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Senator Tamara Barringer, Wake County NC Republican Must Read

Senator Tamara BarringerSenator Tamara Barringer is a Wake County NC Republican Senate member who also serves on the Senate Judiciary I committee which would debate equally shared parenting in North Carolina if/when this issue comes before legislators. If you are reading this article as a Wake County NC non-custodial parent, grandparent, step-parent, or other family member then it is important that you help our organization grow by joining our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE so that we can deliver the message to Senator Barringer and Senate leaders that the time for equal parentage and access to children is what is best for NC children. It is also important for Senator Tamara Barringer and other NC Republican Senators to understand that Wake County NC non-custodial and putative father families represents a very significant numbers of voters that up until now have not been unified. The distinguished Senator should also recognize that given the divorce rate and rate at which children are being born to unmarried NC couples (40%) is skyrocketing so now is the time to address these issues as uncomfortable as they may be. NC Fathers believes that children are best served when they have two equal parents and extended families at their side providing financial, emotional, physical, and psychological support rather than one parent being removed from the child’s life as a four day a month visitor and the State of NC providing social services to custodial mothers. Additionally, as a NC non-custodial family or putative family family, we ask that you routinely and extensively share this article on Republican Senator Tamara Barringer with other NC families on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to help gain awareness around this issue.

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Wake County NC Non-Custodial Parent Question and Answers

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Senator Tamara Barringer and NC Non-Custodial Families

NC Fathers encourages Wake County NC non-custodial and putative father families to click on and review the information that is displayed by clicking on the graphic below as it contains a synopsis of what we feel is a highly divisive and dangerous family court process that is doing incredible amounts of damage to Wake County NC children and families. NC Fathers also encourages Senator Tamara Barringer or her legislative team to make contact with us and we will be happy to include her comments in this post for Wake County NC voters to review.


Republican Senator Tamara Barringer and Wake County NC Non-Custodial and Putative Fathers Voters

Below is a bulleted list of issues Senator Tamara Barringer needs to review in thinking about the NC Family Courts and Shared Parenting from non-custodial/putative fathers side of the matter which gets very little media and lobbyist attention. We also want the Senator to remember that many organizations and lobbyist make this a women’s rights vs men’s rights issue and it actually is not when you consider that for every marginalized father in North Carolina there are usually two women who get equally stung in this process and they include paternal grandmothers and step-mothers. Also, the Wake County NC Senator should consider the following information:

North Carolina Republican Senator

Roughly half of Wake County NC custodial mothers today have male children who will one day be pushed to the margins of their kids lives if they experience a divorce and have children. Where do you think these non-custodial grandmothers (who will also be marginalized as well) will stand then Senator Barringer? With Equally Shared Parenting?

