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Feminism Is For Everybody! Really?

Feminism Is For Everybody! Really?Feminism Is For Everybody! Really? Are you sure about that ladies? In recent years, some feminist have tried to make feminism look less man-hating by starting the “Feminism Is For Everybody” campaign and solicited many men to hold up signs depicting why they and everyone needs feminism to exist. If you don’t use your brain, then we agree it is easy to get caught up in the narrative that if you don’t agree with feminism you must be against women and their rights or equality. Plus, it is super politically correct right now to be a feminist and we suspect that many women and men are just placating the movement for publicity, money, or to be a part of something big without asking questions. Well this article asks those questions of feminist and their male supporters, is feminism really about equality, and is it really for everyone?

This is a must read!

policy makers

In our mind and teachings, feminism is about human rights. But as we will soon discover in this article, feminism is all too willing to overlook equality when it does not suit their purpose or women. In the past decade, this has given rise to the anti-feminist movement which is calling out feminist for not dealing with human rights instead of women’s rights, and realizing that everyone on the planet deals with hardships, inequality, and discrimination.

Our concern is that feminism is using female victimization to teach women to look for inequality where none really exists, then using the outrage to drive money and political power to the elite feminist organizations that then use that power to drive women dominance agendas. The problem with this is that there are now hundreds of millions of women walking the earth living in a victim shell and blaming men for everything that goes wrong with their life, not realizing that men also deal with a lot of bullshit and cultures that exist that are not so pleasant. Yet, you will never see feminist talking about these issues, in fact they go to great lengths to undermine this information from getting out because if society realized that everyone on the planet deals with issues, their source of power goes up in flames.

So feminism is for everybody huh?

Selective Services

selective services

Do you realize that the U.S. federal government specifically says that NO woman can register with selective services? Where is the feminist outrage? I mean let’s think about it here, in EVERY sector of society if you told a woman that she CAN’T be a part of an organization, much less an organization run with tax payer money, there would be riots, protest, and rallies at all U.S. universities. Is it because women are too weak and frail to register? Or does it not fit in with the feminist agenda that women having to register in case the government needs you to go overseas and get blown apart, shot, tortured, and dismembered? Oh no they say, that is for boys!

Now I realize that feminist have a long history with being anti-war. But let’s not pretend like the anti-war measures were because men were getting killed. I also realize that in 2013 there was a big push for women to serve in combat roles now that 90% of combat operations take place using a computer. Who thinks that if women start spilling blood on battlefields like we saw in WWII and Vietnam that feminist will start talking about anti-war policies because women are getting killed despite the culture that it is heroic to do so?

If feminism is for everybody ladies, start working with the U.S. government to demand that women register otherwise it looks like you are shying away from equality in sectors where it may not be pretty or convenient for women.

Women In STEM

feminism is for everybody if it suits an agenda

The president of the United States is pushing for greater representation of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) because women only represent 33% of the workers in this area. I can get on-board with this one because it is true and I agree that women should have no barriers to these areas. But is that because of sexism and patriarchy or women’s choices? It is comical to see feminist waving their hands while jumping up and down talking about this issue while majoring in feminist studies. Feminist, if you want more women in STEM, why are you not majoring in those areas? I mean after all you represent 64% of college graduates. Feminist represent the bulk of college administrators, if there is a barrier perhaps you need to look in your own backyard.

But this really only tells half of the story. If feminism is for everybody, where is feminism on women representing half the workforce at waste water treatment facilities, in mining, in oil well drilling, construction, farming, and other not so pretty jobs that demands tough physical labor that accounts for 95% of the workplace deaths of men? Feminism, where are you on this equality and human rights issue?

Mr. President, do you want women in STEM because you feel that women are too weak and frail to do these jobs? Why the feminist silence?

Homelessness and Suicide


According to the National Coalition for the Homeless and the U.S. Conference of Mayors, 80% of the homeless in the United States are men.

According to the American Foundation To Prevent Suicide, the rate of completed suicides in women is 1 in 4 for every male.

In preparing this document, I did a search of feminism and homelessness and feminism and suicide and found that feminism is addressing both of these issues, but for women, children, and the LGBTQ community only. How is it that leaders in this movement claim that the feminism is for everybody but they consistently get very vocal and demand social policies about issues that affect women when the statistics are not in favor of women but are silent on issues when they are in favor of women and then claim that they are a human rights movement?

Reproductive Rights

male reproductive rights

Given any marriage in the United States, if a man and woman decide that they do not want anymore children and the woman later decides she wants another child and has no discussions with her husband on the matter and gets pregnant, as a culture we say oh well and expect the man to support her decision and the child. When we talk about reproductive rights for men, we usually talk about “Well you should have…” – “You should have not been having sex”, “you should have worn a condom”, “you should have had a vasectomy.”

