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Landen Gambill, University of North Carolina, Rape, And Our Thoughts

Landen GambillLanden Gambill is a Sophmore at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who has made ALLEGATIONS of Rape against a former ex-boyfriend, and who is now embroiled in a very heated controversy over the fact that the University of North Carolina is now considering expelling her for her actions in this case. As reported by many media outlets, Landen Gambill has undertaken the responsibility of publicly admonishing her alleged attacker and calling him a rapist using social media, but REFUSES to file a criminal complaint and identify her attacker legally or show EVIDENCE of a rape. As of this writing, it appears no criminal investigation of Ms. Gambill’s rape is under way by law enforcement and her alleged attacker is still a student at the University of North Carolina. Of course, this could change at any time. It is also important to note that NC Fathers is using Ms. Gambill’s name ONLY after the major media outlets have used her name, and given the fact that she has herself come out publicly on social media making allegations. Although, I have no doubt that since we are not making the usual and expected take on this case, we will be accused of outing her and supporting rape culture and rape apologists culture that is being floated around the radical feminists circles. And, while we are talking about feminism and this case, we are going to make a very good point on why this case at the University of North Carolina impacts so many women in NC. In the same vein, many of you may be wondering why NC Fathers, an organization devoted to NC Family Court Reform, is writing about Landen Gambill and her alleged rape. Well, read on and we will explain.

Read our article to Chancellor Holden Thorp

We would love to hear how someone that is allegedly raped at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill can refuse to file a criminal complaint, provide any evidence of a rape, witnesses to said alleged rape, and put her faith not in the legal system but in a University Honor Court and then take to social media and video sites to make her claim and be taken seriously. If Ms. Gambill wants to be taken seriously, we encourage her to contact authorities, provide them with evidence, and lets get on with the process of prosecuting this man where he should be prosecuted instead of via social media. Or, is this possibly a ideological tactical maneuver and false allegation? We would love to hear from women in paternal families on the progress of this case.

Came here expecting to see the Landen Gambill Youtube Video? It’s gone, she or someone took it down. It was here, but now it’s gone.

Where are the UNC Men’s Studies programs?

Now we realize that many will simply say that women many times will not go to law enforcement out of risk of not being taken seriously and will endure shame, and that is a reasonable argument. However, one has to ask themselves if it is then appropriate to go on Youtube to make your case if you are ashamed given that potentially millions more people will see you.

Posts related to Landen Gambill and her University of North Carolina rape case – NC Domestic Violence, Dept Chair Joanne Hershfield

Before proceeding, it is also important to note the FACTS regarding this matter:

  • Landen Gambill has made ALLEGATIONS of rape against a UNC Student (former boyfriend), but decided to take this before a non-criminal honor court consisting of students and faculty instead of law enforcement.
  • Landen Gambill has not provided any evidence of a rape to proper authorities.
  • The accused boyfriend was found not to have committed a rape by the “Honor Court” and is once again a student at the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • There may be, or may not be, a criminal investigation underway by University Police and Chapel Hill Police.
  • As of 2/27/2013, the progressive movement,radical feminist, and women’s rights groups are worked into a frenzy over this case and are vowing to bring the University of North Carolina to it’s knees using Federal Title IX laws.
  • The accused has already been found guilty by the media, will have his reputation tarnished, likely will not succeed in his studies at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and will be identified as a rapist even if no charges are ever brought against him.
  • Several MAJOR media outlets are reporting that Landen Gambill has stated “I wish I had gone to law enforcement instead of the University of North Carolina” honor court to be taken seriously”. If this is true, it should be known that NOTHING prevents Ms. Gambill from going to Chapel Hill law enforcement just because she went before student affairs.

NC Fathers is going on record that the minute Landen Gambill provides evidence to proper law enforcement agencies regarding her alleged rape that results in a conviction, we will note it here.

NC Fathers is also going on record and noting a very similar case involving Crystal Mangum and the Duke Lacross Team in which Ms Mangum made allegations of rape against many men, which resulted in a heavy handed investigation by District Attorney Mike Nifong despite an ounce of evidence. Of course, we now know that it was found that Crystal Mangum made FALSE ALLEGATIONS of abuse which lead to Mike Nifon’s resignation, and we now know that Crystal Mangum is in prison convicted in a unrelated murder.