Wake County NC - Tamara Barringer

NC Fathers in Wake County NC

  • If Senator Tamara Barringer suggests that the NC District and Family courts are neutral such that no parent has presumption or favor for custody, our organization would like to remind her that the Administrative Offices of the Courts tells us that 85% of mothers win custody. Also, independent research concludes that of the 15% that lose custody, 50% will regain custody shortly after meeting court demands. This sounds like a huge number Senator, are you sure there is no presumption and favor?
  • Likely, Senator Barringer will take a neutral stance on NC children needing both parents to thrive, but can she explain why Judges in the Wake County NC Courts consistently only allow non-custodial families 4-5 days a month visitation, as well as allowing custodial mothers to move children from the State on a VERY routine basis?
  • Senator Barringer, why do mothers, children, sisters, and wives have to visit their family member in jail when he gets into trouble financially and is unable to pay child support, when the other parent is saved from this via increasing housing assistance, job assistance, financial assistance, food assistance, daycare assistance, medical assistance, and tax incentives?
  • We suspect that Senator Tamara Barringer will tell Wake County NC non-custodial families that the NC Bar Association is absolutely against equally shared parenting because in high conflict custody cases it is dangerous to put these parents in closer proximity more often that 4 days a month. The reality is that under the current system, where you reward one parent with custody and control, while denying the other parent and extended family practically everything, that this sets the stage for 18 years of high conflict. Senator, is this conflict needed so that NC Lawyers can continue to collect retainer fees every few months for 18 years? And, is the Senator concerned that this is not sparking increased levels of Domestic Violence and Murder/Suicide?
  • Is Senator Tamara Barringer telling lies about abortion and adoption as it relates to the misinformation of a huge number of irresponsible fathers in Wake County NC vs. responsible mothers?
  • Senator, why are Judges in the Wake County NC District Courts signing off on custody and visitation orders, yet do nothing about it when the custodial parents does not follow it and does things like preventing access to children by the non-custodial family? Do you realize non-custodial families are spending upwards of $20,000 to simply have contempt motions enforced?
  • Will Senator Tamara Barringer explain the relationship between child support and federal money that replenishes Welfare and Low Income Assistance programs? Senator, does the State of NC and Wake County need non-custodial families to exists and be condemned to partial parents and families so that they pay greater child support which helps the State pay for Welfare?
  • NC Fathers believes that thousands of Wake County NC Fathers and extended families never get the opportunity to legitimate their children, enforce visitation orders, or secure rights to their children because of poverty and inability to pay $20,000 to lawyers when custodial mothers just naturally have the right to children and prevent access. As a non-custodial family, does it bother you that Republican Senator Tamara Barringer is not vocal on this issue?
  • Can the Republican Senator explain why custodial mothers get free child support enforcement attorneys while non-custodial families are forced into bankruptcy in hiring private attorneys every few years when the custodial parents asks enforcement to work for them?
  • We know that Wake County non-custodial families experience it, but what is Senator Tamara Barringer doing about false domestic violence allegations that are routinely and consistently being used as a tactical advantage in the family courts by hopeful custodial mothers because Judges allow them to proceed to conviction to appear strong on Domestic Violence and stay in the good graces of the domestic violence lobby and their federal money?
  • Senator Barringer, do you realize that 40% of NC children being born today have a biological father that because of NC law has absolutely no rights to the child because he was not married to the mother? Many organizations place all the blame on fathers for this, but do you not see that many Women decide not to marry these fathers or prefer to go it alone using the growing amount of social services options that is available to her? Also, the only route that putative fathers have to legitimate their children in these matters is through legitimation, but what if the father is never told he has a child to legitimate or can’t get $15,000 together fast enough before a child is adopted out?
  • Senator Barringer, do you realize that the average NC child custody battle costs $20,000 PER PARENT and that parents will fight two in 18 years? Also, that parents spend on average of $10,000 PER PARENT on other issues like modification of visitation, child support, ex-parte hearing, and other issues? Senator, would you rather $80,000 go to NC attorneys or children in NC who could use this money for college, to start a business, a down payment on a home, or medical expenses? Is Senator Barringer sure that the amount of money collected in child support over the life of a child isn’t equal to about as much money that parents put out in legal costs and psychological services to fix sick kids who’s parents are battling in the divisive courts for 18 years?

Republican Senator Tamara Barringer and United Wake County NC Non-Custodial and Putative Father Families

Senator Tamara Barringer should recognize that Wake County NC non-custodial and putative father families come from every single economic background, political party affiliation, and cultural/ethnic background which makes our organization a very diverse swing voter block. And, the NC Family Courts are creating us at a blinding pace each court day. Given that we are the only non-custodial family organization in the State of North Carolina, we have been able to build a 5,000 member mailing list in just over one year. We realize the issues that we discuss in this article are not pleasant and popular politically given that our opposition has over 80 years of time to build a mega lobby. Despite this, we feel assured that non-custodial families in Wake County NC are tired of being alienated and marginalized in their kids lives and socialized to a role of visitor, payment provider, and to fund social services. Wake County NC children deserve better and it is a shame that our opposition uses gender and sexual politics to maintain a divisive system for political and financial gain. NC Fathers is asking Senator Tamara Barringer to start working on a more equal system like equally shared parenting so that parents can learn to get along for the betterment of their children rather than excoriating the other parent for 18 years to maintain custody.

If you are a Wake County NC non-custodial father, step-mother, paternal grandmother, aunt, or now grown child of a marginalized father and you identify with this post, again we strongly encourage you to join our mailing list and Facebook page mentioned at the top of this article and help us unite the 5.5 million people who have direct ties to a NC non-custodial family so that we can educate NC Senate members on the issues we discuss in this article. We also ask that you routinely share this article on Republican Senator Tamara Barringer on the major social networking sites and use the comment system below to leave your thoughts.

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  1. Tamara Barringer is my Senator and I found this site today, thank you so much for making this site and helping the needs of non-custodial fathers


    Comment by Jeffrey | March 31, 2013 | Reply

  2. Wake County NC Family Courts are the worst when it comes to fathers being recognized as equal parents. It appears to me that they are more interested in making these fathers visitors to their children rather than dads which has something this country has been asking dads to do for awhile. How in the hell are they supposed to do this when the family courts push them out Senator Barringer?


    Comment by Wake County Paternal Grandmother | March 31, 2013 | Reply

    • Grandma, there is a reason why it’s called visitation! Pretty demeaning huh?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 31, 2013 | Reply

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