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Gay Marriage, Domestic Violence, and the Family Courts. What Happens Now?

Gay Marriage (same sex), Domestic Violence, and the Family Courts. What Happens Now?As of 6/26/2015, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that Gay marriage (same sex) should be legal in all U.S. States, which legally now gives them a right to get divorced, become domestic violence offenders, have custody battles in the family courts, and see their property liquidated and a large share of that property liquidated and handed over to lawyers.

No doubt about it, today is a banner day for the legal industry who now has roughly 40% of the population at hand to see a divorce and 8 year custody battle initiated where yesterday it did not have the legal right to do, along with the routine filing of restraining orders and domestic violence complaints proactively to put the other side in a bad position within the divorce, domestic, and custody courts.

We also think we will see some interesting things happen between groups that are now very cozy but soon have a interest in excoriating each other in the family courts and domestic courts now that Gay marriage (same-sex) is legal.

We know that as it relates to Men, we have no problem seeing them lose custody battles and inequitable distribution of property, and it’s common today to see a divorced man with a restraining order or DVPO put on him under preponderance of the evidence courts where nothing has to be proved. For 60 years, feminist loved this and lawyers loved this because it gave rampant statistics of domestic violence to professional feminist who used it to get federal money for their book writing and research grants, and it certainly lined the pockets of lawyers.

However now, with two women going through a divorce, for the legal system to work one of those women has to lose and she will see herself in a custody battle, and under legal complaints the lawyers file just to inflame situations and there will be a lot more women who are screaming foul over the family courts and divorce courts and no doubt feminist will have to find a way to say that shared parenting works for divorcing women. If or how they throw men under the bus we aren’t sure.

It will also be interesting to see if the feminist run and designed family courts will keep meticulous statistics on domestic violence between same sex couples in the hopes they can continue their agenda of getting federal money, grants, etc… on the notion that domestic violence is ONLY a male on female violence issue.

Another issue that is extremely fascinating to ponder and watch is that Gay marriage (same-sex) now opens the door for couples to legally adopt children more easily and it is expected that same-sex married couples will want to have children of their own and they should.

We also know that they can not create them, and we surely know that fathers and men don’t have the children, so now ladies (see the feminist “Oh crap” moment), you are now under the gun legally to see the family courts and social services industry that gets more money when they have a child in their custody and adopted out come after you if the number of chosen adoptions does not equal the number of children available for Gay marriage adoptions.

Oh what interesting times lie ahead. It used to be that we blamed Men for everything in the family courts as it relates to patriarchy and oppressed women. But with Gay marriage now, female couples will need babies from heterosexual women by force (family courts and social services) if there aren’t enough children made available under chosen adoptions, and same-sex men (however the courts decide which one should lose). And, this statement is NOT made in opposition to Gay Marriage. Now that it is legal, they should have children and the only place they can get them is from women since we put fathers out of the family effectively 60 years ago.

With all this developing and taking shape, we have a message to heterosexual women and your domestic and family court utopia that you always knew had your back, things have changed and there is a new group in town that can make lawyers even more rich who would love to have courts battles with you to get custody of children and we suggest that you NOT come to our organizations with tears in your eyes because we are going to tell you to go fuck yourself just like you did with the fathers of your children.

It will also be interesting to see how legal abortion plays out. Again, if chosen adoptions DOES NOT make available children for the numbers of Gay marriage adoptions that are wanted then we need more available babies. Do you think it’s possible that we will see groups who used to fight so hard for legal abortion now fight against it to make more babies available?

And, do you think that we will see a feminist movement asking governments for shared parenting in the family courts when Gay couples divorce, but maintain the unequal system when heterosexual couples divorce? And what about the lawyers who will cry foul over shared parenting for Gay couples when they need to inflame things so they can file restraining orders, domestic violence orders, and have 7 year custody battles to make money?

Updated: 7/10/2015


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  1. Well said!


    Comment by Deborah Maki | June 27, 2015 | Reply

  2. This is a very interesting article and you make some fascinating points that are spot on. Look, I am a female and I see the problem with the family court system. I do not think there is an anti-father bias in the courts although I am sure feminist have had their say. There is a much bigger animal in this process, and that is the influence of the lawyer lobby groups who understand that lawyers are making billions annually on divorcing couples with kids.

    The only way that the money can flow is if both parties fight for 18 years and in this match someone has to lose and someone has to win, so they fight. You can call it a bias, but I think that fathers and men were just arbitrarily picked or perhaps the feminist lobby influenced it but at the end of the day lawyers do not care who wins or loses aS long as someone does so it sparks fighting and billing.

    Now with gay marriage and the fact that men can’t have kids, the divorce rate, the female granted custody rate, it is very clear who has the children and it’s not fathers. And with gay marriage, these couples should now be recognized as a parental system and should have all the parental rights heterosexual couples have. I guess the million dollar question is, are there enough female chosen adoptions to supply kids for heterosexual couples AND now gay couples to meet the demand.

    If there isn’t, we need a lot more children “available” for adoption unless we see “sperm banks” take a huge spike in popularity. Of course if that happens, feminist are going to have to contend that men are now good for something.

    And while sperm production will be good for women couples, it won’t be so nice for male couples.

    The bottom line is, we are going to need a lot more babies and children to meet the new demand, and we certainly can’t look to take then from fathers after a century of the family courts. So, we are going to need to get them from heterosexual females. Now feminist will be in a quandary, who will they support, the aggressive tactics of their go to sympathizers in the legal system to take babies from heterosexual mothers for the smallest infractions, or for gay couples? The lawyers won’t care as long as there is a fight going on for them to bill over.

    In 20 years, we very well could be looking at a completely new family court system in which a LOT of females are screaming foul while seeing their children shipped off to male couples and female couples and a social services system that is much like the legal system in which every taken child means more federal money.