Anyone reading this article knows exactly what society and feminist would say if we took the positions of “you should not been having sex”, “you should have used birth control”, “you should have had your tunes tied” when discussing women. There would be riots in the street.

Women know how children are conceived. If they accidentally create children they do not want or are unprepared to take care of the child, they have abortion, adoption, or safe haven placement to escape responsibility. If men accidentally help conceive children he is not prepared to take care of, he is responsible. Not only is he responsible, he is usually put into a federal enforcement agency.

Could you imagine saying to women “Oh well, you know that unprotected sex leads to pregnancy, you can’t have an abortion, or you can adopt the child out but you are going to pay child support?

Wage Gap

feminism and the wage gap

A consistent theme we hear from feminism is that women on average make about 12 cents per hour compared to men and this is proof that we live in a patriarchal society where women are still systemically discriminated against and devalued.

The debate on this figure is centered around the notion that in our culture men are expected to immediately start working at age 18 and continue to work many hours per day until they drop dead because we all know that men are worthless unless they are providing. A majority of women choose not work and stay home and devote their lives to child rearing and therefore do not get the benefit of seniority. Of course many feminist argue that women should not have to face a pay differential just for taking care of children, but they sure as hell use that against men when it comes time to deny 85% of men equal parentage in the family courts on the grounds that women are the primary stay at home caregivers. As we are about to see, men make up 95% of workers in industries that account for an overwhelming statistic on workplace deaths and as a result get payed more.

If you are not convinced that these two facts alone account for the pay differential, then I, along with many men, will be happy to volunteer to take a 12 cents per hour pay cut if feminism will either end homelessness and suicide or work to make sure that these issues effect women and men at the same rates. Or, I would be happy to take a 12 cents per hour pay cut if feminism will either end all future wars or make sure that the death rate for men comes down from 99.9% to 50%. Of course, this will be done in adherence to the feminism is for everyone campaign.

Criminal Sentencing Guidelines

feminism is for everybody in sentencing guidelines

If you are a convicted criminal facing jail time, it turns out the best thing you have going for you in sentencing is your gender. According to the latest research we have on this topic, according to Sonja Starr (assistant law professor at the University of Michigan), it was  found that men receive sentences that are 63% higher, on average, than their female counterparts.

From a cultural standpoint, what do we call male teachers who have sex with underage students? Rapist? Molester? Predator? Consistently, what terms are used for female teachers? “Inappropriate relationship”, “Teacher seduced male student”.

Has anyone in the feminism is for everybody campaign looked at the latest news reports on prison sentences given to male pedophiles compared to female pedophiles? Can anyone hear the very loud silence coming from camp feminism.

Due Process


I am going to offer you a challenge. Take just one day and spend the entire day asking women on the street if women in all aspects of the U.S. courts and university honor courts should have due process under the law when accused of any crime or in civil proceedings no matter how disgusting of a crime she is accused of doing. Suggest to women that the accusation alone should be enough to find guilt and imprison women. What do you think the response would be?

Yet, over at camp feminism, this is exactly what they have forced on male students under new directives released lately from the Department of Education in sexual assault and rape accusations on college campuses. When accused of these crimes, male students do not have the ability to hire a lawyer to defend them (except in NC), can not see any evidence related to the case, or even know who made the accusation. If found guilty, a male student can be expelled from a university and all his official transcripts paid with a broad red stroke of rapist even if the evidence in the matter did not meet criminal prosecution guidelines. And yes, this even applies if the crime is not even reported to police.

Breast Cancer vs. Prostate Cancer Attention and Funding

disparity in breast cancer and prostate cancer

If feminism if for everyone, why is there no

In October of each year you see pink everywhere. Pink buildings, pink signs, pink cars, sports teams wear pink, pink bridges, pink all over the TV and social media. Sure, in November there is some talk of prostate cancer but even feminist have created controversy around the leading push for awareness around this cancer known as Movember.

Let’s look at the numbers: According to estimates from the National Institutes of Health, in the United States in 2010, 207,090 women and 1,970 men will get new cases of breast cancer. Of these numbers, 39,840 women and 390 men will likely die from the disease. For prostate cancer: 217,730 new cases, and it is predicted 32,050 will die from the disease.

Pretty much a statistical even match.

In fiscal year 2009, from federal funding, breast cancer research received $872 million worth of federal funding, while prostate cancer received $390 million. It is estimated that fiscal year 2010 will end similarly, with breast cancer research getting $891 million and prostate cancer research receiving $399 million.

