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Mother’s Rights Activist, What Does Their Message Look Like?

Mother's Rights activist and family courtsMother’s rights activist are out in full force to protest the Divorce Corp movie that is set to be shown in early January of 2014 and we thought it was important to cover some of their activism to show that there is clearly a script that has been developed for them by groups who have an interest in not seeing family court reform because they know the family courts are clearly in the favor of women and children and at the demise of a father who wants to have a somewhat normal life with his child after divorce or relationship breakdown. Our article will show that mother’s rights groups are interested in maintaining an unequal system, where father’s rights groups advocate for a more balanced and fair system. This article should be a wake-up call for the hundreds of millions of women in paternal families who have very little access with their step-children, grandchildren, and step-siblings because of mother’s rights activist.

In looking at the activist below, one common theme emerges, and that is the notion that we should not have a equal system in the family courts because they allege that their ex-husbands or father of a child are domestic batterers and child molesters, thus all men are, including your sons ladies. When shown this information (a live blog updated hourly), mother’s rights activist claim that you are being misogynist in calling out the growing numbers of media reports showing that women are committing just as much domestic violence and child neglect and abuse. But, it is very appropriate that they call men out?

Additionally, it should be noted that many of the women who make public comments on the global Internet and social media sites belong to women’s rights group that advocate for equality for women. But this apparently does not apply to men who want equality in the family courts.

Furthermore, we intend to show that we think mother’s rights activist are doing their own sons a huge disservice by working so hard to maintain a system that will surely dispose of them in the family courts when they become fathers, and will likely work very hard to insure they they as paternal grandmothers have very little access to grandchildren. Our research shows that 60% of mothers have male children.

It should be noted that this organization, along with the thousands of other shared parenting organization that have come to life in the past decade, believes that no mother should ever lose custody of her children and be forced to live under a system that allows for another parent to alienate that child from her. But we do not think that this should happen for the father either.

In short, mother’s rights activist appear to believe in a system that is devastating to mothers who lose custody and who are alienated from their children, but are just fine with it as long as it is the father who experiences it, even if that father is one day her own son.

Consider this article a live blog which will be updated daily as we discover more.

Meet Caren Ragan, a mother’s rights activist who is very verbal on the Divorce Corp Facebook page and is very angry that the producers of this documentary have created a movie that calls out the destructive nature of the family courts. Ms. Ragan believes that the current family law system is skewed in favor of fathers and discounts the clear evidence that 85% of fathers lose custody and are subsequently alienated by mothers who have become entitled to believe that she can dispose of the father as a result. Ms. Ragan is clearly involved in many women’s rights groups that have for decades called for equality, but can’t seem to explain why they are against equality in the family courts except to say that all men are abusers and danger to children.

Caran Ragan fugutive from justice

Why is Caren Ragan only interested in women’s group instead of human rights and equality? A child advocate? Attempting to leave the country and becoming a fugitive from justice in attempting to leave the country with a child you did not have custody of is not a child advocate. Of course Ms. Ragan will say that she was just protecting her child from an abusive father who gained custody, but do you think she would be OK with a father who attempted to leave the country with a child he didn’t have custody of JUST because he believed that the mother was abusive? Of course not, and this underscores the mentality of many mother’s rights activist that demand a family court system ONLY in their favor.

Here are some other screenshots of Caren Ragan and her activism:

Caren Ragan, angry mother and activistOf course, if 85% of fathers who lose custody of their children were to protest Divorce Corp, Caren Ragan would be calling all of you misogynist kitten killers wouldn’t she?

Meet Tammy Risaliti, a mother’s rights activist who believes that the family courts are taking children away from good mothers and giving them to abusive fathers, and therefore ALL fathers in the world should never have custody or shared parenting. Yes mothers, that means YOUR son.

Tammy Risaliti and mothers

Tammy is claiming that NC Fathers is slandering her, and of course ran to her friend Barry Goldstein to whine about the alleged slander. Of course this is the same former attorney who uses “male supremacist” when talking about fathers. If you really want to see slander, then the image below is what you will want to look at.

