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Director David Atkinson, Carteret County Department of Social Services Biases in Domestic Violence

Director David Atkinson, Carteret County Department of Social Services BiasesDirector David Atkinson and the Carteret County Department of Social Services, along with Child Protective Services and law enforcement represent agencies that respond to domestic violence in Carteret County and the state. However, we believe that David Atkinson is playing politics with domestic violence and there is no real work going towards prevention and ending it, just adjudication and punishment which actually does nothing to stop domestic violence. We also believe there in a gender bias at the Department of Social Services when dealing with domestic violence. Even with the picture and evidence in the latter part of this article, you will never see gender neutral violence pamphlets and PSAs at Carteret County DSS.

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The next time you are in social service, we want you to notice two things, first the hanging sign over where the receptionist sit and note where it says “We are here to assist the PEOPLE of Carteret County and families.”

Then, if you are in women in a non-custodial family, or are a non-custodial parent, I want you to think real hard, what exactly does social services do for you other than make sure you pay child support and are a part of the process in putting you or your son in jail if he can’t.


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  • Does Director David Atkinson have any program for non-custodial parents to help with educational stipends or finances when they experience poverty? Or, are they all going to the custodial parents?
  • If you are a homeless non-custodial parent, is there any Section 8 for you? Where are all the Section 8 homes going to? Women with children who are custodial parents
  • If you lost your job in this very rural county where there are no jobs and you are hungry, are there any food stamps available for you? Nope.
  • Does Director David Atkinson and the Carteret County Department of Social Services have a plan in place for free medical care and prescriptions if you are a non-custodial parent? Nope. All the Medicaid slots are going to custodial parents.

Now no doubt you probably remember the day you got divorced and no matter what you said at your custody trial, you weren’t getting anything that resembles equal parenting, and you likely got a very low visitation order. Ever wonder why? Other than bias which is a huge part of it, non-custodial parents in this country are the single largest trigger of federal money to U.S. States which then get dumped back in to the social services system and the career users that use it.

Do your research on the Title IV-D system and it’s payments to states on each dollar collected in child support. What Director David Atkinson and other administrators and social workers won’t tell you is that you trigger .66 cents for every dollar collected in child support. If your child support is $800 a month, you make generate $528 each month for social services programs. If you had more visitation, your child support would be less, and the state would see less federal dollars.

We would love to ask David Atkinson if this system results in CPS workers and other social workers having an interest in dealing harshly with non-custodial parents (the trigger of money for their job) and being more service driven to custodial parents (the justification for a job).

What does family look like at the Carteret County Department of Social Services? Apparently, it looks like children, their custodial parent, and the extended custodial parent family while the non-custodial parents and extended families are how we generate funds for social services via increasing child support and decreasing visitation.

Therefore, it’s hard not to look at David Atkinson and social workers and see that they are part of the system that prevents fathers, grandparents, step-mothers, and other family members in agony as their time with children is getting lower and lower and more and more jump in to career fields of using social services.

But let’s get back to Domestic Violence. No doubt in being the Director of a State Agency, you have to follow the politically correct ideas of the lobby groups that maintain your presence in the General Assembly.

If you will look around Carteret County Social Services, all the educational materials and pamphlets are female oriented, and all the domestic violence posters are made featuring a male beating his children and wife, or girlfriend.

And who is the usual non-custodial parent Director Atkinson? A Father.

Therefore, if the Carteret County Department of Social Services and CPS workers are going to denigrate non-custodial families (which are a huge population of voters), we thought it would be good to educate on domestic violence as well and make sure that the Director’s name is at the top of the Internet search engines where it is pretty much established that everyone goes for research today.

But before we do, let’s establish that parental alienation (one parent using a child as a weapon against the court ordered non-custodial parent in not allowing him to see the child even when there is a court ordering knowing that few men usually have $5000 retainer fees to hire a lawyer each time this happens) is child abuse that Carteret County DSS is overlooking.

