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Joanne Hershfield, Dept Chair of Womens Studies at UNC – Must Read

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Joanne HershfieldJoanne Hershfield is the Dept Chair of Women’s Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Landen Gambill is a Sophomore (2013) Women’s Studies Major at the University of North Carolina. While we are making an assumption, it is very likely that Joanne Hershfield is a feminist. And, radical feminism has very vocally labeled all men as “potential rapists” just as they have stated that “most men are destructive abusive parents.” In February of 2013, a nationwide scandal broke when Landen Gambill found herself facing a UNC Honor Court after she repeatedly intimidated a male student on the global Internet while appealing her case on the grounds that she should not be expelled or disciplined for coming out about her rape. It should be noted that the University of North Carolina found in an investigation that Ms. Gambill was making false allegations about her rape, and dropped the case. Also to note, Ms. Gambill refused to contact law enforcement about her alleged rape and decided to take her case to social media and Youtube to make her appeal. Nonetheless, in a very coordinated and simultaneous manner, no less than 206 national blogs and media started reporting that Ms. Gambill was being expelled for speaking out on her rape while calling the accused a rapist, and several rallies took place at the University of North Carolina in support of Ms. Gambill. In looking at just about all of these blogs, and reading countless hours of comments left by students at UNC, it was very clear that many believe that just because this girl made an accusation of being raped, she was raped. None spoke about providing evidence, or a lack of due process, they just decided that this man is a rapist and should be humiliated on the public Internet. In this article, we are going to ask Joanne Hershfield some questions that I expect will never be answered, but we hope that men at the University of North Carolina, Mothers of men attending UNC, sisters of men, and daughters of men pay very close attention to this article because we believe that this case signals very serious problems ahead for all men attending the UNC collegiate system.

You will never hear Joanne Hershfield talk about this, nor any official at the University of North Carolina, because talking about abuse against anyone other than women does not bring in the money or advance an agenda. This is your modern feminism.

Additionally, if Joanne Hershfield or any member of the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies department want to respond to this article, we will be happy to include their comments.Posts related to Joanne Hershfield and the Women’s Studies Department – First, Second, and Third Wave Feminism, Chancellor Holden Thorp, UNC Men’s Studies

In this article, when we talk about feminism, we are not talking about first wave feminist who fought for human rights for all (including men and fathers), we are talking about second and third wave [radical] feminist who hate your sons, your brothers, your fathers, your friends, and your husbands. And, who are driving public policy along these lines. It should be noted that NC Fathers supports equal rights for all women just like first wave feminism did. However, we believe that the new radical feminism that is in control of the feminist movement today is directly responsible for for the actions and behaviors witnessed during the Landen Gambill UNC Rape case.

Coalition at University Campus

NC Fathers doubts seriously that Joanne Hershfield and other professors at the Women’s Studies program within the University of NC at Chapel Hill cares what men think, especially men that disagree with their movement. Therefore, this article is going to be framed from the perspective of what women in families with male loved ones need to consider before sending their male children to UNC.

Feminism, Women, and UNC Chair Joanne Hershfield

Women's Studies

Is Joanne Hershfield and the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies Department Teaching Women To Be Victims?

At many places within this website, we have stated that we do not believe that the Domestic Violence lobby in North Carolina, or groups closely associated with it, want for Domestic Violence to end. Why? Because as long as women are being abused, there will be the ability for women to be seen as victims which is very powerful in fund raising, when dealing with politicians, and driving public policy. Additionally, with Domestic Violence receiving $500 million dollars annually that many lobby groups receive to drive their organizations structure, they have become dependent on this money. If statistics drop, so with funding. In short, feminism needs women to be victims, and they need bad men hurting women to get federal money which is then funneled to non-profits and other groups that have political agendas.

Joanne Hershfield and women

NC Fathers suspects that Joanne Hershfield and other professors at the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies program are in quite a pickle right now. Since the University has come down on the side of the accused and disciplining the accuser for making false allegations and taking to the global Internet to create a hostile environment for the innocent, this has thrown a kink into the plans of radical feminist who are used to the University always taking the side of women in rape and domestic violence cases. It is very clear from viewing comments on many of the radical websites that are covering the Landen Gambill case that the feminist movement is in a uproar. And, I suspect that many are looking to Joanne Hershfield for guidance in further activism. But as an employee of the University, which has said that Ms. Gambill is lying, Joanne Hershfield is somewhat under pressure to follow guidelines. It will be interesting over the next few months to see how this unfolds.

