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Assemblyman Michael Montesano Of The New York Assembly – Vote NO!

Assemblyman Michael MontesanoAssemblyman Michael Montesano of the New York Assembly represents the 15th district of which tens of thousands of non-custodial parents, grandparents, step-parents, and other family members live and vote from. Additionally, Assemblyman Montesano also supports the creation of a New York most wanted deadbeat parents list and website and in this article we are going to explain why this is a bad idea, and why tens of thousands of non-custodial FAMILIES in the Assemblyman’s district should turn their backs on him in future elections even if you are a member of his political party. At first thought, rounding up criminalizing parents may seem like a good idea to the New York Assembly, but we are about to show you why it actually does not work and actually creates far greater problems for voters in your community. If you are a New York non-custodial FAMILY member, it is important that you join and help support FaFNY which is an organization trying to bring comprehensive and common sense family law reform in your State.

Our organization wants to remind non-custodial families, even if you made the choice to be non-custodial, that this issue very much affects you it is further important to realize that non-custodial families make up an enormous amount of voters in New York and the courts are creating more and more of you daily. If you desire to be an equal parent, grandparent, step-parent, or other family member, what Assemblyman Michael Montesano is proposing will make it much more difficult for you to be active in your kid’s lives. By not supporting FaFNY, you have nobody to be blame for your situation.

Before we outline why Assemblyman Michael Montesano and other members of the New York Assembly are making a bad decision in advocating for a New York statewide deadbeat parent most wanted list, we want to educate you on one of the biggest reasons politicians in New York have developed an incredibly polar family courts and why they actually need you far removed from your kids lives in order to receive Federal dollars for State Welfare programs.

Pursuant to the Social Security Act, Title IV, Part D, Section 458, each dollar that the State of New York collects in child support, they get back an equal match of money from this federal legislation that they can use to replenish social services programs. This means that for the non-custodial parent who pays $500 a month in child support, the State of New York gets $500 in federal money to pay for food stamps, WIC, Medicaid, TANF, and other programs. Given that these use of these programs are growing at a blinding pace, State politicians are at a loss on how to pay for it all. This is where YOU as a non-custodial family comes in. The more child support you pay, and through your inability to be an equal parent, or to have regular visitation, you are making Assemblyman Michael Montesano’s job easier in finding money to pay for these resources.

And who is it that gets the majority of these programs? It’s the custodial parent of your minor child who is able to escape prison, being on a most wanted list, and losing her kids because the State of New York is all too willing to monetize her children through providing daycare assistance, food assistance, job assistance, housing assistance, educational assistance, medical and dental assistance, and tax incentives. But the State and this custodial parent are quick to have you, your husband, your brother, or your son in prison for economic hardships?

In short, the reason why millions of New York non-custodial families are not able to get equal parentage of their children, grandchildren, step-children, and nieces and nephews is because of politicians like Assemblyman Michael Montesano and other members of the New York Assembly who have found a way to keep state programs running off your marginalization.

Republican Assemblyman Michael Montesano And New York Voters

Assemblyman Michael Montesano And The New York Assembly Must Not Support A Deadbeat Most Wanted List

Here is the argument Assemblyman Montesano is going to give voters in New York regarding a State deadbeat most wanted list and website. He is going to argue that this is for the best interest of the children which is a common theme politicians use because it elicits emotional feelings for children and makes people support legislation based on that emotion even when they have no idea what the legislation is doing, even when it is doing dangerous things and lining the pockets of those that make incredible amounts of money from a polar family court system. The New York Assembly members are also going to argue that you are bad parents and families who have considerable amounts of money and who are out on their yachts drinking fine wine while your kids are at home eating ramen noodles daily because of your actions.

Our question to New York non-custodial family voters is, are you sure this is really what is going on and do you appreciate the Assemblyman making these wildly misinformed statements? Are you really out on your yachts, or are you part of the hundreds of millions of people unable to find employment, or who may have fallen ill, or perhaps you are taking care of a dying parent or ill spouse?

Assemblyman Montesano will argue that if you don’t have the ability to take care of a child, you shouldn’t have fathered a child. But the Assemblyman will never ask the custodial parent why she brought a child into the world when she is unable to care for the child even if that conception took place after a mutually consensual one night stand will he? To us it sounds like the New York Assembly is giving custodial parents a considerable amount of right with no responsibility, but non-custodial families few rights with a lot of responsibility.

This is especially important for politicians to get on-board with now that 40% of children born in New York coming into the world via unmarried Mothers who will use public assistance to make ends meet. Perhaps this is why the New York Assembly are so steadfast in making non-custodial families pay for it all.

