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WCTI 12 News Reporter Jaime McCutcheon Misses Other Domestic Violence Issues In Her Series On Christy Adams

Jaime McCutcheon and WCTI News 12 on Domestic Violence and Christy AdamsJaime McCutcheon is a WCTI News 12 reporter who recently wrote a two part series on domestic violence and specifically about the case of Christy Adams in Pitt County NC who was forced to hear her child die at the hands of the child’s father and her estranged husband. When this series was complete, Jaime McCutcheon and WCTI News released the story onto social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where hundreds upon hundreds got the chance to severely admonish the father in this matter for hours. Additionally, Jaime McCutcheon gave some personal notes on the social media release of this article by saying “This is anchor Jaime McCutcheon, and as a mother myself, I have to say this is a story hard to tell and hard to hear, but Christy Adams wants it told” and went on to explain how this mother is helping other mothers who have experienced the lose of a child via domestic violence and mother who have or are experiencing domestic violence. As expected, including this writer, the outrage on social media sites and comments on WCTI’s comments section of their website is riddled with anger towards the killer (man) and well wishes for Christy Adams and her surviving family.

Updates to this article are at the end of the document.

NC Fathers want’s to make it VERY clear that domestic violence is an insidious problem in North Carolina that requires a societal, legal, educational, and court based response in order to end it. But as we are about to present, there is only a response to end SOME domestic violence in NC instead of all violence towards children and humans. Additionally, we are going to explore why we think many groups in NC actually benefit from male on female violence financially and politically, then use statistics to get an increasing amount of money from Congress via the Violence Against Women Act which dumps $500,000,000 each year into women centered programs that are gobbled up by non-profits, book writers, researchers, lobby groups, law enforcement agencies, and other groups who ONLY want domestic violence to be framed from the standpoint of male on female while going through extraordinary attempts to hide or gloss over female on male violence and female on child violence. Very little of state and federal money actually makes it to the shelter lever where it is needed the most.

Simply put, if domestic violence could be eradicated today, there are many people, non-profits, researchers, political organizations, authors, and agencies in NC who would suddenly find themselves without state and federal money allocated for this insidious problem. Many people in NC are making career choices on domestic violence and actually need the problem to exist so they can pay mortgages, feed their own children, and pay their car note.

In short, our state politicians, media, and interest groups turned domestic violence into a industry based on male on female violence only, while turning their back of female perpetuated violence towards women, men, and children, and are using this disgusting issues to driver gender based programs NOT aimed at ending it.

Additionally, our anger at WCTI News 12 and Jaime McCutcheon is that they give a LOT of attention to male on child and male on female violence at the media level, and either suppress female committed violence or gloss it over. What this has done is socialize society into the notion that men and fathers are evil horrible people that are likely domestic violence offenders who will kill their wives and children if given a chance. Furthermore, for women with underage male children, the day your child turns 18 he will automatically come under that society blanket.

This phenomena pleases the many groups who benefit financially and politically from this socialization of men and fathers as the only dangerous people within the state. It is this socialization that has led to the epidemic of false allegations of violence right before child custody battles as a tactical tool in court with judges who understand that he/she is under great pressure to make sure statistics stay marketable for others to use and helps out at election time. It is this socialization that prevents good father from getting joint physical custody of their children, and it is also responsible for hundreds of millions of WOMEN in paternal families from North Carolina from having a equal part in helping to raise their grandchildren, step-children, and nephews/nieces.domestic violence Jaime McCutcheon missed

Our Challenge To WCTI News 12 Reporter Jaime McCuthcheon

Unfortunately we have interest group/lobby group and gender based non-profits in North Carolina who daily do a great job of making male on female/child violence go viral in the search engines, social media, and on the nightly news while suppressing female perpetuated violence on men and children. This makes sense because it elicits strong emotions that drives maximum shares on social media, drives people to news organization’s websites where they have the option to click on advertisements that makes organizations like WCTI News money. It also drives money to women centered non-profits who then turn around and run political campaigns for women only. This requires that your sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers be socialized as a likely domestic batterer.