Tammy Risaliti harassment

I guess Judge John Phillips, nor her ex-husband or his new wife would call that slander huh? Once again, these protective mothers love to bash others all over the Internet but get their tail feathers ruffled when you point out their hate speech? If you take a serious look at the writing style of Ms. Risaliti, it has many of the same type intimidation and anger style used by abusers. In fact, the language above meets the definition of domestic violence under NC law.

The problem Tammy Risaliti has is that the Internet and social media is full of protective mothers who are hurting and killing children but I guess she only believes that men and fathers should be outed as abusers?

Mental Health Care Tammy? You mean like this? You don’t want this for hundreds of millions of children across the country and just want to use social media and the Internet to call all fathers abusers and batterers?

protective mother does not feed kids

Despite tons of data like the images below, Tammy Risaliti is on the Internet saying:

protective mothers and batterered onesTammy Risaliti really needs to go to Google alerts and let this enormous search engine send her link after link after link of protective mothers killing kids, committing domestic violence, and being abusive – and she needs to stop living in a vacuum that is hurting a lot of women who have sons that are good fathers.

Again, NC fathers does not think that mothers should have custody taken from them, nor should the father. Some should however, as with the father. But this notion that ALL mothers are naturally protective humans and all fathers are child molesters and kitten killers is bordering on criminal and exactly why the courts are reforming, and why millions on non-activist women are pouring into father’s rights (for an EQUAL system) camps.

Meet Mo Hannah, who runs the battered mothers custody conference and is a professor:

National organization for women activistMo Hannah is probably our nation’s loudest mother’s rights activist who is invited to speak at countless women’s conferences and events and who can’t seem to get enough of calling out men for abusing women. But, like Caren Ragan and Tammy Risaliti, Mo Hannah just cant seem to find it in herself to search Google for the thousands upon thousands of articles, arrest blogs, social media reports, and news outlets who are reporting on mothers killing their children, husbands, and boyfriends. Mo Hannah tries desperately to get the world to see that only men and fathers are bad kitten killers, and all women are protective mothers.

The problem is seen below. Mo Hannah needs to wake up and realize that her efforts, while they may feel good surrounded by like-minded women she surrounds herself with, we suspect that women judges and legislators are none to happy with her excoriating their sons and not telling the truth.

A Ph.D should be able to discover this.

Mo Hannah should be able to discover this.

Yea, tell the world about protective mothers Mo.

Claudine Dombrowski is another mother’s rights activist and owner of American Mothers Political Party and non-custodial mother who advocates nationally that women are by nature protective mothers and that fathers are by nature bad, abusers, molesters, and kitten killers. Yes ladies, your sons. Yes Judges, your sons. And yes legislators, all your sons who want an equal shot at parenting are going to hurt his children if you allow it.

Claudine Dombrowski wants you to make this happen.

Ms. Dombrowski receives a lot of attention by the media, where she is seen to do a very good job of playing a victim, but apparently hopes these reporters do not run across content like this that gives us a clue that Claudine may not be the nicest of people, and gives us more clues to why she may be non-custodial. I will give Claudine some credit, I many times question Bill Windsor and his credibility, motives, and judgement, but to go on the public Internet claiming he is a sexual deviant when there is no arrest, investigation, conviction, or claim other than by Ms. Dombrowski saying he is one appears malicious and scripted.

Here is a message to mothers of sons that Claudine Dombrowski advocates for, when your son becomes a father, remember Claudine when your son is pushed to the margins of his child’s life for it is this woman that is helping to make that a reality. When the mother of your grandchild starts calling your son a deviant, molester, and kitten killer, remember Claudine. To the female reporters giving Claudine so much face time, one’s who have sons, you should remember this as well.

More Mother’s Rights Activist And Protective Mothers Advocates

Meet Barry Goldstein who is a feminist and lawyer that frequents Mother’s Rights Conferences and Protective Mothers seminars. It should also be noted that Barry Goldstein has a book that he wants to sell mothers and probably loves the speaking money that he gets in advocating for just protective mothers.

