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Lundy Bancroft, Barry Goldstein, And Claudine Dombrowski. WTF?

Lundy Bancroft, Barry Goldstein, And Claudine Dombrowski. WTF?So we have done some research on Lundy Bancroft, Barry Goldstein, and Claudine Dombrowski recently and we are in awe. It appears that all three want desperately to cash in on either securing donations from mothers who lose custody battles in the family courts, to sell them books, or be the signature go to activist for reversing their situation likely in a capitalistic effort to drive their own revenue streams. Of course, someone was poised to develop an industry around mothers who lose custody and it is interesting to watch these three work their tireless agenda in that effort. Here is what we know so far.

Claudine Dombrowsi is the leader of the American Mothers Political Party, a group of “protective mothers” who believes the courts are slanted towards fathers rights groups and who give custody to fathers who are batterers and pedophiles. In looking at AMPP’s Facebook page and website, it seems that Claudine Dombrowsi has never met a custodial father who isn’t a domestic batterer or pedophile, and their website and social media streams certainly opens the door of thought on whether they believe that all fathers are pedophiles and domestic batterers. Of course this would work in their favor of maintaining the historical nature of the biased family courts in favor of mothers. In short, and in our opinion, Claudine Dombrowsi wants all fathers to be painted as domestic offenders so that no mother will ever lose custody.

protective mothers alliance has issues with it's leadership

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Lundy Bancroft is a self proclaimed domestic violence expert and author of several books on domestic violence and the family courts as seem through the lens of women who claim to have lost custody to fathers that were batterers and pedophiles. In our research, it appears that Lundy Bancroft, Janice Levinson, were first on the scene to capitalize on mothers who lost custody and needed an excuse for why they lost custody – that being that there is a national collusion between legislators and judges who want fatherhood initiative money and who have created father centered family courts (I kid you not). Of course, Lundy Bancroft has several books to sell and will be glad to talk to any group of protective mothers for a fee.

Barry Goldstein is a disgraced New York lawyer and feminist who like Lundy Bancroft, has several books to sell on domestic violence via the lens of mothers who lost custody. Barry Goldstein is also a member of NOMAS and works for various feminist organizations now that he can no longer practice law. Barry Goldstein and Lundy Bancroft are both annual speakers at the battered mothers custody conference. Barry Goldstein is a very vocal in his disdain for fathers who seek custody in the family courts and routinely calls all of them “male supremacist” and “abusers” – which is one of the reasons he lost his law license.

domestic violence advocate

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Now here is where it gets interesting.

Barry Goldstein and Lundy Bancroft are both members of NOMAS. Barry and Claudine are very close friends and Claudine routinely uses Barry’s propaganda to further her mission. However, it seems that Claudine and Lundy do not see eye-to-eye on the protective mothers alliance and have exchanged various Internet postings excoriating each other. Claudine accuses Lundy of being capitalistic with protective mothers, and Lundy excoriating Claudine for her dislike for Janice Levinson.

Our take on the matter is that it seems Claudine wants to be the go to activist for the protective mothers alliance and is working diligently to unseat Janice Levinson and Lundy Bancroft and make the American Mothers Political Party the go to lobbyist for their cause. As far as Barry goes, he will side with whatever group hates men and will buy his books.

Why is Lundy Bancroft not advovating for this child?

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What neither of these three seem to get is that domestic violence is not just a protective mothers issue, as we have documented quite a bit of dead men and children at the hands of mothers.

Of course, neither of these three domestic violence advocates want anything to do with mothers who kill, beat, stab, burn, abandon, starve, sexually abuse, or sell their children. Oh no, we certainly can’t have that because all three visionaries have their sites set on being the leader of the growing numbers of mothers who are losing their entitlement interest in the family courts as the courts seek to become neutral. All three seek to capitalize on that anger by mothers and give them a reason for their loss – that all fathers are natural pedophiles and batterers and they are there to support them. Of course you can buy their books and invite them to your next event, for a fee of course.

Why is Barry Goldstein not advocating for this child?

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A special thank you to the Protective Mothers Alliance, Barry, Claudine, and Lundy

In doing activism and recruitment of new folks into the shared parenting arena, there is nothing I do that brings them in like showing women in paternal families what the current protective mothers alliance leadership is saying about their sons, brothers, nephews, fathers, and husbands. In fact I would say that well over half of the fathers rights population is made up of these women and it is heartening to see organizations like NOW and many of the gender feminist domestic violence organizations turning so many women against their causes by only putting out half the story and attempting to denigrate their sons and the only batterers and child abuse perpetrators. It is not hard for this organization and author to point out the connection to what these three have to say about their sons and brothers, and the money and political structure these groups want to achieve.

In daily talks with legislators in North Carolina, especially the one’s with sons, I make very sure to show examples of what Ms. Dombrowsi, Mr. Goldstein, and Mr. Bancroft are saying about their sons and do the same with Judges in the state.

lies and more lies

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I will say this, I am very sympathetic to any mother who has lost custody especially if she or the child has experienced domestic violence or some other abuse. And, I have no doubt that it is happening in the family courts. The problem the three individuals outlined in this article have is that the family courts are also giving custody of children to abusers that happen to be mothers on a daily basis as well. But you will never see them talk about that. The entire existence of Barry, Lundy, and Claudine depends on excoriating just fathers and men and we are going to do everything  possible to make sure that message gets out loud and clear and to expose them not as domestic violence and child advocates, but as ideological people with an anger agenda, hate, and mission to thrive financially and politically from dead children.

where is the alliance?


