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Dean Kristen Swanson – University of NC School of Nursing and Men

Dean Kristen SwansonThis article on Dean Kristen Swanson of the University of North Carolina School of Nursing is meant to reflect on our continuing series on disparity in Men’s programs at the University. In an earlier article, one of our senior writers posted a blog entitled “University of North Carolina Men’s Studies and Disparity” that we have found on campus which appears to give great value to women at the expense of men, so we wanted to write a short article outlining our objections that there is not one single PhD level researcher or clinical professor at UNC-CH that specializes in Men’s Health. At this point, we suspect that Dean Swanson will immediately disengage from this article and dismiss it as a site of misogynistic men that just wants to cause problems. With that, we want Dean Swanson and other professors at the University of North Carolina Nursing School to understand that our group of non-custodial families consistent of many women in paternal families who read our earlier article and were disgusted that this Nursing School is apparently more concerned about driving radical feminist ideology than healthcare. See, here is the problem, WOMEN in non-custodial families have had enough with watching their sons being pushed to the margins of their children’s lives after a divorce, and they tend to associate that with feminist ideology that all men are bad. Then, to find a Nursing School in North Carolina that appears to be pushing that same sentiment, it tends to make people angry, especially with healthcare professions that are supposed to care for ALL humans. In beginning to write this article, and having some insight on Nursing Schools, I already know how Dean Kristen Swanson will explain this article. She will likely say that for many decades Men’s Health received far greater funding and attention from the federal government and private agencies and that her school is only interested in leveling that playing field. Well, in this article we are going to point out why that argument simply does not work anymore. Our intention is to email Dean Kristen Swanson this article, and we will be glad to include her response here for our 1800 daily readers and supporters who will find this article sitting on page one of the global search engines for her name. NC Fathers would also be interested in hearing from male students at the UNC-CH School of Nursing, especially those who are non-custodial fathers.

Kristen Swanson, Dean of UNC School of Nursing

New report on the large disparity in Women’s health and Men’s health.


Nursing SchoolDean Kristen Swanson is undoubtedly a very educated woman that has studied the life of Florence Nightingale who is widely considered as the founder of modern nursing. Dean Swanson is also aware that Florence Nightingale was a very vocal feminist that believed in the HUMAN RIGHTS of all people, and in NO WAY should be attached to radical feminism that exists today which causes so much grief with men, fathers, and women in our families. With that, we wonder what Florence Nightingale would think of modern Nursing Schools that were interested in Women’s Healthcare only while screaming equality? In fact, this disparity that we have discovered at the University of North Carolina School of Nursing is in no way unique to UNC. In SC Nursing Schools, there is no attention to Men’s Healthcare (link here), there are none in Georgia (link here), there is one male nurse in Virginia researching prostate cancer at the School of Nursing (link here), and there are none in Tennessee.

Coalition at University Campus

So our question to Dean Kristen Swanson of the University of North Carolina Nursing School is, what gives? Is this misandry? Or, are we going to continue down the road of women catching up in healthcare and eventually when we have equilibrium, then we will employ nurses who research Men’s health?

Has Dean Swanson seen the latest figures on federal funding for Breast Cancer compared to Prostate Cancer?

Is anyone at the UNC School of Nursing researching that underage boys are seeing an explosion in “failure to launch”, and that the latest Cenusus shows that college admissions in 2010 equaled to %62.4 women?

We see the NFL devoting coverage of Breast Cancer awareness by asking players to wear pink, but do we see this with Men’s Healthcare?

And even if there is disparity in Women’s Healthcare and Men’s Healthcare in North Carolina, is it really acceptable to have 23 nursing instructors researching Women’s Health and absolutely ZERO researching Men’s Healthcare at a state supported School of Nursing?

University of North Carolina Nursing

What does the image above mean? It means that in the month of October, everything is turned pink for breast cancer awareness and funding, but you don’t see NFL teams and anything close to cities wrapping their public service automobiles in blue representing prostate cancer do you? In the same vein, you don’t see many male nursing professors do you? What the image above is saying is that more mothers who survived breast cancer will be alive to bury their sons who died of prostate cancer because of the lack of awareness and funding. To us, this is a clear indication that men, along with your sons, brothers, husbands, and friends are disposable to feminist run academic professors and Deans.

University of North Carolina Dean of Nursing

Additionally, Dean Swanson is aware that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a Women’s and Children Hospital, but no specialized care for Men and Boys it seems. Our organization has no problem with there being a specialized hospital devoted just to women, but what message does this send to Men and Boys? Where do Mothers and Fathers go to get their Sons specialized gender oriented healthcare? And what happens in ten years when there is no disparity in Women’s healthcare and Men’s healthcare? Does anyone believe that this hospital will be torn down or that there will be a newly built Men’s and Boys Hospital? I can assure you there won’t be and what is likely to happen is that we will have a complete reversal of disparity in healthcare against Men and Boys. Again, NC Fathers welcomes any insight from Dean Kristen Swanson and the University of North Carolina Nursing School.


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  1. You know when I first read this article, I thought it was a bit over the top, but you are correct. Today I went by the huge Women’s Hospital at the hospital in Chapel Hill and reflected on what this message sends to fathers and men who don’t have their own hospital. I guess this was originally constructed when healthcare for women was not up to par with men, but are they going to tear this facility down when it is, or even exceeds Men’s healthcare? I wonder what Dean Kristen Swanson and the Nursing Program will say then?


    Comment by Sherry Wiliams (paternal grandmother) | April 22, 2013 | Reply

  2. Please keep my post anonymous. I am a graduate of the UNC School of Nursing and I can tell you from the day I entered the program until the day I left, there was a daily uneasy feeling that if you did not focus on women’s healthcare or were in anyway not tuned into this issue it was very clear during the subjective part of clinicals your instructor would fail you. It is very common in female control nursing programs that if they want you gone, all they have to do is say you failed a clinical because there is no way to prove that you didn’t like you could on a test that could be re-calculated by a neutral investigator. I’m sure Dean Swanson will deny this, but there is tremendous amounts of documentation showing male bias in virtually all nursing schools.


    Comment by Anonymous Per User Request | May 19, 2013 | Reply

    • My wife is a Nurse and a huge father’s rights advocate and would come home almost weekly and tell me about biases she saw in the nursing program she attended.


      Comment by Kevin (Chapel Hill NC) | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  3. I am a male nurse that did not go to the University of North Carolina, but clearly saw exactly what you are saying in this article. My own mother, a nurse, encouraged me to never speak to anyone and lay as low as possible and appear to be emasculated as possible to keep from becoming a target.

    I sat in the lectures on domestic violence given by female professors who instead of talking about ending domestic violence, only talked about ending male on female violence.

    At the school I was trained at, there was not one single male Ph.D and exactly zero research being done on men’s health.


    Comment by Callvin R | January 7, 2014 | Reply

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