Hey Barry, why aren’t you speaking out about the mother in the video above? Surely that baby could use some advocacy right?

What does Barry Goldstein have to say about this?

Here are 10,000+ protective mothers

Meet Jennifer Herbert of Orlando Florida, a mother who is very vocal on Facebook and the Divorce Corp site. Her message? The Father of her son was abusive, so she is calling for unequal family courts for all fathers. Jennifer Herbert is another one that hasn’t figured out how to search “mother kills child”, “woman kills husband”, “mother burns child”, “mother stabs child”  on Google.

Here is Jennifer Herbert claiming to be a victim of not only florida family court abuse, but law enforcement abuse, judicial abuse, criminal court abuse, and attorney abuse. Oh and every father on the planet abuse. Mother’s rights activist really need to find better spokeswomen out of florida because their conspiracy theories are out of this world. What happened at Area 51 Jennifer?

jennifer herbert - protective mother activistmother and activist

We are not sure what to say about Susan Matousek so we will let some of her Facebook post speak for themselves:

susan matousek of elizabeth city nc

susan matousek claims domestic violence in pasquotank county nc

Where are the mother’s rights advocates at on protecting these children?

where is her lawyerShame on the protective mothers alliance, shame on you for only standing up for women and children who have experienced domestic violence and death, shame on you for not advocating for this child, her torture, her need for survival. In all the presentations you give, I want you to remember this child and for anyone who gasps at this article and shakes their head, you remember you are part of the problem because you are doing a great job of only ending half the problem of violence and abuse.

jennifer herbert

jennifer herbert - explain this?

Using the comment section below, we encourage fathers and women in paternal families to give us your comments on the mother’s rights activist we portrayed in this article, as well as to point us in the direction of others that we can feature.

What do you have to say about the obvious hypocrisy by protective mothers groups to portray all of your sons as murderers, abusers, and molesters, and who clearly turn a blind eye to the massive amounts of data freely available on the public Internet showing domestic violence and abuse at the hands of mothers who get custody 85% of the time?

To women in paternal families who are father’s rights advocates, are you getting tired of seeing your son excoriated by mothers who need your son to be a kitten killer so that the mother can alienate you from your grandchildren?

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  1. Ms. Risaliti is correct about one thing- “WORLD WAR IS NEEDED TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN”.
    Its going to take a nuclear assault on the federal government, “family” court, lawyers, psychologists, etc to totally dismantle the insanity of the infrastructure that exists today to “protect children” and deny parents- mainly fathers- their basic human rights.

    Brave New World and 1984 have nothing on the Kafkaesque nightmare our society currently finds itself in.


    Comment by Navin R. Johnson | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  2. Mo Hannah and Barry Goldstein have quite the…. partnership. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn that both of them found a way to capitalize financially on the growing market of mothers who lose custody under the guise of protecting them but secretly desiring them to be victims so they empty their banks accounts buying books and propaganda?

    And you are right, there is a Judge in NC who is very vocal about her son, although he isn’t involved in the family courts, but imagine if he was and one of these women came along?

    Wake up ladies, not everyone believes your agenda.


    Comment by Kevin | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  3. My son is not a domestic abuser or child abuser. He has custody of his children after two Dr’s uncovered abuse by the mother.

    Yet, there she is on Facebook playing the victim. Being a victim has sure payed off well for her little circle of friends, but does not work so well in reality.

    I think most of the ladies above live in a similar small circle.


    Comment by Jennie | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  4. Mother’s rights activist working for the destruction of their own sons and a unequal court system while working for equality. Nice.


    Comment by Harry | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  5. LOL, do a Google search of Claudine Dombrowski and Go about 5 pages deep and you will see some pretty damaging comments on blogs she has done that does not fit so well with her perpetual victim mentality.


    Comment by Kylie | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  6. Given the first link in this article, the link to the 10,000 women on Facebook, that sure is a lot of domestic violence and abuse at the hands of women.


    Comment by MS | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  7. I know Tammy Risaliti – I know!


