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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin And Baby Veronica – Your Activism Needed

Republican Governor Mary FallinOklahoma Republican Governor Mary Fallin, as it relates to the baby Veronica and Dusten Brown matter, has lost all respect one can imagine with this organization. Unfortunately, being a NC organization for Fathers Rights and Equally Shared Parenting, Governor Fallin probably does not care what we think, but in this article we are going to give compelling information that many Oklahoma families should consider in future elections Governor Fallin runs in, as well as future elections any Republicans run in as they are complicit in this matter. Here is the problem for the Governor, according to the national census done in 2007, it was found that 40.7 percent of children in the United States were born to parents who were not married, a figure that rose 8 percentage points from just six years prior. In 2013, it is estimated that well over 46% of children in the U.S. are being brought into the world in very complex legal situations which the Oklahoma Governor and Republicans in the State refuse to do anything about. To add more problems to this disturbing data, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is complicit in not fixing Okla. Stat. tit. 10, § 7501-1.2 which simply states that:

A birth mother is under no obligation to inform the putative father of her pregnancy. In fact, if a birth mother creates an adoption plan during her pregnancy, she is not required to serve the Notice of Plan for Adoption on the putative father. If a putative father is served a Notice of Plan for Adoption, he must follow one of the options outlined in the notice. If he fails to act upon the Notice of Plan for Adoption, his failure to act will be seen by a court as a denial of interest in asserting parental rights and will be sufficient grounds to terminate his parental rights.”

Furthermore, that…

Oklahoma law places the burden upon the putative father to learn if a pregnancy resulted from a relationship with the birth mother.


Clarification: At the time this article was published, Dusten Brown is not incarcerated or on his way to South Carolina to answer to the charges Governor Haley wants him to answer to even though he turned himself in after Governor Fallin signed an arrest warrant for him. Dusten has an Oct 3rd, 2013 hearing which could decide if he is extradited or not.

Republican Governor Mary Fallin And Dusten Brown

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, A RepublicanIn short, the Baby Veronica Brown and Dusten Brown case simply revolves around a disgusting and unethical law in Oklahoma that allows Mothers to conceive a child with a Man 46% of the time, never tell him, start an adoption, and put the burden on the Father in a VERY short period of time to discover that all this is happening and try to stop it. Of course, the obvious 800 lb gorilla in the room is how was Dusten Brown supposed to provide support to Baby Veronica and the Mother if there is a system in place that advocates him never knowing?

As stated earlier, our organization had little respect for Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin in the beginning of this article, but knowing about Okla. Stat. tit. 10, § 7501-1.2 and the burden the Governor is placing on families related to almost half of children born in Oklahoma, our level of disrespect is now through the roof.

But in the Baby Veronica and Dusten Brown matter, it gets worse.

Governor Mary Fallin has information that Dusten Brown was being deployed to Iraq while all of this was going on and expected him to discover a pregnancy that the State advocates him never knowing about, to begin legal proceedings, and do so while shipping off to defend this county as a U.S. soldier.  Knowing this, our level of disrespect is now at a extreme anger because it is not Dusten Brown who has created the problems that Governor Fallin says he is not working to fix, it is fact the Oklahoma statutes that have created this controversy which is likely having serious implications on now 4 yr old Veronica. And then for her to sign an arrest warrant on him so that he can be extradited to another stand to stand before a Judge on felony charges?

Here Are The Groups Of People We Think Should Take Issue With Governor Mary Fallin and Republicans In The State Of Oklahoma As It Relates To The Baby Veronica Adoption Case:

  • Every Father in the State of Oklahoma, be it a putative father, divorced father, or married father. To us, the Governor has shown that she has no value in Fathers and we suspect her Family Courts follow her lead.
  • Every Woman in a paternal family. It is hard to imagine that Women in Dusten and Veronica’s life are not experiencing the same level of anxiety, despair, and pain that they are experiencing and we are proud to see many Women standing up for Veronica and Dusten.
  • Every single member of the Cherokee Nation.
  • Oklahoma Mothers with Sons who may one day see their grandchildren go through a unethical adoption.
  • Every US. Armed Forces service member who either will become a father one day, or is currently a father.
  • Every Oklahoma citizen who advocates for biological parents rights.

