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Why Men Should Not Get Married or Have Children

Why Men Should Not Get Married or have childrenThere are very good reason why Men should not get married these days, and we think more and more Men are starting to realize this and deciding to stay single. In reading this article, we can understand where one may say our article is misogynist and we are just a bunch of irresponsible and selfish Men who refuse to evolve. Unfortunately for those that will take this stance, I am a paternal grandmother who is pointing out why Men should no longer get married and I am going to point out things that many Men will immediately identify with even if society and Women refuse to acknowledge it. Of course, I expect many Women who read this article will be repulsed by what they read and will exclaim “Not all Women are like that” as if this is a good reason to dismiss everything in this article. I also do not want to make the claim that Men are refusing to get married today because Women are bad because a large part of this has to do with laws and feminism that has taught Women to think and act differently and they may not be realizing it. I will take credit for saying that modern day feminism, not early feminist who fought for equality for everyone, but the ones that fight for Women at the demise of Men are very much at fault for teaching young Women that everything wrong with the world is because something a Man has done. Or, in many cases because Men exists at all.


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Top Reasons Why Men Should Not Get Married Today

  • When Men get married and there are children born of the marriage, there is an overwhelming and pervasive chance that if the marriage ends, the children will automatically live with their Mother and the Father will be pushed to the outermost margins of their kid’s lives. Most of the times this means Dad is considered a bi-weekly visitor who sees his children far less than the family pet does at Mom’s house. Other times, and a situation that is growing, Dad never sees his children at all because Mom and the Courts decided that Mom and the children should live in another State or Country. On this issue ALONE, Men should seriously consider never getting married.
  • If there is ANY allegation of misconduct involving a Father or Boyfriend and child, that allegation alone will have lifelong impacts on your ability to live a normal life. Law enforcement and Social Workers claim that children never lie, and that may be true, but it is very easy to coach a child and have them believe something has happened and as soon as the child makes the allegation, it’s over for you regardless of innocence. This is ESPECIALLY true for Men who date single Mothers with children. You are a utter fool if you date any Woman with minor children. On these grounds ALONE, Men are encouraged to never get married OR have children. If you do decide to temp fate, and find yourself in a relationship with a Woman who has children and believe you have clear evidence that you did nothing wrong when an allegation is made, please note that Judges/Jury will almost always take a child’s word over an adult any day regardless of evidence to simply “be on the safe side.”
  • Spouses in all marriages fight, but few Men realize that Domestic Violence laws are geared such that any Man in this country can find himself in jail, removed from his kids, his home, job, belongings and reputation every time there is a marital spat even when there is no physical contact and this happens on a VERY frequent basis. Here is North Carolina, Domestic Violence is defined as ANYTHING that causes another person to feel uncomfortable, or in a position where he/she fears imminent harm. But do not be fooled by the gender neutral terminology, this statement clearly means Women only. Each day, hundreds of thousands of Men in Marriages go to jail for Domestic Violence if his Wife calls 911 and says “I feel like I am in jeopardy” after a MUTUAL fight that involves yelling, cursing loudly, or slamming a door. If 911 is called, the Man in the marriage is going to jail regardless, even if there was mutual combat. Not concerned about this because you have been taught that this cannot happen without evidence? WRONG! All Domestic Violence cases are handled on the legal precedent of “Preponderance of the Evidence” rather than “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” which simply means that a Judge can convict you of Domestic Violence ABSENT evidence or witnesses if he/she simply FEELS like there is a greater likelihood that violence occurred. Once you are convicted of Domestic Violence, you might as well say good-bye to your children, belongings, job, reputation, and home even if there was no PHYSICAL violence. Again, on these grounds ALONE, is a very good reason why men should not get married or engage in relationships.
  • If you are a Man in a marriage who makes the decision to cheat, you will be labeled a male chauvinist pig, likely sexual deviant, insecure, selfish, and irresponsible child who should be shunned in society. When Women cheat, most Women and actually many Men will come to the defense of the Woman on the grounds that she cheated because the Man wasn’t giving her enough attention, or because of some other reason. After cheating, she will walk from the marriage with a lot of support and her reputation intact, a Man will not.
  • Another good reason why Men should not get married is that if the marriage ends, he is likely to lose 50% of his assets, retirement, social security (in many States a LOT more) and is ordered to pay lifetime alimony to the wife EVEN if she leaves the marriage on her own, cheats, or does something significant to cause a marriage to end. Of course many say that this can happen to Women as well, the problem is that it usually does not. In cases where Women are breadwinners and made considerably more money that their husband, it is very rare for a Judge to order alimony and unequal distribution of community property. Also, we are seeing feminist demand an end to alimony because women are fast becoming bread winners.
  • While it is starting to slightly become common to see Women being breadwinners in marriages today and Dads staying at home to take care of the children and home, the general consensus is that Men who do not work are deadbeats and bad Men who do not care about their families. When Women do not work, even if there are no children involved, society does not come down as hard (or at all) on them. If you are married and have a wife, it seems your job is to work and work hard even if it means staying at a dead end job to maintain societies standards of a married Man. For Men who are not married, there is much more latitude in regards to career choices or educational advancement.

