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Clare O’Toole ( @bellalumina ) And The Washington Times Child Murderer Apologist?

Clare O'Toole TwitterClare O’Toole ( @bellalumina ) is a Washington Times contributor who recently penned an article about the struggle of protective mothers and their discrimination in the family courts. You heard that right, mothers feel like they are discriminated in the family courts. Not fathers, but mothers. Let that sink in for a moment. What are protective mothers upset about? Father abusers and molesters are getting custody of their children, but I wonder why Clare O’Toole didn’t do her research and discover that actually child abusers have been getting custody of children since the inception of the family courts and they are women. But I guess that little bit of information was conveniently left out of her Washington Times article because well…. it’s hard to imagine that any credible journalist can’t read the daily reports of women killing their kids and a larger rate than usual. All Clare O’Toole and the Washington Times had to do was add the following Google alerts to get the same data we get:

“mother confesses”
“mother kills”
“wife kills”
“mother stabs”
“wife stabs”
“mother shoots”
“wife shoots”
“mothers burns”
“wife burns”
“mother drowns”
“mother abandons”
“mother hits”
“mother smothers”
“mother hurts”
“mother poisons”
“mother throws”
“mother arrested”
“mother charged”

So we want to ask Clare O’Toole and protective mothers, do these kids not matter? Of course, the typical response will be “well mothers experience this the most” and our reply back will be that sounds a lot like child murderer apologist thinking. This thinking is a lot like saying that 6 murdered children do not count because it wasn’t 9. Or that it’s OK if mothers kill children because more fathers kill children.

Now we realize that Clare O’Toole is likely a feminist ideologue who only writes about women related material and will conveniently leave out information that does not work well for women and protective mothers. But luckily, we are.

washinton times contributorclare o'tooleprotective mother article by washington timesclare o'toole of the washington timesprotective mothers articleclare o'toole journalistrapist of childrenwashintonmother kills childClaudine is telling liestimes articlebaltic

And these are just a few of the 2 weeks worth of data that can be viewed: && && && && && && && && && && &&

How awesome would it be if Clare O’Toole, the Washington Times, and protective mothers focused on ending the murder and abuse of children at the hands of anyone instead of pushing their feminist agenda?

Clare O’Toole and The Washington Times, How Many Mothers Are You Marginalizing?

One of the most beautiful things about the father’s rights / shared parenting movement is that it is mostly made up of women. Yet, feminist do not get that.

It amazes us to see feminist and protective mothers disparage the fathers rights movement especially when they are advocating for a women in a family law dispute with a man only to anger a paternal grandmother and step-mother in the process. And, let’s not forget that roughly 60% of National Organization For Women  protected women have male sons who are going to be in the family courts one day.

We ask Clare O’Toole and the Washington Times, where will these one day protective mothers fighting for unequal family courts turned alienated paternal grandmother be then? So protecting one mother only to anger a paternal grandmother and step-mother while ensuring that one day they become marginalized grandmothers makes sense?

Yea that logic works Clare.

In a cynical way, I am actually appreciative of the protective mothers movement and their attempts to label all fathers as rapist, murderers, and abusers while attempting to suppress mother involved rape and abuse. This allows organizations like ours to put this information in the hands of many paternal related women and ask them how feminist organizations are working for them now.

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