In a State with roughly 3,814,820 citizens it is hard to imagine that well over 50% of the State does not belong or is related to someone in the groups above and we believe everyone above should join in supporting the Standing Our Ground For Veronica Brown movement. Additionally, we also believe that Governor Fallin (And potentially Republicans as a whole) should lose any future respect and political support.

It is important in viewing the video below to realize what is going on here. In Oklahoma, there is a law that says Dusten Brown (A BIOLOGICAL FATHER) does not have to be told he is a Father of a child or that an adoption is taking place and will face extradition to another State to answer to felony charges at the hands of adoptive parents if he refuses to hand over a child Oklahoma makes impossible for him to legitimate despite gearing up for deployment to Iraq. And this is America Governor Fallin?

We Believe Governor Mary Fallin And State Republicans Are Pandering To The Enormous Adoption Industry And Using The Baby Veronica Case As Precedent

While the baby Veronica Brown and Dusten Brown saga has gained national attention leading many to believe that this case is unique, the fact is there are hundreds of thousands of other biological fathers in the State of Oklahoma who have experienced this exact same scenario based on Okla. Stat. tit. 10, § 7501-1.2 and the adoption industry loves it. And, there is little doubt that the very powerful adoption lobby in Oklahoma does not have the ear of Governor Fallin.

Furthermore, when most Oklahoma citizens think of adoption, they probably see it as a system that is giving children a chance at better home, or a home at all. Unfortunately, the baby Veronica case has now smeared that thinking as  many people across the country can easily imagine adoption agencies sitting before birth mothers with a smile on their face excoriating a birth father so that an adoption can take place, so that a lawyer who handles the adoption can get richer, so that an adoption agency can market themselves, and so that an enormous group of lobbyist can feel safe in claiming that all putative Fathers (Your sons, brothers, and friends) are horrible people who deserve to have their children adopted out even if they weren’t allowed to know they had a child in the first place.

Let there be NO mistake about it, the adoption agencies love the fact that 46% of Oklahoma newborns have no legal Fathers which helps an industry flourish. And JUST on these grounds alone, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin needs to feel enormous political heat on this because she knows it is happening every single day.

Furthermore, we think few in Oklahoma and South Carolina realize the fact that the adoptive parents in the baby Veronica matter are actually being setup for failure.

If Dusten Brown loses Veronica, it is hard to imagine that at 12:01 on her 18th birthday, when no Governor, No Judge, and certainly the adoption parents can stop Dusten from walking back into Veronica’s life and showing her what transpired 14 years ago, we suspect that Veronica will then have very serious contempt for the people she thought had her best interest at hand. They can move her out of the country, change her name, or whatever, but there has been to much publicity in this case for this child not to learn about it at the age of 18.

Immediate Activism Needed Against Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin As It Relates To The Baby Veronica Brown Matter

  • In an effort to put Governor Mary Fallin’s name at the top of all global search engine results, please FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS HERE.
  • Tweet this article to Governor Fallin and Oklahoma State Republicans. @GovMaryFallin and @officialOKGOP
  • Input this article into comments and a message to the Facebook page of Governor Fallin and the Facebook page of the Oklahoma State Republican Party.
  • Share this article extensively and routinely on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other related social networking sites.
  • Leave extensive comments on this article using the comment system below.
  • Do not forget this case. It will be very easy to forget this case in future elections for many people. We ask that you continue to follow this matter regardless of what happens and to hold Governor Mary Fallin and Oklahoma Republicans accountable in ALL future elections unless they resolve this successfully for Dusten and Veronica Brown.

We think it is important to state again that the numbers of voters in Oklahoma this case is hurting, or has the potential to hurt is enormous. This case is a direct slap in the face of Fathers and Women in their families who love their grandchildren, nieces and nephews, step-children, and step-siblings. This case is a slap to the Cherokee Nation. This case is a slap in the face of Men in our Armed Forces, and it is a slap in the face of biological parents rights.

