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Senator Harry Brown and Jones/Onslow County Non-Custodial Families

Senator Harry BrownRepublican Senator Harry Brown is a lawmaker who serves Onslow and Jones County NC voters in the NC General Assembly. This article serves all non-custodial family members in Onslow and Jones County NC who have simply had enough with the bias and divisiveness in the family courts which has led to your families being marginalized, disenfranchised, and stigmatized as visitors to your children if you are even allowed that. NC Fathers believes that the best outcomes for children after divorce or relationship breakdown is for children to continue to have near equal access and support from both parents AND their extended families which is something the Federal Government and State of NC can ever accomplish, and we need for you to join our organization to help send this message to Senator Harry Brown and other Republicans in the General Assembly. Furthermore, you can join our FACEBOOK PAGE and interact and collaborate with other non-custodial family voters in Onslow and Jones County NC. Lastly, our goals and mission is stated here. Senator Brown should also recognize that our organization is made up of individuals who have experienced abuse within the Onslow County DSS system, and we are a group of men and women who come from every racial and cultural background, socioeconomic background, educational background, and political party affiliation. Additionally, we are represented by a lot of military families at Camp Lejeune who experience far greater abuses in the family court simply for being a service member.
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Senator Harry Brown and Onslow County NC Non-Custodial Families

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Onslow County NC Non-Custodial Families Support GroupIf you are a Onslow or Jones County non-custodial parent, step-parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or friend of the family who witnesses the sever conflict the family courts creates for children and the relationship with their non-custodial family, then we urge you to click on the red and blue graphic below to read a list of significant issues Senator Harry Brown and the Republican Party needs to address. NC Fathers wants to make it painfully clear to the Senator that given the divorce rate and rate at which parents are creating children out of wedlock, along with the numbers of people experiencing social services abuse, that these families make up an incredible amount of voters in Onslow and Jones County NC. We realize that many of the issues discussed in this article will not be easy fixes, and nor will they be popular, but this organization is the only united front advocating for the families and we are quickly building our numbers. At some point Senator, we will have amassed a large number of very angry people who have experienced historical bias in our court system and we will direct them to you to ask why this system was allowed to prosper.

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Family Court Reform

Republican Senator Harry Brown and the Onslow / Jones County NC Family Courts

Below is a list of issues that we are calling on Senator Harry Brown to address with the Judiciary members of the NC Senate as it relates to Family Law reform, more social services oversight, and equally shared parenting.

  • Senator Brown and Republican lawmakers need to realize that we are tired of being triggers for increased federal and state money through collection of child support. Onslow and Jones County NC non-custodial families should realize that for every dollar collected in child support, the federal government gives make an equal match of Title IV-D money that can then be used to replenish welfare expenditures. To us, it seems like the State of NC and lawmakers have developed a system why which one family is purposefully pushed to the outer margins of the kid’s lives in order to increase federal support payments which triggers greater funding for the State. Every non-custodial parent who pays $800 a month in child support via enforcement, the federal government gives back Onslow and Jones County $800 to pay for food stamps, WIC, and other social services programs.
  • Since social services in Onslow and Jones County is the recipient of huge amounts of federal money that keeps jobs and programs alive, we feel that there is a wide open door of abuse that happens on non-custodial families so that we continue to trigger money for them, or for them to create problems and get increased amounts of money. Historically, social services has been very service driven with custodial families in providing educational assistance, food assistance, housing assistance, daycare assistance, job assistance, financial assistance, medical assistance, and programs to make sure they have an easier time maintaining stability while non-custodial families only have the option of jail when they need assistance. This system by which only ONE side of a child’s family is helped by Onslow and Jones County is sick Senator Brown. Furthermore, the absolute immunity social services workers have who only have four year degrees in any human services field and who have no professional organization oversight is beyond dangerous.
  • If Senator Harry Brown and Republican lawmakers do inquire about the issues contained in this article, they will be told that equally shared parenting creates greater conflict in kids lives when you put parents who cannot get along together more often. This Senator, is a myth, and it only takes common sense to realize this. When one parent realizes that a divorce is about to happen, and that he will likely lose any custody battle, that his kids will likely be moved 7 states away, and that he will only be able to see them four days a month or summers, and that the family dog will have more ability to raise his children than he will, this creates far greater conflict, domestic violence, and murder/suicides than equality will. In fact, the “one parent win, one parent lose” system of our current family law process demands that parents do the most incredible things to excoriate the other parent in hopes of winning custody and control of children. Therefore, we really do not want to hear about conflict and how reform will cause more.
  • Senator Harry Brown will also be told that with equally shared parenting, more children will be sexually and physically abused by their fathers. Here is the problem with this line of thinking, if a father is going to physically or sexually abuse his child, he can do so even if he only has one hour of visitation a month. There is nothing magical about four days a month that prevents fathers from killing their children. And, of course this assumes that mothers do not physically abuse their children. Why are fathers being held to a standard that mothers are not?
  • Republican Senator Harry Brown will be told that we cannot have shared parenting because there are powerful women’s rights groups that have enormous power in the NC General Assembly. Senator, have you considered grandmothers, aunts, and step-mothers in non-custodial families? Have you considered that every mother in Onslow and Jones County NC who has a male child will one day be marginalized as a paternal grandmother when these same organizations need for her son to be stereotyped as an abuser? This seems like a lot of women to us Senator.
  • Senator, did you know that the average cost of a custody battle is $20,000 per parent and that parents fight two of these battles in 18 years for a grand total of $80,000? And this does not include minor child support and contempt battles that increases this figure well above $100,000. Clearly, lawyers make a lot of money when parents fight for 18 years, the problem is that children lose. Would you rather see this money go to lawyers, or Onslow and Jones County kid’s college educations, a down payment on a home, money to start a business, or medical coverage for children?
  • We wonder if Senator Harry Brown has any idea that thousands of Onslow and Jones County NC families never see their children again after a divorce because they do not have the ability to get $20,000 in cash to hire an attorney to secure visitation after one parent leaves a marriage or relationship and refuses to allow the other parent to see his/her child unless a Judge says so. NC Fathers believes that this one issue is more dangerous than any issue discussed in the General Assembly in the past five years.