NC Fathers is also going on record as being OVERLY SHOCKED that the highly liberal University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has not sided with Landen Gambill and caved into the “War on Women” mantra that they are experiencing at present.

University of North Carolina Rape Case

Landen Gambill alledged Rape, University of NC Honor Court

Why We Are Writing About Landen Gambill And Her Allegation of Rape At The University of North Carolina

No doubt, this article will bring a huge amount of outrage in which we will be accused of insensitivity to all woman, and all women who have been raped. But it is important to note that as of February 27, 2013 and the time of this writing, there has been NO RAPE, only an allegation of rape, and not even with a law enforcement agency but using the global Internet. And, there is not even any evidence (at this time) of a rape.

Now, why are we writing this article and pointing out why Progressives, Conservatives, Men, WOMEN, African-Americans, Hispanics, and every other person on this planet SHOULD be concerned about? In the United States, we have become so shell shocked by proven rape and domestic violence that we have now become accustomed to finding men (and actually many women) guilty of these crimes JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE MAKES AN ALLEGATION, MANY TIMES WITH NO EVIDENCE. Even more disgusting is the fact that many radical feminists and political party groups (mainly Progressives and Democrats) use these cases as props to further their ideological political agendas. In fact, each time that there is an allegation of rape or domestic violence that has yet to be unsubstantiated, these groups run a HUGE risk of bringing proven cases under the microscope that results in REAL VICTIM fear and pain when they are found to be false.

War on Women huh? What about WOMEN in the family of the man that is accused of rape at the University of North Carolina? What about his mother, his sister, his aunt, or perhaps a daughter? What about the tens of millions of WOMEN in paternal families and progressive men who are removed from their homes, children, and jobs because of the culture of false allegations of rape and domestic violence each year in the family courts where it was found that the accuser made a false allegation of violence as a tactic advantage in custody matters and who never was prosecuted for this misconduct?

Misandry in Education, it’s subtle, but it exists

In researching the alleged UNC Rape involving Ms. Gambill, we came across this very telling video from the journalist at Carolina Week. In it, they devote 02:11 minutes in opening to Landen Gambill (a female) and telling about rallies that are taking place on campus in support of her. Then, they immediately break to the death of another UNC student Stedman Gage (a male) at the 02:16 mark in the video and just announce his death. No rallies for this male. Then, at the the 02:32 mark they break into the death of UNC student Faith Hedgepath (a female) and announce that an award winning band is doing everything to keep her memory alive. So we have rallies for Faith Hedgepath and Landen Gambill by UNC Students, but the death of Stedman Gage is just a passing note. Nope, no memories being kept alive by Students at UNC for this man.

Why The Landen Gambill and University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Rape Case Matters To NC Non-Custodial Families

All Rape and Domestic Violence cases in North Carolina are prosecuted in the courts under the rule of “preponderance of evidence” instead of “innocent until proven guilty”. This means these cases can be prosecuted and a conviction delivered without ANY evidence or witnesses if a Judge finds that there is but a 50.01 percent LIKELIHOOD that the incident occurred. And because of this, millions of men and women find themselves in prison, removed from their homes, children, and jobs just because of a simple allegation. And as more and more of these cases are realized, it will eventually cast a shadow of doubt on ALL cases. This should be what is concerning to women. And each day in the family courts, grandmothers, sisters, step-mothers, and daughters find themselves removed from their kid’s lives. And, to bring our point home with a slap in the face, WOMEN on this planet produce MALE children 50% of the time, and each one of their son’s has the potential of this happening to them. So excuse us if we call bullshit on the so called notion of “War on Women” as it relates to THIS CASE.

With this said, if we are moving into the brave new world where the Landen Gambill’s of the world can allege rape and domestic violence and have men incarcerated or removed from the University of North Carolina without so much as a complaint to law enforcement or evidence of abuse or rape, then we surmise that a HUGE amount of WOMEN in paternal families should be very fearful tonight, especially the ones that have children.

To give you an idea of how the media and groups with ideological ties to this case are willing to go, here are a few screenshots of websites that go so far as to call the University of North Carolina “pro-rape”, the accused a “rapist” and how the domestic violence lobby and progressives are willing to throw their own sons under the bus without so much as a shred of evidence.


