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Nancy Emslie – Director of Finance and Administration At NCCADV

Nancy Emslie at the NC Coalition Against Domestic ViolenceNancy Emslie is the Director of Finance and Administration at the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCCADV), and the intention of this article is to ask her some questions hoping that she will be able to resolve some concerns that we have. Actually, you can read more about our concerns HERE, but this article will be a continuation of the topics in the other article to make a point. If you do not have time to read the other article, simply put, our concern is that Nancy Emslie and others at the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence are running a gender and sexual politics organization aimed at hurting young boys and Men rather than ending ALL Domestic Violence. And, we have some real concerns that this organization continues to get Federal and State dollars to do that. We make this claim on the grounds that the NCCADV blames patriarchy and gender oppression as the chief causes of Domestic Violence in NC, has tremendous amounts of data helping Women, Lesbians, and Women from other cultures, but very little data about Male on Male Domestic Violence and certainly none about Female on Female Domestic Violence even though national statistics show that Women commit Domestic Violence about 8 percentage points below Men. Now I know what the casual reader is going to say that we are way off base in writing a article to Nancy Emslie and the NCCADV because Women suffer more Domestic Violence, which is true. But is the answer to that simply to overlook all other forms of Domestic Violence and play gender politics and a blame game? Or, should we put gender and sexual politics aside and ALL work together to end all violence? But again, that point is made very clear along with many other concerns we have for the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Nancy Emslie in our previously linked blog.

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Coalition at University Campus

Domestic Violence Worker Arrested For Domestic Violence

The purpose of this blog is to point out that Women are violent against their husbands, parents, boyfriends, and children and to call foul on the NCCADV for not paying attention to it and using only Male on Female violence to fund raise and derive political power. We also want Nancy Emslie to know that it is unfortunate that the the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence refuses to acknowledge the systemic nature of false allegations that are used by Women in custody matters as a tactical advantage in the family court which Women in paternal families are coming to us and screaming about. The NCCADV can continue to keep their head in the sand on this one because the victims of this are Men, but this problem is only going to begin to draw a dark cloud of suspicion over ALL cases of Domestic Violence is this is not dealt with. Additionally, we want to point out to Women in paternal families that the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one of the largest organizations fighting against family law reform and for the presumption of equally shared parenting on the grounds that if this happens, your sons, brothers, fathers, and new husbands will hurt their children and ex-spouse.

there is no excuse for domestic violence

We are all for very strong Domestic Violence laws in North Carolina, but this game of gender and sexual politics, along with the numbers of professional lobbyist who make a living off violence actually continuing is disgusting.

We also want to point out that the NCCADV is not doing a very good job of ending violence because since VAWA came into existence, nothing is getting better. And we suspect it never will as long as organizations like this are playing political games with it and blaming. Or, is it possible that the name of the game is not ending violence, but using it as an emotional ideological and gender game to drive major funding into the hands of pseudo political lobbyist? Also, I see nothing from Nancy Emslie about treatment of male domestic violence offenders, but a whole lot of talk about transferring their assets to Women, losing their jobs, incarcerating them, and making it such that they are stigmatized for their life and unable to get jobs. It just seems to us like male and young boy bashing and blaming rather than ending violence.

Nancy Emslie, Women Do Commit Domestic Violence, And Many Are Violence is Non-Domestic Situations. So Why Is The NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence Not Worried About ALL Violence?

Nancy, the images below are from Facebook in which a news organization ran a piece about how a NC Father forgives his female babysitter after she allowed his child to die because she was on Facebook. Notice how not one of the Men called for violence against her, but many Women did. Where is the patriarchy, and who is doing the gender oppression?

Nancy Emslie in Durham

nancy emslie - finance director

nc domestic violence

nancy and beth froehling

Nancy Emslie should realize that one of your biggest outrages is when Men say “Well She deserved it” and there “is an excuse for violence”, but how does she explain the three Women in this gem?

fund raising

So much for patriarchy on this one.

Nancy, it was even happening back in 1899.

Our question to Nancy Emslie is, do some children learn Domestic Violence by their mothers? Why is this research not on the NC Coalition Against Domestic Violence website?

NC Fathers is encouraging Nancy Emslie and other at the NC Coalition to go to Youtube and search “Woman beats her 8 month old baby” and sign in with your Google account. It’s so disturbing Youtube had to force age limits. What did Google staff learn from this video Nancy?



Woman has sex in a car, let’s her children die in 130 degree heat. Meanwhile, if Father raises his voice at the Mother for killing his children, he will be arrested for Domestic Violence. But, the Women in the post earlier in this article from Salisbury can joke about violence on Men?

Nancy Emslie and the NCCADV have some explaining to do, here is a police blotter showing three Women arrested for Domestic Violence, one of which was between two Women. According to this organization’s website, that is not supposed to happen, or at least be publicized.

Check back in a few days as we plan on filling this page and others with what the NCCADV and their biased news organizations refuse to tell you, that Women are just as violent as Men AND BY overlooking that fact, we believe that Nancy Emslie and the NCCADV are doing a HUGE disservice to NC Women, their Sons, and voters.


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  1. These organizations filled with men hating women need to be torn down. BIASED sexist opinions only make you look bad Nancy.


    Comment by W-T-F | August 9, 2013 | Reply

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