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Republican Senator Warren Daniel – Burke and Cleveland NC County Families

Senator Warren DanielRepublican Senator Warren Daniel represents voters in Burke and Cleveland County NC which is made up of a large amount of non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members and friends. Senator Daniel is an attorney and sits as Co-Chairman on the powerful Judiciary II committee which would undertake the issue of family court reform, social services reform, and equally shared parenting. NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial family members who have had enough of this historical profiteering of the family courts and who are tired of being marginalized to visitor families 4 days a month and under federal enforcement as a payment provider to their young loved ones. NC Fathers is sending the message to Senator Warren Daniel and other Republican lawmakers that our intent is to reach every single Burke and Cleveland County NC non-custodial family member and ask them to review our goals and join our mailing list in an effort to build a citizen lobby group that demands that the Senator addresses our needs. If you identify with this article and want to support our organization, be it as a non-custodial family or proponent of shared parenting, we ask that you join our Facebook page and collaborate with us. NC Fathers reminds Senator Warren Daniel and Senate Republicans that given the divorce rate and system by which one family HAS to be marginalized in a child’s life after divorce or relationship breakdown via the family courts, there are a lot of voters from every political party affiliation, culture and race, socioeconomic status, and educational level who have a stake in this reform.

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Family values? Rights of the people to be free of oppressive government control? I wonder if Burke and Cleveland County non-custodial families agree with this campaign message from Warren Daniel?

Senator Warren Daniel and Burke/Cleveland County NC non-custodial families and NC Non-Custodial Families

As an attorney, Senator Warren Daniel knows very well how destructive the family courts are to Burke and Cleveland County NC children and the relationship they have with their non-custodial family. While the Senator may disagree with this assertion, it is likely that non-custodial families will not and that is what is important here. If you are in a Burke and Cleveland County NC family and need a reminder of what Judges and Legislators ask you to live with for 21 years, then we encourage you to click on the red and blue graphic below and we would love to see your comments using the form below this article.

It is also important to remember that the Senator, as an attorney, is a member of the ultra powerful NC Bar Association that is steadfastly opposed to equally shared parenting and who believes that the position you are in is just fine with them.

Burke and Cleveland County NC Voters

Republican Senator Warren Daniel, The Burke and Cleveland County NC Family Courts And You

First and foremost, as an attorney, NC Fathers encourages Senator Daniel to explain to county families how it is that Legislators and Judges advocate for a system that pits two parents against each other in a court of law, encourages them to excoriate each other in an attempt to win custody and control, takes $20,000 from each parent in the process (twice over 18 years), and lives with themselves knowing that this money could go towards starting a business, medical expenses, college tuition, or for a down payment on a home?

Often, opponents of shared parenting will say that this arrangement will cause greater conflict between parents, but the above question contains enough conflict potential than anything we can imagine. Senator Daniel, would you rather see $80,000 dollars go to children or lawyers?

Other issues Senator Warren Daniel and Senate Republicans must address regarding the NC Family Courts:

  • Senator Daniel, the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence claims that only men and fathers are responsible for sexual and physical abuse of wives, former wives, and children and this is a good reason to deny fathers equal parentage and access to his children. Yet, they are fine with fathers having visitation with their children. Can you explain how 4 nights a week is a magical number that prevents fathers from killing their ex-wives and children? And if the patriarchal rants of gender and sexual politics coming from this organization is correct, are you and other male legislators also wife beaters and child molesters? Or, is it possible this organization excludes you and your sons because they need your votes?
  • NC Fathers encourages Senator Warren Daniel to explain to Burke and Cleveland County NC non-custodial families why their sons go to jail and are excoriated on the public Internet for being deadbeat fathers when they have tough economic times, yet custodial parents are able to escape this via social services educational assistance, job assistance, daycare assistance, food assistance, daycare assistance, medical assistance, housing assistance and tax credits? Senator, would it not make more sense to either create a system by which both parents are empowered for the good of their children, or help offset the need for all these assistance programs by allowing the non-custodial parent and extended family to provide these services naturally?