Republican Senator Harry Brown and Onslow / Jones County NC Non-Custodial Family Voters

Senator Brown

In Onslow and Jones County, there are tens of thousands of non-custodial parents, and when you add in the immediate family, we believe that this number jumps to a very large amount of voters. If united and using your voices and votes to have a talk with Senator Harry Brown, you can change your role as court ordered visitor to your children to that of equal parent (and family) with equal ability to nurture, love, and raise your children as the custodial family has. We know you are feeling this way but have been unable to have your voice heard in these matters because NC Judges seem more concerned about how much child support you pay rather than being directly active in your young loved ones lives. By joining our organization, and inviting one non-custodial family to our organization daily, you can help us change that.

With this said, it is vitally important that you share this article on Senator Harry Brown and Onslow/Jones County NC Republicans on the many social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin to bring about maximum exposure. We also encourage you to use the comment system below to leave a message for Senator Brown and his legislative staff.

Lastly, we believe that is it incredibly important that women in non-custodial families get more active in this process as there are very powerful lobby groups using sexual and gender politics who want to make Senator Brown believe that by supporting equally shared parenting, he will be voting against women.

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  1. While not related to the issues in this article, I am a Onslow County resident and voter who wants to voice my concerns on a issue I feel strongly about. We have land here right next to the court house that the county owns. Our county DSS is looking for a new building to be built on that land, and instead of using that land we own and putting the money we would pay for rent and building the building, Senator Brown said that we are going to give the land to a private developer to build a place for DSS then we are going to rent that building from them at a higher cost then we are paying right now for rent for the simple fact that the county will get more federal funds but still wont cover the rent.


    Comment by Karen A | May 18, 2013 | Reply

  2. As a military father, if I could ask Senator Harry Brown one thing, I would ask why Marine Corp Fathers are denied access to their children at levels far below civilian fathers (which is still deplorable) because of our potential to deploy. Yet, Women in the Marine Corp have no barriers to overcome in this situation. Why Senator?


    Comment by Daniel (Onslow County & Camp Lejeune Father) | May 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Daniel, you are correct, the Senator has a huge problem when military fathers at Camp Lejeune organize and start having their voices heard on this very issue! Keep inviting more people to this organization.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | May 19, 2013 | Reply

    • Men do not risk their lives, fight, and die for a country that is an abstraction. They fight and die for their families and homes and freedom, all of which are being taken away by the courts. “Sometimes I wonder what I risked my life for in Afghanistan. I went to fight for freedom but what freedom and what rights mean anything if a man doesn’t have the right to be a father to his own child?”

      The Father’s War
      They serve their country and lose their children


      Comment by Navin R. Johnson | July 26, 2013 | Reply

  3. Senator I live in Jones County and I support this site. In fact, so does my wife (step-mother), and my mother (paternal grandmother). We vote also and these issues are important to us.


    Comment by Abraham (Jones County Father) | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  4. The issues discussed in this article are very much reality for tens of thousands of families in Onslow and Jones County NC. Society is very different today, yet the family courts are still operating on the principle that men work 18 hours a day and women stay home and take care of kids. I see a lot of fathers being stay at home dads and involved in daily care of their children who will lose a court battle anyway. So yea, there is a huge bias.


    Comment by Brad | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  5. Senator Brown will likely defer everything in this article to the Judiciary committee where 90% of them are lawyers who make a tremendous amount of money from this system. Essentially, many of you will be thrown under the bus as voters to appease the fat cat lawyers that I am sure love doing business with the Senator.


    Comment by Jennie | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  6. Great Article, and everything is true. Yet, I suspect Senator Harry to roll his eyes and keep his eyes on the federal money that keeps social services alive on the backs of non-custodial parents that were forced into this system by Judges. If we CHOSE to be non-custodial, that is a different story, But to be FORCED non-custodial, and not having the ability to directly support our children except through a federal enforcement agency like we are common criminals is outrageous.


    Comment by Calvin (Onslow County NC Father) | May 19, 2013 | Reply

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