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  • Isn’t that how it works? These women you are considering marrying, boy they do a lot of talking about equality. But if you even attempt to point out some inequality that men face you automatically hate women and all baby kittens. And you guys want to live with and marry a woman like that?

Radical Feminism and More Examples Of Why Men Should Avoid Marriage

Why Men Should Not Get Married Or Have Children

There is little debate that radical feminism’s view of Men is one of disposability. And, that these Women’s groups control the media, universities, and politics who for many decades now have blamed Men for everything wrong with the world which has unfortunately caused Men to become very angry at Women even when they do not subscribe to radical feminist ideologies. Because of this anger, we think that many Men are choosing not to get married because it is impossible to decipher which women do see Men as disposable and which Women do not. Lets take a look at some examples that exists in society which is leading Men to re-evaluate marriage and make the decision to go their own way and not follow sociological pressures to get married.

  • It was once said that if one wants to end all Wars, simply allow Women to serve in combat situations. Society is very much OK with Men coming home in body bags and the media helps to propagate this notion by making it glamorous and heroic. But society very much will not tolerate Women being killed in service to their country and this translates to many Men starting to wonder if they matter at all.
  • Men are sentenced to prison much easier than Women, and are often given the death penalty and harsher punishments for the same crimes lending to the thought that we do not value Men as much as Women.
  • When was the last time you says a Men’s Studies program at a public university or a health care professional that specialized in Men’s health? They are not very common, but just about every major university today has a Women’s Studies program and every nursing program at that university has 99% of the PhD level researchers focused on Women’s health. We think this adds another level of disposability to Men that could explain why Men are not getting married and want to just be alone and away from society’s pressures.
  • If you are a married Man who has not helped conceive a child and you have a vasectomy without telling your wife, it is VERY likely that you will not be married long. But, as a Man, if you even think about discussing reproductive rights of Women then you are going to find yourself in a world of hurt. Society simply does not see the reproductive rights of Men as they do Women.

Why Men Should Not Have Children OR get married

These are just a very small portion of examples where society puts a lot of pressure on Men and there is very little media coverage, research, and discussions on how this is affecting Men. Men are simply tired of hearing about how many rights Women do not have when there is overwhelming examples of where society and Women trump any Men’s Rights. In comparison, it is impossible to open up your daily newspaper these days, or view television programing, or participate in social media and read stories about issues that are affecting Women and we think that Men are starting to ask “What about us?” Undoubtedly, this demise of Men is leading more and more and more Men to choose to stay single and not get married.

Using the comment system below, give us your thoughts on why you think more and more Men are not getting married anymore and consider sharing this article on the many social networking sites to see what your friends and families are saying about this issue.