The adoptive parents in this matter have the option to adopt another child regardless of how painful it may be to them. Dusten Brown will never have the opportunity to have another Veronica Brown, and Veronica Brown will never have another biological Father.

Please stop unethical adoptions in Oklahoma, and by all means pull every ounce of voter and political support away from Governor Mary Fallin and State Republicans who support her if this matter is not resolved correctly.


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  1. Be careful who you support! Fathers are sometimes not told of a pregnancy and really want to be fathers. This was NOT the case here. Brown knew of the pregnancy when the mother was 1 month pregnant and chose not to have any contact with his baby until 4 months after she was born! Most men want their children and work hard for a relationship, even against all odds. Brown, however, is not one of those guys. See the court testimony before you sign on to advocate for this guy; the text above has many factual errors. Here’s the Supreme Court of the US’s ruling:


    Comment by Bonnie Cleaveland | September 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Bonnie your agenda is clear, but your facts are skewed. The birth mother in this matter didn’t want anything to do with Dusten and kept him away. And there is that little well known fact of deployment. Good try though.

      Republican Governor Mary Fallin And Adoption


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 7, 2013 | Reply

      • How do you know that Dusten Brown did not offer to support his daughter? All your information comes from the birth mother’s side only, who has the interest to stick to her case. Actually, while you make this sound so bad, that he only stopped the adoption when Veronica was 4 months old, it does not sound so bad at all. He knew his fiance was pregnant, whatever happened between them ( who left whom, etc. ) he did not know about the plan to adopt, he did not know Veronica left the state straight out of the hospital with the pre-adoptive parents. And this is not contested by anyone. As soon as he found out about the adoption he started fighting it. Why is is so hard for people to reach the most plausible conclusion, that in that time before he knew about the adoption pans, he hoped to come to an arrangement with her mother, something involving child support and visitations. He did not consider not seeing his daughter ever again. Isn’t it obvious?


        Comment by Kinga Locklear | September 12, 2013

    • Read the original SC Family Court testimony to see Christine Maldonado testimony that she cut Dusten Brown out of her life, and likely did so with a plan in place to adopt out her child (for a profit, at that). CM and the Capobiancos testify that they knew that Veronica was NOT a child available for adoption and that Dusten Brown would never consent to her adoption, so they had to do an end run of rapid public relations and use familial, political and professional connections to circumvent his right to his child. Given that Dusten’s supposed relinquishment of his “rites” was non-admissable evidence as it would have required the larger context of the text conversation that it occurred in and the submittal of the phone it was received on, two things that the Cs legal team were not willing to hand over to the court, and I’m sure they weren’t willing to do so because it would have showed the specific coaching support that the adoption industry offers mothers who want to relinquish their children and who need to bypass unwilling biological fathers in doing so. Read an adoption industry webpage and the language is blatant…birth fathers are a mere impediment to their greater purpose, which is to procure and sell children to well-to-do infertiles. Dusten’s rights were not terminated until the SC Family Court finalized the adoption after the erroneous SCOTUS ruling. We can, and should, focus on the larger picture…too often, children’s rights concur with father’s rights, and no child, including Veronica Brown, should have been taken from her willing, loving father because of the needs of two biological strangers who, because of laws written by the adoption industry to define fatherhood in a manner that behooves them and allows them to steal children, had a quasi-legal claim to a child who is not, nor never will be, “theirs.” The amount of corruption, political cronyism, and larger agendas present in the Veronica Brown kidnapping are shocking, and indicative of the sorry state of adoption in this country. Oh, and tweets sent.


      Comment by Mary Ellen Halpin | November 12, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thank you for pointing out to Governor Fallin that this is also a Mothers issue. Roughly half of all Mothers in Oklahoma have Sons who may very well experience this adoption problem if it is not addressed.


