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Chancellor Holden Thorp – University of North Carolina in Crisis

Holden ThorpNC Fathers is sending the message to Chancelor Holden Thorp of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that we believe men and women in their families are under a coordinated attack by forces wishing to derive political power, funding, and pushing ideological agenda’s using the hyper-emotional issue of women and rape. And, to make our point, we need not go any further than the Landen Gambill case for which we are sure Chancellor Thorp has been dealing with since Ms. Gambill and the Women’s Studies Department at UNC turned this into a publicity stunt last week. But this case is not unique to the University of North Carolina as Universities all over the United States are now seeing major protest by Women’s groups stating that these schools are purposefully under reporting the numbers of rapes and sexual assaults on campuses and using  Office of Civil Rights at the US Department of Education Title IX actions to make their case. In fact, since the Department of Education issued it’s “Dear Colleague Letter“, there seemingly has been a sudden rash of rape and sexual assaults on campuses across the nation, as well as leading feminist groups coming to the aid of these alleged victims, that appear to be very coordinated, planned, and simultaneous in nature. In this article on Chancellor Holden Thorp, we are going to outline what men and women in their families need to understand about this new directive by the Department of Education, how it can have devastating impacts on men and boys in North Carolina, and why we think this is happening. Additionally, we think that this issue has extremely dire consequences for ALL male students at the University of North Carolina and we feel compelled to at least broach the subject of whether men need to be attending Universities at all in NC until this issue is addressed.

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Because rape and sexual assault bring high emotional and vitriol, there is little doubt that this article will be met with severe criticism and we undoubtedly will be labeled as rape apologist that have no sensitivity to rape victims and the private hell they go through as victims, and that we are likely rapists who want to continue raping women unimpeded. Actually, the scenario just stated is a very common tactic of radical feminist groups and activist around domestic violence and rape where they surround themselves with women and children, start ideological and political warfare with other groups, and then use the women and children as props if you do not give them what they want. However, we are willing to take this criticism because the information in this article has just systemic and dangerous problems that it will have tremendous affects on virtually every male in this country, their mothers, their wives, daughters, and  sisters. Additionally, when we talk about radical feminist in this article, we are not talking about feminist who want equal human rights for everyone on the planet (for whom we have great admiration and support), we are talking about radical groups who have turned Women’s Rights into a political effort, fund raising effort, and gender specific ideological movement against men and women in their families. The feminist groups we speak of in this article have zero interest in equal rights, they hate men, and they hate women who love and support them.

Chancellor Holden Thorp and the UNC Alleged Rape

North Carolina University

Chancellor Holden Thorp, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and new directives from the Department of Education on Rape

NC University at Chapel HillMuch like violence and assaults on all humans, Chancellor Holden Thorp must realize that in North Carolina, it is already a crime to assault someone or act in a way that is violent to them. In these cases, if you are assaulted, you go to police, provide evidence of said assault, the person is arrested, and we afford a process of trial where we handle these matters. However, certain groups decided that this was not enough and they brought about our current domestic violence that handle violence in a MUCH different way that is causing crisis in men and their families. Under Domestic Violence laws at the University of North Carolina there are two very HUGE differences in how they are prosecuted 1) With assault and violence in the criminal courts, we have “innocent until proven guilty” where someone making a claim of a crime must prove their claim using due process. 2) With Domestic Violence, VAWA added (federal legislation on Domestic Violence) that “innocent until proven guilty” be removed and “preponderance of the evidence” was added which simply means that there does not have to be any evidence or witnesses to violence, that a Judge in North Carolina (or Honor Court) can simply find “likelihood of %50.01” that violence occurred and your guilty. And, of course, Judges in North Carolina who want to stay on the right political side of this hot button issue allow this to stay in the good graces of the $500 million dollar a year Domestic Violence lobby. Additionally, because there does not have to be any evidence or witnesses to corroborate this crime, it has opened the door for literally tens of thousands of false allegations that are presented to the courts in hopes that it gives a tactical advantage for the claimant which has become very much expected and automatic in divorce and child custody matters.

