NC Fathers Rights

Agencies Wanting Contracts Off NC Child Support Enforcement Title IV-D Money

Yesterday a reader alerted us to a contractor who is seeking Title IV-D (Child Support Enforcement Big Government Money) funding to develop a software program for enforcement to track and deliver services to the agency. Keep in mind, this is just ONE govt contractor trying to cash in on Title IV-D money.

Our thoughts on this, if they took Title IV-D money that is allocated for big government contractors to develop software systems for the agency and gave it to a system that rewarded parents, BOTH PARENTS, to develop shared parenting plans and work together despite differences for the greater good of their children then we would have greater financial responsibility from both parents. And, happier children

Do you honestly believe a big government software system is better for kids than two parents working together in a shared environment?

This is the crux of this sites message. Child Support Enforcement has become an industry where the State of NC is generating revenue for Title IV-D programs and contractors instead of putting the focus on strengthening kids parents.

You can be sure that your increasing child support payments and more draconian enforcement techniques is centered around keeping the money flowing.

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