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NC Fathers supports leading women for shared parentingLeading Women For Shared parenting is an organization of women who are supporting equally shared parenting and NC Fathers applauds their efforts. Even though we are an organization based in North Carolina who has undertaken the same mission, we have long pointed out that many women should be supporting shared parenting as it is without a doubt the best option for healthy children after a divorce or relationship breakdown. For many decades various organizations have attempted to frame this debate through the lens of mother vs. father and made this a “Women’s Rights” issue. But we disagree. There are many women across the world who have a stake in shared parenting and these include non-custodial mothers and women in their extended family, women in paternal families, and any mother who has a male child and wants to make sure that he has an equal interest in his kid’s life should he experience divorce. The Leading Women For Shared Parenting is made up of an impressive list of women well known to shared parenting activism and lobbying, and they include Dr. Linda Nielsen of Wake Forest University, Barbara Kay of the Canadian National Post, Jill Egizzi of parental alienation awareness organization, Molly Olson of the Center For Parental Responsibility, Phyllis Schalfly of the Eagle Forum, Jill Carter who is a civil rights activist and member of the Maryland General Assembly, Rachel Alexander who is a political columnist and attorney, Representative Phyllis Pond of Indiana, Dr Janice Fiamengo of the University of Toronto, Sheila Peltzer of KN2P, Ruth Langford of wikivorce, Terry Gaspard, MSW of the Huffington Post, Senator Sylvia Allen (Ret) of Arizona, Mary Lou Ambrogio of the International Free Press Society, Paulette McDonald, Erin Pizzey a UK Domestic Violence pioneer, Gwendolyn Landolt an attorney and founder of REAL women for Canada, Karen Selick an attorney, Lise Bilodeau found of ANCQ, Barbara Mills who is a subject matter expert on domestic violence, and Kris Titus of the Canadian Equal Parenting Council. Also note this organization is adding new members almost daily and the list of Women noted in this article is the core founders of the organization. If you are a woman who is devoted to the cause of equally shared parenting then we encourage you to join Leading Women For Shared Parenting and the Facebook Page is HERE.

Leading women for shared parenting and equal custody in the courts


Why Women Should Support Equally Shared Parenting

Equaly Custody RelationshipsEach day, our organization hears from many women who all express outrage with family court officials and legislators who have used the breakdown of marriages and relationships to monetize various agendas, gender and sexual politics campaigns, and for financial interest by organizations that have a interest in two parents fighting for 21 years. The problem is, this fighting is hurting children physically, mentally, and emotionally. With Shared Parenting, kids can continue to receive equal amounts of love, nurturing, guidance, support from both parents and extended families. With Shared Parenting, no longer will the goal be about winning a custody battle where parents do everything possible to excoriate the other parent in order to win; the focus with Shared Parenting will be about teaching parents the only way to a brighter future for children is through learning to work with the other parent and developing a parent plan that is mutually beneficial to everyone.

We want to make this very clear, there are probably more women who support shared parenting then there are men when you consider each time a father is marginalized in the family courts, there are at least two women in his family who will be equally marginalized and hurt in the process. Undoubtedly, it is these women who formed Leading Women For Shared Parenting. If you are a member of our group, we ask that you join this organization and do everything in your power to volunteer and help these group of women and their mission. We ask you to do this for your young loved ones, and we ask you to do this for yourselves because if you are reading this it is likely that you have found yourself alienated from your children by a very divisive family court system that seems to value you only for your financial contribution via a federal enforcement agency rather than your direct impact on your kids, grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews.

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  1. I like! And great examples of why women should support shared parenting. More custodial mothers fighting so hard for the system that benefits them should take a moment to think ahead when they are advocating for a system that will hurt their sons! great great example!


    Comment by Sharon Rice (Grandmother in NC) | May 12, 2013 | Reply

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