Also, in our lobby efforts, we already know the usual arguments our detractors give to the need for male on female ONLY violence and education and criminal adjudication; that being that more women face this than men so it has to be focused on women. But this is like saying 6 children killed by negligence of a daycare is OK since it wasn’t 12.

Nope, sorry, those 6 kids matter. And, what Director David Atkinson won’t tell you is that the more male on female domestic violence statistics that can be reported up to Raleigh and then to the professional lobbyist who get federal dollars because DOMESTIC VIOLENCE EXISTS, you have to wonder if the game isn’t one of publicly hating violence but internally loving it because it brings more money in to the organization to pay social workers and staff.

So the Carteret County Department of Social Services and Director David Atkinson thinks that just men are offenders of family violence huh? Let’s remember, there is NO excuse for violence even though I suspect that many will say that when women commit violence there is usually a reason. This will be updated regularly.

Director David Atkinson

Research Keywords: Maria Brickman of Fort Myers, Florida killed her husband in Western NC.

Does this man not matter Mr. Atkinson?

domestic violence education

clint black

Research keywords: Maria De Los Angeles Brickman, Cherokee County NC

social worker Bonnie Quinn CPS

Does this man matter Mr. Atkinson? Do the kids? If your agency would have been involved, who side would you have taken? Usually in a “he said, she said” matter Child Protective Services sides with the female. Shall we add women led violence of kids and men each day for the next few years?

Bonnie Quinn social worker Carteret

The reason that you won’t see educational posters at Carteret County DSS, or social workers taklking about female on male violence and female on child violence is because the money law enforcement and social services get’s is from legislation called The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) lead by feminist who just want to stop violence against women and make it a male ONLY problem. They give lot’s of money out via the government when your sons commit violence and lose their kids but are very “hush hush” or attempt to blame your sons anyway when women kill.

You will never see a gender neutral violence campaign coming from Director David Atkinson is because he would lose federal money from the big feminist lobby groups who use domestic violence to write book and do their research and for politics.

carteret county child protective services.

Since Men and Fathers are responsible for everything at social services, how is the Director going to explain this one?

Title IV-D agency

Dear David Atkinson and other Carteret County DSS officials,
How come there are no PSA posters at DSS discussing female sex offenders. Did these children not matter?

child protective services director

While too busy with politics and the federal money that comes in from the gender warfare politics and only focusing on, educating on, and publicizing male on female violence at Carteret County DSS:

family services

helping Carteret County families

Typically on Facebook, you will see everyone saying “She is a single mom, she has enough to worry about she was trying to feed her children stressed out because the father of the child is likely a piece of **** and just made a mistake” And, DSS is one of those organizations. But we don’t DARE give any man an excuse for any of these issues.


The World Carteret County Department of Social Services and Director David Atkinson Has Helped Create In Our Opinion

child protective services county

This is our problem with Director David Atkinson and the Carteret County Department of Social Services staff, and mostly with Child Protective Services. They are biased. They are dependent of family breakdown via Title IV-D money, feminist groups have infiltrated their ranks and educated on ONLY male on female violence while hiding male on male violence, female on female violence, female on child violence, and female on male violence. Social services actually NEEDS domestic violence to happen to get federal money, but only male on female violence.

David Atkinson’s posters at Carteret County DSS has socialized everyone to think that women are all good, and all men are bad and it’s evident in how CPS deals with men. They have encouraged a world where if you make a joke about domestic violence, women go nuts, if you make light of domestic violence, you are misogynistic and are likely a batterer.

Except when it’s female on male violence, then it’s funny. Here are the comments even from WCTI staff and women:




social workers


What else do you not in the world where social services teaches “There is no excuse for violence” ?

What did HE do wrong? It must have been his fault? He was probably cheating! And most of these women who have younger sons and not even thinking about perpetuating a world like there where some 25 year old social worker who want’s to change the world comes along with ideals like the women above and is service driven with women and punishment oriented with men.

Notice how the women are asking “why is she bloody, what was he doing to her”. Could she be bloody because he beat her to defend himself and to keep her from assaulting him? And WCTI News just let’s it continue. If a man was beating a woman and she shot him, nobody would ever say “Yea, but what was she doing?”


