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Dangers of NC Senate Bill 610/House Bill 534 – Shared Parenting

NC Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 both address Shared Parenting in North Carolina. To date, NC Fathers has yet to identify one group in North Carolina who lobbied to get these bills introduced into the NC Legislature and it appears that they did this on their own. While NC Fathers is grateful that many Representative and Senators are starting to think along the lines of Shared Parenting, we believe that Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 have hidden dangers which we will discuss here. We believe that the issues we discuss here will make it impossible to get future Shared Parenting bills ratified into law unless legislators change their thinking, or until there is a massive groundswell of NC non-custodial family voters making this an issue for politicians at election time. It is VITALLY important that members of NC Fathers make this document available to the Senate and House Judiciary members for their consideration for Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534. The members can be contacted by using THIS, THIS, and THIS web address. Furthermore, it is VITALLY important that the tens of millions of voters in North Carolina who come from non-custodial families continue to invite other non-custodial families from their communities to our organization and join our MAILING LIST and FACEBOOK PAGE so that we can educate them on why Shared Parenting in NC is in a child(rens) best interest. There are literally millions of non0-custodial parents and their families in NC, and more are created each and every day. Until there is an organization advocating for these families, Judges and Politicians will continue to value you only as a payment provider to the custodial parent, a tool to generate federal money back to NC for social services welfare, and visitors of your children instead of as direct parents and families who support their children directly and absent government involvement.

Shared Parenting Bill in NC

Bill 610 and 534

The first problem with Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 is that there is nothing mandating Shared Parenting at the Judicial level. If Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 were ratified in their current inception, Judges could (and will) use their discretion to continue the status quo of custodial parent vs. non-custodial parent that has proven so fruitful for custody lawyers who bank on two parents fighting for 18 years and using every tactic in the book to keep them fighting in favor of billable hours. NC Parents are spending on average of $60,000 over 18 years fighting multiple custody battles and modifications of custody, and we believe that this money is best spent on NC children’s future college tuition, house down payments, to start a business, or pay for medical bills. The NC Bar Association has for decades said that Shared Parenting is a bad idea, and no doubt Judges have received this message.

NC Fathers

The second problem with Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 is that there is language in each that says if Domestic Violence is an issue in the relationship, then Shared Parenting cannot be considered. This is dangerous in that the definition of Domestic Violence is NC is so vague and low that virtually anything can be considered violence is the parent who wants custody decides they want to make an allegation. For instance, one parent yelling or slamming a door IS considered Domestic Violence under NC law if one parent “FEELS” threatened. We believe that if Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 were ratified today, family law attorneys would tell clients that if there is any history of domestic violence, we can bypass shared parenting in your case and when educated on what violence is, anyone can recall a time in the past when someone raised their voice, pointed a finger, or slammed a door. This will encourage more false allegations of domestic violence in North Carolina which will at a later date be used to show that Shared Parenting creates more domestic violence and have an impact on future consideration of shared parenting in North Carolina.

Think False Allegations and Preponderance of the evidence isn’t a problem? Read Here

Now, in the same vein, if there is PROVEN Domestic Violence, then absolutely Shared Parenting should not be considered.  But here is the problem with what is actually happening with Domestic Violence in North Carolina. The definition of DV has been lowered to mean anything that makes another party FEEL uncomfortable and threatened, or their life in danger. And, this does not have to be violent. Each day in NC, parents are found guilty of Domestic Violence or who have restraining orders placed on them for non-violent acts such as screaming. Also, Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders are prosecuted under “preponderance of the evidence” instead of “innocent until proven guilty” which simply means that there need NOT be any proof or witnesses to alleged violence in order for conviction. If a Judge simply feels that there is a 50.01% chance that violence LIKELY occurred, then your convicted. And, the history is that even when parents and accusers of Domestic Violence are found to have made false allegations, there is no prosecution of them.

NC Fathers in Wake County NC

Each day in North Carolina, one parent and their extended family loses contact with their children permanently because of false allegations and zero evidence based accusations that proceed to conviction.

Again, if Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 are ratified under their current language, then parents who do not want to share parentage will NEED and be encouraged to bring Domestic Violence accusations in order to not be considered in their case. The Domestic Violence lobby in North Carolina will LOVE this because they can then use the increased statistics to lobby for more federal and state money that go into their trust accounts and use this to kill any future talks on Shared Parenting in NC.

Again, if you are a non-custodial parent in North Carolina, it is VITALLY important that you share this document with your Representatives and Senators, as well as discover other non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members in your communities who desire to be equal parents with equal access to their children and who are tired of being valued by NC politicians who have no problem with you being labeled visitor to your loved ones and who are put under federal enforcement simply because of politics. We also ask that you share this article on Senate Bill 610 and House Bill 534 with other families in North Carolina excessively on sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter to bring about greater awareness.


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  1. Yep guys like me would have no chance in hell of being able to use this bill. Even though I have all the evidence in the world stating that the girl was lying her head off to get that restraining order. I hate North Carolina with a passion. Don’t ever raise a child here.


    Comment by Screwed Father | April 18, 2013 | Reply

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