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Are all white mothers white supremacist?

Huffington Post contributor article on whether white mothers and fathers are white supremacist


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Rosie Batty, Australian Women and Children Advocate on Domestic Violence Shows How The Family Court Is Both Flawed and Ruled By Feminist

Feminism and family courtsRosie Batty is an Australian women and children’s advocate speaking out about domestic violence and family violence and how the family courts are flawed and hurt single mothers. Not surprisingly, she also speaks and writes and uses social media top talk about how family violence hurts women and children and has quite an impressive social media following. For a lot of readers of this article, what we have written thus far will likely garner a great deal of support for Rosie Batty and her efforts on domestic and family violence. Furthermore, we suspect that most women and even some men will champion her efforts and that most feminist will applaud her attention to women’s and children’s issues in the areas of violence. In our research on Ms. Batty, we found nothing to indicate that she is a practicing feminist, but we do see an awful lot of narratives that professional feminist organizations use when talking about the family courts and domestic violence.

So what is the problem and why are we drawing attention to her and her efforts to end violence?

First, in looking at a recent article written about her at the Huffington Post (A far left wing feminist organization who gains millions of dollars a year in writing articles on social issues with a social justice warrior slant to gain high traffic for advertising revenue) entitled “Rosie Batty Says Men Who Have Never Hit Women Can Still Be Dangerous“, we noted that Ms. Batty is attempting to say that all men are dangerous, even if they do not hit.

Within the article, there is an extreme amount of sexist narrative that unfolds that reads right out of the radical feminist playbook which seeks to stigmatize all men and boys so that professional feminist can then have an issue to talk about, write books on, get money from governments on to do research, deliver $20,000 speeches on, start non-profits that profit employees, and to build lobby groups for political clout.

Let’s take a look at a few examples from the article about Rosie Batty:

“But on Wednesday, domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty used the opportunity to address all men instead of just politicians.

She did this before even speaking, sharing the stage with Men’s Behavior Change counselor Danny Blay.”

In any research, article, or report when you see the words “All men” or “All women” you should realize that you are dealing with someone who has an agenda, be it political, financial, or attention”

And here we start to see the political and financial efforts being realized:

“The Coalition has promised $30 million for family violence legal centers while the New South Wales government announced $300 million to tackle the problem, putting GPS detectors on perpetrators and investing $8 million in men’s behavior change programs.”

“This debate should be above politics. It’s about putting the safety, well-being and essential needs of children above all else. It is about keeping our kids safe from violence and terror,” Batty said.

Reviews on Rosie Batty as a women and children's advocate in the Australian family law system

According to this article, we are asked to believe the following:

  • That all men are dangerous even if they do not hit, that men who are mentally and psychologically abusive are MORE dangerous.
  • That men are the only domestic batterers, and that men are the only mental and psychological abusers because of toxic masculinity (a new feminist buzzword).
  • That the Australian government should recognize Rosie Batty as the most revered women and children’s advocate in the county and start spending millions of dollars per year on changing men’s behaviors.
  • That the family courts should have a mandate that follows this narrative when dealing with families withing the family law system.
  • That female batterers and women who commit mental and psychological abuse are always operating within an environment where a male is actually controlling her and thus her abuse is a symptom of toxic masculinity.

Basically, what we have here is a feminist’s dream family law system with Rosie Batty at the helm demanding that judges view domestic violence and family violence as a all male perpetrator/woman victim system, that to keep children safe, children should have little interaction with their fathers if any, that government should funnel money from government programs to support women and children only, and when we do see female family violence and domestic violence we are likely see a symptom of male control and oppression.

There was no word in the articles at the Huffington Post on how Rosie Batty explains female domestic violence on children when the father isn’t even known, or when domestic violence occurs in lesbian marriages or intimate partnership situations. We suspect that the feminist tried and true declaration that the invisible patriarchy is involved when two women commit violence, or when a mother commits violence on her child when a toxic male isn’t in the picture.

With modern feminism, it is always going to boil down to it being a man’s fault. Feminism and women and children’s advocates within the family law system and courts have done a great job over 80 years of framing all violence as a men’s issues and that after divorce systems setup to only benefit women and children.

As with most articles we write on this issue, this is where we usually link to millions upon millions of Internet articles of women killing husbands and boyfriends, their own children, other women, and whatnot. The problem here is that the professional feminist lobby has an interest in this only being defined as a male problem and will use buzzwords like “The patriarchy”, “toxic masculinity” and “male privilege” so that we can assign female violence as a symptom of the male problems.

What is the bottom line?

If you are a male not ingrained in the new modern radical feminist movement, or use this issue for political reasons, you are probably calling bullshit. But calling this bullshit isn’t going to cut it since the radical feminist movement and advocates for women and children like Rosie Batty have successfully lobbied governments, lawyers associations, judicial associations, and the domestic violence industry to implement these policies.

And quit frankly men deserve the raw deal they are getting in the family courts not because of toxic masculinity or that they are nature born abusers, but because for going on 80 years men have had their thumb up their asses not forming their own advocacy groups and affecting politics in the same way as the angry feminist.

But there is another groups that I think Rosie Batty is highly disrespectful to, and that is women who have sons. Essentially, what this advocate is saying is that the little child you hold in your hands today is going to become toxic and will abuse, and from that he and YOU should have little contact with that child should a divorce happen.

So much for equality with feminist huh?

As a feminist who is truly about equality among the genders and has no interest in gender warfare and has interest in actually stopping all domestic violence and family violence in Australia or here in the United States, what are your thoughts on Rosie Batty and her advocate status?

As a everyday women with sons, what are your thoughts on radical feminist attempting to stigmatize your sons as future domestic batters and psychological abusers who should have little access to their children (and you by proxy)? Using the comment section below, what do you have to say to Rosie Batty?

Learn more about Fathers rights in Australia or visit the author on Twitter.

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NC County Child Protective and Social Services Complaints

NC County Child Protective (CPS) and Social Services ComplaintsNC Fathers is encouraging parents who are currently involved in a NC County Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Services (CPS) case where social workers and supervisors have taken your children away from you and put them in to foster care, have prevented you from seeing a child, to have supervised visits while a child is in kinship care, or has completely terminated your parental rights and adopted your child(ren) out. NC Fathers believes in the past 5 years NC County Department of Social Services agencies and Child Protective Services have dropped their reunification mission and are now aggressively targeting children they can take and keep for years in foster care while receiving state and federal money when they could be assisting parents or a parent in getting the help they need to better their lives and be more of a functional parent.