Thank god for the breast cancer numbers so that more women can stay alive to bury their sons. Where is feminism on these figures? No doubt their own cherry picked in house figures will show otherwise. If there is any debate on these figures, call the U.S. government.

If feminism is for everyone, can anyone find one Ph.D level nurse in this country that has a specialty in Men’s health? Nope. In encourage you to pick ANY nursing program at a major university and see how many Ph.D level researchers there are focusing on Women’s health.

Have you ever seen a Men’s hospital? What about a Women’s hospital?

Feminism Is For Everybody Is Actually Hurting A Lot Of Women

As we stated earlier, feminist’s way of empowering women in the past 20 years is to make them victims to all sorts of social issues and to excoriate men for just about everything. This drives major funding and attention to those at the top (elite academic feminist) who benefit from the backlash but leaves the average women in a state of hatred towards men and living their life as an eternal victim which is not healthy. And, is being a victim and needing an “ism” the only path to empowerment? We know of many anti-feminist women who are very successful and happy. Feminism actually holds that affirmative action for women is the best way to achieve equality but is it really? Is it helpful for women to know that they were put into positions just to create a quota as opposed to her getting there through her hard work and dedication? If you suggest that affirmative action is the way to go, then you really have not reached equality because men do not benefit from affirmative action.

We also suspect that feminist will never actually let women reach equality – at least in the public’s eyes because it is so beneficial financially and politically for the elite feminist who need federal and state money to write books, build non-profits, receive research grants, and build political careers to name just a few.

Domestic Violence

everybody hates violence

Domestic violence is an insidious problem affecting society today in all corners of the globe, and the solution to stopping all violence is rooted in men and women working together to stop it. Unfortunately, feminist have actually turned domestic violence into an industry that now relies on male on female violence so that they can benefit financially and politically.

How many of your elite feminist now rely on the $500 billion annually allocated for the response to domestic violence by Congress (Violence Against Women Act) that helps build non-profits, drives research, employment, and funds initiatives to write books to name just a few? And how many of your local county and parish domestic violence shelters are begging for volunteers and money to stay in operation?

Additionally, feminism works very hard to make sure that the narrative on domestic violence stays as a male on female issue only because if female on male, female on female, and male on male violence had equal attention it would water down the money and attention going directly into the elite feminist organizations. Feminism demands that all men are likely offenders and that all women are likely victims which helps their movement. As a result, the women and men dying from domestic violence outside the male on female paradigm is significant. And, if you take the position that more women are affected by domestic violence compared to men, therefore we only need a woman centered response to the problem, you are in essence making the argument that 6 hurt children should be overlooked because it wasn’t 9. Or, that it’s OK if women batter because more men do it.

If feminism is for everybody they need to quit playing gender politics with violence and demand that all violence end.

Family Law and Child Custody

feminism is for everybody except fathers

Feminism is for everybody except fathers and men in the family courts and the system is actually hurting more females than you suspect. Feminism in the past 60 years has and is now defining policies over the family courts. They are responsible for the notion that fathers should never be allowed to have custody of their children or equal parentage because they are likely child molesters and domestic abusers. Their policies dictate that men do not have the protective nature that mothers have and therefore their place after a divorce or relationship breakdown as it relates to children is that of a monetary provider only. And, feminism is very quick to excoriate fathers for being absent, but when they do want to be absent there is a court system ready to make them visitors to their children.

But let’s look at the women that the family courts are hurting. How many paternal grandmothers, step-mothers, and other women in paternal families are not able to have a normal relationship with their young loved one’s because they happen to be related to a father? How many custodial mothers with son’s are one day going to become marginalized paternal grandmothers when they son’s are pushed to the margins of their grand children’s lives because of feminist policies? How many daughters are seeking out their fathers at age 18 to find out why they abandoned them only to realize he was forced to give up after working in a system that is completely biased and expensive?

How many of these children are learning that the courts saw a monthly monetary award to a mother as greater love compared to actually having a father who have physical, psychological, and spiritual love? For those that make it into this organization, we point them directly at elite gender feminist.

Rape and Sexual Assault

university campus

Hopefully we live in a world where forced rape, non-consensual sex in dating situations, and sex with a human being who is  unconscious or so impaired that they can not give consent is considered a crime. However, did you know that on college campuses feminist policy makers have encouraged the U.S. Department of Education to re-define the definition of rape JUST on campus and remove all due process protections for those accused? As it stands now, and let’s be honest here, the rape and sexual assault prevention response is only directed at male students, a man attending college can be found “guilty” of rape just on a allegation and has no right to question the accuser, see evidence, hire a lawyer, or provide a defense and other 19 year old students can apply the “sentence” based solely on a accusation even if law enforcement is never informed of an allegation or the allegation and evidence does not meet criminal investigations levels.