    It should be interesting to say the least.


    Comment by Jacklyn | July 9, 2015 | Reply

    • We will respectively disagree that the bias in the family courts was “arbitrarily” chosen and that men and fathers just got the short end of the stick, but at the end of the day your summation is very real, very right. Feminist enjoy a LOT of support from the gay community, and gay couples now that gay marriage is legal should be allowed to have full parental rights, but to get these children there will be a front against another one of feminist key allies – heterosexual females.

      I can’t imagine that the lawyers will go along with a more kinder and gentle family court system for gay couples and go with shared parenting because this new legal right means a TON more divorces and billable hours and gives salivating social services administrators a new group to seize babies from for the promise of federal money and continued employment by the social services employment spectrum.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 9, 2015 | Reply

  3. This is a very disgusting and hateful article. First of all with gay marriage you are not going to see couples divorcing like you do with heterosexual couples and you will likely see gay couples working their issues out in the small numbers of divorce that will happen. Male patriarchy and control is why heterosexual couples fight custody battles forcing lawyers to bill for 18 years! And I am sick to see women supporting their sons and “new husbands” and being complicit in this abuse on women.

    As for the title, there is no domestic violence within the gay community. Gay males and gay females do not have patriarchy as part of their lives and therefore do not engage in violence!

    You will not see a war on heterosexual mothers to get their babies, this is just an absolute sick assertion!


    Comment by Kimberly | July 9, 2015 | Reply

    • Kimberly, your completely sexist comments aside about men and women in their families, of which we have no desire to debate with you on because we understand your agenda, you have a whole lot more faith in the legal system and lawyer lobby than we do.

      At the end of the day, there needs to now be a bigger surplus of adoptable children of which you won’t see them coming from men, or there will be a new pop-up industry where sperm becomes a hot commodity – but I have to ask this question, why would gay couples wants sperm from a man given that their DNA likely produces nothing but rapist, domestic violence offenders, and control freaks as outlined in the new 3rd wave feminism war plan? Does anyone fear that the patriarchal gene could be a problem?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 9, 2015 | Reply

  4. I think what you will find amongst gay marriage proponents and couples is that a proliferation of artificial children will be made and the pool of adoptable children won’t be an issue.

    Gay men will likely gladly allow for their sperm to be artificially implanted in to a lesbian and brought to term so lesbians can have children, and lesbians will gladly allow themselves the choice to be used as surrogates so that gay male couples can have children.

    I too find it hard to believe that after this enormous fight to get rights to marry that the average gay couple will want to go down the road that heterosexual Christians did by leaving their third marriage and start of their fourth while screaming about biblical sanctity of marriage.

    I also believe that gay couples will find common ground on best interest of the child and will work things out themselves without the need for the family courts.

    I don’t know why Domestic Violence was included in this as it’s well known that DV amongst gay couples is very rare compared to heterosexual couples that have to live under patriarchy.


    Comment by Andrea | July 10, 2015 | Reply

    • Are we sure that the “rarity” of Domestic Violence in gay couples and now gay marriage is attributed to actual low occurrences or feminist overlooking these cases so that the problem remains squarely on men? If you would like to go down that route I can certainly setup a national Google alert for anything related to gay domestic violence and post all of them I find by the minute here.

      Of course I am not suggesting that gay marriage = domestic violence and that gay couples are more prone to DV, just saying if you are going to make the assumption that it is ONLY a male on female issues I could easily embarrass you.

      And let me get this on record, you are saying that if Jill and Jane have a legal child together either through adoption or surrogacy, and both fall in love with the child (and they will), and Jane decides she wants a divorce and for her new wife Paula to be involved in the child’s life that Jill won’t opt for a family court legal battle?


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 10, 2015 | Reply

      • Yes I am!


        Comment by Amanda | July 10, 2015

      • WOW, OK

        You know what I am actually going to hope you are right. Because even though we fight for all non-custodial parents including females and males (which I gather you probably don’t care too much for or about), I don’t want to see this happen to gay marriage couples or the children. But if Jill does fall in love with the child I can assure you that a family court battle will ensue and you can get a taste of how easily lawyers can spark Domestic violence, cause bankruptcy, and funnel litigant’s community property and incomes in to their bank accounts.


        Comment by stompkinsnc | July 10, 2015

  5. I’m confused, why was Domestic Violence included in a article about gay marriage and the family courts? I’m a PhD level feminist so I really want to see an answer on this.


    Comment by Janet | July 10, 2015 | Reply

    • Well, if you are a PhD feminist you likely get if for one of two reasons: 1) Professional feminist make a living off Domestic Violence, therefore need it? Who is going to fund all the book writing, research grants, counselors, therapist, lawyers, advocates, etc… if we end Domestic Violence? If Congress stopped giving out $500 million a year to stop Domestic Violence, of which little makes in in to communities because the lobby groups gobble it all up to run political campaigns and research, who is going to get payed to run anti-male advertisements USING battered women? 2) As a feminist, your lobby group is very clear that false allegations do not happen because it is so painful, what woman would want to put themselves in those shoes except the women you put on TV all bloodied to monitor incoming donations.

      When gay marriage couples enter the family courts, they are going to be shocked to learn that a routine claim of Domestic Violence will be claimed because it makes sense the the civil courts where Preponderance of the Evidence courts rule which allows one person to make a claim and not have to prove it, and can allow for the other person to be judged on it without proof. So, it’s the perfect weapon in custody courts hoping to sink the other side and ruin their chances of winning. Plus, false claims of Domestic Violence in the family courts is the perfect weapon to inflame a situation to make sure more billing comes in.

      Sorry to shatter your idea that all claims of DV are real and that only men batter.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | July 11, 2015 | Reply

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