tens of thousands? Gavin, is it really fair to call these fathers dead beats?

Why isn’t Gavin Johnson and WECT News reporting on the fact that we have access to many non-custodial mothers who are only allowed to see their children 2 hours a month because the custodial parent made a false allegation of violence?

Why is nobody at WECT News reporting on the fact that custodial parents have access to seemingly unlimited housing assistance, educational assistance, medical and psychological assistance, food assistance, other programs and tax incentives to make financial ends meet then ask that the non-custodial parent be jailed when they have a hard time making financial ends meet and can’t get services because they aren’t the custodial parent? How many of the parents featured on Sheriff Batten’s Facebook page need services they can’t get Gavin? Needing help means you need to be publicly denigrated Gavin?

Why isn’t WECT News and Reporter Gavin Johnson reporting on the fact that the State of NC has a huge incentive to alienate non-custodial families from their children so that they pay greater child support which triggers greater Social Security Title IV-D money from federal coffers in doing so? Is it really fair to alienate children from parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members so that the State of NC can generate revenue?

Was There a Financial Agenda For WECT News and Gavin Johnson To Publicly Ridicule Eastern NC Non-Custodial Families?

NC Fathers suspects that the motive for WECT News and Gavin Johnson to support Sheriff Chris Batten’s desire to humiliate hundreds of thousands of non-custodial families in Eastern NC is about politics and money. WECT sells advertising right? And the more people that visits WECT’s website makes them more attractive to businesses that want to advertise right? What better way to do this than to report that hundreds of thousands of people in Eastern NC are refusing to support “their kids”. Ah yes, the good ole tried and true tactic of using children as props to meet an agenda. The problem for Gavin Johnson and WECT News is that they didn’t bet on the fact that hundreds of thousands of non-custodial families that take issue with this, and who are routinely called “Dead Beats” simply for being non-custodial. The writer of this blog is a non-custodial parent who has exactly 50% time with his children, and I pay no child support but I am routinely called a “Dead Beat” parent because I asked for and won equal time with my child. Of course, the custodial parent wanted child support so I am a dead beat Gavin? All because I want to DIRECTLY support my children outside of child support enforcement? Why didn’t WECT News ask the question if these “Dead Beat” parents were ever allowed to directly support their children as equal parents?

The mentality of blaming non-custodial parents, and by proxy everyone in the non-custodial family, for everything wrong with this system will end the minute we build an organization consisting of the 5.5 million NC citizens that have direct ties to non-custodial families and work to demand changes. You can help do this by simply joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE when we send out alerts like this one on WECT News and following the actions in these alerts. If you are tired of being marginalized in your child’s life, ordered by a stranger to only see your kids four days a week and pay a government agency to do so, then you must speak out and speak out often.

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  1. Oh give Gavin Johnson a break, he was just doing what draws more viewers to WECT’s broadcast on TV and their website so they can solicit advertisers.


    Comment by Thomas | March 31, 2013 | Reply

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