NC Fathers Rights

Daily Readers

NC Fathers is pleased to report that we are now receiving over 1900+ daily readers of our blog and we want to thank all the NC non-custodial fathers and female members of paternal families who are joining our mailing list and telling us their stories.

When we started this blog, we knew that the this site would receive a lot of attention because we know there are non-custodial families numbering in the millions just in NC who are tired of the systematic abuse by the NC family courts and social services agencies who have incentives to alienate YOU from your children.

We strongly believe that when NC politicians and judges realize that non-custodial families are coming together and using their voting power to affect elections and funding they will be more inclined to consider you and your situation from an equal playing field. Again, continue to contact us, send other NC non-custodial families to our mailing list, and send us your stories and insight!

Remember, non-custodial fathers in NC represent 42% of the voting population. We encourage you to send this site to female members of the extended family who hurt equally and vote so that we can start using numbers like 84% to make swift changes to the system.

Onslow County NC Republican Party


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