Why Men Should Not Have Children

What does the image above mean? It means that in the month of October, everything is turned pink for breast cancer awareness and funding, but you don’t see NFL teams and anything close to cities wrapping their public service automobiles in blue representing prostate cancer do you? In the same vein, you don’t see many male nursing professors do you? What the image above is saying is that more mothers who survived breast cancer will be alive to bury their sons who died of prostate cancer because of the lack of awareness and funding. To us, this is a clear indication that men, along with your sons, brothers, husbands, and friends are disposable to feminist run academics in charge of healthcare.

Since writing this article on why men should not get married, it has come to my attention that nothing has changed in the child custody, child support, and divorce courts. Even half a half million hits since writing it it has come to my realization that men are the stupidest animal on the planet who will never learn, will never organize to make changes, and you probably deserve what you get.

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  1. I live in North Carolina and I can promise you that I will never get married again simply because of how the family courts and politicians view fathers. I cannot wait till the day when more and more Men start to think this way and Women start crying about how there are not enough Men around to get them pregnant so they can have children. Perhaps when this happens, and these women start screaming at their feminist leaders to stop the war on women, Men will be more inclined to get married again.


    Comment by Paul | May 28, 2013 | Reply

    • I somewhat agree with this comment and yes I do believe that having children is very important to Women. But Women will always have access to naive Men at bars on Saturday nights when the alcohol is flowing. The real cure here is a substantial “get a vasectomy” campaign for Men starting around age 18.


      Comment by Kedrick | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  2. I think every father on this planet should make their Sons read this article at 18 and start educating on them on why they should not get married because there is a world of pain waiting for them if they do, especially if there are children created within marriage.


    Comment by William | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  3. I can assure you that I very much identify with this article and can one day see North Carolina marriages drop because of the issues outlined in this article. I think politicians have found a way to monetize marriage breakup and unfortunately that always seems to end up on Men’s heads.


    Comment by Jimmy | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  4. Marriage is very good for Men when the marriage is good, but let it go wrong and it’s bad! Given the divorce rate and seeing what lies ahead for Men in marriage I cannot ever see myself getting married.


    Comment by Kevin | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  5. I think a lot more Women are paying attention to this as well, especially Mothers of Men who realize that these issues do exists. I know a lot of Mothers who have talks with their Sons about what waits for Men is the marriage goes bad.


    Comment by Kim | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  6. I think feminism has gone overboard because I am one of the women who does not think like this and I am having a hard time finding a Man that wants to get married.


    Comment by Lisa | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  7. The domestic violence video above without a doubt shows where Men are very much disposable and hated by most Women. Whether it is feminism or whatnot I do not know but it very much exists. You won’t see this man getting married anytime soon here in North Carolina.


    Comment by Bob | May 28, 2013 | Reply

    • No-fault divorce is available in all 50 states and most, if not all, English speaking countries. There is no justifiable reason to be married in any of them, unless you want to pay thru the nose for having sex with a state supported prostitute. That’s what women have become, thanks to no-fault divorce laws. They vote with their ’emotions’ and clean your pockets out. Sad, but true.


      Comment by Dave | April 27, 2014 | Reply

  8. The questions isn’t what aren’t men getting married anymore the issue will soon be why aren’t there any males to get married? It’s because domestic violence incarceration has doubled in the past 5 years and studies now showing a huge amount of false allegations that put them there, death from war, Men are killing themselves at twice the rate women are, women make up 60% of college graduates, and healthcare for Men receives roughly half what Women’s healthcare gets.