NC Fathers also believes that NC County Department of Social Services agencies along with Child Protective Services are aligning with state adoption agencies in a campaign to make sure there are a fresh batch of adoptable children made available to them no doubt with money at stake.

nc county social services complaints

NC Family Courts and Parents

We believe that directors with state social services agencies have taken a page from the family law attorney rule book and have learned that if they can inflame situations instead of being services driven, they can reap federal money for longer periods of time (as lawyers do with billing) and keep social workers payed and the county social services budget funded.
UPDATE 9/2015 – Today we had an individual comment on this blog and dared us to list one tangible way that a NC County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services department is abusive to parents and not about families, so we thought that we would oblige them.

The department’s claim: We are about serving NC County families. We have value in both parents and both set’s of extended family members.

First Example: A NC County DSS insures that a custodial parent gets food stamps, educational benefits to go to school, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, WIC, and child support. If the custodial parent wants to make it a career, no problem.

If the non-custodial parent has a life event happen, or crisis and gets hungry, there is no food stamps. Need help going to school? Get a loan. Need medical care, pay for it. Need housing? Pay for it. Need help financially? Sorry, go to jail.

The Department is NOT about family unless their definition of family is the custodial parent, child(ren), and the custodial extended family.

Example two: The Department is VERY STRICT about child support because they know it triggers federal money. Don’t let the department catch you not paying child support. The department knows FULL well that custodial parents deny court ordered visitation all the time and that a non-custodial parent has no way to remedy that unless they have $5000. The denial of visitation is parental alienation, which is child abuse and they do not care, nor will you see DSS lobby groups touch the issue.

NC Fathers believes that the only parents who should not be seeing their children, or who should lose rights to a natural child are parents who absolutely refuse to change abusive and dysfunctional ways, not parents who are willing to get help.

NC Fathers believes that NC County Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services preys on poverty stricken parents who can not afford a $5000 attorney whenever social services wants to file a petition, or when one parent using a false allegation to get social services involved and that parent can’t afford an attorney to remedy the situation.

NC Fathers believes that county social services agencies are particularity totalitarian with non-custodial parents over custodial parents because they realize that non-custodial parents are a federal trigger of Title IV-D federal funds that get’s dropped in to the lap of social services each year.

NC Fathers takes issues with many child protective services social workers making very critical decisions when a worker only has a four year degree in some type of human services field, and we take issue with county judges who just rubber stamp social services petitions or recommendations.

NC Fathers believes that NC County social services agencies and child protective services is overwhelmed with caseloads due to the anonymous reporting system where people are using social services to make radical false allegations hoping that something sticks when that parent is about to enter a child custody lawsuit and needs the other parent neutralized.

NC Fathers believes that NC social services agencies dragging out cases for years and preventing parents from seeing children is parental alienation and highly abusive to voters and children.

NC Fathers believes that non-custodial parents and the amount of people who are involved in social services actions and petitions each year are a huge population of voters and it is time we come together and make sure that they begin again their policy of reunification with natural parents and do better jobs of realizing when one parent or other family member is manipulating them to gain favor in a child custody hearing.

NC County Department of Social Services (DSS) and Child Protective Services Complaints

Immediate Action needed:

Using the comment system below, and NOT using your real name, leave a detailed comment on which county social services agency in NC you are dealing with now, or have dealt with in the past, and have your say on how they handled your cases ineffectively and could have handled it a different way so that a child can have access to both natural parents. In your complaints about DSS and CPS, do NOT use anyone’s name as it really has no bearing on what we attempt to achieve.

We want to maintain a statewide repository of parents who have lost children to overly aggressive CPS actions where natural parents lost children to adoption or where social services aided another parent in a child custody case.

We do ask that you subscribe to replies and use your real email address so that when we reply, you will get our message. Your email address is NOT publicly available in your comment.

Additionally, we ask that you extensively share this document with other families on social media so that we can reach more people.

Once we get 5,000 comments and 5,000+ people aligned with this cause, we are going to begin a very strong lobby campaign with NC Representatives and Senators and literally make their phone rings off the hook hourly and daily until changes are made.

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What if I do not have the money to hire a NC child custody attorney?

money to hire lawyer NCBefore we discuss “What if I do not have the money to hire a NC child custody attorney?” it is important to note that NC Fathers is NOT a NC law firm nor is this document prepared by a licensed lawyer in any area of law. This document is not legal advice and here for information purposes only. If you need legal advice on child custody or in any other area of law then we encourage you to hire a lawyer. Although, as this article will spell out, if you do not have the money to hire one for a child custody matter, ex parte, or any other case before the domestic courts and family courts, you have no options but to represent yourself pro se (appear before court without an attorney. However, it should be noted that in our opinion NC judges do not like pro se litigants in family law because they take up much time of the courts when parents are not able to have documents in order and follow court procedure. We also suspect that family law judges do not like pro se litigants because they would rather see parents going bankrupt with a child custody attorney who’s state association has so much control over in judicial elections.

NC County divorce attorney reviews

As we have pointed out in our article on the NC family courts and the game that it is, the bottom line here is not the best interest of children, it is the best interest of NC lawyers bank accounts.

NC Fathers estimates that there are tens of thousands, if not approaching hundreds of thousands, in the State of North Carolina who will lose contact with a child forever simply because they do not have the money to hire a NC child custody lawyer in a restraining order, ex-parte, or other family law matter. The people losing contact with a child are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, step-siblings, and other family members. And, you are simply losing contact because of poverty.

Let’s take a look at some other areas in NC where the courts do not allow this. In the criminal courts, if you do not have the money to hire an attorney you can get a court appointed lawyer and it is very typical for criminal lawyers to offer free consultations and payments to be represented.

But not in family law, lawyers and the system knows that emotions and just out and out anguish will force you in to finding money necessary to get contact with a child. If two married people used this type of emotional abuse against each other, it would be considered domestic violence. But not in the family court system and their $750 consultation fees just to tell you that you need a lawyer and $5000 up front retainer fees just to get STARTED. We are in contact with people daily here in North Carolina who are well in to the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on family law attorneys. The reality here is that sometimes emotions and anguish simply does not allow you to find the money to hire a NC lawyer.

Now lawyers will tell you that the high expense related to family law and child custody is that litigants usually want to fight for years and this has forced them in to billing for many years. The reality is lawyers inflame situations and make wild allegations that are unproven because the family courts operate on preponderance of the evidence (no need for evidence to be shown, an arrest or petition can be brought on allegation alone, can be found guilty or have orders placed on you without evidence or witnesses as long as a judge has a certain amount of “likelihood” that something happened). This is turn causes parents to battle for 18 years and for lawyers to bill.

