NC Fathers Rights

General Counsel at UNC-CH

We recently emailed the general counsel for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to ask her if there would be any problems with creating a form that male students signed indicating that they understand the definition of rape and sexual assault while on campus differs greatly from what criminal statutes call for. And, that investigations procedures is vastly different from what the criminal courts would do under what we commonly know as due process.

The University of NC general counsel in addition to Chancellor Carol Folt refused to respond to our inquiry.

This should be a dangerous wake up call to male students at UNC-CH along with their families because the university is allowing students to enter school with the education they got on due process in high school only to find out that does not apply while on campus.

Mothers of male students need to know that all it takes is an allegation of rape or sexual assault at the UNC system along with a biased gender studies student on the college tribunal to have their sons branded as a rapist.


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