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Judge Robert Martelle – Rutherford and McDowell County District Court

Judge Robert Martelle of Rutherford and McDowell CountyJudge Robert Martelle is a newly appointed Judge in the Rutherford and McDowell County NC District Court and was appointed by Governor Pat McCrory after another District Court Judge moved to Superior Court. NC Fathers is an organization of McDowell and Rutherford County non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other family members who are tired of the highly divisive one parent wins, the other parent loses family courts where the losing parent and family get marginalized to a role of visitor and payment provider instead of as a healthy parent that directly supports their children. You can join our organization by liking us on Facebook or by joining our mailing list after reading our goals. NC Fathers is sending a clear message to Judge Martelle that the best interest of children is not focusing on child support collection from a parent who could not win a court case, but rather developing a system by which both parents are on equal ground so that they and their extended families can directly love and nurture their children which is something no government enforcement agency can ever do. Additionally, we hope that Rutherford and McDowell County NC Non-Custodial families will extensively share this article on Judge Robert Martelle (and other District Court Judges) with friends and family on the popular social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
judge Robert Martelle

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Judge Robert Martelle and McDowell County NC Non-Custodial Families

To help send our message to Judge Martelle and other District Court Judges in the district that family court reform is greatly needed, we ask that Rutherford and McDowell County non-custodial families click on the red and blue graphic below to see if you recognize any of the major difficulties that Judges ask you to live with for 18 years? Does the custodial parent have to deal with any of these?

Judge for Rutherford County NC

Judge Robert Martelle and Rutherford / McDowell County NC Non-Custodial Families

Non-Custodial families in Rutherford and McDowell County NC represents a large number of voters from all political, socioeconomic, and educational background, not to mention racial and cultural background. One of the reasons that non-custodial families have such a hard time in the family courts is that the system is built around one parent being custodial and having control, access to social services benefits and tax incentives while another parent is marginalized so that they pay into the child support system and triggers federal Title IV-D money that helps replenish money the State of NC needs to keep these programs afloat. NC Fathers, in being a past Social Services attorney, would like to see Judge Robert Martelle contact our site and write an article on the relationship to child support, Title IV-D money, and Welfare so that we can ascertain if the goal of the district and family courts is to keep one parent as far away from their children as possible so that the parent pays greater child support which triggers more and more federal money?

NC Fathers would also ask Judge Robert Martelle is he believes that certain groups have found a way to monetize the family courts and domestic violence issue that now needs a steady stream of male abusers coming into the system so that lawyers can bill, special interest groups can get funding, and everyone use this hot button issue to drive political agendas?

District Court

As a former social services lawyer, does Judge Robert Martelle now have any concerns that since social services is dependent on Title IV-D and domestic violence money, is there an open door for abuse on Rutherford and McDowell County NC non-custodial families to remain marginalized so that social services jobs and programs can be funded while remaining service driven to custodial families?

NC Fathers would like for Judge Robert Martelle to explain why custodial parents get ongoing educational assistance, job assistance, daycare assistance, housing assistance, medical assistance, financial assistance, and tax incentives to make ends meet while non-custodial families only have jail as an option and are you supportive of Sheriffs in the counties you serve excoriating non-custodial parents on public and permanent websites as bad people because they have problems with poverty while custodial parents escape this public humiliation because of public assistance?

Is Judge Robert Martelle concerned about the family court pay wall that is keeping hundreds of thousands of NC parents and families from their children? Without a doubt, the single most disturbing fact about family law in Rutherford County NC  is that there is a HUGE incentive to alienate a child from another parent. Here is how it happens: One parent decides to leave a marriage/relationship and makes plans while the other parent has no idea. The parent leaving the marriage/relationship contacted an attorney who told them as long as there is no order in place, he/she does not have to allow the other parent to see the child. That parent then leaves the marriage or relationship, likely moves out of state, forcing the other parent to find the other parent, get $7,000 (to start) to retain an attorney, and start the process. For those that CANNOT find this money, they never see their child again or signs an agreement that is not in their/child best interest just to see the child again. Unfortunately, this makes that parent LOOK like a disinterested parent because they signed an agreement assuming the role of marginalized parent. For those that can get access to money, by the time they get their ducks lined up, the alienating parent has established consistency which is a huge part of what Judges use in their decision making process. Judges routinely never look at how consistency was established because they just want to move through the other 30 cases and get home at a reasonable hour. This “pay wall” between parents and children is highly destructive and often times results in domestic violence and/or murder/suicide. NC Legislators and District Court Judges in McDowell County NC really need to hear this scenario from you because it is happening on a very frequent basis daily.

NC Fathers hopes that you will join our organization and continue to help us build a massive organization of NC non-custodial families who use their collective voices and votes to end the divisive family courts and we hope that Judge Robert Martelle will help be a part of this process and end the system where profits is more important that parents and children.

NC Fathers welcomes any comments below to this article from Rutherford and McDowell County NC non-custodial families and District Court officers.

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  1. I have never heard of Judge Martelle before, are you sure you have the right name?


    Comment by Sky | May 10, 2013 | Reply

    • Sky, yes, Judge Martelle was appointed by the Governor recently and you just may not have seen him on the bench before
      Judge Robert Martelle and Rutherford NC voters


      Comment by stompkinsnc | May 10, 2013 | Reply

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