Another reality is that the judge has total control of the courts, if she/he wanted cases to move forward faster and everything resolved in the best interest of the child, she/he would at the snap of an order. It is important to remember that judges were once likely family court lawyers who made millions.

The simply fact in the following very common event in NC is that if you do not have money to hire a lawyer in a NC child custody, ex parte, or allegation of some sort that resulted in you not being able to see your children, you are going to never see them again, and neither will grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family members.

To use, this is real abuse and neglect, not only by one parent, but at the hands of judges and lawyers within the courts, along with social services.

While it may not be advised, the reality is that it is perfectly legal for one married person to leave the home with a child and move abroad or across country with a child and establish residency and consistency and never inform the other parent where they or or allow them to see the other side of the family.

It costs this parent $0 to do this and essentially establishes full custody of the child. The other parent is then forced to find $5000 to $7000 in a retainer fee to find the other parent and file a court petition. If the parent can not do this within 6 months to a year (depending on residency laws in other states), then that child and case falls under another jurisdiction for which you will have to find another $5000 to start proceedings in that state.

If you likely did not have the money to hire a lawyer in NC, then you surely won’t if you spend thousands here trying to find the other parent and getting a motion before the courts only to be told that the case is now in the jurisdiction of another state and you have to start all over.

In talks with NC Representatives and Senators about this problem, they indicate to us that they realize it is a problem but they refer everything to committees that handle family law procedures that are headed up by lawyers 🙂

What amazes us is that the numbers of parents that this is happening to is astronomical and represents a huge voter block of people that could literally drive Senators and Representatives crazy if these affected families would start calling their offices daily. Non-custodial families represent about half the population in every NC and dwarf the power that the lawyers association has. If you want to get immediate change to your dilemma, then organize with other non-custodial families on this page and start calling them daily.

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The Family Court, Preponderance Of The Evidence, and Domestic Violence Game. Learn How To Play!

The NC family court gameAt the risk of teaching the few remaining people on the planet how to play the family court, domestic violence, and preponderance of the evidence game successfully, we wanted to give you some insights on how things are played and show you why nobody within the court system and legislature is clamoring to fix things even though when you email them they are all to familiar with the problems. If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, or another member of a non-custodial family and you have lost access to your young loved one’s, the information in this article is why.
family courts of NC

child custody county lawyer divorce mediation

If you are reading this document just to learn how to win full legal and physical custody of a child in any U.S. State and not spend any money, SIMPLY CLICK HERE.

In this article, we are going to be very hard on lawyers, legislators, and Judges, but we do want to acknowledge a select few who are actually opposed to our current system and speak out when they can, but it is important to note that these lawyers and some Judges run the risk of being ostracized and alienated within their own industry for speaking out.

There are actually some good Judges and lawyers in North Carolina who understand this game well, and how it is causing chaos in children and families.

Please consider using our comment system at the end of this article to leave an exhaustive comment about your case in the Family Court system, if it involved Domestic Violence, and how Preponderance of the Evidence was used to make a ruling that did not happen the way the complainant alleged it happened. Also, if you comment, please let us know that city you are from and which County/Parish Family Court you were in (ie. Columbia County SC Family Court)

It is also important to note that many of the laws in place that impact the domestic courts and family courts were created by lobby groups and legislators for good purposes, it is people who have found a way to pervert the laws and use them for ill will. The reason that the courts and lobby groups who represent lawyers and Judges do not fix the problem is that it is just too lucrative to keep the status quo.

First and foremost, there is nothing about our current family law system that is about the best interest of children. Creating a system that encourages two parents to battle for 18 years and each needing the other to be the antichrist is having a devastating impact on our children and people in our state.

We believe that if the courts were setup as a STARTING POINT of equal parentage and equal time, and Judges demanded that parents work together and then start taking away visitation and time as people refused to work with the other parent and for the child, we would have an incentive based system for parents not to battle and actually work together.

Under our current system, one parent who just automatically loses, while the other parent wins, sets off the 18 year battle and game. This starts the process of Mom needing Dad to make a mistake, critiques everything, sets him up, and makes allegations daily because she needs to remain the custodial parent and needs to prevent him from gaining any ground.

Conversely, I have no doubt this happens when fathers have custody and you really can’t blame either parent for playing the game they are FORCED to play in the system.

But be sure, as the game is played, billions of dollars annually are pumped in to the hands of lawyers, psychologist, law enforcement, and other industries.

It is important to note that NC Fathers is NOT a law firm, nor is anyone associated with us a lawyer. All information you read in this document is for informational purposes only.

This concept is the hardest fact to get across to folks who come to us asking how this happened, or wanting to know how he/she could get away with this. It just can’t be legal! Oh but it is.

Our family courts and domestic courts operate under a burden of proof model called “preponderance of the evidence” unlike our criminal courts which operate under either “clear and convincing” or “until proven guilty.”

Under preponderance of the evidence, a Judge needs only 51% information in his/her hands to say that the LIKELIHOOD of either an allegation or some other claim happened to make a judgement. Under preponderance of the evidence, you do NOT need evidence against you to lose in the family courts, and nobody has to prove anything for you to lose. If a Judge FEELS like it happened, it happened and nobody needs to prove it.

This opens the door for bias and ideologies.

Because we have a system where one parent HAS to lose custody and one parent HAS to win custody, people have learned to use false allegations to smear the other parent and hope that they make an impact. The lawyers love false allegations because it starts a billing cycle. Psychologist love false allegations because it means they can bill for assessment and therapy. Lobby groups love false allegations because they compile numbers to present to Congress to appeal for more and more money. NC DSS loves false allegations because it keeps them employed and getting federal money (See Title IV-D below).

At this point we have a family court and domestic court system that is based on an arena where one parent will lose, and one parent will win. Each parent needs the other parent to be responsible for the plague so that he/she can win. We have developed a system where neither parent needs evidence to PROVE the other party did something, and we have a system where the courts do not punish one parent for using a false allegation in order to win.

Why in the world would Judges punish a false allegation and let it be known that you can’t do that when that claim initiates billable court actions. Lawyers across the county would be up in arms!

To make matters worse, Judges, magistrates, and law enforcement in NC operate under the “It’s best to be safe than sorry principle” when likely it’s more just using this principle so that they can get more litigants in to the billable hours system. But, for the sake of this article let’s go with “It’s best to be safe than sorry principle” and show you how everything comes together.

Many of you will recognize this game. In our example we are going to take gender out of the equation because while it may be hard to see it, every gender in the family courts suffers WHEN you take in to consideration the extended families who love their grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and step-siblings.

