NC Fathers Rights

Alert NC Legislature

SenatorsNC Fathers once again is keeping pressure on NC Senators and Representatives to consider family law reform, social services reform, and legislation for the presumption of equally shared parenting without judicial discretion. In an effort to help us send this message, we ask that you follow the directions on this page so that we can send this message loud and clear to Senators Harry Brown (R-Onslow and Jones County) and Senator Warren Daniel (R-Burke and Cleveland County).

Simply copy the text below and paste into your email application and then address your email by copying as a single line into your TO address form to email these Senators.,,

For the Subject, you are free to choose your own but it is important for ALL of your family members and supportive friends to do this.

Senators Brown, Daniel, and Clodfelter,

As a non-custodial family member in North Carolina, I ask that you review the articles below which is from an organization in North Carolina that is advocating on my behalf so that I no longer will be viewed as a marginalized and federally enforced visitor family member and can directly support my children as an equal parent with equal access to my children. I encourage you to read the entire contents of these articles because the numbers of families in North Carolina that are affected by this is large and Judges are creating more and more of us daily.

Senator Warren Daniel:

Senator Harry Brown:

Thank You,


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