    Comment by Kendrick | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  8. At some point women in paternal families are going to realize there is no point in capitalizing on domestic violence in order to reach an agenda. Yes, we need domestic violence to stop, but it is another thing to use domestic violence to lay a complete blanket over the heads of all men. This is where they are getting a lot of blowback.

    It seems that these women enjoy domestic violence so they can then use it as propaganda and that is disgusting.


    Comment by Susan | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  9. Isn’t it interesting that a majority of these women are non-custodial mothers in a family court system that is biased? It makes you wonder, what did they do?


    Comment by April | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  10. To see a mother focus on Mother’s rights over her Child’s rights is demonic. A child deserves to have a father if he chooses to be a part of it. These women are the exact reason there is such a massive internal coalition of fathers making changes.


    Comment by Rick | January 1, 2014 | Reply

  11. Are you aware of this as seen at ?


    Comment by stompkinsnc | January 2, 2014 | Reply

    • Slander you think, this custody battle is a disgrace! Ms. Risaliti seems to not know truth from reality! It seems it makes her fell accomplished bullying another Mother all over the internet as well as her 17 year old daughter! A mother does not lose custody for being a good mother! I would also, like to see these $$$$ Ms. Risaliti keeps talking about thee fathers groups have? when it cost me and my husband over $100k in attorney fees! She was found coaching her children to believe they were being abused from the family that loves them! My husband was alienated over four years from his children and finally got full custody! Why because her second ex- husband had told me she almost bankrupt him and etc. well he divorced her. After I believe a 3 court orders and my husband regaining shared custody in 2011. (Note she keeps claiming my husband lost custody) NO he gave up his visitation because of over 65 bogus dcf calls all unfounded! Ok my violence, stalking oh and I sleep with the judge her quote is why she lost her children. Hmmmmmm NO first contempt of court with my husband! She lied to the Judge my husbands attorney said it was ok for her to appear by court over the phone! Hmmmm NO a lie, she did speak to the judge and was told she could only listen and was not able to defend herself. Why because she lied! Also, Ms. Risaliti found the need to cyber bully my director of Guardian Al Litem program because she informed and tried to give Ms. Risaliti knowledge that an attorney appointed Guardian has nothing to do with myself who is a Guardian Ad Litem for abused adopted and foster care children! I am a full time mom, wife and step-mother and would wish Ms. Risaliti to stop abusing/slandering me and my family and follow the law! It Is because of women/men who use there children as weapons who distroy and corrupt the system! The reports Ms.Risaliti keeps using are old reports unfounded and were false allegations by Ms. Risaliti herself! Ms. Risaliti also, has a warrant out for her arrest in the state of Florida! Ms. Risaliti you never ever showed or acknowledge the courts! You took the law into your own hands and was on the run from from state to state!

      My husband has legal court records to prove and by the way I am not the legal guardian my husband is! So attacking me and my family and work is sick! And this custody battle is between you and my husband! I appreciate the power you seem to think I have, the only thing I am guilty of is being a supportive wife and step-mother for that I believe I am guilty!

      Sincerely, peace already.

      Deborah A. Maki


      Comment by Deborah Maki | February 8, 2014 | Reply

      • Where is the daughter now? Does your husband have custody or does the biological mother?


        Comment by Jocia Francis | January 20, 2016

      • The father has full custody! And, now the Mother also has a restraining order. Her son has spoken to both and has full range to open Connect. Last phone call mom began to black mail son to have father sign some note ( disgusting) due something for him after a promise she would do anything for him. Perfect opportunity to start a fresh, and healthy relationship and blew it again. 14 year old honor roll student has his own mine, up to her to mend relationship. I pray for my step son they do. A mom is a very important roll, I know personally because I am a mother of three and my youngest is both her children’s brother. We all need to get along… Day late dollar short.. When someone rather play the victim then be an adult and take responsibility for ones own actions. No place in the world for hate.

        Hope that answers you question.
        P.s. Way more to story about the daughter running away and none of it was parental Abuse.


