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William Conboy, Former Albany County NY Prosecutor and Wife

William Conboy - Former Albany County NY Prosecutor and lawyerWilliam Conboy is a former Albany County NY Prosecutor and current lawyers who’s wife accused him of Domestic Violence that was later found to be a false allegation. How do we know that it was a false allegation, because Mr. Conboy had the forethought to tape his wife using his cell phone to capture the moment she made the chilling accusation. The video below by many will be called a very rare event, but we hear from men and fathers daily who see this daily, and who have proven their cases in a court of law but still lost in their personal lives because it is impossible to live down these allegations once they are levied. In New York and all States in this country, what you are about to see is very much reality and common for men facing divorce and child custody hearing for which they are routinely found guilty, many times even when they have evidence showing otherwise. We suspect that William Conboy was able to escape this because he is a lawyer and had friends in the system that looked out for him.

As a organization that typically advocates for non-custodial families, which if William and Kelly Conboy had children, Mr. Conboy would now be if he had not captured this false allegation, we have ZERO sympathy for him. Actually, we have complete disgust for William Conboy and in some twisted wish that he had never captured this audio and found himself removed from his home, losing his law license, kids, reputation, belongings, and whatever else he owned.


Because as a former Albany County NY Prosecutor and lawyer, there is no doubt that William Conboy prosecuted thousands of men for Domestic Violence for which there was no evidence or witnesses, and statistics show that it is likely he won those cases. Here is the problem as the video suggests, Domestic Violence in New York and all other states is prosecuted under preponderance of the evidence rather than innocent until proven guilty. This means that all that needs to happy is a prosecutor and Judge needs to find just 50.01% LIKELIHOOD that violence occurred and there is a conviction even if there is no evidence of abuse or witnesses. And, when false allegations are realized, there is no prosecution. So, why not make these false allegations if in doing so one can gain so much in divorce and child custody hearings?

As a lawyer, William Conboy knows this, and he is likely responsible for thousands of fathers and men in Albany County NY losing everything they have because of this law, and he did nothing to change these laws.

Now, the minute that we see William Conboy lobbying the NY legislature for changes in how Domestic Violence false allegations can be used as tactical weapons by women who have learned how easy it is to do this, then we will applaud him. But, don’t hold your breath.

William Conboy Should Start An Albany County NY  Non-Profit Fighting False Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Now that William Conboy has been cleared by an Albany County NY Court of Domestic Violence, NC Fathers would like to see him join S.A.V.E Services which is an organization trying to reform Domestic Violence laws and establish evidence based prosecution for the serious crime of Domestic Violence. If Mr. Conboy does not want to go that route, then we would like to see him start a non-profit in New York that advocates for those accused of false allegations and work with the New York legislature to end what is clearly an easy thing for women to do to a man. Heck, even the news reporter made the connection in the video when stating that William Conboy had to prove a negative that he did not commit this crime instead of being seen as innocent until his wife proved otherwise.

This is a wake-up call for Men and Fathers in Albany County NY. No, I digress, this is a wake-up call for men and women in their families who lose access to their step-children, grandchildren, and nieces and nephews because prosecutors are more interested in obtaining a conviction for as father instead of getting to proven truth. Be very sure of this, many women in NY lose access to their loved ones because of relation to a father which is very likely to have a false allegation of Domestic Violence brought against him if his wife ever decides to leave a marriage and there are children involved.

William Conboy and Albany County NY Domestic Violence

Albany County NC


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