    Comment by Karen in Tulsa Oklahoma | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  3. I have supported Governor Mary Fallin and Republicans in the past and I can’t imagine that my support for the party will change because of this issue. However, with that said, I think this is an extremely important issue for Fathers and paternal related Women in our families. While I can not turn my back on Republicans, I can for this Governor and will support any Republican challenger she has in ANY future elections she runs in based solely on this matter.


    Comment by Tom Bailey | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  4. Oh my god you hit the nail on the head with the statement that the adoptive parents will lose this child at 18 anyway and are being setup for failure. I too support Dusten, his family, and supporters in finding this child at 18 should things go badly for her. I can’t imagine ANY adoptive parent wanting a child who right now is laying in her Fathers arms calling him daddy. Perhaps we need to re-think our idea that adoptive parents are good people.


    Comment by Susan in Oklahoma | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  5. Great article and thank you for supporting standing our ground for veronica brown. This is indeed a sad day for everyone in Oklahoma and the Cherokee people.


    Comment by Gerald | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  6. I just came across this article after searching this subject. Kind of remarkable that this article is showing up alongside the major traditional media and definitely has good points that neither of those media agencies are touching on. I too am a Father who was screwed by our family courts in Oklahoma so I can certainly identify with this page. In addition to fixing this adoption issue, the Governor needs to fix the completely biased family courts for Fathers, Grandmothers, and the Children who go through hell in the process.


    Comment by Anderson | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  7. It is impossible for me to support Governor Mary Fallin again in any endeavor she decides for a future in politics and I am a Republican. Thank you for this article.


    Comment by Shelby in Oklahoma | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  8. In a cynical way, I am kind of glad Governor Fallin signed an extradition order on Dusten, not because I think he should be or will be. I’m glad she did because this is going to infuriate Male voters and Women related to Men with children and hopefully cause a backlash of Fathers Rights in Oklahoma.


    Comment by Michael in Tulsa | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  9. We are an adoptive couple in South Carolina who supports Dusten and baby Veronica although she isn’t a baby anymore. We can’t imagine anyone in our situation who would want to adopt a child no matter how bad they want one to sever a biological bond and ESPECIALLY not after seeing the second video in your article of her calling him daddy. I sincerely hope these adoptive couples have not shattered the idea that adoptions are good in this country when they are done ethically.


    Comment by Kelly and Gerald in Charleston SC | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  10. If Governor Fallin can still extradite Dusten Brown after seeing that video of her calling him daddy, then there is a special place in political hell for this Woman. I swear this has the smell of radical feminist Man/Father haters


    Comment by Jim in Oklahoma | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  11. I am praying for beautiful baby veronica and her biological family. I am also praying for the adoptive parents to relent and show this little girl the greatest love, and that is to let her be raised with her biological father and family.


    Comment by Crystal Jackson of Tulsa | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  12. I echo the comments of the person above who stated that this is very much a Mothers Rights issue as well. If these unethical adoptions are allowed to continue, then there are going to be a LOT of paternal grandmothers weeping in Oklahoma.


    Comment by Tammy | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  13. What happens when gay marriage becomes law and these now legally married couples want to adopt by the millions? They sure are going to need a lot of heterosexual Mothers and Fathers losing or giving up their children and I wonder how the adoption lobby will fight then?


    Comment by Sharon in support of baby veronica | September 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Sharon you make a good point and one I hope the LGBT community will be mindful of when they do become legal couples and want to adopt children. Hopefully, they will want both parents to have equal opportunities to relinquish rights to children and not support a back-handed system where on or even both parents are encouraged to give up adoption.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Sharon, studies have shown that a majority of LGBT couples that do adopt tend to adopt older children, minority children, and special needs children, not newborns. In other words, adoptive LGBT couples are not likely to drive the market for “womb wet” babies up, but they will make a dent in the millions of foster children who are seen as less desirable than a baby that can be possibly be molded in the image of the adopted parents. Largely, it is upper middle class, white, Christian couples that drive the adoption market for babies, hence the power of the adoption lobby. I very much doubt that the Veronica Brown case would not have progressed to it’s current status had the Capobianco’s been a gay couple, nor one without means and political connections that their affluent white status gives them.