Rape Survivor? We assure you in a highly liberal town and at a highly liberal college like UNC at Chapel Hill, if Landen Gambill was found to be raped by law enforcement, her accuser would not be at his school studying right now.


Imperfect system? You mean the one grounded in the US Constitution that provides for innocence until proven guilty?


Really? The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, one of the largest bastions of liberal ideology and known mecca for radical feminist professors ROUTINELY violates sexual assault victims?


Update: 2/28/2013

Earlier today, we had a discussion with another individual who is closely monitoring the Landen Gambill case and she has an interesting take on this case that we want to share with our readers. The 800lb gorilla in the room is the fact that Ms. Gambill will not go to law enforcement either in Chapel Hill or University police to report her rape and attacker. To us, we are speculating that she is refusing to do this because she has absolutely zero evidence and is concerned about filing a false police report. Of course, her supporters will say that rape victims usually struggle with going to law enforcement because they fear being shamed, blamed, and out of embarrassment. And one can certainly empathize with that, except that if this is true, why is Ms. Gambill then taking to social media and Youtube where she runs the risk of being shamed, blamed, and embarrassed by many millions more people?

Why is Ms. Gambill surrounding herself with ultra radical feminist who are now doing her bidding for her? And before anyone takes this as a “anti-woman” statement, we are not talking about good first wave feminist who fought for equal human rights for everyone, we are talking about the very hateful second and third wave radical feminist who have zero use for your sons, brothers, husband, nephews, and fathers.

Ever since Landen Gambill has catapulted her rape case at UNC into the spotlight, we have noticed that there has been an almost simultaneous, planned, and scripted  explosion of highly liberal websites that are jumping all over this nationwide, with thousands of commenters calling the accused a rapist and Ms. Gambrill a rape survivor, and these are the same websites that were defending Crystal Mangum in the Duke Lacross case, which we know that she is now a convicted murderer in prison. But here is the problem, there is only an allegation of rape, this girl has provided no evidence of a rape, refuses to contact law enforcement, is commercializing this case on social media, is asking everyone to take her side on her word and her word alone, there has been no arrest, or trial. No due process, nothing! In fact, the accused according to the University of North Carolina is back to his studies on campus. Our concern is that these tens of thousands of commenters, many from University of North Carolina hosted websites, seem content with overlooking due process and actually LIKE this case becoming so popular. It’s like that WANT this to be a rape case so that it can be used in some way.

We can’t help but believe that the other shoe has yet to fall on this story, and that it is the beginning of some coordinated attack on some group, or to sensationalize this case to draw attention to some ideological agenda by radical feminist who have for 20 years called ALL men rapist and worked so hard in the family courts to push men and women in paternal families as far away from their children after a divorce as they can.

Is this possibly a manufactured event to drum up the highly liberal base in NC?

Update: 3/1/2013

It appears that the man that Landen Gambill accused of rape at the UNC Honor Court has hired an attorney, specifically John Gresham of Tin Fulton Walker and Owen based out of Charlotte, NC. And we have learned a bit more about this event that throws a bit of “GOTCHA” into the mix. It now appears that the 5 member Honor Court that found that Ms. Gambill did not have proof of a rape, THREE WERE WOMEN. Now, how this will be received by the no less than 200 liberal websites calling the accused a rapist and encouraging tens of thousands of others across the country to scream patriarchy and demand a civil rights violation against UNC is yet to be seen. However, we are tired of hearing about the importance of this “Honor Court” and it’s significance, we are ready for the accuser to put all this to rest and make a formal law enforcement complaint, with evidence, and let’s get to the bottom of this. As for the websites and organizations that have dismissed due process and demand that just on the word of a woman, men all over NC should be rounded up, imprisoned, and publicly humiliated on the global Internet, we will be making contact with the accused lawyers today with our growing database of websites and organizations that need to be sued (specifically Caitlin McCabe of the DailyTarheel who has frequently called this man a rapist absent due process and has encouraged thousands to do the same). And no Caitlin, going back and editing your post will not be enough, we have screenshots to this slander and liable. This case, along with the Duke Lacross case should serve as a wake up call to men, fathers, and women related to men in NC that false allegations of rape and domestic violence is real, it’s used by people who want to gain something, and who bet that the emotion surrounding these issues will be enough to carry their false allegation to conviction.

