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Carteret County Child Support Lawyer and Non-Custodial Parents

Carteret County Child Support Lawyer and Non-Custodial ParentsIf you are looking for a Carteret County child support lawyer, it is a good bet that you are a non-custodial parent who has received a petition to come to court on child support, or you have questions about your child support payments, arrears, or calculations. We can tell you up front that for any family law attorney in Carteret County to represent you it is going to cost you a $5000 retainer fee up front. And, you may be thinking how in the world your ex got that much money for a lawyer. Custodial parents get free lawyers provided via Carteret County child support enforcement because the State of North Carolina has an interest in how much child support you pay. This is information that your lawyer will likely not tell you about. And, we are going to explain why you are a non-custodial parent, likely why you have so little time with your child, and why you are not allowed to be a 50/50 parent.

Again, everything we are about to discussion is not something many Carteret County child support lawyers want the public to know.

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What your Carteret County lawyer will not tell you about child support

  • In all U.S. States, every dollar collected in child support is funneled through the child support enforcement system and then dispersed to custodial parents. Based upon their collections and as spelled out in Title IV-D, Section 458 of the Social Security Act, the U.S. Federal Government will give back money on that dollar depending on a match and performance. This match is usually about .66 cents on the dollar. So if you pay $800 per month in child support, what your Carteret County lawyer (or Judge) will not tell you is that you generate a federal subsidy of about $528 dollars every month that the State of NC can use any way they want, but the money is usually used to replenish social services programs. Every non-custodial parent is a tool used to generate federal subsidy money for social services. The Judge get’s a paycheck from the State, the state wants that money, you do the math.
  • While a Judge in North Carolina CAN give you joint physical custody, he/she won’t because for decades they have been trained that it is harmful to children. Again, what your lawyer won’t tell you is that if the Judge did give you 50% time with your child then you would pay less child support and thus the State would get less federal money.
  • Your Carteret County child support lawyer also will not tell you that the system is purposefully biased, unfair, and pits parents against each other for the sole purpose of hoping that you fight for 18 years and pay retainers.
  • If you reject the notion that the courts are unfair, after your third $5000 retainer each time child support enforcement comes calling for more money to meet their performance levels, come talk to us.
  • What your Carteret County NC child support lawyer won’t tell you is that the custodial parent based on her status, is eligible for Section 8 housing, food stamps, Medicaid, educational subsidy, and many other state and federal programs. You however, as being the marginalized parent will die in the street if you can not afford to get medical care because as a non-custodial parent you are not eligible for many state on-going benefits.
  • What your Carteret County child support lawyer will not tell you is that the child support enforcement court, the family courts, and the domestic courts are based on “preponderance of the evidence” meaning that all a Judge needs to rule against you is 51% LIKELIHOOD that some allegation or complaint against you is founded even absent evidence or witnesses. This means if your ex makes a domestic violence allegation to the magistrate and presents no evidence or witnesses, you are going to jail, you will likely lose your job, you will have to find bail money, your release records will have a restraining order with it so you are now homeless, you may or may not get your clothes, and you have 10 days to find $5000 for an attorney to represent you in court. And yes, all of this based on just an allegation. And with the restraining order that WILL be placed and kept on your for a year, you won’t be seeing your children. The preponderance of the evidence system is the single largest machine that has produced false allegations because nobody get’s in trouble for making them, you don’t need evidence and or witnesses, and the Judge can just not like you and your entire family never sees your child again. The hope is that you become so furious you go bankrupt trying over, and over, and over.
  • In addition to the $5000 for your domestic and family court matter, your Carteret County lawyer will want more money again because the restraining order brings in DSS who also can have their say in the matter. Yes, again based on a simple allegation.
  • What your Carteret County lawyer won’t tell you is that if you do not have the money to pay him/her, they are more than happy to let you walk out of the office knowing that you will have to take your chances as a pro se litigant (representing yourself – where you always lose) OR never seeing your children again. And yes, this includes the child’s grandparents and other family members on your side.
  • If you are in sever poverty and can never get the money to hire a lawyer, after about a year your parental rights can and most likely will be terminated because you showed no interest in the child when really it was a lack of money, and then you and your family are certainly never seeing the child again.
  • What your Carteret County NC child support lawyer also will not tell you is that he/she already knows that you are likely going to lose because they State of NC needs a parent spending less of  time as possible with a child to generate more Title IV-D money. And, he/she knows you are going to be furious as hell after court and prepared to spend your last dollar with them trying to change a system or situation that is designed for you to lose and lose again.
  • Your Carteret County child support lawyer WILL likely tell you that you will go to jail if you don’t (it’s usually can’t but nobody cares) like there is some magical fountain of money in there and programs to help, and that when you come out your job will still be there and any housing you were able to find still active. Your lawyer will tell you this to scare the hell out of you so that you pay.
  • Your Carteret County NC Child support lawyer will tell you about mediation, but mediation always breaks down because the other party has no use in mediating, they know they are winning, especially if they need the free healthcare, housing, education, and food.
  • Your Carteret County child support lawyer won’t tell you that the minute you are later on support, enforcement will use State powers at no cost to anyone to imprison you. If the custodial parent uses her court appoint gatekeeper role to deny you court ordered visitation, there are no State powers there to enforce it. You will have to spend yet another $5000 each time she want’s to play games with a visitation order.

So, when you do meet your Carteret County lawyer for the first time and he/she smiles at you and tell you that everything is going to be fine, don’t believe it. Don’t believe us, fine. When everything we just discussed plays out, then come and talk with us because we are building a massive database of non-custodial parents representing half the population of voters in the state and will need you to help end the career of politicians (who by the way are lawyers) that refuse to address any of this.


1. Our Carteret County attorney told us everything would be ok, that we had a good case and that all would work out as she smiled and took $5000. In court, the mother made the usual abuse allegations that come in what appears to be all family law cases now because it’s a well know card to use. She had no evidence, no witnesses, no marks, just an allegation which by the way he was arrested on and lost his job. Well the judge of course believed everything, she got sole custody, he got one day a month visitation, she now gets $800 a month in child support, EBT card, accepted in to Medicaid, and is applying for Section 8. My son and our entire family has been reduced to a pay check for this woman and a means for her to live off the state and used the child as a weapon and means to do it. Whether it’s child support, divorce, or custody, do not believe your lawyer when they tell you everything is going to be OK.

– (9/23/2015) Corrin in Morehead City

2. Your Carteret County lawyer loves it when your family is in crisis, the more it hurts, the more they know you are willing to fork out money. I suspect in many cases they make it hurt worse by throwing gas on the fire to open the wallets faster.

– (9/23/2015) Joshua in Newport

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