Not just in Carteret County, but the usual DSS intervention to this woman’s dilemma: Let’s find out what the man in her life was doing to her that made her do this and get him out of the picture (and triggering Title IV-D money) and get her services. Where are the PSA posters at DSS on this Director Atkinson?

Husband use GoPro camera to record video of domestic violence

Director, if the local news can find female on male domestic violence in Florida, how come you can’t? I guess there is no federal money to get on this type of domestic violence huh?

Here is another report on the same case and outlines PERFECTLY why we have such a grievance. Because domestic violence has only been framed by social services agencies, police, and the Carteret County NC courts, women have learned that these agencies will always believe them. The ONLY reason this man is not in jail is because he has irrefutable evidence, otherwise it would have been his fault AND HIM IN JAIL

.Investigators say it happened at about 10 a.m. on Sept. 17 in Dunedin.

“What the **** is your problem?” Mike is heard asking.

”What?” Corinne responds.” Why are you assaulting me?”

This woman KNOWS to automatically say “Why are you assaulting me” after she assaulted him. This is the result of the PSAs all over the Carteret County Department of Social Services, and other agencies like it all over the country.

women and domestic violence

Carteret County domestic violence

child protective services social worker

NC Carteret County domestic violence

applying for medicaid

Speaking of Carteret County domestic violence, there are 4 women talking about beating an man and you can see each pushing for it to happen. Of course, thanks to the PSAs all over the county talking about male on female violence only, these women probably feel pretty safe doing it knowing that law enforcement and social services will blame the man.

Also, I can promise you another thing, this little Facebook exchange took place out in the open on Facebook, you think there is a 911 call happening right now to get the man help? Nope.

If this exchange were 4 men talking about beating a woman, you think there would be a 911 call and a man going to jail?

Let’s ask Director David Atkinson and the supervisors at Child Protective Services? Any PDAs for this this, or again no money earmarked except for male on female violence in the county?

Applying for services

Carteret County DSS budget

how to apply for services

How many in Carteret County domestic violence circles, within social services, and the Director himself would be appalled to hear a man or an organization say “She had it coming” or “She deserved it” when talking about domestic violence? How many times has social services workers and the Director been on the media talking about male on female violence? Yet, here we have an example of a major news organization here in NC posting a domestic violence related story and then allowing people to make fun of it, and notice the number of women saying he deserved it and good for him.

Now does anyone think that this culture does not exist at the Carteret County Department of Social Services?

child protective services (CPS) supervisor

CPS supervisor and budget

If CPS or social services could find a way to vilify this 12 year old MALE and use him as a statistic to get the county more domestic violence money and attention to girl’s issues I’m sure they would…. oh wait…

the budget of county domestic violence

Let’s paint a picture for you, it’s rotary park and there is a women’s softball game going on and a man in the county runs onto the field and starts touching the women in their butts. What would happen? Rape charges? Sexual assault? No doubt if his kids were in attendance Carteret County social services would be all over it. The Judges in Carteret County would salivate at prosecuting them so they could use it for politics. The domestic violence lobby would ask for pics so they could use it for political purposes or use the pictures for financial lobbying.

Now wait a minute, men and women are different you say? So much for equality unless it fit’s for you.

Then we have this young lady which everyone just thinks is adorable. (LINK)


I wish someone would do something about domestic violence and all these men beating women and kids and give social services and CPS more teeth towards the removal of the American father from the family so women and children could live better!

Carteret County domestic violence and social services response by the Director

If only Director David Atkinson and the CPS Supervisors has a PSA!

2016 Budget

Social services has a problem in Carteret County. Their building is filled with anti-male domestic violence PSAs and pamphlets, we are well in to a century of removal of Aamerican men from their homes based on just allegations and police not believing men when they say SHE was the aggressor, yet we can find video like this all day (COMMENTARY HERE)

The man who’s home security camera captured this video, was arrested for domestic violence just because she said it happened.

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