Additionally, SAFER Carolina is holding a rally at UNC to bring attention to sexual assault on campus which is a good thing. However, there are two caveats to this rally. It will be gender specific, relating only to women despite growing statistics that show men can be and are sexually assaulted. And they will use Ms. Gambill as a prop to get their message across DESPITE there being any evidence that she is a survivor of sexual assault. In fact, given that right now (3/1/2013)  there is no evidence from the UNC Honor Court or Law Enforcement on alleged sexual assault, arrest, and due process, and given the past domestic relationship to the accused, she is possibly guilty of domestic violence (yes, intimidation is domestic violence) in her using Youtube and Social Media to bring attention to this man and calling him a rapist. Of course, SAFER Carolina in their gender specific ideology will never see that.

Update: 3/2/2013

Well, it looks like the “I stand for Landen Gambill” rally went off today without a hitch, and SAFER Carolina got their ideological gender centric message out and hopefully raised a few dollars while using this case as a prop to drive their agenda. But there is a larger message that reverberated around North Carolina today that I think is going to have a huge impact on UNC, as well as for women who have been raped. First, survivors of rape have a hard enough time traversing the law enforcement community and their own personal hell that accompanies being raped. Unfortunately, today added to that hell, because outside the bat shit crazy conclave of the UNC system, sane North Carolinian’s are asking about due process, they are asking why Ms. Gambill is using the media as her own personal legal system, they are asking where the evidence is, they are asking why she isn’t going to law enforcement, they are asking why women get to intimidate male students and get away without a domestic violence charge while any male at UNC doing the same thing would be in jail right now.  Today, many are filing away in their brain the mental note that false allegations do exists, hell we already have an example of that with the Duke Lacross case, and they will likely carry this thought with them to any future jury rooms. In one respect, knowing that false allegations do exists is a good thing, but it scares the hell out of me that the next case involving the rape of a woman, where there is evidence, a police report, and due process, that she will have to overcome the “false allegation” hurdle that this case has afforded. Second, there has been no less than pandemonium from women in this case, but there is another group of women that we think are watching this case very close. Who are they? They are mothers of sons, sisters of men, daughters of fathers, aunts of nephews, and  friends of men who must be asking themselves if they should ever step foot on the campus of UNC again much less allow their loved ones to attend this college for fear that some woman is going to take to the Internet and call their son, father, brother, nephew, or friend a rapist and have a community of people stand by and rally for them even when they refuse to even afford their loved one due process under the law.

Update: 3/8/2013

As far as the media is concerned, this case just keeps getting more and more bizarre. Virtually every media outlet is reporting that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is considering expulsion or other disciplinary action on Landen Gambill because she spoke out about her [alleged] rape. And, of course everyone is screaming about this. The fact is, from everything we have gathered, UNC is not considering disciplinary because she spoke out about rape, they are considering their actions based on her behavior AFTER it was found that no rape occurred, her false accusations, and her intent to cause UNC shame by using traditional media, social media, and the global Internet to turn this into a ideological debate rather than the original complaint. Of course, the media outlets have an incentive to sensationalize this because it draws more traffic to their advertising on TV and websites.

NC Fathers is calling on Landen Gambill to put this case to rest, contact law enforcement in Chapel Hill and at the University of North Carolina and make a complaint of rape and provide them evidence and we will be the FIRST group in line to stand beside her. Until then, non-custodial families and WOMEN with men in the family should watch this case closely because this is EXACTLY the type of false allegations that are used in the family courts as a tactical advantage in child custody daily which non-custodial fathers and WOMEN in their families are all too familiar with.


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  1. So this girl, and her supporters believe that my son, if accused of rape, with no evidence, no rape kit, no report to law enforcement, no witnesses, and hides behind “some women will not report sue to being ashamed” believes that we must immediately put him in jail? Yea, I don’t think so!


    Comment by Amanda Chan | February 27, 2013 | Reply

    • Amanda, I really don’t want to make any assumptions of what she is thinking, but in looking at Ms Gambill’s Youtube post, and the evidence you just pointed out, it sure presents that way.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | February 27, 2013 | Reply

    • 70 percent of rape victims do not report the crime out public embarrassment and shame. Let me rape you and then you tell me what it’s like.