Ready to play the game? This is how to win full legal custody of a child and force the other parent (and family) in to submission and out of a child’s life using the NC courts own rules. Let’s get started…

The starting point can vary and usually happens like this:

1. One parent has decided to divorce and has planned for months, then decides it is time to leave and does so with children in tow. That parent can move anywhere in the country or world legally with the children and not communicate his/her whereabouts if there is no court order. This costs exactly $0.

The other parent is then forced in to the system at the STARTING COST of $5000 to hire a lawyer to find the other parent and children. Don’t have $5000? Then you never see your kids again, and nor does your extended family.

If you do not find the money within 6 months, then the other parent has established residency in another country or state, and has also gotten the child in school and established CONSISTENCY. Now, one parent is burdened with traveling abroad or across country to hire an attorney and lord knows we know that you can attend 40 hearing before a final action is taken. Can you imagine traveling to California from NC 40 times? Our legislators, lawyers, and judges simply do not care, as long as money is exchanging hands. Can you imagine what visitation looks like between NC and California? You are effectively done.

Now, if you are lucky enough to find the other parent and you have $5000, the minute the other parent is served, there will be an immediate allegation of child abuse, spousal abuse, or sexual sexual abuse. It is every divorce attorney’s favorite go to weapon and it works because remember under preponderance of the evidence you need NO evidence, witnesses, or proof to make a claim, a Judge only needs 51% likelihood to say it happened, and there is no penalty to make a false claim.

Once the claim is made, you are not seeing your children and there will be an automatic restraining order placed on you. Again here no evidence is needed, and magistrates and judges hand them out like candy on the “It’s best to be safe than sorry” principle to cover themselves politically (or look good politically).

In this country, once you are alleged to be a child abuser or spousal abuser, a Judge is then in a politically bad position. He or she only needs 51% likelihood to send you down the river in the first place, and it is not a good political gamble to take a chance on the accused when children are involved.

It just to easy politically to cut you out of the child’s life.

2. If one parent decides that it is time to leave a marriage or relationship and decides not to leave the house, the other parent WILL be leaving and this too is thanks to our “It’s best to be safe than sorry” system and preponderance of the evidence.

It is important to remember that lawyers groups and others have successfully lobbied Congress to lower the definition of Domestic VIOLENCE down to emotional levels. Domestic Violence as defined by the NC Bar Association today is:

Domestic violence is attempting to cause or intentionally causing bodily injury or placing the victim in fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Continued harassment can constitute domestic violence if it causes substantial emotional distress. There needs to be a current or former relationship between the victim and abuser such as spouses, roommates, parent/child, or boyfriend/girlfriend“.

Let’s take a close look at “Continued harassment can constitute domestic violence if it causes substantial emotional distress” because this is where they get you. What does “emotional distress” look and feel like? How is it quantified and qualified? It is about as subjective as it gets. If I know that all I need is me getting emotional over a loud argument I helped create and engaged in to make him/her an abuser in public and can win immediate custody and maintain status of all community property, you bet I am going to jump all over that!

Hello, 911?

With this in mind, when one parent knowing he/she wants to leave a marriage and is ready to make it happen, he/she engages the other parent in a dispute, it gets loud, the neighbors hear it, the kids hear it, doors are slammed, fingers pointed, threats to leave, or “I’m going to take the kids from you and you will never see them again” and under our current laws it is Domestic Violence. There DOES NOT have to be actual battery or assault. There are millions of parents and grandparents who will never see their kids again because one parent is a domestic violence offender because she/he participated in a loud dispute where the other person got emotional and was simply unlucky enough not to be the one to call 911.

It is hard to imagine ANY marriage today not having domestic violence in it and we think many Judges, lawyers, psychologist, court reporters, DSS officials, law enforcement LOVES IT because it triggers billable hours and federal money.

The first parent who hears “911, what is your emergency” is going to be the one who wins. The other parent is now going to jail and lose a job either via the police or magistrate under “It’s best to be safe than sorry” and you have a 50/50 chance of being adjudicated guilty without any marks, witnesses, or evidence. And in today’s politically correct system, it is best for a Judge to send you down the river. It is important to remember that most Judges and their spouses for political reasons sit on Domestic Violence boards, so it’s not surprising to see all of those with allegations adjudicated guilty at least in the civil court sense.

Once the allegation is made, ONLY the allegation, you are jailed, lose a job, have to find new housing even if you can’t get to your bank account, you are on the hook for criminal charges and now hiring a lawyer for the family courts. Can’t get the money? Say good bye to your children because you are not seeing them again.

No evidence, no witnesses, no proof, a politically correct Judge under the gun, and salivating lawyers wanting money and you, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles, and other family members are never seeing your children again until they are 18.

There is another animal involved in this wheel and that is the State of North Carolina (all U.S. States) who scrambles each year to find money for budgets. The State, as are all states, need federal dollars to run services. Without a doubt the single largest influx of federal dollars coming in to all U.S. States is from the Title IV-D system that keeps social services afloat. The trigger for the money? A parent who is not an equal parent, but a parent who is court ordered out of their kid’s lives so they pay child support and the greater amount please because we get more federal money against the more we collect.

less time spent with you kids = more child support collected = more Title IV-D money for NC

Sorry kid, you can’t see your mom/dad, we got money to collect. And the other parent is fine because they get child support, and access to all the wonderful social services benefits if needed (or dependent on).

At this point, one really needs to ask the question. Why end Domestic Violence when it generates so much money for many industries? Why create a equal system when it creates so much money for lawyers when two parents battle like gladiators? Depressed and suicidal kids? Awesome, let’s get them in to court appointed counseling and bill. Oh, you are in jail based just on an allegation that doesn’t need to be proven? That’s OK, we are getting federal Domestic Violence money that is more than what it costs to keep you here.

Our system has LITERALLY monetized Domestic Violence. There is No desire to end Domestic Violence.

While I am sure it makes the public feel good, and no doubt the alleged victim loves it, the only thing we do with domestic violence offenders is put them in jail to further harden them, immediately take away their kids, force them out of employment, and ostracize them in society. And after release, we expect them to be model citizens? The state, nor social services, nor the family court cares about this because the likelihood of re-offending is now greater upon release which is good for lawyers billing schedule and lobbyist who are keeping statistics and fund raising.

As for the lobby groups, you are an awesome new statistic they can put on paper as they walk to Congress and shed a tear at to get new federal money to pretend to want to fix an issue that really makes them RICH!

And, nobody in Raleigh gives a damn because the lobby groups that control this wheel would eat them for lunch!

If you want to learn how all of this works, SIMPLY CLICK HERE.