    Comment by Davis | May 28, 2013 | Reply

  9. Do a search on “Dr. Helen Smith’s New Book, “Men On Strike…” ” There’s video’s out there on this too!


    Comment by Steve | July 6, 2013 | Reply

  10. Here’s one video on this…


    Comment by Steve | July 6, 2013 | Reply

  11. I an in the middle of a divorce after a 20 yr marriage. we will be divorced before our 21st. I will never be married again. We have 2 daughters, and what we do agree upon is that we love them. However, I don’t know it this is all women or just my wife, but she does not understand the difference between child support and spousal support. I will say the divorce is mostly my fault 70/30 if you will. I yelled a lot. I deserve the divorce. There,I said it, how many men admit to that? BUT she tore the finances apart ran us into debt, controlled the money, borrowed money behind my back, and is continuing to waste money even after separation, then looks for new money. (which she thinks is me) She plays lottery 15-20 a day everyday, buys every raffle shown to her etc. In short she has a gambling problem. She will eat out 3-4 days a week then wonder why she has no money. I am mentioning this because I think if a man behaved that way, society would come down on him, tell him to grow up, learn to budget and take care of his family. I have since heard stories form friends and family about her asking to borrow money behind my back for years. If a guy did that, everyone would just think he is a jerk.
    I will say I wasn’t always sweet to her, but it is because we always struggled, and i was always uptight that we made decent money but were always behind.

    My high school sweetheart got in touch with me and I started talking to her which put a bigger strain on the marriage (the one that got away) BUT we are just friends NOTHING PHYSICAL HAPPENED.

    then in retaliation she “helped out a friend” by moving him into our house.
    this friend was a childhood friend a schizophrenic man who is still married, she gave him my daughters room and bed and he still lives there after she kicked me out. She says its platonic, but my daughters are in the house with this man.

    She also declared the divorce AFTER I bought her a new car, and part of the child support settlement is she wants me to pay for the car (deducted from state minimums of support) so it really is a settlement of giving something to her (the kids need a safe car to be in she says) she picked the top of the line car, KNOWING she was planning divorce.
    This woman has duped, most of the neighborhood, into thinking she is so sweet, but they don’t know how calculating she can be.
    If I had ruined the finances, brought a married woman into our house even before she was gone, tricked her into buying me a car just before that, as a man…what would people say about me?
    There is a song, where a woman scorned cuts the mans car up “takes a Louisville slugger to both headlights” This has become a woman’s anthem. If a female feels wronged, she can retaliate with impunity, flip that around and have a man do that, and the song is about an angry man going to jail.
    Women don’t want equality, they seem to want dominion.
    A woman can be on her way to an abortion clinic to get rid of a baby she doesn’t want, then get into an accident with a man, if she loses the baby she can sue him for wrongful death of her child.
    from a mans point of view, there is a ton of downside to marriage, and dealing with women altogether.
    I LOVE women, I have tons of female friends, yes platonic female friends. But the laws and the way of thinking nowadays. make it dangerous to get married. Men lose if the marriage ends. they get the kids and the house, there is no downside to them getting married, but there is for us.
    A dog is a mans best friend, loyal etc. Diamonds are a girls best friend, a stupid piece of rock that serves no actual purpose, but they seem to revere.
    Men did have the power eons ago, we were stupid and gave it away because of our immense attraction to women. we should have held ourselves back, not been so aggressive. Women count on our attraction to them. They show cleavage all the time, there is no male equivalent. We have no body part that we can get away with showing a portion of and not get arrested, and if we did no one would be interested, and that wouldn’t matter even if you were Brad Pitt, because women don’t respond to the same things.
    The point is, I believe women have the advantage in the modern world, maybe always. But especially if you put that diamond on their hand that they crave. Marriage can be a wonderful thing, if you are the 50% that makes it. If you are that statistic that doesn’t last well, enjoy your new life of paying money for things you don’t have, and wishing you could see the children you love more.
    In a world where “Bridezillas” is a popular show, watch out men!
    Girls dream of that one day, that one party they call their wedding. THEIR wedding. Men just hope to find a nice girl and get married. we know its surviving marriage as a whole.


    Comment by Ken | August 7, 2013 | Reply

  12. Welcome to MARRIAGE 2.0 …


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | September 12, 2013 | Reply

  13. When my son gets older I’m going to tell him that if he sleeping with a girl he bad better be prepared to marry her if she gets pregnant. And if he does get a girl pregnant and leaves her then ill leave him. If he.ever hits a girl ill throw him a beating myself. He is definitely will not be allowed to bring skanks to my house. And last but not least i will never listen to any Mens rights BS from his mouth, otherwise he gets the boot. Hope all our conversations with our sons.about marriage goes well 🙂 next


    Comment by kyla george | December 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Awesome! My son will be the one living in the first house he payed before w/o any potential for someone to take it, living on 100% of his retirement, and at the beach while your son is in family court getting it handed to him.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | December 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Oh and since there is this little thing called the Internet with this article sitting on page one of the search engines getting 200 hits a day, I may have more opportunity to reach your son than you think.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | December 21, 2013 | Reply

    • Your bias is showing. You’re speaking of your own son as if he’s a piece of trash that should be beaten and tossed in the trash simply because he wouldn’t one day want to sign up for the crappy deal marriage is today.

