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Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) And University Sexual Assault (SB 967)

Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal - Democrat in Long Beach CAAssemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, a Democrat serving Long Beach CA, is co-sponsor of Senate Bill 967 which addresses university and campus sexual assault and rape of students. But not all students, just female one’s. According to Ms. magazine, arguably the largest feminist magazine on the global Internet, SB 967 would “If this bill proposed in the California legislature passes and is signed into law, it won’t be enough for a campus sexual assault perpetrator to defend himself by claiming, “She didn’t say no!” Rather, he’ll have to prove that she said “Yes!”. Along with Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara) and Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angelas) sponsored the bill. Sounds reasonable right, who does not want to address sexual assault and rape on college campuses? Of course, in feminist style, anyone who takes issue with SB 967 will be called out as wanting there to be an environment (culture) where women are easily raped or assaulted sexually. And if we get labeled as such, then so be it because there are dramatic problems with this clear feminist bill and agenda taking place on college campuses that looks a lot like feminist trying to re-configure what rape and sexual assault looks like even if it does not meet criminal court standards. If Senate Bill 967 passes, male students can be found guilty of sexual assault on campus, but not ten yards off campus. And, I seriously doubt that university officials are going to inform male students that what they learned in High School about due process and what rape and sexual assault is when they enter college campuses. Oh no, universities now are under serious scrutiny by the Obama Administration and Department of Education to find more rapists and sexual assaults, we can’t have male students being informed of the changes because we need them to meet quotas set down by the government.

Look, we are all for strict prosecution of rape and sexual assault as it is clearly a problem on campus. But let’s look at some of the criteria for becoming a rapist on campus if you are a male. We think it is vitally important for WOMEN in paternal families to learn about this too because there is a clear agenda by radical feminist and legislators like Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal to make women only centered laws and lowering the definition of rape so low and ambiguous that literally ALL campus sex can be taken as rape – if you are male.

Senate Bill 967 would do away with legal due process by which a male student is considered innocent until proven guilty. Under this bill, the accused would have to prove that sexual consent was given. Many say that we need this because women fear going to the police to report such crimes, or rather report them at all, therefore ending due process will help to alleviate that. Therefore, the answer to this dilemma is too immediately round up all male students who are accused and put their names in campus publications and put them through campus tribunals. Ladies, these are your son’s we are talking about. Can you see anyone accusing Assemblywoman Lowenthal of a crime and her screaming about due process protections to be seen as innocent until proven guilty and all this affords in a court? But she does not want this for your sons?

Certainly, any reasonably minded person knows that engaging in sexual contact with someone who is unconscious or asleep due to alcohol and drug abuse is rape and/or sexual assault. But according to the writers of Ms. Magazine, SB 967 extends that to:

“incapacitated due to drugs or alcohol or unable to communicate because of a physical or mental condition”

The problem here is the word “incapacitation”. What does this look like? Is it two beers for one girl, but fine for another? Is it three beers for one woman, but one for another? Certainly, the definition of incapacitation is very much arguable given any subset of people. Are university officials going to define “incapacitation” and start requiring male students to give a drug and alcohol test to a female who is standing there saying she wants to have sex? Of course not.

Also under SB 967, being intoxicated via alcohol and drugs is no longer an excuse for sex with a female student if she feels it was assault or rape after, even if she gave consent. OK, I can deal with females not being held liable for decisions while having some undetermined amount of alcohol in their system while male students are held accountable, but are we going to have the same rape and sexual assault response for women who have no alcohol and drugs in their system and who have sex with men who gave consent?

Certainly not. Apparently university officials, feminist, and legislators are fine with women being drunk and high and engaging in sex with whoever they want, but we can’t have male students doing this.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, Let’s Be Clear On Senate Bill 967 and Sexual Assault

This bill has nothing to do with ending sexual assault and rape. If it was, you would be interested in ending ALL occurrences of this clear problem. Making it gender specific is about politics and pandering to feminist and women voters while throwing women who have male children under a bus. You want all men marginalized as likely rapist and offenders so you can push through female centric legislation at will regardless of right or wrong so that you can meet an agenda.

Let’s remember that for every female college student you pander to, there are women in Men’s families who likely will not agree with this legislation when they learn that you want their son’s to be in an environment where a college girl who has had two beers says “Have sex with me” but a week later screams rape and incapacitation because he didn’t want a relationship. Our goal is to reach those women.

I know, I know, you will cry out that we need female centered rape and sexual assault laws ONLY because women experience it the most and to anyone taking a short glancing look at this issue might be inclined to agree until you realize that what Assemblywoman Lowenthal is saying is that it is OK if women sexually assault men because men do it the most. This thinking is akin to someone saying 5 dead children is OK because it wasn’t 9. This is exactly what feminist have done with domestic violence and we are now seeing women in paternal families standing up and saying NO to feminist attempting to put their son’s into a small box as all offenders. Will this happen with sexual assault and rape on college campuses? We sure hope so.

