NC Fathers Rights


DSS social workers, supervisors, and administrators will say that the actions of the people below should have no effect on social services as a whole. But let you make a bad decisions under stress or other life event and they have no problem holding that one thing over your head for life.

The federal government has long chipped in for foster care for children whose parents are abusing or neglecting them. But some advocates for children say the money would be better spent helping children’s biological parents take care of them properly.”

Why would DSS want to get parents better, when they can get federal money by putting kids in a “system” and hoping the parents never get better so they can justify their jobs and always have a need to work?

Foster Care is better because mom wouldn’t stop smoking pot –

Do it for the kids, put them in foster care, let’s redefine family and kill the kids –

Bad parents can never be fixed, foster care parents and adotiove parents are always the best way to go –

DSS will find some way to blame someone other than themselves –

But parents ARE NOT allowed to make mistakes –

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