So, how do you win the Family Court game? It’s easy. 1) If there is no court order, leave the house and go to another country or state and hide out for 6 months. 2) Get emotional, call 911, say “I’m scared” and don’t worry about needing evidence.

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Gay Marriage, Domestic Violence, and the Family Courts. What Happens Now?

Gay Marriage (same sex), Domestic Violence, and the Family Courts. What Happens Now?As of 6/26/2015, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that Gay marriage (same sex) should be legal in all U.S. States, which legally now gives them a right to get divorced, become domestic violence offenders, have custody battles in the family courts, and see their property liquidated and a large share of that property liquidated and handed over to lawyers.

No doubt about it, today is a banner day for the legal industry who now has roughly 40% of the population at hand to see a divorce and 8 year custody battle initiated where yesterday it did not have the legal right to do, along with the routine filing of restraining orders and domestic violence complaints proactively to put the other side in a bad position within the divorce, domestic, and custody courts.

We also think we will see some interesting things happen between groups that are now very cozy but soon have a interest in excoriating each other in the family courts and domestic courts now that Gay marriage (same-sex) is legal.

We know that as it relates to Men, we have no problem seeing them lose custody battles and inequitable distribution of property, and it’s common today to see a divorced man with a restraining order or DVPO put on him under preponderance of the evidence courts where nothing has to be proved. For 60 years, feminist loved this and lawyers loved this because it gave rampant statistics of domestic violence to professional feminist who used it to get federal money for their book writing and research grants, and it certainly lined the pockets of lawyers.

However now, with two women going through a divorce, for the legal system to work one of those women has to lose and she will see herself in a custody battle, and under legal complaints the lawyers file just to inflame situations and there will be a lot more women who are screaming foul over the family courts and divorce courts and no doubt feminist will have to find a way to say that shared parenting works for divorcing women. If or how they throw men under the bus we aren’t sure.

It will also be interesting to see if the feminist run and designed family courts will keep meticulous statistics on domestic violence between same sex couples in the hopes they can continue their agenda of getting federal money, grants, etc… on the notion that domestic violence is ONLY a male on female violence issue.

Another issue that is extremely fascinating to ponder and watch is that Gay marriage (same-sex) now opens the door for couples to legally adopt children more easily and it is expected that same-sex married couples will want to have children of their own and they should.

We also know that they can not create them, and we surely know that fathers and men don’t have the children, so now ladies (see the feminist “Oh crap” moment), you are now under the gun legally to see the family courts and social services industry that gets more money when they have a child in their custody and adopted out come after you if the number of chosen adoptions does not equal the number of children available for Gay marriage adoptions.

Oh what interesting times lie ahead. It used to be that we blamed Men for everything in the family courts as it relates to patriarchy and oppressed women. But with Gay marriage now, female couples will need babies from heterosexual women by force (family courts and social services) if there aren’t enough children made available under chosen adoptions, and same-sex men (however the courts decide which one should lose). And, this statement is NOT made in opposition to Gay Marriage. Now that it is legal, they should have children and the only place they can get them is from women since we put fathers out of the family effectively 60 years ago.

With all this developing and taking shape, we have a message to heterosexual women and your domestic and family court utopia that you always knew had your back, things have changed and there is a new group in town that can make lawyers even more rich who would love to have courts battles with you to get custody of children and we suggest that you NOT come to our organizations with tears in your eyes because we are going to tell you to go fuck yourself just like you did with the fathers of your children.

It will also be interesting to see how legal abortion plays out. Again, if chosen adoptions DOES NOT make available children for the numbers of Gay marriage adoptions that are wanted then we need more available babies. Do you think it’s possible that we will see groups who used to fight so hard for legal abortion now fight against it to make more babies available?

And, do you think that we will see a feminist movement asking governments for shared parenting in the family courts when Gay couples divorce, but maintain the unequal system when heterosexual couples divorce? And what about the lawyers who will cry foul over shared parenting for Gay couples when they need to inflame things so they can file restraining orders, domestic violence orders, and have 7 year custody battles to make money?

Updated: 7/10/2015

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WCTI 12 News Reporter Jaime McCutcheon Misses Other Domestic Violence Issues In Her Series On Christy Adams

Jaime McCutcheon and WCTI News 12 on Domestic Violence and Christy AdamsJaime McCutcheon is a WCTI News 12 reporter who recently wrote a two part series on domestic violence and specifically about the case of Christy Adams in Pitt County NC who was forced to hear her child die at the hands of the child’s father and her estranged husband. When this series was complete, Jaime McCutcheon and WCTI News released the story onto social media sites like Facebook and Twitter where hundreds upon hundreds got the chance to severely admonish the father in this matter for hours. Additionally, Jaime McCutcheon gave some personal notes on the social media release of this article by saying “This is anchor Jaime McCutcheon, and as a mother myself, I have to say this is a story hard to tell and hard to hear, but Christy Adams wants it told” and went on to explain how this mother is helping other mothers who have experienced the lose of a child via domestic violence and mother who have or are experiencing domestic violence. As expected, including this writer, the outrage on social media sites and comments on WCTI’s comments section of their website is riddled with anger towards the killer (man) and well wishes for Christy Adams and her surviving family.

Updates to this article are at the end of the document.

NC Fathers want’s to make it VERY clear that domestic violence is an insidious problem in North Carolina that requires a societal, legal, educational, and court based response in order to end it. But as we are about to present, there is only a response to end SOME domestic violence in NC instead of all violence towards children and humans. Additionally, we are going to explore why we think many groups in NC actually benefit from male on female violence financially and politically, then use statistics to get an increasing amount of money from Congress via the Violence Against Women Act which dumps $500,000,000 each year into women centered programs that are gobbled up by non-profits, book writers, researchers, lobby groups, law enforcement agencies, and other groups who ONLY want domestic violence to be framed from the standpoint of male on female while going through extraordinary attempts to hide or gloss over female on male violence and female on child violence. Very little of state and federal money actually makes it to the shelter lever where it is needed the most.

Simply put, if domestic violence could be eradicated today, there are many people, non-profits, researchers, political organizations, authors, and agencies in NC who would suddenly find themselves without state and federal money allocated for this insidious problem. Many people in NC are making career choices on domestic violence and actually need the problem to exist so they can pay mortgages, feed their own children, and pay their car note.

In short, our state politicians, media, and interest groups turned domestic violence into a industry based on male on female violence only, while turning their back of female perpetuated violence towards women, men, and children, and are using this disgusting issues to driver gender based programs NOT aimed at ending it.

