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Jeri Segal, Family Support Center Of Chippewa County, WI And Domestic Violence

Jeri Segal and Domestic ViolenceJeri Segal is the Director of the Family Support Center located in Chippewa County, WI and publicly has a mission to help women, men and children end domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other forms of interpersonal violence through education, prevention and intervention services. Recently, the Family Support Center helped create a school based curriculum called “It’s not always happy at my house” targeting K-5th graders on how to find a safe place around trusted adults if you feel unsafe. Additionally, the Family Support Center sent home a flyer to parents that spoke about this curriculum as evidenced by the graphic below. At first glance of the flyer, things may seem very appropriate, but as we are about to discuss in this blog things are very much not alright with this domestic violence based curriculum for children because it does not address all violence and abuse. Oh sure, Jeri Segal and her staff will say that the intentions was to address all family violence and abuse, but our concern with it is that if you do nothing but inundate children with male on female violence or father on mother violence then you run the risk of socializing kids into thinking that only men and fathers commit violence and teach them to inadvertently overlook  mother on father violence or mother on child violence. The goal here is to stop all violence right Jeri? Or is it? For going on 4 decades now, many feminist organizations have developed hundreds of thousands of domestic violence programs that ONLY deals with male on female violence while suppressing female on female violence, female on male violence, and female on child violence. With regard to the feminist organizations, the training is certainly purposefully designed to stigmatize fathers and men.

In all fairness to Jeri Segal and the volunteers at the Family Support Center, we will be happy to update this blog with data they provide us showing that they do indeed take a gender neutral approach to domestic violence, but we understand that many fathers of children who underwent this training attempted to speak with staff and got the usual scripted response that “we teach it this this way because more women experience domestic violence.”

Three fathers we spoke to had concerns that the Family Support Center is using tax dollars to run sexist and bigoted campaigns aimed at young children, and many feel that the wording in the flyer below crosses the line into indoctrination of children.

As we will discover below this graphic, that is a very dangerous approach to take.

Chippewa Falls, WI and family violence

In taking the approach that we should only have domestic violence awareness for children that portrays only male on female violence because more women experience violence, it is exactly the same mentality and thought process to say that:

“It is OK that some women commit violence and kill their children because more men do it”


“It is OK that 6 children were killed, because it wasn’t 9”

It would be interesting to hear from Jeri Segal and her staff if they feel that we should ONLY have anti-texting and driving campaigns and heavier penalties for female drivers if the Department of Transportation found that more female drivers got into fatal accidents while driving and texting. I suspect the answer would be no. It certainly would be with the feminist organizations.

If you look at just about every social problem, we do not look at who is doing it the most. We don’t do it with drunk driving, gun violence, eating disorders, and other issues. But we do with domestic violence, we make sure that we excoriate fathers and men only while purposefully suppressing female perpetration of child abuse and violence.

This blog is meant to address women in Chippewa Falls WI (Chippewa County) paternal families and mothers of male children who desire to see all family violence ended and an end to family court procedures that typically arise from feminist teachings that men and fathers should not have equal parentage because they are likely domestic batterers and child abusers.

Why do these dead and hurt children and human being not have advocates for them Jeri?

Director of Family Support Center of Chippewa Falls WI

violence in Wisconsin

Jeri Segal, please end all violence

children in Chippewa County WI



Click to enlarge

fifth graders in Chippewa Falls WI

Click to enlarge

It's not always happy at my house


schools in Chippewa Falls WI

5th graders It's happy always happy in my house



If Jeri Segal, any member of the Family Support Center, or Chippewa Falls WI school officials need us to fill this page with thousands of other examples of female perpetuated violence and child abuse we will be more than happy to.

For those of you wishing to see ALL violence and child abuse ended, thank you.


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