      I’m surprised you would even read this article or did you even read it before commenting?


      Comment by big Jim | December 22, 2013 | Reply

  14. I live in NC and have been divorced since 1998 because my then wife decided to be with someone else. When I found out she was cheating she had me locked up by calling police and saying I threatened her. I was in jail for 4 days. Meanwhile she filed for emergency temporary custody of the kids, and a restraining order against me on behalf of her and the kids. I was not to go home anymore. I couldn’t see my kids, I couldn’t get any clothes or personal items, I was facing time in prison, and they gave her everything we had. Then she moved out and took everything. Yet I still couldn’t go home even to an empty house due to the restraining order. I was homeless and left with only the clothes on my back. Needless to say I lost my home altogether. It cost me more than 10,000 dollars to stay out of prison and I was found not guilty. I eventually built it all back up and won custody of my children and have raised them alone since 2000. The NC courts never made her pay ANY child support whatsoever. I have yet to receive a dime from her yet the court still gave her visitation rights every other weekend which she hasn’t exercised but twice in the last 3 years. I have never remarried and probably won’t. I teach my kids not to marry and learn from me, but now my oldest is 19 and lives with some girl that cheats on him and is now pregnant. He doesn’t even know for sure if it’s his child, yet he is so whipped that it doesn’t even matter to him. WTF? I guess we all have to learn the hard way. I also teach them that home is our sanctuary and if you bring a woman in that they can take over and possibly completely destroy you and everything you built. I also tell them that American women are pure concentrated evil and the laws supporting them are of Satan, and if a man wants to marry that he should look outside the US where the women are more traditional and are not so socialized into American thinking. I can promise you this, I will never make that mistake again as I have learned a very valuable lesson about women and North Carolina. I will end this by protesting NC domestic violence laws and proclaiming my everlasting hatred towards my ex-wife even to this day and I if I had to bet, I’d say that there is a nice warm place in Hell just for her. Not only for what she did to me, but for what she did to my kids. They were innocent victims of her recklessness. Men beware!


    Comment by jay | February 13, 2014 | Reply

    • I agree with you for the most part, but I’ve had relatives who’ve married foreigners. One was OK, but the other was just a ‘gold digger’. IMO, most foreign women looking for a man here are worse than the home team.
      I’m 45, never married. I have a male cousin who’s 58 and never married. Both of us, for all the reasons above. The law is stacked against men. MEN, DON’T DO IT. If you must date, spend your money on professionals. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you can find a good one at church. My granddad was a preacher. He had more stories than a daytime Soap Opera. The laws are stacked against men, and so are the courts.


      Comment by Dave | April 22, 2014 | Reply

      • Here’s an excellent article on why men should not get married. It’s long and will take a while. One nugget I found in it is that around 2/3rd’s of divorces are initiated by women. It explains in great detail how the institution of marriage has been ruined by ‘no-fault’ divorce.


        Comment by Dave | April 27, 2014

      • Sorry, forgot the link.


        Comment by Dave | April 27, 2014

  15. I applaud the truth being spoken. This will be mocked by some laughed at by others but most will see the truth when they look inside themselves and are honest with themselves. Keep up the good fight.