Additionally, our anger at WCTI News 12 and Jaime McCutcheon is that they give a LOT of attention to male on child and male on female violence at the media level, and either suppress female committed violence or gloss it over. What this has done is socialize society into the notion that men and fathers are evil horrible people that are likely domestic violence offenders who will kill their wives and children if given a chance. Furthermore, for women with underage male children, the day your child turns 18 he will automatically come under that society blanket.

This phenomena pleases the many groups who benefit financially and politically from this socialization of men and fathers as the only dangerous people within the state. It is this socialization that has led to the epidemic of false allegations of violence right before child custody battles as a tactical tool in court with judges who understand that he/she is under great pressure to make sure statistics stay marketable for others to use and helps out at election time. It is this socialization that prevents good father from getting joint physical custody of their children, and it is also responsible for hundreds of millions of WOMEN in paternal families from North Carolina from having a equal part in helping to raise their grandchildren, step-children, and nephews/nieces.domestic violence Jaime McCutcheon missed

Our Challenge To WCTI News 12 Reporter Jaime McCuthcheon

Unfortunately we have interest group/lobby group and gender based non-profits in North Carolina who daily do a great job of making male on female/child violence go viral in the search engines, social media, and on the nightly news while suppressing female perpetuated violence on men and children. This makes sense because it elicits strong emotions that drives maximum shares on social media, drives people to news organization’s websites where they have the option to click on advertisements that makes organizations like WCTI News money. It also drives money to women centered non-profits who then turn around and run political campaigns for women only. This requires that your sons, husbands, brothers, and fathers be socialized as a likely domestic batterer.

Everyone on the planet has heard the 1 in 3 women figure thrown around as it relates to domestic violence, and how women experience domestic violence every X number of seconds, but you likely will never see news outlets like WCTI News 12 and news reporters like Jaime McCuthcheon go out to NEUTRAL, non-political, and non- gender based statistic organization to discover the statistics on how many men and children are losing their lives and being hurt because of women committing domestic violence every X number of seconds.

Why, because we do not value men and boys in this country, and the emotional level of their demise is not news worthy. It is why men get double criminal sentences for the same crimes that women commit. It is why we scream about absent fathers, yet maintain a court system that prevents them from being equal parents. It is why the courts allow mothers to move their children 10 states away to start a new life even when the father wants to be active and help raise his child. It is why millions of grandmothers, step-mothers, step-siblings, and other lose access to their children daily after divorce and relationship breakdown.

It is why Jaime McCuthcheon and WCTI News 12 has no problem publicizing Christy Adam’s horrific story, but will not touch my story (a custodial father who has full legal and physical custody) to find out what horrors led to me to becoming a rare father with custody. In fact, if my article was published, there would immediately be outrage that a father has custody and millions of women in NC (and likely within the newsroom at WCTI News 12) who starts asking questions like what did I do to get custody and hurt a mother of a child. Did he threaten her not to show up in court? Did he take her money so that she couldn’t get into court? Did he beat her and scare her into giving up custody? Everybody will ask those questions in the media, but none will ask what the mother did.

With that, we challenge Jaime McCutcheon to initiate a Google alert campaign (using the quote data below) that alerts her when Google finds news stories centered around “mother arrested”, wife arrested”, “woman arrested”, “teacher arrested AND female”, “wife kills”, “mother kills”, “mother burns”, “wife burns”, “mother stabs”, “woman stabs”, “woman chokes”, “wife chokes”, “mother abandoned”, or by doing some Google searches about women, wives, and mothers with the words domestic violence and murder in the content.

We did this over just two days last year and we came across THESE INCIDENTS and THESE INCIDENTS. But I guess in the interest of gender warfare, the blame game, and the politics, these men and children do not matter. Of course, we realize that anyone reading this, and likely Jaime McCutcheon and others at WCTI News 12 will say that we HAVE to have ONLY a women centered domestic violence response because more women experience it.

The problem with this thinking is EXACTLY like saying we need to get to the bottom of what happened at a daycare that killed 9 children but not at another daycare that only killed 6. Or, that it is OK that women kill, because more men kill. This thinking is sexist and bigoted; issues we hate men for but give women a pass on.

NC Fathers urges Jaime McCuthcheon to review Leading Women For Shared Parenting and review the resumes and accomplishments of this all women group addressing ALL the issues contained in this article if she attempts to label us misogynistic.

Has Jaime McCuthcheon and WCTI talked with WOMEN in paternal families?

In marketing her two part series on Christy Adams, Jaime McCuthcheon spoke as a mother and talked about violence on women. Unfortunately, we guess she has turned her back on mother’s sons and/or grandchildren who are either dead and hurt because of female domestic violence, stalking, threats, and coercion. Or how false allegations asserted and proven to have been false caused them to spend tens of thousands of dollars with lawyers and caused bankruptcy.

Jaime McCuthcheon should realize that OVER HALF of American women in the United States will have a son who losses access to a child because media groups and lobby groups have successfully put a black cloud over every boy and man as a future violent aggressive murderer that should not have visitation of his children so that we can blanket mothers with services to empower her. And, being the paternal grandmother, you can say good bye to your involvement with the grandchild.

Jaime, why is WCTI not working to end ALL domestic violence and child abuse instead of just violence and abuse committed by boys and men?

Update 5/8/2014 11:35pm: It appears WCTI News 12 knows how to use censorship well and only wants their message to get out. Shortly after this article was published, a supporter send this link to them and the supporter was immediately banned. Organizations who use censorship to prevent others from engaging in social media but have no problem getting their information out are biased and have agendas.

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What Is a NC ex-parte emergency child custody order and hearing?

What is a ex-parte emergency child custody order and hearing in NC?Before we discuss what a NC ex-parte emergency child custody order and hearing is, please keep in mind that the author of this note is NOT a NC lawyer, and NC Fathers is NOT a law firm. This note is NOT legal advise and you should only use it for educational purposes. If you are considering filing a ex-parte, or you have had one filed against you, you need to immediately hire a licensed NC family law attorney for expert legal advise. NC Fathers is an organization of NC non-custodial families who are lobbying legislators for a more fair family law system and for equally shared parenting for both fit parents after a divorce or relationship breakdown. Please join our Facebook page to get involved. Our organization is open to ALL non-custodial parents regardless of gender and we strongly encourage extended family members to join our organization as well.

Read This

In NC, an ex-parte order as it relates to child custody is simply a order a Judge gives for emergency reasons to a litigant (parent) based solely on their testimony or lawyer’s fact giving to the Judge. In an ex-parte, only one parent’s reasoning for the order is heard. Typically, a lawyer will request that a Judge give him/her some time in chambers one on one and will present the case. If the Judge signs the order, law enforcement will immediately be dispatched to where the child is, the child will be removed, and given to the other parent who filed the ex-parte.

