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Paternity Fraud and Men

Paternity FraudBefore discussing NC Paternity Fraud, it is important to note that NC Fathers is NOT a law firm, nor are we attorneys. If you need to discuss paternity issues with a lawyer, we suggest that you contact a NC lawyer. This article is for educational purposes ONLY. Paternity Fraud in North Carolina can happen several ways 1) A mother can attempt to name a father who is not the biological father, or 2) A woman can refuse to tell a biological father that she is pregnant, and of course 3) A woman can do both. We typically see paternity fraud when a woman who is married and has an affair, allows her husband to believe that the child is his, but we do see examples daily where a woman will just simply name someone that she prefers to be the father hoping that he will go along with it and never question it. What is VERY important to note is that NC legislators REFUSE to address this issue and is fine with this type of behavior. In our minds, paternity fraud should be a crime because it can have profound consequences for NC Fathers and their families when they discover that either they were named incorrectly  in a paternity suit and had to pay money out to a lawyer to find out the truth, or when these fathers are happy and excited to be a father and learn that they really aren’t. We know of fathers who bonded, fell in love with, and supported children they thought were there for 18 years and learned later that they were not. Additionally, we know of fathers who payed child support for many years and later found out they fraud had been committed on them but because they acknowledged the child they were on the hook for child support anyway. Furthermore, we see a tremendous amount of paternity fraud in NC around adoption cases where a woman will never tell a potential father about a pregnancy and have the child adopted out when the putative father wanted to raise the child.

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Paternity Fraud and Men in North Carolina

If you are a member of a NC non-custodial family, or have experienced paternity fraud in the past then we encourage you to click on the red and blue graphic below to view a list of issues we have identified as being serious issues that NC legislators need to address with regards to family law and adoption in North Carolina.

Paternity Testing

Paternity Fraud in North Carolina: Why It Happens

We believe that paternity fraud in North Carolina is rampant because Judges and Politicians allow it to happen and never provide any consequences when it is discovered. But there is another thought, there is very much a need for SOMEONE to be paying child support because we have been socialized to think that fathers can only be good when they are supporting their children and nobody ever thinks about dads supporting their children directly via equal parentage and access to their children. The State of North Carolina has a serious problem with women showing up at social services wanting housing, financial, educational, food, medical, and job assistance because they have children, and they have no way to meet this need through their budgets. We know that for every dollar collected in child support via enforcement, the State of NC then gets back an equal match of federal money for collecting this money and it is used to replenish social services funds. We have always said that it is this system which is keeping NC Fathers from being equal fathers because if they were, they wouldn’t be paying child support and the State of NC would not be getting federal money for women and children.

So, with that said, the State needs someone, ANYONE, to be identified as the father so that they can summarily be denied equal access to their children, pushed to the margins of this child’s life as a visitor, and paying child support so that the State can get federal money. In NC there is a law that says if a women is married and she has a child, that father is AUTOMATICALLY identified as the legal father and is responsible for the child even if the child is NOT his and the biological father either does not legitimate the child, the marital father does not address the issue, or the mother does not legitimate the child. We believe there are tens of thousands of men in NC who have children they think are theirs and they are not. They are simply unsuspecting victims of paternity fraud and nobody seems to care.

So much for the idea that Mothers are natural and protective mothers because not knowing who your child’s father is, or wanting to find out, can have serious implications for the child. For example, what happens if Mary if married to John and Mary has an affair with Paul who has some serious disorder that is passed genetically to a child and Mary and Paul conceive a child but the world thinks that it is John’s child, there can be very serious issues if Doctors do not have a complete history of the biological parents when dealing with a sick child. The fact that Women, Judges, and Legislators do not address paternity fraud in North Carolina based JUST on this one issue is sick to us. It’s disturbing and very sick.

NC Paternity Fraud: Making It Stop

The NC Family Court process is simply out of control and it has been for many decades. From Judicial bias, to lawyers making a killing financially via parents fighting, to complete families (non-custodial) being alienated and marginalized in their kids life so that others can play gender and sexual politics for re-election, the system is a complete failure. But the only way for this system to stop this abuse is when families who get hurt in this system stop it via organizing around an organization that advocates for them and politicians realize that united they can have impacts on elections. Since children are ultimately the ones that get hurt in this process, they have no say in this process. But non-custodial parents, their spouses, and families do very much get hurt in this process and they are often very aware of how paternity fraud in NC is used as a manipulation game and weapon against fathers by malicious mothers who have an ultimate goal of winning custody and control of her child. If you identify with this article, or you have experienced paternity fraud directly, we hope that you will join our organization using the links above and consider sharing this article on the social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and Twitter so that others in paternal families can learn more about this very serious and overlooked problem.

NC Fathers hears from a lot of military Men at Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Pope Air Force Base, and Cherry Point who tell us there is a greater than average number of women who target military men in an effort to claim they are the fathers of their children in which DNA proved otherwise. If you are in the Marine Corp, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, or Air Force and this happened to you, we would like to hear from you.

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  1. I am a man that has a little girl that I thought was my child. She was born on Nov 19 2004. I was there when she was born and was so excited. I signed the birth Certificate and things went south from there. In 2008 child support DSS got involved by that time I had learned the truth about Jessika not being my child. Since our break up she has tried to claim that two more children are mine but DNA proved wrong. But you think I can get DSS to listen to me on Jessika not being my child? Only thing they want to do when I call them is go up on my child support. When It first started I was to pay 92.00 a week. Now they want me to pay over $140.00 a week plus pay 122.00 a week for insurance. I have even offered to pay for the DNA if she comes back my child. But they still wont listen. I guess what I am going to have to do is stop paying and go to Jail. Just because Rutherford county DSS knows every thing.


    Comment by Bill Wyatt | November 17, 2013 | Reply

    • Bill, paternity fraud in NC is rampant. You need to hire a lawyer to force the courts into doing a DNA. If you are found not to be the father, please come back and let us know because we plan on ripping into Legislators on this.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | November 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. I have a son that the mother is passing off as a other man’s child. She continues to lie about it.


    Comment by Chris Weeks | March 10, 2014 | Reply

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