Feminist have successfully re-defined rape to such things as a male student and female student having two beers and the female deciding the next morning she regretted the consensual sex and the two beers meeting the standard of being impaired to consent. Additionally, a female can regret consensual sex months later and base rape on the fact that she was taking a medication the male student knew about such as a antidepressant. And, as stated earlier there is a popular theory amongst radical feminist that all PIV intercourse is technically rape because of patriarchy.

And of course the Department of Education has set down quotas that must be found based on feminist statistics or universities will not get federal money.

Have you searched Google for female teachers who are engaging in sexual relations with male students who are just above college age?

Do you know where the largest numbers of rape are actually occurring annually? In male prisons. Feminist want to make rape a male issue instead of a criminal issue. Of course many will argue that it is OK that male prisoners are raped because they are criminals, but we can’t have female prisoners raped – that is against the rules.

The concern with the feminist led rape and sexual assault initiative is that they want there to be a “rape culture” – the idea that there are men around every tree waiting to pounce on women and rape them so that they can build an industry much like they have with domestic violence and to marginalize men and boys as likely rapist that must be marginalized. We have even seen feminist college administrators claiming that there are 300 rapes per WEEK on all U.S. college campuses that equals to about 100 times greater than the numbers of rapes the FBI says there are.

How does this affect women? These are your son’s feminist want to use for their agendas.

Other issues feminism refuses to address despite labeling itself as a movement for everyone

Paternity Fraud – In the United States we have a rampant problem with paternity fraud. We consistently see cases where women will say that a man is the father of her child, or that the man is not the father depending on the circumstances. When it is found to clear manipulation by the mother authorities do nothing. Feminism does nothing. We know of men who have raised children for 18 years only to find out he was not the father which has devastating impacts on the child and father. We know men who have paid child support for children for 18 years and later found not to be the biological father. If any man manipulated a child and state/federal system like this he would be imprisoned.

Objectification and Image Shaming – Feminist routinely are on the rampage over men and how they objectify women, or harm them over being obese. Yet, you see social media and traditional media examples all the time of women objectifying men and claiming that they will only date a man who is of a certain height, build, or financial level and nobody has an issue with it.

#BanBossy but not #ManUp – In 2014 feminist icons, along with major media outlets and industries worked together to ban the word “bossy” because they claim that women who are assertive are commonly called bossy instead of being seen as strong and independent women. Not a word was spoken about the term “Man Up” often used against boys when they do not operate under social norms which could lead to suicide, low self-esteem, and depression. If feminism is for everybody, then they need to stop denigrating male children while building up female children.

Military Contract Marriages – Military contract marriages have happened for about 50 years and is basically a marriage based solely on business rather than love. Within the contract marriage, the soldier (typically male) get’s higher pay and the “wife” gets federal benefits. If caught, the soldier gets reprimanded which likely results in reduction in rank and inability to move up in rank. For the female, nothing happens. Most think there is no inequality in this contract since both partners benefit. But what is interesting to note over the past 12 years is that military contract marriages have exploded during war time. If the soldier is killed during armed combat, the “wife” gets lifetime benefits and so does her children. Military contract marriages are a win for the female if there is an child created during the contract which ensures her automatic custody and maximum child support. Go to Craigslist in a city with a military base and under the personals section you will find thousands of women looking for contract marriages yet none for men looking for a contract marriage with a female soldier. Since this arrangement always benefits the female, big time if the male soldier dies, feminism is hush hush.

Birth Control Deception – In 2014 a man was arrested and is facing prosecution for sexual assault after he and a girlfriend engaged in consensual intercourse, but he was found to have punctured the condom he wore. Feminist applauded the arrest and prosecution. For going on a century now, there has been a problem with women telling men that they are on birth control and/or can’t have children and conceive a child. The man is always held liable for the conception and feminism does not address it. Of course you can say that the man should take his own measures to insure that she is not telling the truth to protect himself, but nobody asked that the woman supply her own condom and ensured that he did not puncture it prior to intercourse.

Zero Tolerance Policies – It appears that feminism does not tolerate boys very well. We can understand their anger and resentment at men, but little boys? Over the past ten years have helped develop “zero tolerance” policies for school age children, but there is blow back now occurring in schools because many have noted that the policies were developed just around natural and normal boy behaviors which fits nicely in with feminist theory that boys should be more like girls to flush out their patriarchal cultural instincts.

Execution Rates – Men are subjected to state execution rates at 5 times greater average than are females for the same crimes. If this was happening to women then certainly feminism and the Democratic Party would be rioting in the streets.

Consider this article a live document that is updated daily: Last Update occurred on 3/22/2014

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