NC Fathers Rights

Christianity, Pastors, and Fathers

The Christian church has done a great deal of damage to fathers in the United States and from around the world in relation to their relationship with children after a divorce. In the Christian church, men are seen as leaders and thus responsible for leading their wives. When something goes wrong in a marriage, it is the responsibility of the man typically. Additionally, biblically women are seen as the only responsible caregivers for children while men are seen as providers. In a recent article I wrote on Pastor David McGee, I outlined this perfectly. The Christian church has done nothing to reverse Christian marriage, and Christians all over the world are hypocrites talking about ending sin while sinning at record rates in the area of divorce. The Christian church also has done nothing to address the policy of the courts to push fathers out of their children’s lives after unbiblical divorces. With this in  mind, this organization is not a fan of Christianity. Many in our ranks have a belief and love for GOD while others do not. But we all agree that Christianity is very irresponsible on fathers who find that they did not want a divorce, that their wives were unwilling to be led, or pushed a unbiblical marriage and then to have the burden of blame for that and removal from their children’s lives and reduced to a role of visitor is disgusting. NC Fathers is calling on pastors in America to reverse this policy and thought process, or for fathers to turn their backs on Christianity.


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