Joanne Hershfield and Feminist Lies

Joanne Hershfield, University of North Carolina Women’s Studies, and Your Sons


The picture above speaks for itself. Landen Gambill is using rally type activist style gathering to get her message out about an ALLEGED rape instead of going through the legal process of getting her attacker off the streets. To us, this smells of an agenda, of politics, or building sentiment for a movement rather than a girl concerned about her rape. And, one has to wonder if she learned this tactic as a student in the Women’s Studies program at UNC.

As Women, no doubt Rape and Domestic Violence are issues that have your attention. And, maintaining the integrity of the ability of women who are true victims of these issues should be first and foremost on your minds. The problem with this is that radical feminist and many Women’s Studies groups across Universities have devolved from equality to all, to equality for women only at the demise of men. And, this includes your sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands who are finding themselves accused of things that even if not true, are perceived as true for MANY just because a woman said so. We see this daily in the family courts where hopeful custodial mothers will come to court and make wild accusations without any evidence, and Judges will just allow it to happen to stay on the popular side of this issue. As step-mothers, paternal grandmothers, and others, you are seeing this daily, and this is the new face of radical feminism.

What are Mothers of men thinking tonight about the University of North Carolina students coming out on the side of Landen Gambill who has zero evidence of her claim, and is refusing to start due process proceedings against her alleged rapists? If I was a mother, it would be a cold day in hell before I let my son attend the University of North Carolina, and I would want to hear from feminist leaders like Joanne Hershfield about why this type of behavior can obtain such a supportive group of people.

Additionally, false allegations of rape and domestic violence hurt people. It hurts people that it is directed at, and it hurts past and future victims of these crimes.  To see Joanne Hershfield not speak out on this speaks volumes about the agenda of the feminist movement. Because of this case, false allegations have become solidified in the minds of many people, and many will take these memories and apply them to their daily lives which will put these cases under and even more obtrusive microscope than what existed before.

University of North Carolina feminist agenda by women's studies professors

What Mothers, Sisters, and Friends of Men Need To Know About The University Of North Carolina and Radical Feminism

  • Feminist leaders at the University of North Carolina, along with most universities, have helped build public policy that if a woman is under the influence of alcohol and consents to sexual intercourse, she is a victim of rape because she could not provide legal consent. But we are sure that they will not verbalize the same theory for women who engage in sex when men are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Radical feminist have driven public policy around domestic violence laws that under “preponderance of the evidence” laws (as opposed to innocent until proven guilty) requires ZERO evidence or witnesses to gain a conviction of men. Which, helps raise domestic violence statistics such that increased funding can filter down to groups.
  • Women in North Carolina have witnessed their sons, husbands, and brothers be marginalized in the family courts for going on 60 years, yet no word about equality from feminist groups on this subject.
  • At the University of North Carolina, we have Women’s Studies programs, Women’s Centers, Parents @ UNC programs that has not ONE word about Fathers on it, the Nursing Program has not ONE clinical professor or PhD research faculty that specializes in Men’s Health, but 23 specialize in Women’s Health, and now we have a woman that can be found to be making false allegations of rape and gain celebrity status on the Internet.

All of this, and not one word from Joanne Hershfield or other professors in the Women’s Studies program on these issues regarding equality.

Men and Their Mothers Need To Address Radical Elements at the University of North Carolina

NC Fathers doubts Joanne Hershfield or any professor at the University of North Carolina Women’s Studies program will ever acknowledge this article, or if they do they will pull out a scripted feminist response to it. But as we stated earlier, we believe Men and Women in their families are finally starting to wake up to the very unequal problems that exists on campus at UNC. Additionally, we wanted to share a statement made today by a mother that is a supporter of NC Fathers in which she cleverly provided a scenario that perfectly outlines what is wrong with feminism. As a Mother, you know that if you have two children, one a girl and the other a boy,  if the girl experiences problems in her life as a parent you don’t build a support system around just the girl while ignoring your son. In fact, the responsible thing to do is work a bit harder to support your daughter while still meeting the needs of your son. This is not what is happening at the University of North Carolina. The university has built this huge support structure around women and children while completely denying men and boys any positive programs.

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