Other issues Assemblyman Michael Montesano must face reality on:

  • Continuing to criminalize parents and forcing them into a federal enforcement system after the State of New York prevented them in supporting their kids directly as equal parents is a sure fire way to light the spark for domestic violence and murder/suicides. Under a fair and equal system where there is nothing to fight over, parents will lose the incentive to battle.
  • 40% of the parents the Assemblyman proposes to put on a most wanted deadbeat parent list are parents who were never told they had children by the mother and have warrants out for arrest for kids they never knew they had to support.
  • A large number of the parents that will end up on the Assemblyman’s most wanted list will be putative fathers who have zero rights to their children, but who the State expects them to pay for.
  • An overwhelming majority of the parents who end up on the Assemblyman’s most wanted list will be parents in extreme poverty and who have no money to get competent legal counsel, or to correct the problems in the legal system that led to their situation. Assemblyman Montesano should be ashamed that he is advocating for one parent being imprisoned for poverty and inability to get legal counsel while the custodial parent is handed 8 State programs to make ends meet.
  • Assemblyman Montesano should be ashamed to say that he supports a system by which parents are put into a federal enforcement agency because they simply lost a custody battle. And, the Assemblyman should be ashamed that he does not support the idea that kids need both parents, not one parent in prison while the other waves her public assistance card. Perhaps if the Assemblyman created a system where the non-custodial parents where empowered to be equal parents you would see more children being taken care of.

Assemblyman Michael Montesano Must Not Win Re-Election

Really Assemblyman? Do you have ANY idea how the New York Family Courts handle active duty Fathers in court? This is a disgusting level of pandering and if you are a service member who got their butts handed to them in the family courts then this politician needs to hear from you.

New York Non-Custodial Families MUST Vote NO In Any Future Elections Assemblyman Michael Montesano Runs In, And Unite Around FaFNY As An Advocate For You In The New York Assembly.

Here is why we think non-custodial families are where they are as it relates to equal parentage and having politicians criminalize them for poverty, we think that Assemblyman Montesano is looking out for the roughly $80,000 lawyers make off JUST ONE FAMILY over 18 years under the current system.

On this fact alone, the Assemblyman can stick “best interest of the child” where the sun does not shine because in NO way are these rich lawyers paying for New York’s kids educational expenses, ability to put a down payment on a home, to start a business, or pay for medical care that parents COULD pay for if their money weren’t in the pockets of the very powerful lawyers lobby groups.

It is imperative that non-custodial families realize their importance as a enormous group of voters in New York that come from every gender, educational background, economic status, and cultural and ethnic background. It is also important for Women in non-custodial families to realize you get equally hurt in stupid decisions politicians like Assemblyman Michael Montesano makes.

With this in mind, we ask that you extensively and routinely share this article on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks so that other non-custodial families in New York can rally behind FaFNY and hold Assemblyman Montesano’s feet to the fire in creating a equal and fair system that is most assuredly in the best interest of children.

If New York non-custodial parents do not form an equally powerful and united association as the ones that advocate for your demise in the New York Assembly daily, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.


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  1. One has to wonder why there are so many State and County Politicians like Assemblyman Montesano. These politicians would sell their own mother to make cold hard cash. They involve themselves in the destruction of families for cash schemes operated my many sick and devilish lawyers and judges throughout the State. If ever I have the chance, I will be sure remove evil men and women like Montesano and the so called “law enforcement” that protects them. There is no child, no man, no woman safe from these sick, twisted and evil people who rape families. “Destruction is their end.” The Bible declares it. I will do everything I can to see Montesano and other parasites like him erased.


    Comment by Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller | July 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Pastor Paul, thank you for commenting, one just has to wonder if the Assemblyman realizes just how many non-custodial families there are in the State in his own political party, or how many there are in parties that oppose him. This really is a no brainer politically because it affects black, white, brown, purple, men, women, rich, poor, etc…

      I guess he is more concerned about rich lawyers.

      New York Assembly Republicans


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 29, 2013 | Reply

  2. Assemblyman Michael Montesano is a HUGE supporter of the DEADBEAT MOST WANTED in New York.

    Most people who fall behind in child support is because they COULD NOT PAY IT not because they didn’t want to.
    All a DEADBEAT MOST WANTED will do is put parents who have fallen on hard list on list online where their kids can see them. This obviously will be injurious to the child in many way.There are are already plenty of things the government does to enforce child support payments.. JAIL, suspension of licenses etc.

    This is a cheap way to look like you are doing something that will help but actually doing something that with harm parents and children.


    Comment by Jack Frost | August 1, 2013 | Reply

  3. Assemblyman Michael Montesano doesn’t understand what he is in support of,The “ATYPICAL” Politician who support what they are ignorant about because it “feels good” …we can only wish he falls upon hard times and get his name put on the list he so admittedly supports.


    Comment by Doug Smith | August 1, 2013 | Reply

  4. This is a medieval way of handling the enforcement of an obsolete and corrupt law.
    male politicians will do anything to make themselves look good to the feminists. Corrupt politicians do more damage to society. Publish a list of the 10 most corrupt leaders.
    Life in the liberal millennium!


    Comment by joe maggio | August 1, 2013 | Reply

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