      Comment by ME Halpin | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  14. Don’t let my statement be an excoriation of adoptive parents, but rather a call to action for ethical adoptive parents across this country to change all State laws that allow for this to happen in the first place. This case has to call into question what we used to think of adoption and adoptive parents being good. God bless baby veronica.


    Comment by Amberlynn | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  15. I believe that Veronica should be with her biological Daddy and family, there is a lot of children in this world who need a family, but Veronica has a family, that other couple need to adopt a child that is unwanted and needs a loving family. It seems to me that it is now a ownership thing for the other couple, they seem to want to win at any cost like she was object and not a living, breathing little girl who is happy with her biological family. Little girls grow up and the resentment she will hold against the other couple and all of their family will be very hard for that other family to handle, I only hope if Dusten loses Veronica that when she grows up she does not go off the rails because of having lost her real family, all children want and need to be raised by their biological parents and family not by strangers her birth person ( I can not call her a mother, as a mother would have wanted her father to be part of her life.) did not want her and sold her or gave her not sure which, to the other family and that family knew the father had been kept in the dark. They knew that it was illegal to adopt a Native American child, but went ahead anyway, while her real father was fighting to keep people like them safe. SHAME SHAME they should be so ashamed of what they were a part of, but they are not they are prepared to take Veronica away from her biological family and damn every thing that anyone with a HEART knows is the correct thing to do. I do not care what is in the future for this other couple they deserve to be heartbroken when Veronica rejects them, but I am very concerned how Veronica will handle life in the future without her biological father and family, such as siblings all children should be raised around their brothers and sisters, Veronica has an older half sister and I am pretty sure that Dusten and his wife plan to have other children, who Veronica has a right to grow up with, i know that the birth person has other children but she did not seem to care that Veronica would not grow up with them. BEFORE any one starts going on about open adoption and being able to see Veronica, she still did not want to be Veronica’ s mother. So if that other couple are reading this go and find other children who are now grown up and speak to them about how hard it will be for Veronica to be without her biological father and family and then maybe just maybe you will leave Veronica and her Daddy and family alone, I hope you both accept the truth that you are WRONG to go ahead with this,and find another child that needs a family and leave Dusten and Veronica alone. GOD BLESS DUSTEN AND VERONICA AND PLEASE KEEP THEM TOGETHER..


    Comment by Gracee Moon | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  16. Governor Fallin used the excuse that Dusten would not negotiate in this case as a reason for issuing an arrest warrant and extradition. Biological parents should not have to comply with their own government to be a parent much less be arrested. Dusten would not be in this position if it weren’t for this sick law that lets Mothers keep a pregnancy and adoption secret, and furthers this adoption industry. God bless baby veronica!


    Comment by Jasmin in Oklahoma | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  17. Let us pray that around age 12 Veronica starts to pick up on things as all adopted children do, why she looks nothing like the adoptive parents, why there are all these documents on the Internet about her, her daddy, pictures and videos with her daddy. Then at 18 let her excoriate the adoptive parents for making her a possession rather than letting her be with her culture and blood. These adoptive parents really make me sick. This is a dark cloud over American, Oklahoma, and South Carolina adoptions.


    Comment by Nancy | September 7, 2013 | Reply

  18. What is disgusting is that Governor Fallin knows these adoption agencies come to meet birth mothers treating them like flowers and encouraging them not to identify our Sons, on what to say to make him appear like he isn’t supporting the birth or child. They do this to negotiate the Father out of the picture. It is a complete industry.


    Comment by Shelby | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  19. I’m not sure what everyone is in a uproar about. You folks act like this is the first time a Father and Child have gotten screwed over by the courts in Oklahoma. Men and women in their families are at fault for their own pain. You make up a huge populace in the State, yet you do nothing to organize to force changes in the State. So of course Governor Fallin is going to screw you over and help lobbyist run all over you. The minute you stand up to this Governor through Fathers Rights unification these unethical adoptions will stop.


    Comment by Gordon | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  20. God Bless Baby Veronica!