        Comment by Deborah Maki | June 13, 2016

  12. This article makes me sick. All finger pointing and generalizing. I AM a protective mother – who has been victimized by a sociopath/vindictive ex who comes off as a “really great guy.” Both scenarios are very REAL for mothers and fathers but this article is done in poor taste with gross generalizations. Society and the Family Court System is seriously messed up and all about money and power which primarily is in the hands of MEN. So sad that this film could have been a Godsend for reform and for CHILDREN but became a was of the sexes. This is appalling but accurately represents the problem with society and the systems – a focus on “winning” like the men in the horrific custody cases that are part of the research based studies of Barry Goldstein, The transparency of the intent here: to isolate, cut off support, blame and call people “crazy’ speaks to the same patterns of ABUSERS as defined by Lundy Bancroft. I don’t know you but I SEE you and so will many peaceful and loving people who have been abused by you. This article is a classic example of the vindictive nature that has HURT so many loving children in the Family Courts. This movie could have made a difference in the lives of the children.. so sad that opportunity was missed and they will continue to be victimized by a very unjust court system which has been set up primarily by middle to upper class white men to protect the interest and possessions ( children and money ) of middle to upper class white men. Until society begins to adopt VALUES and not power and money motives their will only be a continuance of more of the same which is truly a loss for humanity and especially children. The victimization of children is the root of all suffering on this planet. God help you SEE this..


    Comment by T. Taylor | January 11, 2014 | Reply

    • How is the article generalizations when 90% of it is screenshots of real conversations on Facebook and across the Internet juxtaposed by real world female / mother child abusers and domestic abusers?

      Your statement about your ex-husband is juxtaposed by my ex-wife being in prison as I write this for child abuse.

      You are citing Barry Goldstein’s research? A lawyer who has a unprecedented 5 yr suspension of his law license for mishandling funds and pushing misinformation?

      I will give you one thing, there is a whole lot of victimization here: – We add more to the live blog almost hourly. So please excuse me if we and readers of this article don’t buy into your theory that only men or men who get custody are child abusers. That article has been read 37,382 times since being put up just 6 months ago.

      You ladies are not fooling anyone, it’s all over the news and social media hourly that it isn’t just men hitting and hurting kids and why the courts are moving towards the center.

      As for your comment that I am a abuser knowing nothing about me, I’ve had two pediatricians cry in court for saving my child from her mother, a Judge who wept in open court, police officers who investigated my ex-wife who to this day go out of their way to come by and bring presents to her, and a social services in unison of her continued care.

      Sorry, but your statement that I am an abuser just simply does not work and I want to thank you for making that statement so that I can use it when I talk with legislators.

      female rapist mother



      Comment by stompkinsnc | January 11, 2014 | Reply

  13. 1- OK did anyone read the complaint on Barry GOLDstein? Why is he misappropriating sums of money that are like $1,000? That is not alot of money to lose your career over.. makes you wonder what REALLY was going on.

    2- I think we need to stop playing into the con game of woman vs man…obviously the Courts just want to keep that going to draw attention away from the corruption by pitting intelligent women and men, who care about their children, against each other. Same with some of those advocates.

    The 1st step is to ask WHY and WHAT DO THEY GAIN? Great work with this blog for taking that step


    Comment by Pat | January 16, 2014 | Reply

  14. If you were Barry GOLDstein the intelligent thing would be to use your knowledge of the legal system and the connections you have made in an effort to educate those working in the court system, and in hopes of getting them to be willing to work alongside and support you in making needed reform.

    Instead Barry is alienating and attacking those we need to reach.

    I also hope the previous commenter is not implying that Barry encouraged a mother to flee with her children bc that would be illegal. It would be illegal for Barry to offer any legal advise since he is no longer a practicing attorney–not on Facebook, not in books and not in public.


    Comment by Pat | January 20, 2014 | Reply

  15. RE: Using the comment section below, we encourage fathers and women in paternal families to give us your comments on the mother’s rights activist we portrayed in this article, as well as to point us in the direction of others that we can feature.

    Why not former president of AMPP the infamous Maria Bauer Melinn. She now works with Abused Swan and Deanna Kloostra from Michigan who is running against incumbent Debbie Stabenow. Kloostra also was an AMPP member.