Anyone think that Assemblywoman Lowenthal would have a problem if the Department of Transportation came out with findings that more women text and drive causing major accidents and death and we wanted to drive legislation aimed at dealing with female drivers only? Of course she would. In her world we only have laws aimed at men when it benefits women, but don’t you dare single out women for reckless behaviors.

Bottom line, mothers of son’s who are attending college on-campus, pull your sons out of school and let him get his degree online because there are very dangerous legislators who very much want to see the further decline of males getting degrees and they have agendas in mine for feminist thinking that revolves around creating ambiguous laws that hopefully your son’s break so that they can use him as a statistic to drive funding to their political ideological parties and non-profits.

As it turns out, college aged women do commit sexual assault and rape

So where is Assemblywoman Lowenthal on this information? Where are California Democrats? Where are University officials? Where are feminist?

Of course, in the vein of complete and utter hypocrisy these groups will likely say that these women are innocent until proven guilty.

Democrat if Long Beach CAFeminist love to say that “relationships” (as opposed to sexual predator and molester assigned to men) like these don’t matter because underage boys love sex and probably enjoyed it. Of course they overlook the power differential and the fact that boys do fall in love.  The Assemblywoman will likely blow this off. No problem here. We need to protect women!

sexual assault by womenNo problem here right Assemblywoman?

Long Beach DemocratswomenThankfully, well for Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, we won’t have incidents like this because there won’t be investigations into these incidents, remember, all we need is an allegation and quotas to be reached so universities can still get federal money. Nope, no false allegations of college campus.

California AssemblywomanNow she deserves due process right Assemblywoman! Of course she does.

rapist on campusSomeone get this woman a lawyer. No need for lawyers at Universities for male students! She said it, he did it.

Ms Magazinewomen as offenders

Long Beach California

where is her lawyerShame on you Assemblywoman Lowenthal, shame on you for only standing up for women and children who have experienced domestic violence and death, shame on you for not advocating for this child, her torture, her need for survival. In all the presentations you give, I want you to remember this child and for anyone who gasps at this article and shakes their head, you remember you are part of the problem because you are doing a great job of only ending half the problem of violence and abuse.

If anyone needs us to put up more examples, just ask.

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  1. Look, I don’t care if a female student signs a written consent order, puts YES on social media, and screams it from a bull horn to everyone within a block radius, if she says she was sexually assaulted afterwards the feminist on campus are going to say it happened regardless. Feminist want sexual assault on campus to get attention to research grants, their agenda, fundraising, more women into their curriculum, etc.. And we all know that on-campus the guy has no ability to put forth a due process defense, see any evidence, even who made the complaint, have a lawyer, and cross examine the accused. Everyone keeps screaming about getting affirmative consent which nobody has a problem with, it’s that feminist on college campuses are teaching students that literally all heterosexual sex is rape and encourages girls to say so after so that feminist can use it as a tool. It’s just that simple.


    Comment by HM | February 20, 2014 | Reply

    • HM you are correct. Getting affirmative consent isn’t the issue, it’s that there is no way to prove it and even if you could, she can always say she changed her mind half way through the act or that she had 1.5 beers and felt incapacitated. There is no defense to that and feminist know it. Ding ding ding, another statistic we can use to meet the quota set down by the department of education.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | February 20, 2014 | Reply

      • And to perpetuate the idea that all men are demons. Feminism as of late is very scary. I’m a supporter of equal rights for everyone but my god the rhetoric coming out of modern feminist these days is blatant and scary. It is a hate movement.


        Comment by HM | February 20, 2014

  2. Even if SB 967 is applied and the female student signs a piece of paper the definition of “incapacitated” is ambiguous by design. The goal, get as many male students hooked into being rapist as possible so that we can get them off campus, more women on-campus, and build female dominance and power. Sounds exactly like what women complain about with “patriarchy”.


    Comment by Gerald | February 20, 2014 | Reply

  3. I hate to say it but any man who elects to attend college on campus has a target on his back, It’s better to be safe and attend college online. But in reality any male/female contact these days, if she makes an allegation you are done. I know that feminist say that only 2% of allegations are false but how do they know this since false allegations are never prosecuted or even investigated?


    Comment by AB | February 20, 2014 | Reply

  4. Just shared on Facebook, more mothers of son’s like me need to see and hear this. I have real concerns for my son who will be attending college in 2 years. Like the other commenter I am considering pushing college online and away from these hateful college administrators who cower to women’s studies professors.


    Comment by Allison | February 20, 2014 | Reply

  5. So what happens if a male student wakes up the next say and regrets what happened and had a few beers and never said YES?


    Comment by Trent | February 20, 2014 | Reply

    • He is expelled and becomes the subject of women’s studies students rallies, social media and traditional media shaming, and has no ability to ever get into school again.


      Comment by stompkinsnc | February 20, 2014 | Reply

      • I was being serious!


        Comment by Trent | February 20, 2014

      • I was too!


        Comment by stompkinsnc | February 20, 2014

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