      Comment by Greg | March 25, 2013 | Reply

      • Greg several things, and thanks for posting on our comment. Are you currently a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill? If so, you would know the importance of citing your statistics. However, I suspect that if you are able to cite an organization that publicizes those statistics, anyone with a brain would be able to show that said organization has a financial or ideological agenda to put those statistics out in an effort to drive funding to their organization. See Greg, here is the problem with statistics, and why we prefer common sense over statistics. There are statistics showing the absolute opposite. Statistics are only as good as the agenda of the organization compiling them. I have no doubt there is a non-profit out there advocating on behalf of purple plankton’s mating habits who publishes that purple plankton needs dire federal aid of $5 million dollars a year to protect them from green plankton. However, let’s pretend your statistics are real, are you advocating that because of this statistics we should start rounding up every man on the planet and putting them in jail because another person made an allegation, and do so without any due process? What do the statistics say about the Landen Gambill types who seek Internet fame, Youtube fame, and support to build a non-profit rather than providing the evidence needed to put a rapist behind bars?

        If you are a UNC Student, I suggest you wait until you are out of the highly liberal vacuum and bubble of that University’s presence and live in the real world. Let’s hope you or your son never faces a allegation of rape where the accuser refuses to provide any evidence but wants you or your son put behind bars for the rest of your life because your beloved University and their statistics won’t help you then my friend.

        And FYI, the 18-20 yr old drunk honor court members who you claimed are also raping people at the University of North Carolina, three were women.

        And lastly, if you ever come on this website again and threaten rape, I will take your IP address to the authorities. Have a great day.


        Comment by stompkinsnc | March 25, 2013

    • Secondly, it’s a rape allegation. We have a bunch of drunk 18-21 year olds determining her or his fate? these are the same immature idiots that are doing the raping that are determining the crime. Get your facts straight.


      Comment by Greg | March 25, 2013 | Reply

  2. I am amazed at the number of people taking up for Landen Gambill, and they are clearly using her as a prop. Everyone knows if there is an allegation, there must be a police investigation, evidence taken, and she has done none of this except surround herself by a bunch of radical feminist looking to draw attention to herself. I hope the accused is taking screenshots of the Dailytarheel and others that are calling him a rapist and sues.


    Comment by Jonathan | February 28, 2013 | Reply

  3. So this woman wants to be able to make an allegation, but not involve the police in Chapel Hill or at the University of North Carolina and just have him imprisoned on her word? This is a slap in the face of women who have been raped, every false allegation will start to cast a shadow of doubt on all cases and this is sick


    Comment by Cheryl | February 28, 2013 | Reply

  4. Exactly, if the reverse were going on, and he was making statements that inferred her such that anyone who knows them can easily pick him out, making slanderous and liable statements then the UNC police or Chapel Hill police would be beating down his doors and he would be hog tied and jailed for domestic violence in a heartbeat. And, every female on campus would be screaming PROTECT HER. But oh no, in the reverse she won’t face domestic violence charges and females are protecting her. I hope like hell this guy has been writing down all the websites calling him a rapist and sues the you know what out of the University of North Carolina.


    Comment by chad | March 1, 2013 | Reply

  5. You should leave this girl alone, you are going to feel VERY bad if we learn this girl was really raped!


    Comment by April | March 1, 2013 | Reply

    • April,
      We have said all along, if Ms. Gambill will go to law enforcement and provide evidence that she was raped, and the police arrest her ex-boyfriend, and he is found guilty then we will be the one screaming the loudest and supporting her. I wonder though, in talking about feeling bad, you reckon she feels bad that she is making horrible comments about someone without considering the other side. I’m guessing not. Again, the minute she leaves the propaganda and social media circuit and follows the law, our post is 100% dead on.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 1, 2013 | Reply

  6. Is there any word as to the cause of death of Stedman Gage?

    In your piece you say, “So in honor of the young man who was found dead recently at UNC of suspicious causes, NC Fathers wants to do what apparently the University of North Carolina student journalist refuses to do — extend a hand of sympathy to friends and family of Stedman Gage.”

    There has been no follow up that I can find. All reports at the time of his death indicate no foul play or reason to believe that it was a suicide. Other than his young age I’m curious to know what makes his death suspicious? Thank you.


    Comment by Valier | March 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Hi Valier,
      We have not further information on the death of Mr. Gage and I just did a quick search and found no further information.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 21, 2013 | Reply

      • I will stay tuned. Thank you!


        Comment by Valier | March 21, 2013

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