    I believe these women are crazy… makes you wonder what the so called protective mothers movement is really about. Google Search ’em


    Comment by Pat | January 20, 2014 | Reply

  16. This is the story of Michael Melinn and the abuse he suffered.


    Comment by Ann | February 16, 2014 | Reply

  17. Interesting article. I have been labelled as an “Extreme Fathers rights activist” by the same sort of mentally disturbed women as featured above. Why?. Well because I dared to expose two false accuser, abuser non custodial.”mothers” , Who have created fictitious versions of their childrens lives all over the Web.

    My issue lies with the exploitation of these children and the horrendous digital legacies
    their mothers have created for them.

    I have crossed swords with Claudine Dombrowski


    Comment by Sarah | February 16, 2014 | Reply

  18. Posted before I finished..Apologies.

    I have been on the receiving end of Cloudiness abuse myself because I didn’t agree with her assertions,that Corrine Baker was not in any way accountable.for her sons death .(See Dominics Law ). And for her Support of Lori Handrahan despite the overwhelming evidence available for all to research. These women believe Facebook posts over CPS reports,court findings etc. Remarkable.

    They claim to be all about female empowerment and having out voices heard….Unless you disagree. In which case, you’re a “Fathers rights” member.

    For the record. I’m for parents.rights


    Comment by Sarah | February 16, 2014 | Reply

  19. Check out the ” Saving Mila” FB page.

    Then the “Judge Kevin Cronin A Judge abusing power” page. Pseudo advocacy at it’s finest. Run by Loris Handrahan and Maria Melinn respectively(Maria Is former president of AMPP.

    Those two will blow your mind with their BS.

    Oh and then Google me and see how many


    Comment by Sarah | February 16, 2014 | Reply

  20. I don’t know if I am excited or scared about the latest speaker at the Battered Mothers Custody Conference… A credible source has told me that President Obama’s former campaign manager and White House deputy chief of staff for operations will be at the BMCC speaking on behalf of protective moms. But if these moms are as crazy as you say, then you have to wonder if there is political corruption behind this pledge of support? Since I am also from Montana, this really has me concerned.


    Comment by Alicia | March 12, 2014 | Reply

    • If the individual wants to speak out only for women who are being battered and overlook children and men who are battered at the hands of mothers then we will be happy to put him/her at the top of the search engines for their name. Of course it’s political.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | March 12, 2014 | Reply

  21. Why don’t you do a little more research about my first exhusband, who though he didn’t pay any child support for 3 years I always encouraged him to see his daughter. He called me to help him in his own custody case with second wife. Or go to the groups I belong to and see how many dads we helped to either get custody or more visitation. But that wouldn’t fit your propaganda would it? You ramble on about me half truths, yet you never address what a mom should do when there is abuse. You pretend it doesn’t exist, and if it does it is done equally by both parties. Which is an outright lie. Obviously, your group is totally comfortable with a man using his penis as a weapon in order to intentionally infect hiswife and unborn child with AIDS…Worse to find out years later after he takes her son that he goes around telling her family that he never really wanted custody. That was a punishment for asking for divorce. I tried every conceivable way to allow my son to have both parents in his life as can be proven with court documents. So you can badmouth me, which pretty much proves my point that your group is abusive and misogynist, as the mere fact that went through the trouble of posting many moms name in an attempt to threaten us. I have never mentioned one man’s name in set out to publicly attack him. So your blog proves ny point you are the very small sick percentage of men who are abusers. The other 90percent my son included are not in that category. Most importantly he has been my biggest supporter in exposing men like you.


    Comment by Caren Ragan | June 17, 2014 | Reply

    • Caren your post all over the Internet and on the Facebook page of Divorce Corp are clearly misandric and you hate men. You attempt to show all DV by men but either overlook DV by women and blame it on men.

      You are the reason tens of millions of women in this country never see their grandchildren all because they had a son.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 24, 2014 | Reply

  22. Their are always two sides of a story and this is Michael’s story please read this and see if your opinion changes. Thank you….


    Comment by Beatris | October 10, 2014 | Reply

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