    Comment by Kimber | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  21. Hi NC Fathers,
    I saw your post last night regarding how the Governor is setting the Capobianco family up for failure on the standing our ground facebook page and ended up thinking about it all night. You are so right! When Veronica learns what they have done this child is going to hate these poor souls.


    Comment by Jennie S In Tulsa | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  22. We must work to put an end to all adoptions until this adoption law in Oklahoma is fixed. This case is taking what is supposed to be a good thing and turning it into a bad thing.


    Comment by Jasmine | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  23. I agree with Gordon, Governor Mary Fallin and her family courts have been screwing Fathers since she took office and she has not lifted a finger to stop it. Why is everyone surprised?


    Comment by Trent J | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  24. Governor Fallin and Republicans must hate a hit for this politically. I am encouraging all Republican voters to support any oppositional candidate that runs against any incumbent. This is an outrageous adoption law and an outrageous set of circumstances to put Veronica through. I mean seriously, does anyone grasp what the Governor is going to do here? She is going to take a child who is in her Fathers arms for the past two years using law enforcement and ship her off to South Carolina. Why are you people not rioting?


    Comment by Matt | September 8, 2013 | Reply

    • Matt, I get your frustration and anger at the Governor in Oklahoma, but we simply cannot advocate for riots and violence.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | September 8, 2013 | Reply

  25. A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    Bonnie Cleaveland, a psychologist in Charleston SC, frequently campaigns on behalf of the Capobiancos. But she is a vocal supporter of the Coalition for the Protection of Indian Children and Families. The CPICF was started in 2012 to campaign for greater access of Indian children through white adoptions. Jessica Munday of Trio Solutions in SC is also a member as is Melanie Duncan Capobianco. As an anti-treaty rights group cloaked as a children’s welfare organization, CPIFC attempts to diminish or destroy tribal sovereignty.

    The CPICF’s intention is not for the welfare of Baby Veronica but for the furtherance of its anti-treaty agenda. They spread anti-ICWA propaganda and actually have the audacity to manipulate a quote from the great Nez Perce leader Chief Joseph to support their anti-Indian cause.

    This group also includes Troy “the Locator” Dunn who appeared with Johnston Moore on Dr. Phil in 2012 bashing ICWA. Little did Dr Phil know he was manipulated by these Christian right wing groups, many of whom are Tea Party supporters.


    Comment by Jon Lynch | October 6, 2013 | Reply

    • We support Veronica and Dusten, along with the Oklahoma and SC adoption agencies that are capitalizing on broken families. However, we resist that this is a “white attack” on Indian kids and families. Why? Because there are millions of white fathers who have had the same thing happen to Dusten, and there are millions of white kids like Veronica.

      The problem is that 42% of our nation’s kids are being born to non-married parents, and in every state there is a law saying that the father has no rights which leaves the adoption agencies and lawyers frothing at the mouth.

      This issue is not something happening to just Indian children. It happens daily to all putative fathers regardless of race, culture, or heritage.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | October 6, 2013 | Reply

  26. You and Jon are both right. I noticed that the Baby Veronica case has alerted more and more single bio fathers to get involved. The Standing Our Ground for Veronica Brown has many likes for fathers’ groups as well.

    But let us not forget another warning. Jessica Munday is owner of Trio Solutions in Mt Pleasant, SC, the PR firm working on behalf of adoptive Baby Veronica parents Melanie Duncan and Matthew Capobianco. Munday and her staff including Brad Caricofe launched a vicious campaign against the biological father Dusten Brown with innuendos and lies about how he was a “deadbeat dad” and how he tried to “manipulate” his girlfriend Christy Maldonado into marrying him. Are we to look forward to PR firms like Trio Solutions launching mud slinging campaigns against single bio dads? The odd thing is, Brad Caricofe exposedt Dusten’s criminal record. But Brad or Bradley Caricofe also has a record that shows up on background checks as well. Nice going, Ms. Munday!


