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End Motherhood To Hurt Feminism

End MotherhoodIs it time to bring radical feminism to it’s knees and end motherhood? What will happen to feminism when the Women of the world suddenly find themselves unable to find a Man to impregnate her, and unable to use motherhood as a weapon against Fathers? Will there be a cataclysmic anger directed at radical feminism who seem determined to marginalize Men in every single corner of the globe? Is it time to send Mothers and their intrinsic deeply rooted need to have children down the tubes until radical feminism is defeated and let Women of the world know that until they end their hatred of Men and Boys through feminist logic, there will be no motherhood? These are questions I am hoping the NC Fathers community will consider in this article.

What got me thinking about this topic is the age old debate of male reproductive rights, or rather the lack of them. Time and time again I hear feminist leaders screaming from the rooftops that NO Man, no Judge, and no Legislator shall EVER tell a woman what to do as it relates to her reproductive rights and decision to either have a child, or not.

Yet, time and time again I see Women bringing children into the world which she helped conceive with a Man who had no choice in the matter, and nobody seems to care that Men have no choice in these decisions. We all know the arguments, if you didn’t want a child, then you shouldn’t have had sex with her, yet nobody ever asks Women if you didn’t want a child, you should have never spread your legs. And, I suspect every night Men and Women go out to bars and nightclubs and engage in recreational sex where the point was not to create a child, but if a child is created, every drop of responsibility will be placed on the Man’s head.

We know that radical feminism will never ask Women to consider a Man in anything as it relates to motherhood, or having a child so I think it is time that Men up the ante. We know that Judges will allow Mothers to use their children as weapons against Fathers. We know that Legislative bodies all over the world are daily finding new ways to get the female vote. We know that Men are now seen as disposable in just about every arena in the world because of radical feminism and it seems the fix to this is decades away. But is it really? Do we have more power than we realize, and it is a power that nobody except us can utilize? No Judge, no Legislator, no lobby group, no hateful radical feminist just laying in wait for us to impregnate the next Women so that they can educate them on how to dispose of us properly and put us in our place. Do we have this ability?

motherhood and feminism

You damn well betcha we do, and its starts with ending motherhood. I do not care if you are married or single, it is time to realize that YOUR decision to not help produce a child will have immense consequences on politics, governments, and how Men are viewed by Women and Feminist. As I stated earlier, I believe that 90% of Women on this planet have an extreme biological, emotional, and psychological need to either experience motherhood directly or indirectly through adoption.

Denying Women the ability to have children and dumping every drop of blame at the knees of feminism will change everything in VERY short order.

Stopping Motherhood Will Have Ancillary Effects On Feminism As Well

I realize that governments, politicians, Women, and feminism have made Men feel like they are disposable, worthless, and unneeded, but through ending motherhood and exercising your right to disallow her that enjoyment until the wrath of feminism is ended, you are actually helping to show the world that Men do matter. Let’s explore some of those now, and I know that many times other writers on this site use humor, shock statements, and other writing styles to make a point, but I am being very serious here.

By ending Motherhood and preventing Women the pleasure of having children, you can actually have an impact on Women’s healthcare by putting an end to such things like ectopic pregnancies and death caused by childbirth. You can even stop infant mortality.

As a Man, don’t think you have a dog in the fight on the abortion debate? Wrong! Without children, there is no abortion debate.

Don’t believe in the Welfare system? Great, that system cannot survive unless people are paying into the system and right now that is non-custodial Fathers via the Title IV-D enforcement program. Welfare would utterly collapse without non-custodial Fathers and there will be no more of these family court created drones without children.

Men actually hold the key to ending sexual and physical abuse on children even though we are blamed for 100% happening in the first place despite story after story coming out daily showing where Mothers abuse their kids. But, without children, no more abuse. This can have a huge impact on all the many feminist writers who actually need this abuse to exists so they can make a living writing books and teaching classes at Universities on how Men are responsible for everything wrong in the world.

The possibilities are actually endless if you start to think about it. But the greatest enjoyment Men can get by ending Motherhood until Mothers end feminism is by sending a message to them and their leaders that your power trip and using children to hurt us is over. We are done. If you want to experience the magic of having a child, great then you help put a stop to my demise that is happening at the hands of feminist. This is MY choice, and you will have to deal with it.

A word of caution though, by preventing motherhood and all the enjoyment Mother’s get from having children, you are actually going to be helping feminism to some degree. By not having children, Women will have more opportunities to join the military and die at the same rates as Men, experience homelessness at the same rates as Men, die from anguish earlier in life at the same rates as Men, receive harsher prison sentences at the same rates as Men (your child card no longer works), and experiences workplace violence now that you are actually working instead of living of the government through childbirth and the pain you helped deliver to a Man by denying him equal parentage because you wanted these benefits.

So What Are Your Thoughts? Can Men Refusing To Have Children And Supporting Motherhood Hurt Feminism?

Do you think Men refusing to stop helping to create children and supporting motherhood will cause Women and Mothers to lash out at modern day feminism? Or will we simply be called selfish? And if we are called selfish, how come Women get so much support for their choice in reproduction, but we don’t?

If you do support the idea, how do we go about getting this information into the hands of younger Men? As a Man or Woman, would you ever consider encouraging your 18 yr old son to have a vasectomy, or teach him about what awaits him in the family courts if he ever chooses divorce or it is thrust upon him?

Do you think pharmaceutical companies should put more work into developing a pill (like plan B) that could kill all sperm cells for 48 hrs so that Men have greater choices in reproduction?

If married Men started to exercise their choice not to have children, how do you think this would affect marriage? What are other possible positive outcomes, or negative ones could arise from Men not producing children? How will Women and feminism respond when Motherhood is no longer controlled by Women exclusively? How will the industries built around pregnancy and Women/Children be affected?

What are some other areas you think could be affected by this article’s proposal that we did not address?

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