  • Republican Senator Warren Daniel will be told that we cannot have shared parenting because there are powerful women’s rights groups that have enormous power in the NC General Assembly. Senator, have you considered grandmothers, aunts, and step-mothers in non-custodial families? What about non-custodial mothers? Have you considered that every mother in Burke and Cleveland County NC who has a male child will one day be marginalized as a paternal grandmother when these same organizations need for her son to be stereotyped as an abuser? This seems like a lot of women to us Senator.
  • Senator Daniel, how is it that our State Legislators and Judges continue to talk about the “absent parent” problem that we supposedly have in this state, yet each day in the Burke and Cleveland County family courts Judges allow custodial parents to move children many states away from non-custodial families who are active to the extent Judges will allow them?
  • Does Senator Warren Daniel realize that there are tens of thousands of parents who come home daily to find their spouse has decided to leave a marriage and under NC law, that parent does not have to allow the other parent to EVER see his children again unless he can come up with $20,000 to exercise his rights? What happens to those parents who don’t have that money Senator? And you are fine with this? Have you talked with Senate Republicans about this? We see where you sponsored bill S41 which honored boy scouts, but you won’t sponsor a bill that protects a parent from this family court pay wall?
  • Senator Warren Daniel and Republican lawmakers need to realize that we are tired of being triggers for increased federal and state money through collection of child support. Burke and Cleveland County NC non-custodial families should realize that for every dollar collected in child support, the federal government gives make an equal match of Title IV-D money that can then be used to replenish welfare expenditures. To us, it seems like the State of NC and lawmakers have developed a system why which one family is purposefully pushed to the outer margins of the kid’s lives in order to increase federal support payments which triggers greater funding for the State. For every non-custodial parent who pays $800 a month in child support via enforcement, the federal government gives back Burke and Cleveland County $800 to pay for food stamps, WIC, and other social services programs. We are not opposed to these services, we just don’t think pushing parents to the outer margins of their kids lives is appropriate to obtain funding for these programs.

Republican Senator Warren Daniel versus Cleveland and Burke County NC Non-Custodial Families

Senator Warren Daniel should see the message that we sent on 5/18/2013 to our 6,000 member mailing list and growing social media channels:

There are a LOT of lawyers in NC who have united around the NC Bar Association (lobby group) who has a direct impact on legislation that keeps your families marginalized, disenfranchised, and socialized into the role of a visitor to your children assuming your even allowed that. Unfortunately for this lobby of lawyers, the number of voting non-custodial families in just ONE NC county equals every lawyer in this state. Add in non-custodial families from the other 99 counties and we will have legislators emailing us daily wanting to talk reform. Also, keep in mind that there are lawyers in NC who do support equally shared parenting. The tide is turning, but we have to keep the pressure on. Invite just one non-custodial family member to our organization daily.”

We realize that the Senator will immediately recognize the issues we discuss in this article as uncomfortable and unpopular topics especially with colleagues that make so much money from the system. But Senator Daniel, what happens when Burke and Cleveland County non-custodial family voters ALONE equal every lawyer in this State? And, since we are the only organization advocating for these issues, we are finding that our network is growing at an astounding rate.

If you are a Burke and Cleveland County NC non-custodial step-parent, parent, grandparent, aunt or uncles, or possibly even just a friend of the family who sees what they endure daily, then we encourage you to share this article on Senator Warren Daniel with other NC families using Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin to help gain maximum exposure.

Additionally, we think it is vitally important that you use the comment system below to leave your personalized comments to the Senator and his staff so they have a good idea of the numbers of voters these issues hit.

Show Support by Copying and Pasting the code below to your Website or Blog:

Please Ask <a href="">Senator Warren Daniel</a> to urge NC lawmakers to bring about Family Court Reform in Burke and Cleveland Counties.

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  1. I am a Burke County paternal grandmother who has witnessed personally the very things (and more) this article brings to light and I hope that the Senator and his staff will read every word and take everything under consideration. The Family Court truly are creating the majority of the conflict in how it pits parents against each other. Thank you for letting me a part of your website and mailing list.