NC Divorce lawyers

Judge, courts, nc

Why do we have ex-parte orders?

Ex-parte’s are USUALLY given on death, substantial injury, and sexual assault cases that require immediate attention that DSS can not give. Sometimes they will be given on extreme cases where there is not an issue with immediate death, injury, and sexual assault issues.

The burden to get an ex-parte is VERY VERY VERY EXCEPTIONALLY high and many Judges hate issuing them because it is extremely prejudicial to the parent for which the ex-parte is sought on because they are not heard in the case. However, most recognize that there are good reasons for ex-parte hearings. If there is not substantial evidence presented to a Judge when a lawyer requests the ex-parte, a Judge will likely ask the lawyer to contact NC DSS or law enforcement to go that route.

If a ex-parte is granted, there is by law a hearing ten days later where the NC Judge will hear BOTH sides and decide if the ex-parte should stay in effect or not. If during the ten day hearing a Judge maintains the ex-parte then child custody is reversed until/if another petition is filed. A custodial parent can also file a ex-parte order to stop court ordered visitations.

Some things to consider and why NC Judges further dislike ex-parte’s in our opinion

Aside from them being highly prejudicial, Judge’s know that if they sign an order, law enforcement will forcibly remove a child from another parent who may or MAY NOT have done anything hence why they usually always want some type of 3rd party professional (but not always) documentation at the time of the order.

Some Judge’s feel compelled to sign an ex-parte because they feel like if they don’t give an order, and a child gets hurt or dies, it is 100% on their shoulders. Yet, if they do and it turns out ten days later the information given to them at the time of the request for the order is not true, they caused great trauma to a child and parent for no reason and we feel like many times a Judge will hold the lawyer and litigant who sought the ex-parte accountable and not be happy with them.

Again, in our opinion, if you are considering filing a NC ex-parte against another parent, you should hire a lawyer because he/she is the only one that can file and talk to a Judge. And, they should only be done for legitimate emergency child custody actions that have a risk for immediate death, great injury, or sexual assault on a child. If an ex-parte is NOT granted, a parent still has the option to make a DSS complaint or file a normal show cause petition to have custody reversed or to stop ordered visitation. Additionally, law enforcement can be utilized in many cases.

Why ex-parte orders are highly prejudicial

If a Judge issues a NC ex-parte order, you only have 10 days to hire a lawyer and prepare your case. Of course a lawyer can request a continuance that can extend the mandatory 10 day hearing, but that is assuming that you have the ability to even hire a lawyer. If you can not hire a lawyer, it is best to go to the hearing yourself and plead your matter because if you do not show up the ex-parte will stay in effect permanently until you can file to reverse it at a later date.

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Willie “Fred” Gore District Court Judge 2014 – Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus County NC

Willie Fred Gore for District Court JudgeWillie “Fred” Gore is running for District Court Judge in Bladen, Brunswick, and Colombus County NC in 2014 and this article serves to enlighten non-custodial families in the county to issues we have compiled to make sure you have these issues voiced for this campaign. Why? Because the 70 year old de-facto standard of empowering one parent after a divorce or relationship breakdown where kids are involved while marginalizing the other family has got to stop. This article will serve to allow Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus County NC non-custodial families a voice if Willie “Fred” Gore successfully becomes a Judge and we encourage you to join this organization to let his campaign know that our existence in our children’s lives is not a 4 day a month visitor who pays the government to see our children, but rather we are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and step-parents who are voters and who matter in these children’s lives. In our article to  the Willie “Fred” Gore for District Court Judge we are going to dispel many of the manufactured scripts lawyers and Judges have been taught to continue the divorce and child custody industry that serves to only line lawyers bank accounts with money that parents can use for children to start businesses, pay for college, get medical care, and buy a home. We hope you will extensively share this article on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ so that other Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus County NC families can join in the conversation.

Family Law Reform Issues For The Willie “Fred” Gore District Court Judge in 2014 Campaign To Consider

If Elected as Judge, Remember This

2014 voters

When you hear Willie “Fred” Gore campaign for District Court Judge and say that everything is about the best interest of children, ask him how parents spending $80,000+ dollars with lawyers over 18 years is in the best interest of children. Ask him how the “one parent wins, other parent loses” nature of the family courts pits parents against each other to win, or keep from losing and how this sets up 18 years of parents excoriating each other and paying lawyers. When you hear Willie “Fred” Gore say that non-custodial parents are valuable in a child’s life, ask him why Judges are notorious for putting these parents in jail for financial hardship while giving custodial parents educational, daycare, food, financial, job, medical/dental, housing assistance, and tax incentives to escape those hardships.

Ask the Willie “Fred” Gore for Judge campaign why we are not empowering both parents, sets of grandparents, step-parents, and other family members.

When you hear Willie “Fred” Gore make this a political issue, remind him that non-custodial families are represented by African-American and Hispanic mothers and fathers, women in paternal families, and Democratic and Republican voters.

When you hear Willie “Fred” Gore tell Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus County NC voters that this is a gender issue, remind him that women in paternal families matter, and that in the future many of the mothers fighting for custody will be fighting against their son’s marginalization when he becomes a father. Or for that matter, for her importance as a paternal grandmother.

When you hear Willie “Fred” Gore tell Bladen, Columbus, and Brunswick County NC voters that we only need one parent to have custody because of conflict and domestic violence, contact us so that we can fill this page up of examples of custodial parents who are killing kids and abusing them. Contact us so that we can ask his 2014 campaign why non-custodial parents can’t have equal parentage when the custodial parent is causing the conflict.

Ask Willie “Fred” Gore why when custodial parents deny visitation it costs the non-custodial family many thousands of dollars to correct the situation in the courts, be if we do not return our children at a court ordered time we have amber alerts issued resulting in our arrest.

Ask Willie “Fred” Gore to explain the Title IV-D relationship between the federal government and state social services agencies that is needed to stay afloat off child support payments via the federal system rather than us having a system by which parents directly support their children financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Why are Bladen, Brunswick, and Columbus County NC non-custodial families needed to be absent, and many times court ordered absent parents, as a tool to obtain federal money for the state which pays Judge’s salaries.

for district court judge

Join us on Facebook and/or join our mailing list after leaving a detailed comment below.

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Kent Harrell For New Hanover County NC District Court Judge In 2014?