Everyone on the planet has heard the 1 in 3 women figure thrown around as it relates to domestic violence, and how women experience domestic violence every X number of seconds, but you likely will never see news outlets like WCTI News 12 and news reporters like Jaime McCuthcheon go out to NEUTRAL, non-political, and non- gender based statistic organization to discover the statistics on how many men and children are losing their lives and being hurt because of women committing domestic violence every X number of seconds.

Why, because we do not value men and boys in this country, and the emotional level of their demise is not news worthy. It is why men get double criminal sentences for the same crimes that women commit. It is why we scream about absent fathers, yet maintain a court system that prevents them from being equal parents. It is why the courts allow mothers to move their children 10 states away to start a new life even when the father wants to be active and help raise his child. It is why millions of grandmothers, step-mothers, step-siblings, and other lose access to their children daily after divorce and relationship breakdown.

It is why Jaime McCuthcheon and WCTI News 12 has no problem publicizing Christy Adam’s horrific story, but will not touch my story (a custodial father who has full legal and physical custody) to find out what horrors led to me to becoming a rare father with custody. In fact, if my article was published, there would immediately be outrage that a father has custody and millions of women in NC (and likely within the newsroom at WCTI News 12) who starts asking questions like what did I do to get custody and hurt a mother of a child. Did he threaten her not to show up in court? Did he take her money so that she couldn’t get into court? Did he beat her and scare her into giving up custody? Everybody will ask those questions in the media, but none will ask what the mother did.

With that, we challenge Jaime McCutcheon to initiate a Google alert campaign (using the quote data below) that alerts her when Google finds news stories centered around “mother arrested”, wife arrested”, “woman arrested”, “teacher arrested AND female”, “wife kills”, “mother kills”, “mother burns”, “wife burns”, “mother stabs”, “woman stabs”, “woman chokes”, “wife chokes”, “mother abandoned”, or by doing some Google searches about women, wives, and mothers with the words domestic violence and murder in the content.

We did this over just two days last year and we came across THESE INCIDENTS and THESE INCIDENTS. But I guess in the interest of gender warfare, the blame game, and the politics, these men and children do not matter. Of course, we realize that anyone reading this, and likely Jaime McCutcheon and others at WCTI News 12 will say that we HAVE to have ONLY a women centered domestic violence response because more women experience it.

The problem with this thinking is EXACTLY like saying we need to get to the bottom of what happened at a daycare that killed 9 children but not at another daycare that only killed 6. Or, that it is OK that women kill, because more men kill. This thinking is sexist and bigoted; issues we hate men for but give women a pass on.

NC Fathers urges Jaime McCuthcheon to review Leading Women For Shared Parenting and review the resumes and accomplishments of this all women group addressing ALL the issues contained in this article if she attempts to label us misogynistic.

Has Jaime McCuthcheon and WCTI talked with WOMEN in paternal families?

In marketing her two part series on Christy Adams, Jaime McCuthcheon spoke as a mother and talked about violence on women. Unfortunately, we guess she has turned her back on mother’s sons and/or grandchildren who are either dead and hurt because of female domestic violence, stalking, threats, and coercion. Or how false allegations asserted and proven to have been false caused them to spend tens of thousands of dollars with lawyers and caused bankruptcy.

Jaime McCuthcheon should realize that OVER HALF of American women in the United States will have a son who losses access to a child because media groups and lobby groups have successfully put a black cloud over every boy and man as a future violent aggressive murderer that should not have visitation of his children so that we can blanket mothers with services to empower her. And, being the paternal grandmother, you can say good bye to your involvement with the grandchild.

Jaime, why is WCTI not working to end ALL domestic violence and child abuse instead of just violence and abuse committed by boys and men?

Update 5/8/2014 11:35pm: It appears WCTI News 12 knows how to use censorship well and only wants their message to get out. Shortly after this article was published, a supporter send this link to them and the supporter was immediately banned. Organizations who use censorship to prevent others from engaging in social media but have no problem getting their information out are biased and have agendas.

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