Furthermore, what Chancellor Holden Thorp is already aware of, and what Men, Mothers of these students, and sisters of these students must be aware of before entering the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (and other universities in NC) is that the definition of domestic violence is MUCH lower than what exists in criminal courts for violence to be considered a crime. In fact, the NC Bar Association’s definition is “ANYTHING that causes a woman to FEEL that she is in immediate harm of injury, death, intimidation, or duress.” While this may sound very protective, the words anything and feel are very subjective. At the University of North Carolina, all that is needed for a woman to get a domestic violence restraining order or have a case be heard before the honor court is a male, a raised voice, slamming of the door, or pointing of the finger, and there does not have to be evidence that any of this happened.

In 2011, the Department of Justice and the Office of Civil Rights at the Department of Education issues their “Dear Colleague Letter” which basically mirrors Domestic Violence legislation and forces Universities in North Carolina to think differently on sexual assault and rape. Under this directive, the University of North Carolina is forced to deal with a complainant of rape from the standpoint of an actual victim even if she has NO evidence or witnesses to support her claim. She does not need a rape kit, she needs no bruises, no signs of assault, she does not need to go to law enforcement, no evidence whatsoever because of preponderance of the evidence. And here is the scary part, under the “Dear Colleague Letter” directive, women who CONSENT to sexual intercourse with male students at the University of North Carolina who have ANY alcohol in their system are considered rape survivors because the alcohol prevented them from giving legal consent. Of course, women who engage in sexual activity with men who have been drinking are not prosecuted under this directive.

Chancellor Holden Thorp and other University of North Carolina officials should how have a good idea of why Landen Gambill felt so empowered to bring about her alleged rape case and then take to publicity stunts which have been successful in making her a celebrity at UNC because it is highly likely that lawyers at the Department of Education and Women’s Studies professors will jump all over this and turn it into a political event. We suspect in coming months that the University of North Carolina and the Chancellor will be forced into submission which will have dramatic impacts on male students and their families. Once Landen Gambill wins her case, and she will, it will then be open season on male students.

Increase in Domestic Violence and Rape Means More Money and Political Power

When Domestic Violence became a federal law, it opened the door for federal money to be thrown at it in an effort to stop it. This brought about an explosion of non-profit groups and lobby groups that formed to be the front line defense of domestic violence, and of course the federal money that is thrown their way. And, the only way for these groups to exists is through federal and state money. The minute that we see a drop in Domestic Violence statistics, we will see a decrease in federal funding. For years, we have argued that many groups and lobbyist in North Carolina actually NEED for Domestic Violence to be getting worse so that they can continue to lobby Congress for more money that helps with political power for ideological advances.

NC Fathers is very sure that Chancellor Holden Thorp will disagree, but we believe that this new direction is how Rape is defined and prosecuted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is nothing more than building upon the success federal domestic violence initiatives which has become a huge industry in North Carolina.

What Chancellor Holden Thorp and other male administrators and professors at UNC already know is that the minute any woman at UNC makes a allegation of domestic violence or rape at the University against them, whether it is proven, their jobs are gone and nobody is talking about this for fear of the highly radical and militant groups that use Women’s issues as their chance to rally and build funding will come after them.

feminism and Chancelor Holden Thorp at the University of North Carolina

Still don’t believe us Chancellor Thorp? Have you forgotten how the North Carolina legal community and activist at the Women’s Studies department at the University of North Carolina and Duke rallied around Crystal Mangum when she claimed rape? Any idea where Ms. Mangum is now Chancellor Thorp? Do you have any idea what the Men on the Duke Lacross team endured, or what their mothers and sisters endured? And, do these women not count Chancellor?

NC Fathers invites Chancellor Holden Thorp and other policy makers at the University of North Carolina to do their reading HERE, HERE, and HERE in preparation for the other shoe to drop in the Landen Gambill case which is likely to turn the University of North Carolina into a war zone perpetuated by radicals hell bent on advancing their War on Women doctrine. In the meantime, we seriously encourage ALL male students and their families to make preparations to leave UNC unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to fight DOJ lawyers all because a female student SAYS she was raped, refuses to contact police, and chooses to fight her claim on Youtube and Social Media while surrounded by radicals.

If you are a Male student at the University of North Carolina, or a Woman who has a son, brother, or friend that is concerned about this matter, we ask that you extensively share and email friends and families about this article on Chancellor Holden Thorp on sites like Facebook and Twitter to bring about greater awareness. Chancellor Holden Thorp can also be reached at HERE.

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