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  1. Dear NC Fathers,

    I am posting this link on behalf of PMA International to clarify a few points as it seems there has been some misinformation. Thank-you for allowing us a platform to address your concerns.

    Dear Protective Mothers, Advocates, and Supporters;

    We have recently been made aware of some comments on the internet involving PMA International , and we wish to respond. PMA International is issuing this statement to address misunderstandings about PMA, and to continue expressing our support to those struggling with family court abuse, corruption, and DV by Proxy issues.

    Statement 1:
    PMA International refuses to acknowledge that mothers and women can also be abusers.

    PMA International Responds:

    PMA INTL is very clear about this issue, which has been addressed on our blog and website describing our No Abuse Zone Policy . See below

    “PMA International recognizes that there are different types of abuse and abusers are not gender specific”

    For the rest of our No Abuse Zone Policy please visit:

    Statement 2:

    There is” bickering, ” “in fighting”,” arguing” and “war” in the Mother’s Movement between PMA, Lundy Bancroft, Janice Levinson, and AMPP/ Claudine Dombrowski. It’s been stated that what is happening between the two organizations is a “turf war” or one organization excoriating the other. This statement has also been addressed on our blog ( see below)

    PMA Responds:
    PMA INTL has been under attack for 4 years by Claudine Dombrowski, and AMPP . The nature of these attack includes cyberstalking, identity theft, threatening the life of the Executive Director Janice Levinson and is clearly the dynamic of an abuser stalking it’s victim.

    “PMA INTL wants to be very clear that there is no” bickering, ” “in fighting”,” arguing” “war” or any other word that might imply mutuality about this AMPP issue. This is a common misconception about this sad situation. This is a very clear case of abuser and target This is the epitome of cyber bullying. PMA never responds in kind to these attacks, PMA in no way initiates these attacks. Understand these attacks have been going on for four years. PMA does not create hate sights targeting protective mothers, for abuse. This is a VERY IMPORTANT distinction that must be made.”

    For the rest of this official PMA INTL.statement please visit;

    To see Lundy Bancroft’s response to the above attacks please visit;

    In addition, is is very important to note that Claudine and AMPP have launched similar attacks on other protective mothers/advocates that are not PMA members or affiliated with PMA International. Because of PMA’s no abuse zone policy ( see above) we do not work with abusers, and thus do not work with AMPP or any of Claudine Dombrowski/ AMPP’s supporters or promoters.

    Statement 3:
    PMA INTL has been falsely accused of profiting off the Moms, these are statements made from both Claudine and from father’s rights organizations.

    PMA INTL Responds:
    PMA INTL is an all-volunteer grassroots organization. We do not get funding from any source. We do not charge membership fees. All of our events and projects are free of cost for anyone who wishes to join, and participate. We welcome all Protective Mothers and Supporters to be a PMA International Member/Supporter, for more information please visit:

    Statement 4:
    It has been stated that PMA INTL believes all men are abusers.

    PMA Responds:
    Our co-founder is Lundy Bancroft, who has offered his male perspective as well as his professional expertise to our organization. We also have created a network called, Man Up for Moms (M.U.M.). M.U.M is headed by a male PMA International Administrator, Greg Sanders. Some of PMA Intl’s other networks include , adult children who are victims of family court abuse and DV by Proxy. This network is called Hear Us Now (H.U.N.) which is headed by Samantha Williams. A large number of PMA’s Administrators, State Leaders, International Leaders and Member/Supporters have sons—and we offer our love and support equally to our sons as we do to our daughters.

    PMA INTL is not against fathers; we are against abusive fathers, just as we are against abusive mothers. This is the heart of our No Abuse Zone policy.

    Although our specialty and mission statement is working with abused mothers, this not mean that we have an agenda against men, or that we are anti-father or that we are blind to the fact that women and mothers can be abusers too. Just like PMA Intl. understands, there are many organizations helping men but PMA International does not believe all those organizations hate women or are anti-mom; their specialty is just about helping men.

    In our experience, there are many groups helping fathers but few helping abused mothers in family court. PMA INTL is an organization that consists of volunteer protective mothers and because of our experience, we saw a need, and decided to step up and help abused mothers and their children.

    Statement 5
    It has been stated that Lundy Bancroft is only involved in the Mother’s Movement for the money, and that he lacks qualifications to help moms.

    PMA INTL. Responds:
    Lundy has twenty years of experience specializing in interventions for abusive men and their families. He has also authored many book and scholarly articles. Most important Lundy is a former Co-Director of Emerge, the nation’s first counseling program for men who batter. He has worked with over a thousand abusers directly as an intervention counselor, and has served as clinical supervisor on another thousand cases. He has also served extensively as a custody evaluator, child abuse investigator, and expert witness in domestic violence and child abuse cases. Lundy appears across the United States as a presenter for judges and other court personnel, child protective workers, therapists, law enforcement officials, and other audiences. for more information about Lundy’s experience see below.

    Thank you for your time, we appreciate your support. We look forward to continuing our work together for the sake of our children!

    PMA International; a family of advocates.


    Comment by PMA Supporter | April 15, 2014 | Reply

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