    Comment by Jamison | February 14, 2014 | Reply

    • It is disturbing that most men who mock us are the one’s that have never been married or in the family courts and then they come back to us after getting it all handed to them. But we are trying to get the message to sink in before it’s too late. Maybe if more younger men heard from multiple men early in life.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | February 14, 2014 | Reply

  16. I live in NC and have been divorced since 2008. My ex has moved on, remarried and had two other children with his now wife. I, have remained single, raised our son and aquired a college education. While I do agree that in the past men have always taken a beating in family court, I do have hope that this is changing, and rapidly. When I wanted to take a job out of state, the court decided that my son would be better off with his father and his step-family, than he would be with me, his single mother, despite the fact that it was a well paying job, with opportunities for advancement, in a state with better healthcare and education systems. To sum up, I, the mother, lost. I have never taken child support, nor alimony from him and have provided for our son on my own. In light of the court’s decision, I had no other choice but to stay in NC so that I may be a parent to my child. This was the right decision. I do feel that in the past dad’s have gotten the short end of the stick in family court, but I can tell you from experience, that this is not always so. When people speak of equality, I don’t think they actually understand the meaning of the word. Equal rights don’t mean just equal for one gender, race, religion, etc. They mean equal for everyone…and that’s how it should be.


    Comment by Allison | February 14, 2014 | Reply

    • Allison, please don’t think that because our organization’s name is NC Fathers we just advocate for non-custodial fathers. Our organization does not believe that fathers should have custody or that mothers should lose custody. We believe that BOTH parents should have custody and the state and federal environment to reward just one parent should reward both parents and empower them. That is of course for parents who want equal parentage, for those that do not, we think the current system is the perfect place for them. We are not advocating FORCED equal parentage for those that don’t want it.

      Our organization is very much on the side of non-custodial mothers, but in reforming the courts legislators and judges only know one mode and that is to empower one parent and marginalize the other and now they are creating more non-custodial mothers to even the stats out. This is wrong.

      However, having said all this, we still have a system that by and large hands it to men on a staggering level. I will even go so far as to say that for non-custodial mothers, they should probably not engage in marriage or child birth either under this system.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | February 14, 2014 | Reply

      • In a perfect world divorced parents would effectively co-parent their child. I wish people would stop thinking about themselves and consider the needs of their child first and foremost. Most people get divorced and it becomes a never ending battle of entitlement. I understand why you warn people away from marriage and child birth…too many get burned, but should there also be encouragement to move on and find a partner to share your life and children with? In most states, people who co-habitate for any length of time can also fall victim to alimony, asset division, etc. The system is extremely flawed but we shouldn’t all become hermits because of it. There can still be love in your life, it’s just prudent to be more careful about selecting a partner the second time around.


        Comment by Allison | February 14, 2014

      • Look at the failure rate of second time marriage compared to first, and the failure rate of third marriage compared to second marriage put out by the government.


        Comment by stompkinsnc | February 14, 2014

  17. I will not argue the merits of much is what is said here. There are valid points for both sides. However I would like to mention one or two things to consider in this modern world. Vasectomies can be reversed, and never, ever, no matter how old you are or your circumstances, get married without a prenup. People act differently if they know what the rules are going into any arrangement.


    Comment by Steve Thomas | March 12, 2014 | Reply

    • Steve, good points but actually a Judge can over rule a pre-nup in North Carolina under many conditions.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 12, 2014 | Reply

  18. Nice article to behold. Althought I am well aware of the negatives upon men in this evil environmet, it to have been written by a wise granny is something to cherish.

    Feminism is a gynocentric in the extreme, & will tolerate all manner of injustice to men, indeed will increase those injustices when possible, to serve the selfish ends defined by its upper echelons. The ideology literally REQUIRES it’s adherents to believe their interests are paramount whenever in question; that helping women is always the right answer. It requires a foundation of selfish thinking to be with.

    Denial of the suffering of others, & in some cases while openly delighting in it, is a feminist hallmark. Feminism appeals to the selfish little girl in women, with demands that she should “have it all”. & that anytime she doesn’t, it’s men’s fault. & it’s that scapegoating, the ‘othering’ of men that marks feminism as truly evil. As truly, unmitigated self interest on an industrial scale.

    Truth be told, feminism is a tool of the Marxist NWO elitists. The institutions & main stream media are theirs on loan to feminism to serve a purpose that we can agree on; to depopulate, dismantle relationships & families. Once their purpose has been totally served, there will be nothing good planned for men, women & children.

