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Kent Harrell For New Hanover County NC District Court Judge In 2014?

Kent Harrell for District Court JudgeSo it’s Kent Harrell for District Court Judge in New Hanover County NC is it? Well good, it’s about time that we see some new faces in the New Hanover County district courts because quite frankly a large part of this organization is from non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other family members who tell us the courts in the county as it relates to child custody and child support enforcement matters is highly divisive and marginalizes many people. If you are a non-custodial family member, you know all too well what marginalization feels like after the courts relegate you to visitor roles in your child’s life instead of empowered co-parent. And, you know all too well that the court is focused on how much child support you pay via the federal system rather than how much direct financial, psychological, and emotional support you can give your child as a equal and empowered parent, step-parent, or grandparent. Kent Harrell for district court Judge? Ok great, but let’s see where he stands on THESE ISSUES. Additionally, if you are a New Hanover County NC non-custodial family member we strongly encourage you to join our FACEBOOK PAGE and/or MAILING LIST to stay up to date on our efforts to bring about family court reform and we hope that you will extensively share this article with other families in the county via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks so that families can join in this conversation.

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Update 2/14/2014 – Kent Harrell speaks. See update at the end of this article.

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If we had the opportunity to speak with Kent Harrell, no doubt he would recite the long used script of “It is all about a child’s best interest” in the family courts because that best serves the industry that surrounds the courts. Let’s take a look at that industry now.

  • Upon separation from a marriage or relationship breakdown, one parent leaves the relationship with the children and there is nothing in the law to prevent that parent from moving hundreds of miles away and/or preventing the other parent (and family) from seeing the child again. This cost the parent with child in hand $0 to do. Conversely, it costs the other parent upwards of $7,000 to fix. Oh you don’t have that money? Well guess what, under our current family law system, if you don’t come up with that money you never see your child, grandchild, or step-child again. With this in mind, we ask the Kent Harrell for District Court Judge campaign to explain to us how this is in the best interest of children not to ever see a parent or grandparent again? Purposeful and court ordered parental alienation in the family courts is rampant, it is very real, and it is very destructive.
  • The typical New Hanover County NC family court battle costs around $17,000 PER PARENT and studies show that these parents will fight two in 18 years for a total of $68,000. Additionally, these parents will fight minor battles over child support and modifications for a grand total of around $90,000 expended by parents over 18 years. Best interest of children of lawyers Mr. Harrell? Oh that is right, this is why Judges encourage mediation as the best route to go in the family courts. Ok, lets educate the Kent Harrell for District Court Judge campaign on how mediation works in NC.
  • Why on earth would one parent mediate when the family courts for the past 70 years have socialized one group of parents to KNOW they are going to win custody and everything that comes with custody? It sounds noble Kent, but that is not reality.
  • Everything that comes with custody? Surely, as a practicing lawyer, Kent Harrell knows that with custody and the other parent having 4 days a month visitation that child support of several hundred (sometimes thousands) dollars a month comes into play. Add in the fact that custodial parents get put at the top of Section 8 free housing, daycare subsidies, Medicaid that could not have been gotten without custodial parenthood, educational subsidies, job programs, food programs, tax incentives, and many other programs all offered to ONLY the custodial parent, and we again have to ask, why mediate? Why would it not make more sense to empower and help both parents Kent? Why do we need one marginalized parent to help trigger federal Title IV-D money to help another parent? Best interest of children?
  • We would love to hear from the Kent Harrell for New Hanover County NC District Court Judge campaign to explain to us why for the better part of 60 years have we put a lot of time and effort into encouraging absent parents to be more active when the courts are equally involved in creating unequal absent parents who likely gave up working within a biased system that requires money that another parent does not have to have in order to play ball?
  • Mr. Harrell, why are we putting parents in jail for inability to pay child support when they have a major illness, illness of a close family member, loss of employment, or other major unforeseen life event while we give every single government subsidy known to custodial parents to escape financial hardship then excoriate the parent we don’t help in the public as a deadbeat parent? How exactly does this help children to visit a parent in jail because he/she had financial problems that we don’t allow to affect the other parent?
  • What do we do about the fact that the State of North Carolina has become dependent on federal Title IV-D money to pay for social services programs and therefore the state needs marginalized parents paying child support and having little time with their kids as opposed to being actual hands on parents? What a great way to further breakdown families and marriages Mr. Harrell.

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Further Issues New Hanover County NC Non-custodial Families Need To Remember

NC Fathers sees your importance in a child’s life as an actual hands on parent instead of federal trigger of money the state uses to maintain federal programs that are being bled dry. It is also important to remember that many Judges and legislators try and make this a mother vs. father issue or woman vs. man issue and we just want to make it very clear that there are many women in paternal families who have it handed to them daily when the father of a child is marginalized. Let’s be clear, there is a 70 history of men getting the bad end of the stick in the family courts, but the fix to this is not to create more non-custodial mothers so that non-bias can be claimed. The fix is to empower both parents, take away any reason to fight in court (nothing to win) and put the focus of the court on which parent is working the hardest to include the other parent in a child’s life. From this, you will see parents go from doing everything possible to excoriate another parent in the hopes of winning a custody battle to working hard to include the other parent. This is what we would like to see the Kent Harrell for District Court Judge campaign push if he becomes elected.

Furthermore, non-custodial families in New Hanover county need to realize that you come from every political party affiliation, racial and cultural background, and socioeconomic background and therefore make up a huge amount of votes in the county that could bring about family court reform in one election cycle if you wanted to. If you are tired of being treated like second class visitors and ATMs to your children, then fix is to unite around an organization that can advocate for you.

Thankfully, we are in a position to be the organization non-custodial families find after leaving court, and we hope you will join our organization and help bring reform.

Update: In a Facebook comment by two supporters of NC Fathers, a question was put to Kent Harrell about family court in which he responded:

I’ve had cases where 50/50 custody worked well but I’ve also had cases where the parents were so hostile to each other that they sabotaged the other parent and the child ended up being used as ammunition. Whether a 50/50 custody arrangement can work depends on the parents and the child(ren). Hope that answers your question but if not, send me an email at and we can discuss it further.”

In other words, if the parents get along, 50/50 works. If not, then 50/50 does not work. Sounds reasonable right? Wrong. What happens when one party does not want 50/50 and creates hostility and conflict knowing that it will end any talks of 50/50 as this commenter pointed out in a reply to Kent Harrell:

“So in other words, if you don’t want to share custody, want to move hundreds of miles away, and dispose of the other parent, just create a hostile environment. What about when the custodial parent is the one being hostile? Seems to me if the courts started to socialize people into the notion that the parent who does NOT work with the other parent will be the one losing custody will cause parents to trip over each other to be nice. As it stands now, the game is about excoriating the other parent to win. There is your conflict.”

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