    Comment by Kevin O. | October 11, 2013 | Reply

  27. Utah adoption laws are worse than SC! Saw this posted from a Washington Post article on Apr 14 2010 “The baby he’s never met; VA. father fights for child his girlfriend sent to Utah for adoption” regarding bio father John Wyatt and fight for his daughter. Sounds familiar?

    “The case, which has become the talk of the nation’s close-knit circle of adoption lawyers since the Wyatts appeared on the “Dr. Phil” show, is the latest to spotlight Utah adoption laws that experts say are unusually tough on unmarried fathers….’Utah risks becoming a magnet for those seeking to unfairly cut off opportunities for biological fathers to assert their rights to connection with their children,’ Chief Justice Christine Durham wrote in dissent.”

    Joan Hollinger, a University of California at Berkeley professor said Utah laws and court decisions “make it virtually impossible for an out-of-state father to prevent the adoption of an out-of-wedlock child when the mother is determined to go forward.”

    “…Lawyers say the powerful Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with its emphasis on family values, has strongly encouraged adoption-friendly laws. “The Utah statutes can be harsh, but they are looking at what’s best for the child: stable placements and two-parent families,” said David Hardy, a lawyer for LDS Family Services, a Mormon Church-affiliated adoption agency that is among the nation’s largest.”


    Comment by Kevin O. | October 11, 2013 | Reply

  28. Thank you for covering this travesty. It has been just heartbreaking to see the system favor the rich SC adoptive parents riding rough shod over the father of Veronica. From the get-go, the Capobianco’s violated many laws in my opinion, and conspired to hide the child and the adoption from a national guardsman just as he is deployed into Iraq.

    My father raised me as my mother was in and out of hospital in my youth. When she first went in, he had to send me and my siblings to his older brother and his wife and family in another state, so that the state of Texas would not take us from him.

    My nephew today is raising four kids by himself. The latest figures I heard over the summer gives an astonishing 25% for percent of single parent families headed by the father. That is a huge shift from decades past.

    Clearly we have farther yet to go. Fathers have rights too! Every conscious father should be raising cain over South Carolina’s laws withholding recognition of an unwed biological father’s rights to be a parent!


    Comment by Stephanie H | October 14, 2013 | Reply

  29. Great suggestion about Fallin! I would also add that it’s always interesting to see the Capobiancos views and what their spin doctors Jessica Munday and Bradley Caricofe of Trio Solutions in South Carolina are saying. Jessica Munday’s defense on FB that she posted of the recent $1 million + lawsuit by the Capobiancos against Brown is telling in the hatred she spews against birth fathers.. .

    “Veronica is doing wonderfully and the attorneys have every right to sue the Cherokee Nation. Come on …. You know that Brown isn’t going to have to pay a dime. She is home where she should be and her teen years will be far from hell. The fact of the matter is that Veronica’s birth father should have never taken her in the first place. The US Supreme Court confirmed our belief that this was wrong. More than 30 attorneys DONATED their time for nearly two years (think about that and let is sink in for a moment). This was and always has been about a birth mother that was abandoned, chose life for her child and gave her a better life than she could provide and a set of parents that did what any parents would do to reunite with their daughter. [Any] mother and woman should be appalled. A state court erroneously allowed her birth father to rip her from her family and keep her isolated from them and her birth mother for more than 20 months. This adoption occurred solely because he unequivocally rejected his parental rights. Perhaps you are unaware that he testified that he was more than happy to relinquish his parental rights so long as Veronica’s birth mother assumed full responsibility for Veronica. In other words, he made it clear that Veronica was not his problem, at least when it came to parental responsibilities. The blatant lawlessness by the birth father and his Tribe created an enormously dangerous situation for an innocent child whom the birth father and Tribe sequestered on tribal lands away from her only parents. Thankfully, with support from many incredible people, intelligent and dedicated people, we were able to bring Veronica back home where she belongs.”


    Comment by jonathan g. | November 12, 2013 | Reply

  30. Mary Fallin, it’s over for you in politics lady. Good riddance. You are sickening.


    Comment by Sam | November 21, 2013 | Reply

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