Kent Harrell for District Court JudgeSo it’s Kent Harrell for District Court Judge in New Hanover County NC is it? Well good, it’s about time that we see some new faces in the New Hanover County district courts because quite frankly a large part of this organization is from non-custodial parents, step-parents, grandparents, and other family members who tell us the courts in the county as it relates to child custody and child support enforcement matters is highly divisive and marginalizes many people. If you are a non-custodial family member, you know all too well what marginalization feels like after the courts relegate you to visitor roles in your child’s life instead of empowered co-parent. And, you know all too well that the court is focused on how much child support you pay via the federal system rather than how much direct financial, psychological, and emotional support you can give your child as a equal and empowered parent, step-parent, or grandparent. Kent Harrell for district court Judge? Ok great, but let’s see where he stands on THESE ISSUES. Additionally, if you are a New Hanover County NC non-custodial family member we strongly encourage you to join our FACEBOOK PAGE and/or MAILING LIST to stay up to date on our efforts to bring about family court reform and we hope that you will extensively share this article with other families in the county via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social networks so that families can join in this conversation.

New Hanover County voters

restraining order

where in New Hanover County a lawyer must file the child custody action

Update 2/14/2014 – Kent Harrell speaks. See update at the end of this article.

Judge, courts, nc


If we had the opportunity to speak with Kent Harrell, no doubt he would recite the long used script of “It is all about a child’s best interest” in the family courts because that best serves the industry that surrounds the courts. Let’s take a look at that industry now.

  • Upon separation from a marriage or relationship breakdown, one parent leaves the relationship with the children and there is nothing in the law to prevent that parent from moving hundreds of miles away and/or preventing the other parent (and family) from seeing the child again. This cost the parent with child in hand $0 to do. Conversely, it costs the other parent upwards of $7,000 to fix. Oh you don’t have that money? Well guess what, under our current family law system, if you don’t come up with that money you never see your child, grandchild, or step-child again. With this in mind, we ask the Kent Harrell for District Court Judge campaign to explain to us how this is in the best interest of children not to ever see a parent or grandparent again? Purposeful and court ordered parental alienation in the family courts is rampant, it is very real, and it is very destructive.
  • The typical New Hanover County NC family court battle costs around $17,000 PER PARENT and studies show that these parents will fight two in 18 years for a total of $68,000. Additionally, these parents will fight minor battles over child support and modifications for a grand total of around $90,000 expended by parents over 18 years. Best interest of children of lawyers Mr. Harrell? Oh that is right, this is why Judges encourage mediation as the best route to go in the family courts. Ok, lets educate the Kent Harrell for District Court Judge campaign on how mediation works in NC.
  • Why on earth would one parent mediate when the family courts for the past 70 years have socialized one group of parents to KNOW they are going to win custody and everything that comes with custody? It sounds noble Kent, but that is not reality.
  • Everything that comes with custody? Surely, as a practicing lawyer, Kent Harrell knows that with custody and the other parent having 4 days a month visitation that child support of several hundred (sometimes thousands) dollars a month comes into play. Add in the fact that custodial parents get put at the top of Section 8 free housing, daycare subsidies, Medicaid that could not have been gotten without custodial parenthood, educational subsidies, job programs, food programs, tax incentives, and many other programs all offered to ONLY the custodial parent, and we again have to ask, why mediate? Why would it not make more sense to empower and help both parents Kent? Why do we need one marginalized parent to help trigger federal Title IV-D money to help another parent? Best interest of children?
  • We would love to hear from the Kent Harrell for New Hanover County NC District Court Judge campaign to explain to us why for the better part of 60 years have we put a lot of time and effort into encouraging absent parents to be more active when the courts are equally involved in creating unequal absent parents who likely gave up working within a biased system that requires money that another parent does not have to have in order to play ball?
  • Mr. Harrell, why are we putting parents in jail for inability to pay child support when they have a major illness, illness of a close family member, loss of employment, or other major unforeseen life event while we give every single government subsidy known to custodial parents to escape financial hardship then excoriate the parent we don’t help in the public as a deadbeat parent? How exactly does this help children to visit a parent in jail because he/she had financial problems that we don’t allow to affect the other parent?
  • What do we do about the fact that the State of North Carolina has become dependent on federal Title IV-D money to pay for social services programs and therefore the state needs marginalized parents paying child support and having little time with their kids as opposed to being actual hands on parents? What a great way to further breakdown families and marriages Mr. Harrell.

for district court judge

Further Issues New Hanover County NC Non-custodial Families Need To Remember

NC Fathers sees your importance in a child’s life as an actual hands on parent instead of federal trigger of money the state uses to maintain federal programs that are being bled dry. It is also important to remember that many Judges and legislators try and make this a mother vs. father issue or woman vs. man issue and we just want to make it very clear that there are many women in paternal families who have it handed to them daily when the father of a child is marginalized. Let’s be clear, there is a 70 history of men getting the bad end of the stick in the family courts, but the fix to this is not to create more non-custodial mothers so that non-bias can be claimed. The fix is to empower both parents, take away any reason to fight in court (nothing to win) and put the focus of the court on which parent is working the hardest to include the other parent in a child’s life. From this, you will see parents go from doing everything possible to excoriate another parent in the hopes of winning a custody battle to working hard to include the other parent. This is what we would like to see the Kent Harrell for District Court Judge campaign push if he becomes elected.

Furthermore, non-custodial families in New Hanover county need to realize that you come from every political party affiliation, racial and cultural background, and socioeconomic background and therefore make up a huge amount of votes in the county that could bring about family court reform in one election cycle if you wanted to. If you are tired of being treated like second class visitors and ATMs to your children, then fix is to unite around an organization that can advocate for you.

Thankfully, we are in a position to be the organization non-custodial families find after leaving court, and we hope you will join our organization and help bring reform.

Update: In a Facebook comment by two supporters of NC Fathers, a question was put to Kent Harrell about family court in which he responded:

I’ve had cases where 50/50 custody worked well but I’ve also had cases where the parents were so hostile to each other that they sabotaged the other parent and the child ended up being used as ammunition. Whether a 50/50 custody arrangement can work depends on the parents and the child(ren). Hope that answers your question but if not, send me an email at and we can discuss it further.”

In other words, if the parents get along, 50/50 works. If not, then 50/50 does not work. Sounds reasonable right? Wrong. What happens when one party does not want 50/50 and creates hostility and conflict knowing that it will end any talks of 50/50 as this commenter pointed out in a reply to Kent Harrell:

“So in other words, if you don’t want to share custody, want to move hundreds of miles away, and dispose of the other parent, just create a hostile environment. What about when the custodial parent is the one being hostile? Seems to me if the courts started to socialize people into the notion that the parent who does NOT work with the other parent will be the one losing custody will cause parents to trip over each other to be nice. As it stands now, the game is about excoriating the other parent to win. There is your conflict.”

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