    Funny that women were used to destroy all that was once dearest to them.

    Politicians are NWO puppets, whether they know it or not. No one can be so stupid as not to see the negative effects of feminism in societies and not do something about it; unless of course it is by design.


    Comment by augustus | April 21, 2014 | Reply

    • I Agree. It is feminism in it’s radical form that is destroying marriage. Now of course,infidelity and other things that speed a marriage to its end is a whole other thing, and if that occurs, well THAT ends a marriage. So for victims of marital infidelity, yes of course, if your husband cheated, well hes a jerk.
      but that is not the focus of the article. In fact half the time, if it is the wife who cheats, and then they still blame it on the man. Watch lifetime.. if the man cheats hes an ass, if the woman cheats its because she is “unfulfilled” or something.
      therein lies the double standard that extreme feminism creates. To see the fairness, turn it upside down, of flip the genders. substitute he for she and vice versa and read it again. For instance, take that song about cheating revenge, have the man kick in headlights, carve his name into her car seats and key the car. How does that song end? with a restraining order and accusations of abuse., But flip it back to the original song and you have a female anthem of strength and solidarity.
      Now, do I think that women deserve equal pay for equal work? of course. I have worked with many hard working women, smart women, women I respect. But at the end of the day, if something is heavy, a man moves it, women have no trouble asking a man to go fetch that thing on the top shelf. And Men will do it, chivalry is not dead.
      My caveat to that is: If a woman wants to do a job that is the usual realm of men, I am all for it, But make sure you can do it. meaning if I need to get rescued from a burning building while unconscious, I believe any woman has the right to be that firefighter, just be able to pull my almost 200LBS ass out just the big Bertha to rescue me,l but dont send in Bambi the cute girl, unless she can actually save me.
      Women, I believe in equality. But also equal responsibility. Men hi 18 and sign up for the selective service, its the law.Women and children first on the lifeboats. Thats all fine with me. Just please radical feminists, dont pick and choose your equality, that is not equal.
      Spend a year being a divorced father, dutifully paying support, while his wife moves a married man into the house and reaps all the benefits. flip that over, how does it feel? Well in womens circles it seems fine, But many men deal with that. just try kicking in her headlights, just try. Nobody is singing THAT song.


      Comment by kEVIN | April 21, 2014 | Reply

  19. Men should not get married because they are going to always lose in the domestic courts regardless of anything. You are going to get up each day, bust your tail going to work, be responsible for people eating, bills paid, and if your wife decides she finds greener grass you are simply going to lose.

    Men should not have children for the same reason.

    Teach your sons not to get married and not to have children, stay out of the feminist controlled universities and get you a good technical college skill and work. Never get married, get a vasectomy, keep your homes, cars, boats, and live the good life. Stop believing the society driven teaching that marriage is awesome, I mean it is when it’s great but there is a very powerful system that quickly teaches women that things can be even greater with divorce and there are an army of lawyers just waiting to capitalize on it.

    Any man who reads this and get’s married you are a complete idiot and remember this article in about 7 years.


    Comment by Men Going Their Own Way | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  20. I get such a kick out of hearing paternal grandmothers cry about not seeing their grandchildren when they have no idea that when they were the wife they did exactly what the little girl is doing to your son now, the lawyers haven’t changed, you are just on the different side now. Suck it up buttercup and all that money you sent to the National Organization For Women was well spent huh grandma?


    Comment by JC | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  21. Men should not have children at all. I’m sorry, but any fool who does not have a vasectomy at 18 is asking to get the hammer.


    Comment by Hendrick | January 30, 2015 | Reply

  22. I live in NC and never will get married again because I love the woman I have been married to for 21 happy years. It will stay that way until we pass away.


    Comment by mike | September 22, 2015 | Reply

    • That is great Mike, but just know that if it ever goes south, 1) You will be blamed 2) You will lose in custody court 3) There will be the standard abuse claim 4) And you will be found guilty in the courts.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 23, 2015 | Reply

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