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University of North Carolina Men’s Studies and Disparity

University of North Carolina Chapel HillContinuing with my series on misandry, bias, and disparity with regards to Men’s Studies and Issues at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and other University systems within North Carolina, I want to begin this article with a plea for others who visit NC Fathers, be it male or female, to take a hard look at your own state’s public universities to uncover what I can only characterize as a systemic and coordinated attack on men, women in their families, their healthcare, freedom, ability to be parents, and countless other issues that affect Men (and women who love them) daily. Once you have identified these issues, I personally invite you to join NC Fathers growing contributor list and be the voice for reason and expertise in your State as we all work to bring about Human Rights for everyone.

I decided that I would start my war on uncovering disparity of men and boys at NC public universities after being introduced to a recent alleged rape at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that caught the attention of the national media. In thinking about this, I wanted to see what the Men’s Studies department thought about this incident and discovered that there wasn’t one. In reviewing all media reports on this issue, there was one common denominator that I kept coming across which has solidified in my mind that there is a very well funded, coordinated, and deliberate attempt to disparage men and boys so that feminism can drive funding, gain political advantage, and drive public policy towards advancing Women’s Issues at the detriment of Men’s Studies and Issues. In short, I do not think that radical feminism has any interest in equality, I think they NEED women to be oppressed so that they can continue to use this agenda to build an empire. In the case of Domestic Violence, I do not believe that groups opposed to violence against women have any desire for this to stop because the minute that statistics start dropping, Congress will allocate less federal money that keeps thousands of non-profits alive, women employed in the social services arena, and help political action committees thrive.

Where are the Men's Studies programs

Men at UNC

But I digress. This article is about a growing disparity against men and boys within North Carolina public universities, but this is not unique to North Carolina. Just because we have recent examples at the University of Toronto and University of North Carolina where feminism has erupted in an attempt at stifling free speech about issues relating to men and boys so that they can continue the “we are the only victims” mentality that causes people to advance this ideology using pure emotion and misinformation, I suspect that this is happening at ALL major state universities across the world.

Now I realize that those opposed to this article will say that we have to have the programs at the University of North Carolina (and other state universities), that I will outline shortly, so that women and girls can reach equality with men and boys. I have no problem with gender equality, what I have a problem with is creating purposeful disparity between women and men so that one group can reach equilibrium. As a responsible parent you know that if you have two children, one a boy and the other a girl, when the girl experiences difficulties in life you don’t take all resources and opportunities away from the boy so that she can thrive unless you just want to create problems for your son at a later date. But this is exactly what has been happening at NC State universities, the University of Toronto, and at other state level public educational systems all over the world for many decades.

Programs at the University of North Carolina And Other Public Education Systems That Disparage Men and Boys And Are Designed To Be Permanent.

“Women’s Studies” Programs versus “Men’s Studies” Programs at NC Universities

All NC public and private universities have Women’s Studies programs, but I have yet to find one single Men’s Studies program. Radical Feminist will point out that we have to have programs for women and girls to learn about issues that affect them today, and have affected them throughout history. OK, fair enough. But men and boys don’t have issues that are affecting them today, or have affected them in history? Are you sure that all your sons have benefited from complete male dominance and patriarchy such that they must be disparaged so your daughters can “catch up”, and if you do subscribe to this notion, at what point do you establish equilibrium so that we don’t just create a reversal of problems? I say this, because I can assure you all the programs we are discussing here are meant to be permanent and there are no plans that I can see to balance this at NC Universities.

Medical and Nursing Education Surrounding “Women’s Healthcare” at NC Universities

Radical feminist have purported for decades that Men’s Studies and Healthcare has received far greater attention and funding compared to Women’s Healthcare and this is good reason to take away education, services, and funding for Men’s Healthcare instead of trying to equalize the two. If you look at the PhD and associate nursing instructors at the UNC Nursing School, you will find not one research level or clinical instructor that specializes in Men’s Healthcare, but virtually all focus on Women’s Healthcare. At what point is it acceptable that enough preventable deaths of prostate cancer occur in your fathers, sons, brothers, and friends to reach equality? Furthermore, if any of you are taking away medications and treatments from your sons so that your daughters can have them, then we need to talk.

Parenting at the University of North Carolina – A resource hub for families at UNC Chapel Hill

If you go to the parenting @ UNC website, you will see a lot of talk about resources for “families” of children, but do you see any related to Fathers? Do you get the feeling that Fathers are even considered “family members” to children in North Carolina? I see a lot of talk about lactation, breast feeding, pregnancy, links to the Carolina Women’s Center, prenatal care, and helping members in the LGBTQ community be better parents, but I see nothing about Fathers resources to helping children. Could it be that there is no talk of responsible fatherhood at NC Universities because the radical feminist agenda is too busy trying to paint men into the corner of “expected abusers to women and children? Is this really acceptable to your sons, brothers, and fathers?

Children’s Law Center of Central North Carolina (CLC)

When talking about this non-profit, it is important to note that they have a huge interest in the Wake Forest School of Law which is a very substantial NC University in Central North Carolina. The mission of CLC is to advocate for children who have witnessed domestic violence between parents and act as Guardian Ad Litems for children within the courts. No big deal right? Wrong. Look at the major donors and grants for CLC HERE. Aside from lawyers which clearly have a financial interest in parents fighting for 18 years so that they can rake in retainers, we see that CLC gets donations from “The Women’s Fund.” Do any of you think that this obvious feminist endowment group has any interest in hearing about Women aggressor domestic violence, or just Male aggressor domestic violence? And, how exactly does a group that receives private donations from gender specific groups act as neutral court officers in family court proceedings?

UNC Association of Women Faculty and Professionals

The University of North Carolina has an association for Women professors, but none for male professionals and faculty. What association is looking out for tenured professionals who are doing research on issues affecting young boys and Men’s Studies and Issues?

In the interest of brevity, I am going to stop. But I could easily make this a 10,000 word article if I pointed out all Women’s related programs, educational opportunities, funding, and resources that exists at NC Universities where none exists for Men and Boys.

Unless Men in North Carolina, and Women who have an interest in their future, hurry up and swallow the red pill and stand up to radical feminism and their attack on you, your sons, brothers, fathers, and friends, I fear that we are fast creating an environment in our educational systems that will disenfranchise boys and men for many decades to come. And what is sick about this? This is exactly what feminism has fought against so hard in the past six decades.


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  1. The University of NC does not give a crap about Men! Have you seen the incident going on with Landen Gambill and how all these people are supporting her and against a Man who she refuses to start the process of Due Process on? I admire what you are doing but I don’t ever see a “Men’s Studies” program at this University.


    Comment by Carl Marsh | March 30, 2013 | Reply

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