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NC County Child Protective and Social Services Complaints

NC County Child Protective (CPS) and Social Services ComplaintsNC Fathers is encouraging parents who are currently involved in a NC County Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Services (CPS) case where social workers and supervisors have taken your children away from you and put them in to foster care, have prevented you from seeing a child, to have supervised visits while a child is in kinship care, or has completely terminated your parental rights and adopted your child(ren) out. NC Fathers believes in the past 5 years NC County Department of Social Services agencies and Child Protective Services have dropped their reunification mission and are now aggressively targeting children they can take and keep for years in foster care while receiving state and federal money when they could be assisting parents or a parent in getting the help they need to better their lives and be more of a functional parent.


NC Fathers also believes that NC County Department of Social Services agencies along with Child Protective Services are aligning with state adoption agencies in a campaign to make sure there are a fresh batch of adoptable children made available to them no doubt with money at stake.

nc county social services complaints

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We believe that directors with state social services agencies have taken a page from the family law attorney rule book and have learned that if they can inflame situations instead of being services driven, they can reap federal money for longer periods of time (as lawyers do with billing) and keep social workers payed and the county social services budget funded.
UPDATE 9/2015 – Today we had an individual comment on this blog and dared us to list one tangible way that a NC County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services department is abusive to parents and not about families, so we thought that we would oblige them.

The department’s claim: We are about serving NC County families. We have value in both parents and both set’s of extended family members.

First Example: A NC County DSS insures that a custodial parent gets food stamps, educational benefits to go to school, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, WIC, and child support. If the custodial parent wants to make it a career, no problem.

If the non-custodial parent has a life event happen, or crisis and gets hungry, there is no food stamps. Need help going to school? Get a loan. Need medical care, pay for it. Need housing? Pay for it. Need help financially? Sorry, go to jail.

The Department is NOT about family unless their definition of family is the custodial parent, child(ren), and the custodial extended family.

Example two: The Department is VERY STRICT about child support because they know it triggers federal money. Don’t let the department catch you not paying child support. The department knows FULL well that custodial parents deny court ordered visitation all the time and that a non-custodial parent has no way to remedy that unless they have $5000. The denial of visitation is parental alienation, which is child abuse and they do not care, nor will you see DSS lobby groups touch the issue.

NC Fathers believes that the only parents who should not be seeing their children, or who should lose rights to a natural child are parents who absolutely refuse to change abusive and dysfunctional ways, not parents who are willing to get help.

NC Fathers believes that NC County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services preys on poverty stricken parents who can not afford a $5000 attorney whenever social services wants to file a petition, or when one parent using a false allegation to get social services involved and that parent can’t afford an attorney to remedy the situation.

NC Fathers believes that county social services agencies are particularity totalitarian with non-custodial parents over custodial parents because they realize that non-custodial parents are a federal trigger of Title IV-D federal funds that get’s dropped in to the lap of social services each year.

NC Fathers takes issues with many child protective services social workers making very critical decisions when a worker only has a four year degree in some type of human services field, and we take issue with county judges who just rubber stamp social services petitions or recommendations.

NC Fathers believes that NC County social services agencies and child protective services is overwhelmed with caseloads due to the anonymous reporting system where people are using social services to make radical false allegations hoping that something sticks when that parent is about to enter a child custody lawsuit and needs the other parent neutralized.

NC Fathers believes that NC social services agencies dragging out cases for years and preventing parents from seeing children is parental alienation and highly abusive to voters and children.

NC Fathers believes that non-custodial parents and the amount of people who are involved in social services actions and petitions each year are a huge population of voters and it is time we come together and make sure that they begin again their policy of reunification with natural parents and do better jobs of realizing when one parent or other family member is manipulating them to gain favor in a child custody hearing.

NC County Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Services Complaints

Immediate Action needed:

Using the comment system below, and NOT using your real name, leave a detailed comment on which county social services agency in NC you are dealing with now, or have dealt with in the past, and have your say on how they handled your cases ineffectively and could have handled it a different way so that a child can have access to both natural parents. In your complaints about DSS and CPS, do NOT use anyone’s name as it really has no bearing on what we attempt to achieve.

We want to maintain a statewide repository of parents who have lost children to overly aggressive CPS actions where natural parents lost children to adoption or where social services aided another parent in a child custody case.

We do ask that you subscribe to replies and use your real email address so that when we reply, you will get our message. Your email address is NOT publicly available in your comment.

Additionally, we ask that you extensively share this document with other families on social media so that we can reach more people.

Once we get 5,000 comments and 5,000+ people aligned with this cause, we are going to begin a very strong lobby campaign with NC Representatives and Senators and literally make their phone rings off the hook hourly and daily until changes are made.


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