    Comment by Cassandra Jacobs (Burke County Grandmother) | May 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. I just want Senator Daniel to stop and think for a moment. In the family courts someone HAS to lose a custody battle, they don’t have to be bad, they just have to lose. And from this we get shoved into a federal enforcement agency like a common criminal and assigned a unique federal ID number and have to pay money via that federal agency to stay out of jail? I thought you were fighting big government Senator? My argument is not that we shouldn’t be paying child support, I agree on that. But we should be DIRECTLY supporting our kids with not only money, but our guidance, love, teachings, and emotional support. The family courts just won’t allow this. I get very little time to make an impact on my children. Thus, I support this site 100%


    Comment by Timothy (Burke County Father) | May 18, 2013 | Reply

  3. If Senator Warren Daniel believes that Men should have to live with and endure the fact that their wives leave a marriage after finding a former love on Facebook, move the kids out of State to be with him, and live knowing that this Internet new love now has more access to his children than he does, then clearly the Senator needs to hear from us daily and especially at election time.

    Of course, if it was him or his son this would never happen because I’m sure being a Senator the courts would suddenly be overly fair.


    Comment by James | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  4. Saw this come across the mailing list and love the part where you ask the Senator if he is an abuser after that Coalition said only men and most men are abusers. When are our politicians going to wake up and stop letting special interest groups bent on inequality run things? At least this organization is about absolute equality. I don’t think you are asking for Cleveland County fathers to have custody, just for equally shared.


    Comment by Jarod | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  5. Saw the legislative alert and came here to read, WOW! Luckily I had access to money and was able to execute my rights as a father, but at the end of the day I got exactly what fathers got back in the 1940s. I can definitely see where mothers will leave a marriage, take the kids, not costing them a dime and hope the father can never get his money together and essentially losing access to his children. This folks, is scary!


    Comment by Anonymous | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  6. I am in Cleveland County and will be watching this page for future comments and hope that the Senator will take the advice offered in the article. Why do legislators keep yelling about absent parents then provide for a system where they can’t be?


    Comment by Henry | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  7. I am a step-mother and custodial mother. I would never keep my children from their father and think that it is sick that other women do. My husband experiences this every day and it has to stop. All she cares about is her social services check and child support, lives at home with her mom at age 36 and has basically used her child as a tool to live without working.


    Comment by Susan | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  8. Senator Daniel, I am a Cleveland County Father who supports this group. I, my wife, and family see this issue as important.


    Comment by Michael | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  9. The one thing left out in this article when you stated the number of women this issue affects, you left out us non-custodial mothers.


    Comment by Kim | May 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Kim, you are absolutely correct and I will amend the article on Senator Daniel now. Most people think we are a fathers rights group because of our name when in fact the organization was named that as a group of initial fathers who advocate for ALL non-custodial parents and their families.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  10. While I am proud that you have undertaken such a noble task on this much deserved issue, I suspect that because the Senator is an attorney he will face a lot of criticism from powerful colleges if he supports a bill that prevents lawyers from making money. But like you said, non-custodial families if you can reach them all outnumber lawyers 30 fold.


    Comment by Sharon (Cleveland County Grandmother) | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  11. I live in Burke County and happen to know Senator Daniel and his family. They appear to be very good people who give a lot back to the community. He has introduced a lot of good bills and I am hoping that he will support this.


    Comment by Paul (Burke County Father) | May 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Paul, I am not as optimistic as you. Senate and House Republicans need men as voters as that is about all they have these days. Yet, they keep kicking us in the knees every chance they get in order to get independent and democratic voters. This article hit the nail on the head. Non-custodial families are African-American dads and grandmothers, Hispanic fathers and step-mothers, and Caucasian fathers and grandfathers. We are a very powerful swing voter if we can ever organize which isn’t likely.


      Comment by Jerrod | May 19, 2013 | Reply

      • Jerrod great points! We are working hard to organize non-custodial families who are literally everywhere and Judges create us by large numbers daily. We do need your help though, in your daily travels you come across non-custodial parents and extended families hourly. Invite them here.

        Warren Daniel


        Comment by stompkinsnc | May 19, 2013

  12. Here is a good question for Senator Daniel and Senate Republicans and Democrats, if the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence says that “Patriarchy causes Domestic Violence” then why are Male Representatives and Senators allowed to be around their children? And why is this non-profit allowed to escape taxes by perpetuating gender and sexual politics?


    Comment by Cameron | May 19, 2013 | Reply

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